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"If you are lucky enough to be different, why change to be
the same as everyone else?"- Taylor Swift

:: Bella :: 
(otherwise known as A Dysfunctional Robot, 
or a Pink Pony, depending on the day) 

Dreamer. Actress. Writer. Vidder. Bookworm. Geek. Full-time Fangirl. Musical fanatic.

This Blog is a happy place!!!!!

I created I am a Dreamer; Let Me Dream because I wanted somewhere for people like me to feel safe, to feel happy, and to be inspired. Dreamers are hard to come by now days. However, I am one of those few people who still dream. I hope all of you will take the chance to dream with me. I love dreaming. I also love fantasy, preferring to reality more often than not. I curl up in fandoms to forget my problems and pretty much like to stay hidden from the world.  I like acting, dancing and singing. I think Shakespeare was a nut. I love Musical Theatre. A book well written is a day well spent. My favorite stories are about Brothers, Sisters, Family and Friendship. Since those sorts of stories are hard to find, I try hard to write them. I love writing fantasy best of all. Magic is amazing. I think Tolkien is incredible. I love Lord of the Rings. I like Wishing Flowers, black coffee, stars, painting, coloring, writing with colored pens, doing nothing, waterfalls,  pretty notebooks, the color orange, eating good food, drinking nice tea, and spending time with good friends and loved ones. I like hiking, climbing trees, taking naps, hoarding chocolate, playing in the rain, and finding hollows where fairies used to hide. My favorite past times include acting, singing, writing, eating, and vidding. I come from a big Italian Catholic family, and I enjoy the simple things in life. Music makes my day better, and I really enjoy watching people perform.            

I hope you find this blog comforting and helpful. Don't let your lights go out just because the world is dark. Dreaming is important, okay? Hang in there dreamers. 

If you ever have questions, you can pop them by in the comment section. If you are nervous to follow or comment, please know that I am a total dork and will jump with excitement the minute anyone says hello to me. I am not easily bothered.

Now, I will pop off. Do stop by again any time. I serve cookies *ehem,* well when I say serve I mean.... offer... well when I say offer.... I'll say offer.



  1. I think we really look like each other. We love the same things.
    Maybe, we could get contact? I know it's hard to answer, because i am anonymous, but if you want, you can just say it and i will give you my email.
    (And, i really love your blog! Everything about it <3)

  2. I tagged you in a blog tag ^^ http://godsdaugter4ever.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/le-liebster-award-tag-thingy/

  3. My new blogging friend we have SO much in common! :)

  4. Very nice! I already like this blog because it's so rare to find someone who will admit to Narnia counting as a fandom.

  5. Christian, actress, singer, fan-girl, talks like she's in a story, loves tea, loves British shows, writer, quotes movies compulsively, is not obsessed - is passionate, wants to visit Scotland and Rome, plays clarinet, loves musicals, homeschooled, spends more time in fantasy and says that's reality....

    Are you sure that I didn't post this and then get my mind wiped or something? And I haven't even read the entire blog yet....

    But I would really like to get to know you better, as - from your description - we have a lot in common. But only if you're allowed to. If you're not, then it's fine and I *totally* understand. But God bless, and keep writing and singing. Follow your dreams and follow God in whatever you do. You'll have a *fantastic* life.

    God bless!

    1. nice to met you!! I'd love it if you'd follow me and comment so we could talk, tnat would be fun!

  6. Geez, I've only been stalking your blog for like 15 minutes and I'm already hooked and intrigued. Honestly, I feel like you are such a cool person (just the fact that you quote movies compulsively makes me want to know you better because likewise, I DO THE SAME THING).

    I also really love your blog content. It's not just books, but also movies and TV shows, and I love it :D And last thing- I would also like to get to know you better! I already follow you, and by the looks of it, your blog is one of the most interesting I've come across. :)

    Good luck on your dreams, and I hope you get there!

    1. ehehehe! I'm on pinterest too so yeah 8-) thanks so much for commenting!! It's always fun to have a new follower especially someone who gets you. Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay!


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