Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Just dropped in real quick to say; LOOK WHAT I NOW OWN!!!!!!!!!!

OMGERSH YOU GUYS!! It's the SECOND SEASON of Once Upon a Time!!! Let's just say I'm a little ecstatic and you may get geeky fangirly post some time in the (near) future. For now I'm going to curl up with with the magic of Storybrooke and hope that ABC doesn't kill me. Let's have happy endings. Happy! :)

Be back very soon!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

In which I discuss many things including the lack of ginger

Today I'm going to be totally random and give you a rough look at what I've been up to for the past week.

First off, I've gotten totally addicted to Taylor Swift's "Red" CD. I listen to it at least once a day. I tend to listen to Red, 22, State of Grace, Stay and starlight the most, but I enjoy the whole CD. I also really like Speak Now, I think that album is super fun. I guess I'm just in a Taylor Swift mood.

The Community College in town is offering a Drama/Musical class this autumn, and I have jumped at the chance and decided to take it. I've really missed acting and it is really depressing that the only place in town that offers it has a limit on how many times a student can take their class. What's that about? Well, limit or no limit, I'm taking the musical class. I don't think our College has ever offered it before now, and I can't pass it up. I'm really excited, it almost makes autumn worth it. Almost. Not quite.

As for reading? I'm a bit in love with Percy Jackson. I stayed up past midnight reading "The Son of Neptune" and lay awake in bed being eaten with the desire to pick up The Mark of Athena and devour it. Unfortunately, said book was no where in our home so I had to live through the night without. I am now haunting the library and freaking out because both my sisters said it has a Sherlock cliff-hanger. That brings some horrifying images to my imagination, I tell you. I think when I'm reading I'm going to be shouting. A lot. Something like "JUMPING IS NOT ALLOWED!'

Moving on
As most of you probably know, the newest Doctor was announced to the public just a couple weeks ago. Wow. I have never been more happy to meet a New Doctor. For the past few weeks I've been eaten up by the rumor that the 12th Doctor was going to be a women or black. I felt sick about this, I mean the Doctor has been White, Male and British for 50 years. Why change it now?? MOFFAT!! So then the new Doctor walks out

And what's the first thing I think? 'Thank heaven he's a he!!' As the Twelfth he does look pretty good. he has nice presence, charm and wit, everything needed in a Doctor. he seems nice and I'm actually excited to meet him. I just wish I didn't have to say goodbye to Matt Smith in order to say Hello to Peter Capaldi. That's is a real downer :( I think I only have one objection. Why isn't he Ginger?! The 12th Doctor should be ginger!! He's always wanted to be ginger. Oh well. We don't always get what we want I suppose. I really interested to see how he and Clara play off each other. I hope they really build on the Sister/brother relationship in S8 and have Clara be Twelve's best friend. I'd love that.

Let's see, what else?... oh yes. I ordered Once Upon a Time Season 2 because Netflix has betrayed me and I no longer trust it. So until it arrives I am contenting myself with Supernatural, which I have decided to watch with my friend who is on the same season as me. And yes, I do like Supernatural. I like the chemistry between Dean and Sam, how they balance each other and how they act like real brothers. They're both amazing character and I like them equally. Sam is super sweet, quiet and polite but he can also be funny and he has a calm strength. Dean is more violent and aggressive, he's cocky and hilarious and I love how he looks after Sam.  That is just too adorable. It makes me wish I had brothers. I mean more brothers. Uh oh. I'm starting to rave and I've only seen two episodes. *Blush* Yikes. I'm hopeless. Completely hopeless.

Before I go I'm going to share a funny story. Last night my family and I were playing tag out in the back yard when my little sister Annie, who is almost 12, comes speeding across the yard and hurtles a camp chair. SPROING!! Right over she goes. So we, the older and wiser, decide that, if Annie can do it so can we. It became a game. Sister after sister, regardless of age, would go rushing by a ninety mile and hour, reach the camp chair and, SPROING!!! Over it they'd go. even the Nieces joined in, being helped over by an obliging aunt. It was so much fun, like having an obstacle Course right in your back yard!! and I only hit the top once! My legs aren't even soar!! We must have played with that camp chair for well over half and hour, run, run, run, SPROING!! run, run, run, SPROING!!!! .... It was a fulfilling evening.

And now I will fly away. Goodbye dearies!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Holy Mary, Mother of God

 What is the Assumption? Well, it is a feast in the Church's year on which we celebrate the Assumption of  the Immaculate Virgin Mary, body and soul, into heaven. It is a big feast day and so my family had a wonderfully relaxing Italian day. We all dressed in blue, the color of Our Lady, and after the Rosary we attacked the kitchen with baking and cooking. I had wonderful intention to take picture of me making brownies, me cooking brownies and me eating brownies, but unfortunately I ... Forgot :D No pictures. Sorry you guys had to miss out on all the awesomeness. But I trust you will all know that the lack of pictures is do to the fact that we were relaxing and having too much of a family day to worry about that sort of thing. That is also the reason this post is so late, and, again, won't be very long. I know I've been doing a lot of short posts lately and I feel bad about it, but I promise I'll try to pick them back up to their usual lengthy epicness soon. For now-

...Hail Mary, full of Grace The Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women, and blessed
is the fruit of thy womb....
I wish all of you a very Blessed feast day and hope you all have a wonderful night. Before I hurry off to, Do Thing of Interest, I have a question. What do you think of a giveaway?? Would anyone be interested in getting pins with fandom inspiration (Doctor Who, Merlin, Once Upon a Time, etc.)? Does that sound EXciting?
In Jesus and Mary

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Give me a D! Give me and I! Give me an SNEY!!!

Guess what you all, Lovely Amy has tagged me with a fantastic and rather nerdy tag. One I can not pass up. So Here it is :) (It may be a bit short as I don't have much time to do it)
Well..... YAY!!!!!!!! She's right, I feel like I've wanted to do this forever, My whole life even!!! Its gonna be loads of fun. :D now don't be afraid to, ya know, really get into it

1.) What is your favorite Disney movie?

Erm..... Wow. There are sooo many you guys. Old Disney? Probably Robin Hood. But recently... I love TANGLED!!!  :)

 2.) Favorite Princess?

3.) Least favorite princess?
sorry you all. I really didn't like Ariel. She drove me a little crazy. And Eric? Eric.... Eric... Well, yeah, Eric. Enough said.

4.) Do you like the drawn animation or the computer animated movies better?

It really depends on how the computer animation is handled. In movies such as Anastatia, PLEASE stick to the arts. In my opinion, drawn cartoons are more fun to watch and I appreciate them more because... Think of what went into that!! So.... Usually I like Drawn movies better.

5.) Favorite male character?
This is probably going to be everyone's answer but here it goes.... I love Flynn. He's awesome. He started out as a thief, a really bad guy who was all out for himself and he became something so much more. He's funny and brave and I love him to bits and pieces :)

 6.) In your opinion, who was the best villain?

Maleficent. Maleficent all the way
She's always been my favorite, in fact when I was little I was often caught quoting lines from her. I especially liked the end battle "Now you shall deal with ME oh Prince, and all the powers of hell!!!" and then Philip defeats her with the sword of truth. Its SOOO epic!!! :D I was actually caught quoting that in the library. *Smile*

7.) What is your favorite Disney hairstyle? (I just had to ask that one!)
I really loved Rapunzel's hair in tangled, it is so pretty with all its flowers and beads and cool twisty knots. I want to know how those little girls got it too look like that. Especially considering how long it is.

 8.) What is your favorite story?

I..... I really love Robin hood. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor, helping young children, overthrowing tyrants, beating down enemies and shooting arrows, who couldn't adore him?? :)

9.) Which one has the best romance?

beauty and the beast have a special place in my heart (and that's not because of Rumple&Belle) but I'm gonna say Flynn and Rapunzel.

 10.) What is your favorite Disney song? *Mrhrhrhr* (Yeah, narrow it down to one!:)
Lets see... Okay, Obviously I'm going to be on a Tangled streak during this tag. I See the Light is my favorite.
11.) What is your favorite costume? 
The godmother's dress was nothing compared to the mice mastery.
12.) Would you rather go to a ball with a midnight curfew or get lost in the forest and keep house for a bunch of dwarfs?
I would rather keep house for dwarves.
13.) Who is your favorite non-human character?
I really, really love Basil. He is funny, a genius and has great charm. In honesty, I hero-worshipped him for a long time.
14.) Do you want adventure in the great wide somewhere or would you rather just be on an Island of your own?
I want adventure. even if it means stealing a magic blue box to get it.
15.) What Disney movie is the most likely to make you cry?
Tangled. The ending scene with Flynn and Rapunzel chokes me up every time.
16.) What character do you most relate to?
Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She is a bookworm, she longs to break out and find something new. I can relate to that all too well.
17.) What scene used to scare you the most?
I know it sounds silly but the scene in Snow White when the Evil Queen changes old used to freak me out. I couldn't watch it all the way through until just recently. It was terrifying.
18.) Did you like Aurora's dress better in blue or pink?
I like her dress better pink, I thought it was prettier.
19.) Have you seen The Great Mouse Detective?
What do you take me for? of course I have!!
20.) What Disney movie, in your opinion, is the prettiest? Story aside, characters aside, what movie is just the most fun to look at?
 Probably.... here I go again. TANGLED! obviously I'm in a hairy mood. HAHAHA. Ha. *cough* Anyway, yeah, that cartoon is super pretty and fun to watch, Especially the light bit :) :D

I tag.... anyone who wants to do it :) I don't know how many people Amy has already bonked on the head, so I'll just skim by and say "HEY GUYS! DO THIS TAG!!" K?? See youse all :)


Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Book Review!!

Lately I've had the crazy, emotional week with a lot of frightening plot twists and some strange rock walls and I guess I've been a little.... harassed when it comes to blogging. but recently I finished a wonderful book, The Miracle of Miss Willie. It is perhaps the best book I've read all summer, the most heartwarming, and it really made me stop and think, to look at the world and think "Well, ya' know, its not so bad...."

This is, without a doubt a MUST READ! It is completely charming, the kind of book you want to curl up with like a blanket. I finished it alone in my bedroom and had a good cry. Not in a terrible way. Just because.... It was so good! :') The story is centered around three highschool boys, BB, DJ, and Jefferson who live in a small town in Arizona. They are trouble makers, playing all sorts of pranks on people they know. They aren't 'bad' boys, in the regular sense, they just can't stay out of trouble and they create havoc wherever they go.When we meet the boys at the beginning, everyone thinks they're a lost cause, the type of thing only a miracle could change. That miracle comes in the form of Miss Willie, the new English Teacher.

The Boys
We are told the story from DJ's point of view. He has lost his mother and his father works continually, leaving him alone at home most of the time, with only an older sister who isn't mentioned much. He is a really kind boy with a lot of potential hidden beneath his rambunctious ways, and I like him a lot. His character was a lot of fun to walk with, especially near the end. He was funny and mischievous, with some whoppers for plans, but underneath it all he was a nice enough boy :)

~....."There was an enigmatic fulfillment, a pervasive tranquility. we felt older, Not just in time, but in Maturity...." ~

Jefferson is my favorite of the boys. He had a strong spirit just waiting to break out and his character ark from the first to last page had the most effect on me. By the end I had completely fallen for him, and could see myself going out with a boy like that.

~"I want to prove.... I want to prove that I'll work for something that I think is right, even though its hard.....~

BB is.... BB is BB. That is basically the only way to describe him. He is the most wild of the boys and has the least scruples when it comes to pranks and jokes. Though he can be a bit slow at times his heart is in the right place, he just needs a helping hand.

"She's got more faith in us than we have in ourselves. Maybe she's wrong, but I'm not going to let her down. I'm going to try...."

Miss Willie befriends the three boys and they in turn, fall head-over-heals for her. Soon Miss Willie is teaching the boys English, the meaning of true gentlemen, what girls like, why Shakespeare has a soul and what makes dancing fun. She sees in them what no one else did; the goodness and the potential to be so much more than they are. Her faith in the boys causes them to do the unthinkable, such as squirming into suit jackets for dance class and scoring above 70 in their school studies. No matter what the challenge, Miss Willie will not be swayed and she will not be stopped. She is a force of nature and her overall charm and attitude takes it gradual effect on the boys, transforming them into true gentlemen. The lessons they learn from her are invaluable and the last thing she teaches them will change their life forever.

~"I believe in you," She said with a whisper, "I've believed in you since the very first day...."~

There was a lot I adored about this story. The way Miss Willie was able to keep her cheerful attitude even when it was hard, even when it was exhausting, was amazing and the way she faced her trials was remarkable. Accepting the boys like she did and rising to the challenge of reforming them was brilliant, in fact everything about Miss Willie was brilliant. I think she's my role model now. She is the most amazing women in the world and her faith in God is something to be envied. I loved how the story interwove comedy with the undertone of seriousness and how there was always something in the chapters that made you laugh. Even at the end, when you find yourself rather weepy, you still feel a fuzzy warmness; You want to run and dance and cry or listen to soft music and draw or write with a cup of tea. That kind of book. It had me in absolute TEARS, I think I re-read the last three pages ten times and still I was shaky. The boys were charming, hilarious and remarkable, Miss Willie steals your heart before you have a chance to protest and the crescendo on the last page is just what you need to finish the story. Go find it right now if you have yet to read it. It is well worth your time and you will never regret reading it. I know I wont *sniffle*
(You can get it for a penny on amazon. A PENNY! WHY DON'T YOU OWN THE BOOK YET??!)

Drawn by Treskie

Rather Soon I shall have a fun post with craftiness and bubbly, energetic me-ness, but until then I must bid fair well.

♪♫....If I could/ Then I would/ I'd go wherever you will go/ Way up high/ Or down low/ I'd go wherever you will go.....♪♪

Pile of good things

Pile of good things