Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Song and a Giveaway winner

Day Fourteen of this Song Challenge - a Song no one would expect you to like. I decided on this one:


I actually do like this song - until the end. I always stop the song before it finishes because I feel like it goes on too long. You gotta get up and TRY TRY TRY, you gotta get up and TRY TRY TRYYYY you gotta get up and TRY TRY TRY you gotta get up and TRY TRYYYYY TRYYYYYYYYYYY!! you gotta get up and - *stops music* :)
Now that that's out of the way I can get to fun stuff! YAY!

First, the giveaway winner 


Congratulations Amy!!! You've won a Fandom pin !

So, Amy, you get to pick any pin you like. and I will personally deliver it myself *Grin*
Now for more fun stuff

I've started reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy again, because I'm in that sort of mood and feel lonely for Middle Earth. I've only read it once before and I'm actually enjoying them more this time. I especially love Merry. Dear Merry.... *sigh*

Speaking of reading, this year for School I get to study the Greek myths. Ya' know, Poseidon and Hades and Athena. I even get to write a myth at some point, which is totally exciting! I've never been able to write a myth before! I'm not even nervous! Okay, you got me. I am nervous. In fact I haven't been this nervous in a while. I'm not much good when it comes to writing stories, how will I accomplish writing a myth? I mean, it should be really fun and amazing - but a bit terrifying too. I'm sort of conflicted between wanting to dive in and wanting to bolt for my life. School should be interesting this year

That reminds me. I feel like I need to let all of you writers out there a very special something about me. I am not a writer. I'm more of a dreamer-on-paper who never finishes what she starts. I have hundreds of stories rattling around in my head but I never actually get around to writing them down. And even if I do, they never get finished. They reach a midway point and then get shoved under some distant bed or behind some dusty dresser where they sits until I have another Inspiration Flash some months later. Then I'll scribble furiously, rip out some pages, rewrite a character, bit down my finger nails, freak out and leave my story abandoned. Who needs to write anyway? I can act.

On that note I will leave you. I have a evening of reading to get through and my tea kettle is screaming at me for attention. It knows I need it after the Once Upon a Time I saw today. So I will bid a farewell to you all.

God Bless!

Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame/ Where there is a flame someones bound to get burned/ But just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die/ You gotta get up and Try, try, try/ You gotta get up and Try, try, try...... 

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