Sunday, April 26, 2015

What next?

I totally singed my skin off the other night. that was dramatic. What I meant was, I dropped a bunch of boiling water and scorched a good six inches of my leg right on the side of my calf. It hurt. A lot. And now I have a massive red burn and this silly bandage that makes me feels heavy and slow. I can't run very well. And it keeps trying to scab so then I move and it cracks and I hobble. It's really annoying. I never realized how much I moved until suddenly I was falling over myself. More than usual, that is.


Now at least I know what it's like for my poor book characters.

Speaking of my characters, right now I am reading a book about Gladiators. I am hoping to write my own story in May sometime so I have to read as much as I can before then. I am really excited about my Gladiator book and I'll probably release the plot within a few days, maybe longer if I get super busy. But I'll try hard not to delay too long. I also have this plan. to start writing again and set aside time to read and all that stuff. Why is there no time to do anything anymore?

 I should be done with school in two weeks. Two. I am freaking out a little because finishing school means life-ing and I don't know if I am ready to Life. With that being said, I actually do have a plan for after I graduate. I am going to go to school for acting. I am going to try and get myself into one of those Group Theater people and go on Broadway. I just need a job. But I have an opportunity knocking right now, so please pray hard about that.

It's true.

Okay. I have posted.  And it's  probably the most boring post in history.

On the upside I'll be doing my Lord of the Rings post in just a bit! Stay tuned!

*slides off car


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Middle of April

April is National Poem month or some such thing, and since this is April 15th and the magical middle day, I figured I would attempt to do some poetry. Usually I write lyrics, if I write anything short. I don't write poetry because I get frustrated with it and usually I crumple up the first few lines. so this is my first-ever Real Poem. I feel a little bit shy sharing it but, LEAP  OF FAITH. Behold poetry!

The Wings

Did you see them, swift and glorious
the wings given to me?
Did you see them like frozen fire,
clothed in frost and sun
Did you see them, smitten in the sky
pinned to the moon they were

But did you see them torn,
when I came crashing to the ground?
Did you see my fire go out,

and the frost, it all melt?

They Lay limp upon my back,
Shackles now not saviors
I thought their glory was all spent,
the glass shattered on the ground
I hid myself away and did not wish to be found.

But one did find me, he did,
The Maker of the wings,
He took the wings and bound them
with silver and with string.

'Now open them,' he said
to the small, pathetic one.
'Open and be not ashamed.
You will see what I have done.'

So I opened them with shrinking glance, 
And lo! I saw the fix
My wings were not so perfect now,
And the colors were amiss
But the weavings were a wonder.
For behold the silver,
Brought sea and sand and Spring.

And Mingled with the Fire and Ice
The stained glass was better then starlight.

The Maker wiped my tears away and told me, 'Go now and fly.'
Remember the cracks you have merited, so that in falling,
greater you shall rise

Did you see me rising, From dust and from ash?
Did you see how I my wings grew, and spread across the land?
Oh, did you see me fly again, my mended wings anew?
I think they are far grander now.
My Maker thinks so too.


*slides off car*


Sunday, April 12, 2015

I attempt to Post.

I was going to post a poem today but I can't because I lost my notebook, and in consequence I've also lost my poem.


It's been seven days since I last visited you so I'm just gonna dump a lot of stuff on random stuff. I have to warn you I am a little tired and weird tonight so my writing might not flow, but remember that I tried and that is what counts.

Happy .... First Sunday after Easter! It has been a crazy week! I've been writing a bit and setting the plot for my Gladiator book. I am editing Splintered Courage and I have found out a lot about The Conspiracy of Thrones so it is going to change quite a lot when I got back and fix it up. I think it is going to be quite a bit darker and more war-like.

Yay!!! lol.

I am reading Lord of the Rings and I plan to do THE POST about the Books VS Movies soon. Hopefully within a couple of weeks.  So that should be fun. I get to do lots of comparisons and parallels and contrasts and things like that. Are you excited?? I am. I have to say this time around the books are cracking me up. All the characters are so sassy and grouchy! Gimli is a drama queen and Legolas is bratty and pokes fun at people because he's an elf and no one else is an elf, and he can walk on snow and no one else can. *evil laugh*

Aragorn is obsessed with the Sword that was Broken. It is hilarious. I don't know how Tolkien pulled of some of the ridiculous stuff he did, because no one else could have written it and made it work. He is a genius.

I have also found out that May 25th is Geek Pride Day and I plan to celebrate the HECK out of that day. I'm gonna be geeky and unashamed. That's all I'm saying. I'll probably do a fun post to. Save the date! May the 25th!

I am taking singing classes which is a ton of fun. My singing teacher is this cute, short little man who is kind of dorky and ridiculous and he makes me laugh and I just love him. He is such a nice guy. I am trying to choose songs to sing, so I've been watching and listening to a lot of musicals, like The Phantom of the Opera and Jekyll and Hyde. 

I am still geeky about musicals. And they still make me emotional.

I am planning on watching the midnight showing of The Age of Ultron with my best friend. We will probably geek out and laugh and weep and do all those fabulous things. I am so excited! ... Well excited and scared.  (see what I did there?)

And that is about all that's been going on in my life. I have a musical to cry over. PEACE OUT Y'ALL!!

*jumps down rabbit hole*

Sunday, April 5, 2015

"He has risen, as He said."



I'll tell you all about the fabulous time we had soon! Hope you all had a wonderful day 8-)

Peace out Y'all!!

*slides off car*

Friday, April 3, 2015

Like a Lamb Came the Messiah, Christ the King!

and He chose to walk that road, out of His love for you and me

Good Friday is drawing to a close. It has been a (very) long and somber day but now as the day stretches toward evening the feeling of mourning begins to ebb away and in it's place, an anticipation takes root. For soon now, Christ the King will Rise and our Faith will be known to all to be true.

Good Friday is a hard day for me. It always has been. I know it is be beautiful and a show of immense love and without it we wouldn't be saved so we should take some joy in it, but for me it isn't easy to see it that way. Good Friday and Lent in general holds some hard memories for me, and the penitential time itself is very solemn.

This year I wanted to do something to actually commemorate the day. I tried to write some poetry, or even song lyrics in honour of Christ's death, but all of my scribbling turned out wrong and finally I gave up. I have wanted to write a story about the Good Thief for a long time and thought today was the perfect day to try it, but the thoughts in my head didn't inscribe well on paper so I gave up on that too. After that I tried to draw something pretty so I could sketch lyrics next to it, but drawing and I have little to no relationship so that failed.

Basically I was not creative today 8-) but I did try very  hard to be.

I figured I ought to post SOMETHING though, so finally I pulled out some lyrics I wrote yesterday (or maybe it was the day before?) It is kind of a Lent/Easter type of song I guess. I hope you like it.

There is More Than This

Life can be so lonely, I know how suffering weighs
Its hard to look down and see so much pain and fear 
it's hard to look around and see eyes filled with tears. 


Look up. Look up! There is more to life than this
Look up. Look up! don't stare down anymore
Look up and see the stars, Look up and see the light. 
There is more than this

There's a world on the horizon
A place where grief can't touch you
That's  where we're journeying to
That's where we belong.


There's a place for us, full of beauty and Joy
The Road there is harsh and stony. 
But when you're lonely, oh when you're lonely
Do as I do... 

Look Up. Look up! Don't stare down anymore
Look up, look up, there is something greater
The road is full of enemies, battles with high costs
But darling you have angels on your right side
and all of heaven watching about


Look up. Look up! There is more than this. 
Look up. Look up! You're King awaits
And when your time comes, He will take you home. 
Remember when all else fails, that You are His. 

Those are my lyrics. This post is super late and I am tired. I hope you all had a Good Friday and in case I don't post before then, I wish you all a happy Easter. Peace out y'all!

*slides off car*


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Whazzup Bloggers! It's only been a couple of days!


Today I got my first book published!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hiddleston Laughing

I said that I would explain my semi-break from the Internet. Here is my explanation. I had family that came up at the end of March and we were so busy having fun that I forgot I had a blog. I was too busy!! On that note, my sister and brother-in-law might be able to move into our area so they are only about an hour away from us, and HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?? you must pray about it 8-D

Anyway, that is my excuse.

How has it been all you all? I guess I have been just as lazy about blogging as I have about writing. *squirms a bit* I would say "I have no tiiiiiime." in a whiny voice, but that isn't exactly true. I have time. I'm just lazy. Too lazy to be creative. creativity is exhausting. So is world building. Don't you hate the word why? That word drive me nuts.

So this queen is super evil -

But why?

Well she became that way after her dad died.

But why??

Because her daddy was evil.


Because he had an unhealthy desire to take over the world.

But why?

Because -

But why??

*smashes why and crumbles it and laughs*

I've been doing some world-building. In case you didn't catch on. I actually really love world-building. It is one of my favorite parts of writing. The problem is I love it a little too much. I always want to do more, build more, make more history and more reasons and more layers and the big four!(what where when why..) It get hung up on the details and its really bad.

There is a story I decided to work on a few months ago. It is about a Father and a son who go on a quest, and they have cool names. The father is Killian and the son is Cyril and they are both a lot of fun to write. It is a really good story, I think, and I am excited about it. But it is going to take a TON of world-building. Everything about the world, Firian, excites me. It is a whole country, a whole civilization of people and there is all this magic and mystery and I LOVE it. I want to write about it this month but I feel like I still don't have enough history behind my story.

Soooo.... Maybe I will work on my Baxter story instead.

It has been difficult for me to write.  I know I keep coming back to this but writing is really hard. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into when I decided to be a writer. Its hard and emotional and it means a huge commitment. It kind of terrifies me, but at the same time, I love it. I love it so much.

Sometimes if I am too tired to write I end up scrolling out lyrics to random songs. Lyrics come easily to me when I'm tired. I've started a sort of collection and I decided I was going to be brave and share one with you. It was greatly inspired by the character Cyril in my book. I hope you all like it 8-)


There is cold under my Skin
And Ice in My Chest
I've been hollowed out
I've lost myself. 


Tick-tock, my clockwork heart, tick tock, on rusty hinges
Tick-tock, In the dark
My Clockwork Heart ticks On

I never knew breathing could be so hard
i never knew that fighting could be such an effort
and now I'm here, oh so alone
and even my love has betrayed me. 
You don't Know what a gift Feelings are.
Until you are robbed of them All


It's getting now, for my gauges to move
My strength is trying to wither
Can I stay strong somehow,  
oh, can I survive the winter?

I won't surrender yet! I will dig myself free
My clockwork heart will  beat again
Beat and destroy me.


Tick-tock, my clockwork heart, tick tock, on rusty hinges
Tick-tock, In the dark
My Clockwork Heart ticks On

Tick-tock, my clockwork heart; is it beating now? 
Tick-tock, my clockwork heart - wait! *dumdum*
I hear a sound.

There! I shared that instead of a snippet. Today starts CampNaNo and I think I am have lots to do, so I have to bid you all farewell. Peace out y'all!!!

*slides off car*


Pile of good things

Pile of good things