Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Hair Tutorial - just for fun!

Okay, ever since I saw "Journey To the Center of the TARDIS" I've been trying for ages to do the hairstyle Clara has on my own locks. It took my an entire morning a fiddling and knotting up my hair in fantastic shapes that I had to hope weren't permanent, BUT I FINALLY DID IT!! I tried doing it again today and succeeded quite well!
Still it wasn't quite right. So I experimented with my sisters hair and it came out just right! I wanted to do a hair tutorial and decided demonstrating on someone ELSE'S hair would be the best. Here you go!
Okay, so first you're going to put your hair in a lose pony. Then, at the scrunchy, push your fingers up THROUGH the pony tale, creating a hole. Keeping your fingers up through your hair, take your pony and pull it through downward through the gap. (visit this site if you need more instruction)

 Now you are going to spit your flipped pony into two sections. Take the left section and twist it to the bottom. Don't make it too tight.
Once your done twisting your hair take the left side and bring it up to the right, straight around the top of your Pony tale.
Bobby pin section securely. Depending on how thick your hair is, the number of bobby pins needed will vary. Leave the end of the hair lose and loop it around into a tight O. Pin the loop.

Now take the right side of your hair and twist it. Bring it up to the left and loop it around into two or more tight O's. Pin as needed. Depending on how long your hair is you may be only able to do one. Don't panic! that still looks absolutely fantastic!
LOOK AT THE SIMILARITY!! In a couple weeks I'm going to have this hairstyle NAILED! The only difference is, mine has more loops. But whatever, it looks awesome anyway.  
That was fun :) I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week, and just in case I don't see you soon, HAPPY 4TH!!!!
~God Bless!
PS: a special thanks to my sister Christina who let me go wild on her hair


  1. So pretty : ) I always wanted long hair, but I'm better off with shorter hair.

    Do you normally practice with your sister's hair?

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  3. Looks good, Bella. I am impressed how close you got it! :P

  4. That looks quite amazing similar. I iz impressed!

  5. I thought for certain that I had left a comment here, but apparently not...

    I just wanted to thank you for this post, because it was what started me into researching and replicating both hairstyles and old-fashioned clothes - it proved that it was possible.

    Merci beaucoup!


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