Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aw, Happy days.

A Song From Your Childhood
When I began all those days ago I was so full of life and inspiration. Now I open up my computer and feel the horrific urge to headdesk.  
I acknowledge your pain Shawn, I acknowledge your pain.
Luckily however, this challenge I ALMOST DONE! *Cue fanatic clapping* I have successfully completed Twenty-Nine days of song hunting. TWENTY NINE DAYS. That's something pretty freakin' awesome. Oh and did I mention I'm almost done? Tomorrow is the LAST DAY!!


Now for the song. This is a song I used to sing all the time when I was little. I'd give concerts in front of the fireplace with a hairbrush for my microphone and an apron for my gala outfit. Yeah, I was adorable. Even now, I still really like this song. Its beautiful, and its the movie its from is really brilliant. If you haven't seen rigoletto, you should. Its well worth the watch. 
Music boxes have within,
melodies they carry in them
once they're open music fills the air.
Every person you have known,
has a song of their own,
once they open up you'll hear what's there
It's not easy you must listen
with your heart for what lies hidden.

There was a melody, locked deep inside of me but now its free,
it found a place embraced by harmony, sweet harmony,
Love more than anything, teaches our hearts to sing,
Only love, could break the spell, now I know, very well,
The love within myself.
Now I'm done. I'm sure you are all totally tired of seeing my amazing couples. Don't worry, it'll son be over! I'll see you all tomorrow!
God Bless

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