Sunday, October 6, 2013

A song that reminds you of somewhere

Day 6 of the Song challenge; A song that reminds you of somewhere. At first I wasn't sure what to do but then this song started playing in the living room... and I couldn't post anything else.

My heart was Home Again
 Then I saw your face across the stream
and my heart was home again

This song reminds me of the mountains, of my home. I can remember singing along with this song coming home from Mass, and seeing the Lake through the trees just as it ended. So I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when I think of it.

Bye now! :)

God Bless

And I remember everything/ and every window pane/ and every word came back to me the way it used to be/ then I saw your face/ across the stream/ and my heart was home again/ 


  1. I love that song...but maybe that is an unfair statement because I love all of his. But still, that is a great song.


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