Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"You held your head like a hero, on a history book page."

I'm late again. I sort of messed up near the end didn't I? And I started out so well.... *sigh*


LAST DAY OF THE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!! You're favorite hero!!!

I am guessing this means Main Character. I can't believe they are making me narrow it down to one.

For Books

Eugenides from The Queens Thief Trilogy. I think he might actually be my favorite character.... ever.And there is entirely too little of him in the series. The first book is written in first person so he is the main character, but then the second and third book are in third person, so you get less of him, and then the third book is told from someone else's point of viewpoint entirely, making Eugenides the side-character. And he isn't in it nearly enough. The thing is, the less you have of him the more you love him when he is there. He is SO AWESOME and he has a good character ark from book one to three. He is always a good man - but he becomes great. And he is clever and brave and amazing and he can be bratty but not in a bad way. He is infuriating and brilliant and strong and stubborn and very determined. 

I love him. 

For Movies

There are far too many heroic people in movies for me to just choose one and not feel wrong about it, so I closed my eyes and pointed and I got Jimmy Braddock from The Cinderella Man.


Well he is certainly one of my favorites :) Jimmy Braddock is amazing and ... well he really existed which is a plus. He has a very special place in my heart. He is a good dad and a good man and he is a hero in all the normal, ordinary ways that don't require saving the world or slaying dragons but just doing what is right despite all the odds, even when it seems that everything has gone dark and its all you can do to keep fighting. He is just a normal, down to earth guys who wants to provide for his family and fight for the good in a world gone bad, and that is what makes him spectacular. He's an ordinary man who accomplishes the extraordinary and I love him. 

For a TV Show

Sam Winchester from Supernatural. 


Sam is one of the greatest characters on television - ever. I don't think I've ever known a character so selfless, forgiving and sacrificing. He is one of the sweetest people ever and he is able to stay hopeful and optimistic even after all the horrors he's seen and all the crap he's been through. He won't give up on you. He is incredibly understanding and loyal and ... he will do anything for those he loves. Even when he was betrayed by his supposed 'friend' and forced to suffer months of trauma, mental torture and nightmares, He STILL DIDN'T GIVE UP ON HIM. He forgave him and asked him to come back so he could help. 

He is beyond epic okay?

If he thinks something is right he'll do it no matter the consequences. He is willing to lay down his life for others without a moments thought - In fact he does more. He didn't just die to save the world, he committed himself to a thousand years of torture, full knowing there was no escaping it. He just sacrificed himself to save everyone and he never thought twice. 

I love Sam Winchester and that's that. 

Peace out y'all!!! Auf Wiedersehen!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Every fairytale needs a good old fashion villain."

'Cause it was really fun listening to this song while blogging.
It puts you in a very villain-mood.
Read and listen folks. Read and listen
Day Fourteen of the Challenge is "Favorite Villain." (Yes, I missed another day. Wee-woo.)

For Books
Hmmmm. I'm blanking on villains right now because recently I read my friend's book to help her edit it and there was this awful German who did terrible things to people and he is all I can think about. He makes me SO. ANGRY. I ... I hate his face. I hate his name. I hate HIM!!! He does awful things to the boys in that book, and I luf those boys.
HE IS EVIL!!!!!!! 
I don't know though.... I don't think I have a favorite all time villain of the book-world. I liked Cluny from the Redwall series. He really freaked me out, and he was way creepier in the books then those silly cartoons. (Seriously, we need better Redwall adaptions.) I liked both Kurda and Sesstra from Triss. I like Marlfox - he was really good. All of Brian Jacques villains are brilliant, to be honest. I need to read the rest of his books.
For Movies
This is NOT including cartoons.
I'm going to be incredibly lazy and go with Loki from the Avengers. He is an awful person but he is funny and charismatic and complicated and overall a very good villain with lots of personality. And there is that part of him that is still good that I keep hoping will win through, in the end. Plus he is played by Tom Hiddleston so.... :D

For a TV Show
I watch so many TV shows you guys.....
Ok!!! A villain that I actually like not because they are good but because they are good VILLAINS. 
I'm doing The Master from Doctor Who. He was like an Evil-Doctor and he was a really good villain. You can't help but like him and the whole time you feel like you should be hating or horrified, but you just can't be because... well because he is like an Evil Doctor. A crazy Evil Doctor, who ended up being kind of sympathetic and sad. He is a really, really good bad guy and I hope we get him with Twelve since he wasn't around for Eleven. And you know what would be really great? If there was an episode where the Master and Doctor have to team up. How cool would that be???
I need that now. I really need that.
Time for me to go, we have company for dinner and then cake afterwards.

You know, reading most of my post endings you probably get the idea we do nothing but eat.

What can I say? we love food and we love dessert.

Don't hate!

Peace out y'all!!!
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Friday, July 18, 2014

"If the Sky comes falling down, for you, there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do."


For Books

Choosing a favorite friendship is going to be hard since those are the stories I hunt down and fall in love with. I'll do this. I'll pick a most-recently-discovered friendship, otherwise I will never be able to narrow it down, I'll be like "oh but this one... oh and there was that one ... Oh and them!!!" and you'll never hear the end of it. Sooooo... my favorite friendship right now, is the one that exists Jaron, Roden and Tobias in the Ascendant's Trilogy. They are so cool, and I love the complexity of their relationship. 

For Movies

Again, I have to narrow down. Basically any friendship in LOTR is my favorite. I like John and Sherlock from the Sherlock movie with RDJ, I like Reepicheep and Eustace... goooosh!! Okay - most recent! (and the one I am currently obsessing and freaking out over)

Steve and Bucky
This friendship caused me months of pain and I am still not really over it. It is definitely one of my favorite friendship - ever. And I can't go into it too much because otherwise who knows how long I'll rave, but suffice to say I haven't experienced so much raw emotion from a friendship since Merry and Pippin. It is heartbreaking and horrible but at the same time beautiful and amazing. I loved the big brother/little brother feel and how protective Bucky was of Steve, and how  much they were willing to do for each other, and how even after Bucky was taken away and brainwashed and made into a weapon, Steve never gave up on him and saved him and......

I just love them.

For A TV Show

Benny and Dean from Supernatural and Michael and Sucre from Prison Break  are tied.

Benny and Dean start out and not really trusting each other. Benny is a Vampire, Dean is a Hunter - not the best pair. But they learn to rely on each other and Benny becomes like family to Dean, and vise-versa. Before I met Sucre I was sure Benny was the BEST best friend in the whole world. He and Dean meet him in Purgatory, after Dean'dies' and ends up there, and he is the reason Dean gets out alive. See, in this show Purgatory is the place REALLY BAD monsters go - werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters - (Which is totally wrong, I know.) and Dean almost dies in there, alone and abandoned by Cas. And then Benny comes and he spends a year fighting along-side Dean, keeping him alive and safe and showing him the way out of the monster den. And in return Dean gets Benny out with him. And their friendship on earth is... so brilliant. Benny is like the big brother Dean never had and I LOVE how protective he was of him. It was adorable.

The moment I decided he was beyond the best is when Sam got sucked into Purgatory at the end of S8 and he literally lets Dean KILL him to send him back and get Dean's brother out. He dies at the hand of his best friend to save a stranger, and.... and its doubly painful because Sam never trusted or believed in Benny until right there at the END! (he had good reasons, but still...)

I just love Benny and I want him back.


Sucre and Michael. 

This is the type of thing I need to go back and do a review on, because there is so much I want to say about it. In fact, that is probably what I'll do. I want to do a Prison Break post soon anyway. But .... Sucre and Michael were very, very special. Sucre is one of those amazing friends who is willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for the people he loves and is completely selfless and brave and amazing. He starts out as a sweet idiot and ends up being like the third brother to Lincoln and Michael. And that is all I am going to say about it right now, because otherwise I'll start fangirling like an idiot. Plus I am doing a review thingy and plan to talk a good bit about them. 

Prince Caspian and coffee is calling, so as much as I love you all it is time for me to go. See ya' all tomorrow - this challenge is almost over! Peace out y'all!!!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The opposite of an OTP: A NOtp

Day 12 of this challenge is your least favorite pairing.

For Books

I don't like .... Okay, my least favorite normal-and-not-creepy pairing is probably Hazel and Frank from Percy Jackson. It isn't that they're bad, its just neither of those characters are my favorite and I don't find their story as good as the others. (This doesn't mean I hate them.) 

For Movies

I make it a point not to watch something with an annoying or overdone romance. I remember hating the couple in Letters to Julia but I hated them so much I don't even remembers their names. They were just OBNOXIOUS. I also don't like MJ with Peter Parker. He deserved so much better than her, she was a brat and she toyed with his emotions.

For a TV Show

Okay, fans ship EVERYTHING, and there are a lot of couples out there I don't like, simply because THEY AREN'T IN LOVE. Like Clara and The Doctor. Or Molly and Sherlock, or Merlin and Gwen (waaat?) or Amy and the Doctor, or Elliot and Parker... not to mention the weird, creepy, perv-y ships. Those... just no. They are awful, too awful to mention. But in spirit of the challenge I'm doing a ship that actually makes sense if you were to ship it. One where it can't be denied that they were meant to be shipped but I still didn't like it.

Sam and Amelia from Supernatural.

okay, I wanted to like Amelia, I did. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't do it. She was one of those annoying girls who are suppose to be 'independent' or 'strong' or whatever but just come off as overbearing and a jerk. And her introduction turns you off completely. See, Sam accidentally hits a dog and immediately rushes it in to the vet to try and save it. Amelia is the vet, and she is.... she is just such a little TURD! Like.... seriously. She is rude and nasty and she makes Sam feel awful, like he hit the dog just to be malicious or something.

Wow. Did I mention she was a turd? Sam didn't deserve that, she had no right to attack him in that way. Its doubly awful because Sam has only just lost his brother like, maybe two weeks ago, so he's suffering and broken and he really didn't need snooty Amelia cuting into him over a dog THAT HE ALREADY FEELS BAD ABOUT HITTING!

She is like this for... 90% of your time with her. I mean, sometimes she's okay, and once or twice I thought she did something kind of sweet but overall she was just a brat and I hated her. Sam deserved so much better than her. And to be honest, I don't think he was even in love with her, at least not in the way he was with Jess. I think he did care for her, but I think it was more.... he needed something to live for and she was all he had so he clung to her. She was there for him when he NEEDED someone, so he loves her. 

But seriously, she was awful. So. Awful. I am so glad they didn't work out. 

That's it for Day 12! Peace out y'all :D

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I ship it Like Fed-Ex

Day Eleven: Favorite Pairing

For Books

I am conflicted. I loooved Paul and Ann from The Last Crescendo they were awesome. I loved Farimir and Eowyn.. But.... I think I also loved Imogen and Jaron from The Ascendants Trilogy. And Peter and Darcy from Haphazardly Implausible. I mean, seriously, I shipped them soooo hard. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW THEY ARE IN LOVE AND THEN THEY ARE AND IT IS ADORABLE AND SWEET AND I LUF THEM AND NEED THEM HAPPY!!!!!!

I'll do a toss up between Imogen/Jaron and Darcy/Peter.  

For Movies

I like Tony and Pepper. I like Steve and Peggy, they were over too soon and they were sweet. I liked .... Kate and Leopold. Jimmy and May from The Cinderella Man. Carl and Ellie from UP. They were super cute. and sad. 

 It should not be this hard to pick a favorite pairing. I am going to close my eyes and point...


I have to Protect the one thing I cant live without
That's You.
For a TV Shows

There are a lot of couples I love in TV shows. I love Sarah and Michael from Prison Break, I like River and The Doctor, John and Mary from Sherlock, Jess and Sam, Jo and Dean, Arthur and Gwen, Jules and Shawn, Parker and Hardison.... the list goes on! But above all of them I think my favorite ship is Amy and Rory Pond. They are my OTP!!!!! They are so adorable and unique and beautiful. I loved their story and how far they were willing to go for each other. It is the best love story in television history, I firmly believe that. They are legendary. I loved the fairytale-like feel their story has, what with Rory waiting TWO THOUSAND YEARS for Amy outside the Pandorica and becoming her Last Centurion. And I loved how they were willing to rip apart time and space to save each other and no matter what they always find their way back to each other and....

They are just awesome.

Ponds.... My Ponds.... :')

Time to go! I has a friend over and we has to watch stuff. and drink stuff. and eat stuff. and do fun sleep-over things. Peace out y'all!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"We've been in the shadows too long. Time to stand still, take in the sun"

It is very warm today.

Very, very warm today.

Like, above 90's.

I bet some of you are laughing cause you think that is cool, but we don't usually get this hot, ever.

It is So. Warm

Of course my big sister would pick THIS day of the week to do a thorough yard-cleaning complete with raking and getting under the deck and feeling hot and sticky cause there is too much dust and too much sunshine and not enough air. But we can go to the beach tonight!!!!


I love my sister.

Anyway, I finished Prison Break last night. I LOVED that show. At first I wasn't sure about the ending because it was very bittersweet and made me cry ridiculously and it hurt. But by the time I went to bed, I knew I loved it, all of it. I loved the characters and how well they did character development. (seriously, it was brilliant.) I loved the brother story. I loved all the different friendship stories and the cute Father/son relationship that you don't usually find. I even loved the romance story! (IT WAS SO FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!!! ) I especially loved how God and Faith figured into the plot line and how it showed no one is past redemption and there is always hope. I pretty much just loved EVERYTHING about the show. Everything. I would definitely recommend it. There is some stuff in it though, so just be careful if you do watch it. There is a good review for it HERE which you can check out :)

I have a new favorite song now. It reminds of insanely of Prison Break and it hurts and I have to listen to it over and over because I am suffering from Post-PB-Feels. I miss it already and its only been TWO DAYS!

Yep, I need help.

With our backs to the wall, The Darkness will Fall
We never Quite thought We could Lose it All!
The One who has the best Character Ark.
Wow. Okay. This is going to be pretty hard, choosing just one.
For Books
After deep though, I am going with Paul Gray, from The Last Crescendo. This man starts out a broken, desperate and cynical man, completely against God or any kind of religion. His ark is one of my favorites and I think it will always be. It is beautiful and inspiring and I love it.
For Movies
Wow. Hm. I don't know! I really loved Tony Stark's development in Iron Man. It is one of the reasons he is tied with Steve Rogers for Favorite avenger. He was so self-absorbed and, to be blunt, a real jerk, but once he realizes how wrong he is, once he SEES he needs to change he does and he becomes a hero and I love him for that. I also liked what happened with Eustace Scrubb. He starts out as such a selfish little brat and I thought it was wonderful how Narnia changed him and how much better he became.
Eustace and Reepicheep
For A TV Show 
There are a lot of characters who had great arks in the world of TV. Mickey Smith. Arthur Pendragon. Rory Williams. Sherlock Holmes. But one stands out above them all, and I think I have to mention him. (and this is a spoiler from Prison Break. You are warned.) 

 Paul Kellerman, from Prison Break. 
Remember how I talked about character development in this show? Well Paul had the biggest ark and the most change of anyone. He was a really bad man, and I mean BAD. He murdered and ruined lives. He bribed and manipulated and black-mailed. He framed a man for murder (and I don't think that was his only time either) and he was just all around a snake and a jerk and a truly awful person. His conversion story was AMAZING. I mean, he hits rock bottom and what he does after that, he does everything he can to fix what he's done, to right his wrongs, to be a better man. He redeems himself and he will keep doing that for the rest of his life. And I love him.


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Monday, July 14, 2014

Challenge Day Nine

TODAY!!!! A character no one notices!

For Books
I don't know why I have such a hard time with the Book part of this challenge, but I always draw blanks. Maybe its because my books are too brilliant to have unnoticeable characters.
Okay, I'm doing Merry. Merry is a very underappreciated character, I think. Everyone focuses so much on Frodo and Sam that Merry and Pippin get pushed to the sidelines - especially Merry. I never realized until the last time I read it, but poor Merry is always the one to get left behind. He is always the one who has to carry on alone, he is always the one left on the outskirts. All he wants to do is help his friends and he is always too far away to do it. And it breaks my heart.

For Movies
Little Jose from For Greater Glory.  Unlike most of my favorite characters this one actually existed at one point and I love him. He was so sweet and brave and his faith in God was just... amazing. To be honest I can't list everything I love abut him I'd be on here all night. I can only hope for the type of strength and courage he had.
That sounded weird.
For a TV Show
Merlin from Merlin. Merlin is really sweet and patient and he has a really good heart and he puts up with a lot from his best friend, especially near the beginning. But no one ever notices. No one sees the good he does, all they see is Arthur's idiotic serving boy. No one suspects his worth or realizes just how special he really is. No one thinks of him as being worth their time. Yet somehow Merlin is able to keep his charm and his ability to see the humor in almost every situation. I loved that about him, and it hurt when you began to see his destiny weigh him down and drain away that warmth. 
Completed Day nine! I'm almost to the double-digits! YAY!!!!!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Character that drives you crazy

This gif because we finally own the new season of Psych and that is still Gus's pick-up line.
I love Psych :)
 Day Eight of the challenge!!!! A character who drives you crazy. This Shouldn't be too hard - lots of characters drive me crazy. So I should be fine.

For Books:
Dobby, from the Harry Potter Series. I know a lot of people like him but I thought he was super annoying. He was like the awful hobgoblin in Spiderwick who RHYMED everything. (That got really old really fast.) I never connected with Dobby, I never felt a part of his story and he almost felt unnecessary. And he always talked about himself in the third person which irked me. That type of thing irks me.

For Movies:

MJ from Spiderman. She was sooooo annoying. And she had major loyalty issues. She was the worst girlfriend ever. Peter deserved better than her.

For TV Shows
Veronica Donovan from Prison Break. I might have liked her if she had been a little less... monotone. Less dull. Idiotic. Annoying. Pouty. Veronica just drove me crazy. Everything she did was annoying. That girl could not act, and that was a BIG part of the problem. She did this annoying nod thing every time she spoke or made a point and pretty soon all you focused on was that little chin-nod and it drove me NUTS. I think if someone else had portrayed Veronica she might have been likeable but as it was she was just really awful. And she didn't have much brains. She was an idiot.
I didn't like her.
What do ya' think? I've been practicing my take-over-the-world-laugh, because I has no job and no money and taking over the world is obviously the next logical conclusion. I have to practice my evil laugh to sound like a convincing Evil-Lord so no one will doubt me. I need to be a convincing!! Its all about appearances! Its also helpful when I write sad parts in my books and put my readers through pain. I NEED THAT LAUGH TO SOUND HEARTLESS YOU GUYS!!!!!
See this is what happens when I am suffering from Book-Withdrawal. I go crazy and lose the ability to blog properly. And yes, I'm making excuses. Don't judge me.
I've found a few more books to read and I plan on doing a few reviews. After I edit a book from a friend, that is. A book that is emotionally painful but has a brilliant friendship story that makes it worth the hurt and tears.
I loved that book.
I have nothing else to say.
*Slides off car*

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I missed a Day

This is supposed to be Day Eight of the Character Challenge, but I couldn't blog yesterday so still on Day Seven. I am also blogging from my tablet which is a real pain so this is going to be short. I know, I know. But it can't be helped. Sorry :(

Okay, Day Seven:  A Character You want to be Like.

For Books

I'd like to be like Imogen from the Ascendants Trilogy. Or like Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. they're both very brave and sure of themselves and I'd like to be like them someday.

For Movies

Hmmmm. Let me think.... I want to be someone like Lucy Pevensie. Or .... I have no idea you guys. My brain is dead tonight. I know there is a character I really love that I want to be like but I can't think of her right now.

For TV Shows

This one is easy!! I want to be like Sarah from Prison Break. She is so freaking AWESOME! She is brave. She is strong and defiant. She isn't scared away easily. She is sweet and funny but she isn't annoying. She's independent and knows her mind but she isn't bratty or in your face about it. She's just strong and brilliant and wonderful and I LOVE her. I want to be like her.



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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Challenge - The Character you would Fall For

For Books
I think.... I think I'm going to need someone who is sweet but funny. Someone a bit reckless and ridiculous who was a little like me. I think I would fall for someone like Tobias in The Ascendants Trilogy. He was ... He was nerdy and cute and loyal and a really good friend and I think if he was real I would fall for him. He's a very loveable brat.
For Movies
okay guys I'm going to be really weird here and say I'd probably fall for someone like Bucky. he is funny and charming and decent and I think that is my type of personality.
For a TV Show
This one is easy, and I don't even care that I've already mentioned this character. It would be Arthur Pendragon. I can see myself falling for someone like that. Funny. bratty. Ridiculous. Sweet. I need that, I think. I tend to go for those characters. Or the sad, broken kinds. but those I more hero-worship.
*slides off car*

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This is Henry

Everyone, this is Henry. Say hello Henry.
Oh. Right. Hi!
Henry is my new writing buddy. He heard about my book from my friend Jim and came all the way from Wyoming to help me with it. Jim told me that he is a very good buddy and I'm delighted that he is mine to keep. He's just the type of hedgehog I needed, especially now that I need to start outlining part two of my book. Part two which is becoming BOOK two
He's been very sleepy lately so we haven't been able to do much. He never seems to be awake. He says its Jet-leg but I don't think he even know what that means, he just uses it because it sound grown-up. I let him rest anyway though, because I figured it was a tiring trip and he deserved a little relaxation. I wouldn't mind him sleeping so much but he keeps apprehending my pillow and he is a terrible hog of space. When I got a neck-cramp last night because he wouldn't share I decided it was high time he stopped being such a sleepy head and dragged him out to play in the meadow.  
It was a lot of fun. I made him pick daisies with me even though he didn't want to and said it was a girly thing to do - (It is a girly thing to do!!!) I told him I was a girl and he stayed at my home now, so he had to be nice to me and pick daisies. He whined the whole time but I think he had fun near the end. He just doesn't like admitting it.

Notice how Henry is trying to be all Ninja-hedgehog and hide from me

After we finished picking daisies I showed him my very special rock. I like calling it my Inspiration Rock. It helps me to clear my head and get my writing juices flowing again when I feel stumped or sucked dry. I figured if Henry was going to be my writing buddy he deserved to know about it. He told me he likes the rock and that is a good step. (It is a very warm rock. It tastes funny.)
You don't know how hard it was convincing him to put the daisy behind his ear. I told him I was wearing one so he had to also and he stuck out his tongue at me and told me he wouldn't do it. I told him  I would tattle on him to Jim and he said that was mean. So then I told him he could have chocolate if he humored me and he agreed. (and I had better get that chocolate.)
Isn't he so cute?
We climbed trees and somehow Henry's flower stayed in for most of the time. It only fell out once and that was my fault. I dropped him. He was a very good sport about it. He didn't even run away from the tree. He kept right on climbing and he got farther than me (The trees here smell nice and they're very big. I like them, but I don't like daisies. Daisies are silly.)
Henry has fallen to sleep as I type. I think I tired him out. I almost waiting to finish the post with him, but I don't have time. So I'll just tell him he how wonderful it was when he wakes up. I'm sure he won't mind.

CHALLENGE UPDATE!!!!!! A Character you used to love and don't anymore.

For a Book
I spent like, twenty minutes staring at the screen trying to scrap up a character I loved and then didn't. Usually with characters I hate and then love, not love and then hate. They have to do something pretty terrible that I HATE them. I'm going with a character I started out LIKING and ended up hating. Bernard Rodney from The Pageant of Life. In the first few chapters he seemed so decent, so polite, so normal. And then he went downhill and I hate him now. He was really awful to his brother Cyril. And I LOVE Cyril.

For a Movie
Brock Rumlow from The Winter Solider. I thought he was going to be all cool and witty and fun to be around and maybe he and Steve would take down Hydra together. He seemed like such a good character. But then.... I was very wrong. He turned out to be someone really, really awful. He hurt Bucky. I hate him.
For a TV Show
I'm doing Morgana Pendragon from Merlin. At first I didn't like Morgana, she drove me crazy. but she grew on me and during season two I actually started to warm up to her and I liked her friendship with Gwen I thought they were cute. I think I actually liked her by the end of that season, but then she joined the dark side and went all psycho and I decided I didn't like her anymore. I was glad when she was gone.
*slides off car*

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Be very careful choosing the next words that come out of your mouth."

Challenge Day Four: A Character you love and everyone else hates.
Add caption
Alright here it goes.
For Books
This is way harder than it should be.
A character I loved that everyone hates is.....
Oh I know!!! Frodo Baggins!
I don't know if most Frodo-hate comes from the books or the movies. I know people who have read the books and still don't like him, so I think its a little bit of both. Either way, Frodo is severally put down and criticized by a great majority of the LOTR fandom. A lot of people have described him as selfish, disloyal, begrudging, self-absorbed and 'whiny.' People think he put way too much on Sam's shoulders and took his friend for granted the whole journey to Morder. They act like all he did was complain and act like the whole world owed his something for taking on the ring. This is not true. I think Frodo was very patient and long-suffering under the circumstances, and can we take a minute to remember that Frodo is carrying the one ring to Mount Doom? He has a lot he has to deal with and he has several chances to just give up but he never does. He keeps going, even when he feels like he's dying, even when he feels like the ring is slowly crushing him and he can't see. And I think its sad everyone hates him for that, for being brave and taking a stand because he was the only one who could.
          One thing I do know is that a big source of Frodo-hate is the fact that he trusted Smeagol over Sam and turned his back on his friend. This did not happen in the book and while I don't like that Peter Jackson put it in the movie, I think people need to remember IT WAS NOT FRODO.  Frodo would never have told Sam to leave if he was in his right mind. That "Go Home Sam," was the Dark Lord speaking, not Frodo. And notice that Frodo regrets his actions almost instantly.  He doesn't even understand why he did it. That's the influence of the ring, not Frodo.

For Movies
Thor. I'm not sure if people actually HATE him or if they are so stuck on Loki they just don't care, but he seems to be very beaten down. People seem to forget that he is the hero and Loki is the bad guy and I don't think its fair. Thor is COOL. He's brave. He's strong. He has a great character ark and he always tries to do what's right, even when its hard. And he doesn't give up on his brother, even when Loki doesn't deserve his loyalty. I think he deserves more appreciation then he gets.
For a TV Show
This one is the hardest because I watch so many TV shows. I feel like I have to narrow it down to 'most recent' so that's what I'm going to do. I almost did Sam Winchester, but if then I remembered if there is anyone who is more hated then Sam, its John. So I'm doing John.
99% of all Supernatural fans hate John Winchester. And I mean HATE. They do nothing but bash him and they turn everything he does into something bad and make him seem evil. I'm going to vent a little here: John wasn't evil. He made mistakes. He didn't always do the right thing. He was too hard on both his boys, especially Dean and there were times when he did things that made me really mad. But he wasn't evil. 
           John lost his wife, Mary, to a demon when Dean was four and spent the rest of his life terrified he'd lose his sons the same way. So he dedicated his life to hunting down evil and finding the thing that killed Mary. The catch is, once you become a hunter there is no going back. Once you're a hunter you either fight or die, because there is no way to escape the monsters once you know they're out there. You can't get out of the life. Some have tried and they'll all dead. There is no leaving. John was hard on his kids because knew his life was dangerous and he wanted to make sure they could protect themselves if they needed to. He wasn't a tyrant. He wasn't abusive. He wasn't manipulative or mentally unstable. He was a broken man who did his best in a terrible situation. And don't you dare tell me he didn't love his boys, because he DID. He sacrificed his life to save Dean and he would have done the same for Sam in an instance. I firmly believe that. He wasn't a villain, he was a hero. He wasn't a great dad, but he was a good man and both Sam and Dean loved and respected him and would defend him to their last breath if they needed to.

I'm getting seriously into this challenge aren't I? *Sheepish grin* its way more interesting than I thought it'd be. I'm glad I'm doing, it gives me excellent reason to vent and yell and act all ridiculous about fictional people. If you need to let off steam you should just do this. I swear it helps.
Now I have to go. I have dinner to eat. Pajama's to put on. Prison Break to watch.
Prison Break...... *dies*
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Challenge Update + Snippets

Day Three of the Character Challenge:
A Character Everyone Loves That You Don't.
For Books
Frank from the Percy Jackson series. Most of the fandom seems to really, really love Frank, and while I don't HATE him, he and Hazel are my least favorite characters. (Not counting Nico. I HATE Nico.) Frank was pretty good near the beginning but in the last few books something about him got under my skin and he drove me a little crazy. He isn't a bad character or anything, I think he is just a little dull. And annoying. He's just not my favorite. 
For Movies
Peter Parker. No, not the original Peter Parker, I like him. I mean the one from The Amazing Spider. I'm sorry, I really didn't like the new guy. He came off as arrogant and self-obsessed. He seemed selfish and caught up in his own wants and he broke a promise he made to a DYING MAN. Who does that????
For A TV Show
Castiel from Supernatural. The vast majority of the fandom LOOOOOVES this character and I really don't. I hate him, to be honest. He is a coward, he hates admitting that he's wrong or fixing his mistakes and he is a TERRIBLE friend. Like, seriously. He betrays both the brothers multiple times and then always acts offended that they don't trust him. What does he expect?? He lies, he snitches and he spies on them for their enemy. He always abandons the Winchester's when they need him most and at one point he causes Sam to have a complete mental break down - ON PURPOSE - and almost causes his death. It's amazing that Sam and Dean still think of him as a friend and haven't just given up on him by now. He doesn't deserve them. He is awful. I hate him.
It's snippet Time!!! I'm not going to put out a ton of my work today but I will share a couple of my favorite lines from my story. There will (hopefully) be more of these coming, especially once I start part two. I'm not sure how long that will be though. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these :)

          Tyson propped himself up on one elbow. What, can you not sleep either?Michael shook his head. And here I thought I was the only one, said Tyson.
I didnt even know you were awake, said Michael.
I wouldnt be if you hadnt moved around so much. Tyson said. You make enough noise to wake the dead.

   "Dimitri, wake up." Dimitri didnt move and his breathe grew slower and deeper. Dimitri, whispered Nightly sharply, "Youre faking! Stop it!
            Dimitris eyes fluttered opened and he turned, grinning up at Nightly. I had you fooled though,he said.
"No you didnt.
Sure I did."

Clatter, clatter, clatter, came the noise again. This time it was followed by a low, soft scream and a hiss. Annemaries blood ran cold. She knew that call and her heart dropped.

 Oh I wouldnt call you honorable, cut in Peregrine. Tyson had bent to retrieve his satchel and at this remark he cocked his head and winked in Peregrines direction.
I dont know what you are saying. Im as honorable as they come. For a pirate that is,

There are a lot of people who arent very big on the prince, said Dimitri and he smiled at Peregrine. Its good to know youre not on his side. Otherwise I might have to get you out of the way.
Peregrine might have laughed but he wasnt sure if Dimitri was joking and he didnt want to take the chance.


Why this image? Cause this is my blog and I do what I want, that's why.

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Pile of good things

Pile of good things