Friday, October 4, 2013

"Oh not that song Papa, that makes me cry!"

Day Four of the song challenge! A song that makes you cry.

Happy In My Heartache

I don't take it lightly,The trouble that I've gone through,to get you to know who I am 
Oh and I, I can't find a reason to be happy in this heartache
'Cause I should know better than that. I'm better than that

This song always makes me cry. Every time I listen to it. Part of the reason is because one time I saw it to a music video for The Doctor and The Ponds. and it broke my heart. But even before that It would make me cry. It just chokes me up inside and before I know it I need a tissue. Josh tends to have that effect on me. *sigh* 

Before I go, I want to tell all of you that I've moved the date for my giveaway to October 10th. Again, anyone who wants to enter go right ahead. You can find the rules here :)

  And now off I go to watch boxing robots!! REAL STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!!!

God Bless!

Wicked winds Are blowing Through the Halls/ These old Familiar faces Are clinging to The Walls/
I know It's cold But I can't Feel At all/ And I know These walls Are Crumbling, And I Won't Stay to Watch them Fall.......


  1. Happy in my Heartache makes me cry too. *snifflesob*


  2. Aww, this song is very sad!!!! I hadn't heard this one before, but I think I will be listening to it more.

  3. Awwww..... I LUUUUUUV that song. And that man's voice. : D

    Hello, by the way!! : )



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