Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I have a brilliant friend (And other things)

Last night we were having an especially wild night, because my dad was out and we didn't need to worry about being quiet so as to not to wake him up. Which meant there was a lot of running around and shouting and general mayhem. And dogs barking and trying to bite your ankles. And nieces screaming out "FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER!!!!!!....." and playful teasing and shoving. And somehow, in all this, I found myself being chased down by a crazed older sister who was desperate to catch me and push me down for slapping her arm (Too hard) But I feared it would end up as more of a tickle-fight and less of a push, so I tore around the house, keeping my distance and finally resorted to bolting outside (no shoes) rush across the (wet) grass and tearing back around into the house to lock myself in the bathroom. I could hear Chloe outside the door, all too happy to aid her Treskie in capturing me, and telling me to open the door (with much giggling)

This is what it is like to have sisters.

You know another sisterly-thing that happened that night? I got a box!!!

Well, it was more a box addressed to several of my sisters. From a very dear friend (whom, by the way, is now my adopted sister, so she'd better get used to it)  And she had sent us some very lovely gifts which I immediately slipped on and admired and swooned over. And I was suddenly wishing for a cold spell that I could show them off in.
They are quite lovely gloves. And they are very helpful because my room is always really cold in the morning and I can really use some fingerless gloves so my hands wont freeze when I'm doing school work or writing stories. But when I wear them they make feel very Ranger-like. Like I need to run about in the forest, tracking Sméagol, climbing cliffs and hiding from trolls. They make me want to go on an adventure in medieval clothing with capes and swords. With my friend Jim at my side.

For now I have to content myself with being a Writer in them, because I can't be an adventurer at the moment, as much as I'd like to be.

While waiting for the second book in The False Prince Trilogy I am finishing the Gallagher Girls series.  Okay. I did not expect to get quite that emotional during these books. I mean, they were good but I didn't think I was that emotionally invested in them.

I was wrong.

I cried.

And I shook.

And I couldn't believe the horrible things Cammie Morgan was going through and I wanted to leap in to the pages and hug her. And Liz. I feel really bad for Liz. And I like Zach. Zach is funny and idiotic and he drives you crazy. But he is awesome and he is better than Josh.


I also need to read the last book, but she's buried in it right now so I have to wait.

Why isn't my Sage book in yet? **headdesk**

and guess what!! I have tons of school work to get done before June. Lots and lots. Which means I haven't been writing. *Cringe* I know. I'm a terrible person. I tried writing today, but it didn't work out. I have way too many Steve and Bucky feels to function. I don't know why I thought it was such a grand idea to watch Bucky die again after the trauma of Winter Soldier, but now it was WAY WORSE after you know what is coming.

I was literally in pain every time Bucky appeared on screen. I wanted to jump in and save him and protect him and make sure he never gets hurt again. But I can't.

Why am I am so obsessed with fictional characters?? Its not fair! Especially since the characters I love are always getting maimed or murdered or worse. INCLUDING MY OWN!!! I think my fandoms are rubbing off on me. I wrote something so terrible I haven't  been able to write for a week. Every time I try to I cry. And that's no a joke. I even cried at the writing group. I think I'm too emotionally invested in my story. AND MY FANDOM FEELS AREN'T HELPING!! I will write, and then backspace, and then write, and then backspace.... and then I give up and type feverishly that Bucky has lost his memories and the Doctor has changed and Sam and Dean aren't brothers and Thor thinks Loki is dead and Sherlock is on HIATUS, and Sage is ...... and Cammie is..... and NEAL IS DEAD AND I CAN NOT COPE!

I am 99% done with Once Upon a Time. I don't think I've ever been this upset with a TV show... ever. Not even when its done by Moffat. They killed my favorite character and the only reason I'm still watching it is because my little sister LOVES it and can't bear to be without it.

and I also miss Rumple and Belle. I think their story is enough that I will finish OUAT for them.... but it almost isn't worth it, even FOR them. Because I know now that HE is dead, the other thing will happen that I hate so much and two people are going to get together and I didn't want them together and it makes me mad.

I need a life.


On the Upside, I got a lot of really lovely comments after publishing my lyrics. And that made me very happy. So thank you, all you nice people. It was good to get some motivational swing. You are all lovely and made me feel like I can write, even if it is just a little.

About the writing. I want to do Camp NaNoWriMo and try to get my blasted book done in a month.  But before I do that I need to finish school. Which means I need to stop gettind distraced while studying and actually do stuff. Not that I DON'T do stuff. Just... I should be doing MORE stuff. and I don't. Because I'm getting the Spring Mood and am getting very School-burnt-out. I have to keep reminding myself "This is 11th grade.... I'm almost done...." But its hard. So If I don't post for a few days, know it is with good reason.

That's all. Peace out loosers!

~Ben the Robot~

Sunday, April 27, 2014

In which I share lyrics.

This is going to be kind of quick, but... Here's the thing. I've been doing too much editing. And I cried last night because my book isn't half done anymore. And I don't really want to write at the moment because I did something terrible and now when I try to write I cry. Which sucks. So last night, while editing, I pulled up a song I was working on a few days ago. I was inspired to finish it and now I have all the lyrics written out. Its still kind of rough, and I feel really self-conscious doing this, but oh well. I'm going to share the song with you! O.o And Because I'm a freak, I'm going to post fandom pictures along side the lyrics, because my fandoms were what started the song in the first place.

I Present Nothing Left To Take - (For lack of a better title at the moment)

The World Falls Into Darkness, The Stars show no more Light
The Pain and Loss start sinking in, And grief Blinds your sight
All Hell Breaks Loose
I can hear you in the silence, I can Feel you in the Dark
My destiny, It Haunts Me, My weakness It Does Mock.
But the Demons in the Shadows, Should know before they Attack
I have nothing left to lose, And nowhere to turn back.

So Break Me, I wont Shatter!
Cut me, I won't Bleed!
Tear Me, I won't rip apart!
I Know I'm not a hero, I know What I have Done
But here I am, You can't defeat Me,
I have already Won!
Swan Song
You can't take Away, When There's Nothing Left To Take
You can't break a Spirit, When there's Nothing Left to Break
So do Your Worst, Take Your Shot
I'll Stand it all, I wont be stopped!!
Divide Me
Conquer me,
Take Every Piece of My Heart.

I'm Desperate, I'm ashamed, I have No One Else To Blame
I Know I'm no Hero, But Maybe,
Maybe I can Be Saved. 
I'm Just a Wounded Soldier, A Warrior with No Sword
But if You know My Name, then Perhaps You have heard!!! -
You can Break Me, I wont Shatter!
Cut me, I won't Bleed!
Tear me, I won't Rip apart.
I won't Rip

That's the rough gist of it. I know it has a lot to be brushed up on, especially the ending, but I felt its good enough to share with all of you .... and maybe ask for feedback? I did this mostly to challenge myself. I have a lot of trouble opening up and letting my writing be read by anyone other than VERY CLOSE family, and even they don't often get peaks at it. So this is my way of making myself share my work. (This is also my way of trying to psych myself up to sharing snippets. LOL.)

What do you think? Too bland? Too cliché? Or... Amazing? I'd love some thoughts.

This is so scary.

This makes me so nervous.

I don't like this.

I need to go before I delete this post.


~Ben The Robot~

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The False Prince Review

For the past few months I've been in writers rut. Except for a very few books, nothing I read stuck with me and everything fit the same mold. I've always considered myself a major book worm and I was having Reader-Withdrawal depression. WHY DON'T I LIKE READING ANYMORE?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? *cries in the corner.* But then.... THEN!! My amazing friend recommended a book to me. A book she promised me it was brilliant and new. So I figured, what the heck, and checked it out from the library.

Oh my gosh!!! It was so good! I finished it in two days. With much nervous tension and finger biting and wondering how it was all going to play out.

The basic plot is pretty straight forward:

In a discontent kingdom, civil war is brewing. To unify the divided people, Conner, a nobleman of the court, devises a cunning plan to find an impersonator of the king’s long-lost son and install him as a puppet prince. Four orphans are recruited to compete for the role, including a defiant boy named Sage. Sage knows that Conner’s motives are more than questionable, yet his life balances on a sword’s point — he must be chosen to play the prince or he will certainly be killed. But Sage’s rivals have their own agendas as well.

As Sage moves from a rundown orphanage to Conner’s sumptuous palace, layer upon layer of treachery and deceit unfold, until finally, a truth is revealed that, in the end, may very well prove more dangerous than all of the lies taken together.

Like I said, pretty straight forward. It sounded like it would fit in with a few other books I had tried to read recently, especially the bit about long-lost princes and such. But I was desperate for a good read and I trust this friend immensely, so I dove into it and started reading. I wasn't disappointed.

First off, the main character, Sage. Sage is so freakin EPIC!!!! I loved him from the beginning. He actually had character! *jumps up and down* For me, liking him right off was a big step because lately main characters have either been bland, too perfect or all out bratty and obnoxious. Not that Sage isn't a brat - he is. But he is the best kind of brat, and I love him. He's very defiant and stubborn. He doesn't let himself get pushed around easily. He has a lot of fight in him and he isn't afraid to prove it. And he is brave. A bit reckless maybe, but brave all the same.

Then we had the two main side characters. Tobias and Roden. To be honest, I thought I'd like Roden more. Tobias seemed really hard to get along with and just.... No. No. Why wouldn't he shut up, dang it?? But by the end of the book I was TOTALLY a Tobias girl. First off he was like a Medieval nerd. Secondly, he had a lot of spunk too and he was fighting for his life the same as Sage. He was just trying to go about it differently. And third, he isn't such a bad kid once you get to know him. He's actually pretty brilliant. Roden on the other hand.....

I don't like Roden much.

There is a touch of romance in this book but it was so natural and sweet I didn't really care. Its more like they are very dear friends and, given time, they could be in love. Almost like, they might both be in love but they don't know it yet. I loved it. Imogene was cute and sweet. And she was a girl character I could actually LIKE. I really like how she and Sage were. Sage was so gentle and defensive of her. And she admired him. and it was just CUTE!!! But while there is a touch of romance, it isn't THE thing. which is nice. I like Romance better when its more in the back round and it sneaks up and you and makes you love it. I hate forced romance.

But Imogen and Sage just make me happy. And I wouldn't mind a bit more them. I ship It *grin* 

But back to Tobias and Sage. I am going to try and keep this pretty spoiler free, but in case I slip up, just try to be careful: Remember my thing with friendship stories? You show me a friendship story and I fall to pieces. They are my favorite. Well, I've been really in the mood for a good friendship story. Not that I haven't found a few already - Merlin & Arthur, Sam & Dean, Elliot & Hardison.... But I wanted more!! I am always looking for more friendship stories. Now, in this book there isn't so much of that - at least not in a BIG way. But its very much hinted at, ESPECIALLY near the end. The last chapter has this one amazing moment where I threw up my hands and squealed "FRIENDSHIP STORY!!!" You can see epicness being planted for the future with that one line. And that is also the line that completely sold me on Tobias. Tobias and Sage keep having these conversations where Sage says that he is going to win the competition. He will become the long-lost prince. He will be the new King. And at one point Tobias says this one thing...... And there is a spoiler here, but oh well. I love this line. Skip it if you don't want to know anything.



I had a lot of Tobias and Sage feels. I was on a Tobias and Sage high. I jumped up and rushed to find fan art. Any fan art. (well except the creepy stuff)

But there was none! *Gasp* It seems I have found another brilliant book which has no fandom. Just a tiny little village. In the middle of nowhere. And because it is so tiny it is very hard to find so no one comes there.

And apparently none of us villagers know how to draw.

And those that do aren't as good as my sister, so she has to come to the village and draw for me.

I  need fanart, sister of mine! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!


The friendship story aside, the book overall was brilliant. The antagonist AKA Conner, was definitely the kind of guy you could hate and feel fine about it. Cause he was not a nice man. And he did many terrible things. And I want him dead I think. Unless he miraculously changes. And then there are other characters whom you don't think you'll like and then you do. And the plot was solid and well paced. It reeled you in. It kept you enthralled. And it manipulates you into thinking you know everything then flipped the tables and suddenly you feel very dumb. There was one part especially that was a very whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  moment.


Then you flip the pages back to make sure you read those words right.......


And then you just sort of sit there. And you're like. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!! OMGOSH!!


At least that was what I did.

Then I felt really stupid.

I finished the book pretty quickly after that, and when I read the last page I wanted to run around in long dresses and capes. And sneak out windows. And discover secret passageways to clamber through. And learn how to sword fight.
No one else had read it except for my friend. I was alone in my house with my feels. So I emailed her and yelled. And squealed. And fangirled. and She fangirled back because she loves it too.

And I rushed to put book two and three on hold cause I was on a Sage high and needed more.

They still haven't' come in.

Its been over two weeks.


I feel like I need to start stalking the library in a hood with my hands buried in my pockets, watching the people who enter the door with a keen eye to see if any of them have it. And then if I caught sight of the target, I'd rip it right out of his hands and run away laughing.

I might actually do that now.

I NEED more Sage!!!!!! 

So in conclusion, if any of you need something new, something amazing and are in the mood for fantasy, then this book is a great choice. I highly recommend it. Just check out the whole trilogy at once so that you wont have my problem and get eaten up with anxiety while waiting for book two and three to come in.

God Bless!! And Happy Eastertide to you all!!!

~Ben the Robot~

Saturday, April 19, 2014

In Preparation for Easter

Its Holy Saturday!! Easter is almost here! Lent has actually gone by pretty quickly this year. I hardly feels like six weeks. Okay, yes it does, but it feel like a speedy six weeks. I think Jack's visit might have something to do with that. At any rate, we now have only three and a half hours left! I might stay up till midnight and welcome in the morning, but I'll have to see. I was up really late last night.
Today has been a big bustle as we prepare for the Resurrection of Our Lord, and we've been rushing about the house all day cleaning, baking and egg-dying like mad. Well, when I say we.... more like me. Me. and Me.
Okay, that isn't fair. My brother made some luscious s'mores muffins for our dessert tomorrow and he's going to make Tiramisu also, which will be so yummy!!! and when my sisters were actually home they helped with the baking a bit. But there were a good couple hours when I was in the kitchen pressing out hundreds of sugar cookies all on my own. With loud music playing.

It actually wasn't that bad. We had a nifty little Designer for our cookies - this cool little gadget - and you could put a roll of dough into it and press out the Sugar Cookies in all these amazing shapes and it was surprisingly fun. I was like "PRESS!!! FLOWER!! *Press* CLOVER!! *Press* SPADE!!... STANDIN-IN-THE-HALL-OF-FAME!!!!!!" *Spins around* Since everyone in my family was gone - some to the store, some to baseball sign up, some to book-reading - I was entirely alone and I took this opportunity to began dance along with the music as my cookies baked. It felt good to be wild and free. Loud music has this effect and me.
It was a lot of fun.
That was at the beginning of the day when I was chipper and full of energy for our preparation day.  
See My wonderful cookies??
Don't they look just FABULOUS?

They were masterful.
I was very proud.
Standin in the Hall of Fame!!! (yeah!)

After the moping was done and all the wee-on's returned from the store, we lay out newspapers, set out the cups and began dying eggs.
Lots of eggs.

Am I the only one who has never really liked dying eggs? I think fourth grade ended my love for egg dying. It just .... it isn't my thing. But it is fun watching all the little kids plop eggs into the cups and 'oooo' and 'ahhhh' over what happens to them. It was especially fun to watch little Toink making eggs. She was so cute and funny! Her very first egg broke before it had a chance. She had drawn all these pretty little flowers on it and it looked nice, but then Treskie told her it was time to dye it and she crushed it with both hands! Like, totally crushed it. Beyond repair. We were all shocked. The poor thing had thought we were dying the inside of the egg. After that incident she made it very clear that all the eggs had to be dyed "Without the insides on the inside." Which was fine with us.
Even my big brother helped decorate eggs!
and my mommy!! She made some of the 
best ones I think.
We even got my dad to do his own - Look at what he did :)
He drew all 11 of us kids with him and mom at the top. How awesome is that? I don't want to eat this egg.
This is me, attempting to make a purple minion.
I guess he turned out alright. My brother's minion was better though. Look at Joey's Minion!! Look how cute it is! And he hasn't even been colored in yellow yet!


By this time I was bored and my imagination was getting burned out and I was starving. I had skipped lunch for snacking purposes later on, so my stomach took upon itself the right to protest from 1:00 on. By the time 4:30 rolled around I was cranky and ready to eat. My human form needed sustenance!  
Once I'd had food I was substantially more cheerful and ready to buckle down to the task of decorating Easter cookies.
I had pressed out so many freakin' cookies! I think there were over a hundred. and we had to do them all super fancy and beautiful because they're Easter cookies and they only way to make them is with beads and multi-colored frosting!!
As odd as it may seem, decorating 100 Easter cookies in several shades of frosting and strings of beads is not a speedy job. We spent close to an hour and a half at the dinner table.
My cookies started getting less and less fancy as the evening went on.
But it was pretty fun anyway. Unfortunately it is way too late for me to share those pictures with you tonight. I'll try posting them tomorrow though :)
Then, because I hadn't done enough baking that day, I floated out to the kitchen to make muffins for our snack. The snack I had skipped lunch for. They were the same muffins I made at the beginning  of Lent, so I knew they'd be good if I did them right. And, of course, I did. And they were epic. The perfect way to end our festive, baking day.

That's all. I'm tired and my brain hurts and its time for me turn in. Otherwise the end of this post is going to get really weird. And I'll kindly spare all of you that. God Bless! And Happy-Almost-Easter!
~Ben The Robot~

Pile of good things

Pile of good things