Monday, January 28, 2013

I am definitely a mad man with a blue box!

I am many things. Such as an Oddling - (one who is Odd) a Merkin, an eccentric actress, a Sherlockian, a homeschooler... the list just keeps going! But there is  one particular thing that I am very proud to be. And that is a Whovian.

  I became a Whovian over the summer when some friends lent my family the 1st season of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston. From the moment he said "Run for your life!" He was my favorite. I didn't think much of the episodes - (Slitheen? Really?) But I really loved the Doctor and his companion.

I don't know how many people loved Rose right off, but I was one of them. She was super cute, really funny and rather bold. I thought she was a good character and just about cheered when she accepted the Doctor's offer - "Come with me."

   "Bad Wolf... I've heard that before."

Come on, how can you not like Rose Tyler? She is so cute and wonderful. She had this sass about her - she didn't take crap from anyone. one of her best lines was; "As for you Mr. Connolly... only an idiot hangs the Union Flag upside down. Shame on you!" So yeah, amazingly fantastic, Rose was a winner from the start. Plus, she has a great scarf :)

Nine's regeneration had me in tears - I wished he had had more time on Doctor Who. He was so fantastic!  MY Doctor. There were these moments in the last two where I kept thinking "Ooooooh my gosh he is the most amazing Doctor EVER!" I loved it when he got angry - especially when it was because Rose had been hurt. I loved how defensive and protective he was of her. He was The Best! The thing was, when he changed he was happy. He had Rose, he had his TARDIS, he was content. He seemed to accept himself and just 'let' himself change for the better. It was sad but not horrible. His last words were - "Rose Tyler, you were fantastic. Absolutely Fantastic. And you know what? So was I!" then he smiled.                 

       That smile made me feel sad inside. He looks so happy yet in seconds he wans't going to be him anymore. he was going to change and be different and I didn't want that. At all.  But for all my protests it happened anyway. Along came Ten.

 I actually had a hard time getting used to Ten for the first couple episodes... he was so not Nine! As Rose says "You are so different..." However by the end of the second season liked him and thought he was a very good Doctor.  

The Thing about Ten was that he always had sad endings. EVERYONE Died around Ten. He had three separate companions, Rose, Martha and Donna and he ended up losing each one in a terrible way. This made it difficult - every season ended with sobbing. I grew to love Ten but by the end of his run he was so heartbroken that I kept crying. Then he regenerated but he didn't want to regenerate, he didn't want to change. He was just miserable. So was every Whovian out there. (probably) It was upsetting and I hated it.

Donna Noble                                          Martha Jones

Whovian Confession! I thought I'd hate the next Doctor. *guiltily rubs hands* This was mostly because I'd heard a lot of bad reviews on Eleven. The people who didn't hate him said "He's good, but he isn't Nine or Ten." Some of them said "I like him but he isn't David Tennant." Most people just said he was a bad Doctor and they didn't care for him. So I went in thinking he was terrible.

Then this man popped out of the TARDIS

can I have an apple???

And I liked him instantly. He was just like Nine - crazy and wild and very, very strange. 

By the end of this scene I had decided Eleven was brilliant. I also liked his companion, Amelia Pond. She was so cute :-) He meets her when she is just a little girl and comes back for her when she grows up.... (Time-travel, sometimes bad things happen.) For the first couple of episodes its just Amy and The Doctor, but then Amy's fiance, Rory Williams, comes along. He is THE GREATEST! I don't know if I would like either Amy or Rory as much as I do if they didn't have the other - Rory completes Amy and she completes him. They are adorable together and I love them. They are tied with Rose for Best Companions. EVER!!!

Eleven is now my 2nd favorite Doctor. He is like Nine only younger and a bit crazier. I'll probably watch him the most because he has the best seasons, they have better plots and effects and better villains. With all that aside, Eleven is pretty wonderful.... I do not know why he gets as much hate as he does - I think people should stop saying he is bad just because he isn't Tennant or Eccleston. Matt Smith is doing a very good job and I love him. He is usually crazy and cheerful but he has 'sad' eyes - old eyes. Through them you can sometimes see his buried frustration and grief surfacing - especially in tense or frightening moments. He also gets angry the same way Nine did. Coldly, quietly, deadly. If he is angry with you, basically run. Run for your life. He is a brilliant friend but a terrible enemy.. This goes for any Doctor really. Be his friend and you will be safe. *Nod*

                                                 Cutie :-)                                      .    

Before I go I should mention one more brilliant companion. A girl who is wild and unpredictable  the same girl who brought Men in Black from 2064 to my door. The wonderful - RIVER SONG!

Hello Sweetie....

River Song first appeared in an episode with Ten. I won't tell you what happens - spoilers- but lets just say it was sort of sad. Whovian Confession - I hated River Song at first. I dunno why, I just hated her. She was just another extra; a one-episode friend that Doctor Ten lost. She was rather... Eh. BUT THEN !!!!!!! *gasp* I saw "The Pandorica Opens." River is such a great character in that one - she even blows up a Dalek! She keeps getting better after that, each episode you like her more. She is a sort of ex-criminal with a dash of cool and well-she's River. I went back and watched her 'first' episode. SUDDENLY SAD! Poor River :'(  I wonder why I ever hated her.  As a bonus, she and the Doctor and really funny together 

Doctor-"She doesn't mind killing which should bother me...but I like it."

River _ "Thank you sweetie."

For anyone who hasn't watched Doctor Who I would definitely recommend it. Just start with the Ninth Doctor, give them a chance and you will probably love it! (no pressure or insult if you don't) that is what I did, and look how I turned out? *Smile* One day I may watch a few Classical's... but they look pretty silly so I dunno how soon that will be.

 Just remember this is Sci-fi, so they will have evolutionary references and anti-God plots every now and again. In Seasons 1-4 that doesn't happen often, but in Seasons 5 and 6 it happens a bit more. Just think "Oh whatever, its Sci-f, its a Stupid thing about Doctor Who" and you'll be fine
Now, for your pleasure with the courtesy of TARDIS Visual Records, I have a video to present

Now I must go, my planet needs me.Goodbye

God Bless

 Demons run when a good man goes to war.
Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good man goes to war.
Friendship dies and true love lies, night will fall and the Dark will rise
When a Good Man goes. to. War.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If you're bored, go jump off a cliff

 Hey there!! Kelli is doing a blog party for uninspired bloggers. I've been feeling rather bored an melancholy lately, especially since January is quickly graduating into February- so I thought "What the Heck?"

                                                      Gray Days to Glimmering Blog Party

1) Whats your favorite thing to do when feeling uninspired? 

 I listen to lots of music and make picture colleague's.

2)Tell us about a really great movie/Show you've just discovered.

 Well... hmm. Rise of the Guardians was brilliant, and Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows was also pretty amazing. As for TV shows, I love Doctor Who and we have started watching Leverage again. Leverage is super fun and clever. I like the character and plots, and it is usually clean.

My favorite characters are Eliot, Hardison and Parker.

Sophie is good - you've got to love the peculiar grifter- and I like Nate -  but Nate is probably my least favorite. He just isn't Eliot *Grin*

For a 'just discovered' show, Doctor Who is the most recent.

Don't ask me why, this show makes me extremely fangirly. I love it more and more each time. The 5th and 6th season have been especially good. The Doctor and his companions are amazing, in fact I think Moffat way outdid himself with the Mad Impossible Ponds - They are tied with Rose Tyler for Favorite Companions. They are so adorable together :-) The Doctor is best to described as "The Uncoordinated house cat that trips over a chair and pretends he meant to do that." He's crazy and I love him.

Why does Doctor Eleven get so much hate? I have no idea. I also don't understand how anyone could not like the Ponds. Because Doctor Who is so fantastic, I'll have to get back to you with it. Hold your breath, this show will get its own post very soon.

 3) What do you like to do to change your mood?

 I enjoy making picture collages, especially of my favorite TV shows. I also enjoy acting. I usually "Act Out Emotion" until the emotion is settled. Which means I do a lot of crying.

4) Your favorite drink is currently......

A toss up between Coffee and Tea. Coffee in the Morning, Tea at night. Usually by the pot full. Long live Britain!!

5) When you hear the word exuberant what's the first word that comes into your mind? 

Amy Pond. Sunflowers. the smell of fresh Rain.

6) What made you smile last?

Doctor Who

7) What five songs would make a play list to describe your week?

"I'm an Emotional Girl," by Terri Clark.
"Brave" - Josh Groban
"Safe and Sound" - Taylor Swift
"Popular" (don't ask) - Kristen Chenoweth
"Defying Gravity" - Idina Menzel

8) What's at the Top of your creative 'To-Do' list?

I really want to write a play and make a music video (daring, yes.)

9) the last thing you crossed of this list was....

Erm.... *cough*

10) Quickly, the first movie quote off the top of your head, please!

"What is this peculiar liquid?" Captain Haddock Tintin.

11) The best thing about January is...

My birthday is in January! (and what a birthday it was)

12) The worst thing about January....

It has been SO COLD! Just the other day it was -15. Its been this frigid negative weather for over a month. Not Okay.

13) What was your #1 resolution for 2013?

Erm, I had a bit. Be braver, be bolder, be happier... I'll say Grow in my Acting.

14) and lastly share a verse or quote that you have found especially inspiring lately

-Doctor Eleven

Benjamin Mee


I know that was three but as I said - Melancholy. I need a lot of inspiration right now. *Sigh*

Now I hate to say Goodbye, but there are Men in Black from 2064 standing outside my window - yes, yes I know, I have to stop hanging out with River Song. But she got me a cool Journal *Grin* Don't worry about me. I'll be back before you can say "Spoilers."

NOT THAT FAST!!!!! *Huge smile* but pretty fast. See ya around. 

God Bless

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Monday

Monday isn't so bad. For starters, I have no school to do. Everyone in my family has a day off from work today, and who want to waste that on boring school? No one. So we get a Free Day!! Cool :-)

First off I will post the answers to the Merlin questions.

1) In which episode is the "Tavern Joke" first brought up?

The Queen of Hearts, Season Three.

2) What is the Great Dragon's name? 


3)Which flower does Nimueh use to poison Merlin?

The Mortious Flower

4) How long has the Great Dragon been Imprisoned? 

Twenty years 

5)  What is Merlin's Mother's name? 


Now to wish you all a Happy Mondays I have put up this video. Enjoy!!!

God Bless!

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Today is a great day

After I threw myself into the Blog-niverse, I felt a little more bold. So today I will do my first real - not-about-me- post :)

       I woke up this morning and I realized that (for me) this is a brilliant, amazing, spectacular day! One year ago on this date I watched my first ever Merlin episode.
                                         "How small you are for such a great destiny."

  From the moment Merlin stepped into view, I thought "This is going to be amazing" As the episode progressed I found myself falling further and further in love. Then Merlin told off Arthur, I was like -
"I LOVE HIM!!!!"  By the end  of episode one I was a hopeless Merkin.
        To celebrate this MOMENTOUS day, I have decided to be very fangirly. Meaning embarrassingly fangirly. I can barely believe I even am this fangirly. Great, now I'm stalling. But really, this is rather shocking to say the least. I found out that I have extreme giddiness when it comes to Merlin. Okay, enough Stalling. Here you go;

The left girl is my sister, Christina. She was nice enough to fangirl with me :) We are Merlin!! (like you didn't know, right?) Now, how fangirly is that???

 I have also decided to begin watching Merlin again - right from the beginning. I plan to do so with a red scarf about my neck and a book of magic in my hand.  I intend to learn at least two spells. I was going to wear a fezz but Arthur smacked me with a towel and told me I could not celebrate one TV show with the logo of another - especially not A logo from that ridiculous Doctor Who. I was so insulted I almost slapped him. Maybe, just to make him angry I'll wear a bow tie.


Merlin and Gwen approve. *smirk*

 For any of you Merkins out there here are five Nerd Facts on "Merlin"

1) The name "Emerys" is welsh for "immortal"or "eternal"

2) thirty-seven actors in "Merlin" have played in "Doctor Who." (Challenge -  how many can you name?)

3)  The scene where Arthur pulls the sword from the stone was filmed just before midnight on Christmas Eve.

4) Morgana (Katie Mcgrath) is naturally blonde and had to dye her hair every three weeks when filming "Merlin"

5) Colin Morgan has a brother Neil  (29) who starred as an extra in many Merlin episodes!

  Do any of you have some fun facts to share?? 

  Now as a special, I am going to do a TAG!!!! This tag is sort of for any Merkin who wants to do it. You don't have to Tag anyone back or anything... If you know other Merkins who would LOVE to do this, Tag away. But if you sit there thinking "I have no one to tag." don't sweat it. Just answer the questions :-)

1) Who is your favorite Merlin character(s)?

 Arthur and Merlin. They are equal.

2) Which Season of Merlin is your favorite and why?

Season one. It had the most 'magic'  and was way more light-hearted than the rest. Plus it had the greatest villains. These three Badies were the BEST.

3) Which episode of Merlin stands out in your mind as the best? 

The Poisoned Chalice - Season one.

4) When did you first watch Merlin?

One year ago on January 19, 2012

5) Who is your favorite villain?

Its a toss-up between Lady Helen and Nimueh

6) If you could meet one character from Merlin, which one would it be? 

I want to say Arthur, because he is brilliant.... But Merlin is - Merlin *smile* So I'm gonna say Merlin. *Dodges Arthur's punch*

7) Who is your favorite Knight?

Sir Lancelot. <3 him

He is the most honorable and kind knight there is - one of the only knights that is actually nice to Merlin. and I love his bravery and courage. He is so amazing :-)

8) What is your favorite quote from Merlin?

"Better to serve a good man then to rule with an evil one." -Merlin "The curse of Cornelius Sigan."

9) If you were able to walk inside one episode, which would it be?

The Darkest Hour

10) Which costume is your favorite? 

Merlin's. Hands down.

11) Which death affected you the most?

Does it need saying?

12) How do you feel about Merlin's ending? 

                                                                ALL OVER!

I Now Tag


Go forth, brave Merkins, and answer without fear! 

         Before I'd go, I'm going to be very rant-like and fangirlishly angry.

BBC has this  thing with killing all the good characters. For example;

 Merlin had a good villain appear in Season Two.... but he died. Season three had ONE good villain. Some idiot decided it was a brilliant idea to get rid of him.  And he was a good villain! I really liked him, he had a queer sense of honor and knew when to back off. I liked hating him. Then he was gone. and I was like - 


In wonderful Season 4 a character usually died every other episode. Sometime you were like "Eh, who cares?" other times you were like "WHAT??? but but... he was cool.

So to be very frank, Merlin is one of my very favorite TV shows - it is right up there with Doctor Who and Sherlock. It is brilliant and I love it! 

                                          Merlin Season One - Trailer
Wooooosh!!! Now I am almost done. I've also probably weirded you out beyond imagining, but that's okay. Right? *Grin*

Before I go here is just one more thing. Remember, I will Stalk You for your answers *Evil chuckle*
The Answers will be posted tomorrow or Monday  :-)

                                  How much of a Merkin are you??

In which episode is the "Tavern Joke" first brought up? (For you who haven't seen Season 3, you won't know the answer to this one.) 
What is the Great Dragons name?
In which episode is Merlin first referred to as "Emery's"?
Which flower does Nimueh use to poison Merlin? 
How long has the Great Dragon been imprisoned?
What is Merlin's Mother's name?

No skulking about for answers *Grin* No, I'm teasing. If you really can't answer, than by all means, skulk. But on your own head be it!

 "Its lonely to be more powerful than any man you know and have to live like a shadow. To be special and have to pretend you're a fool."

God Bless!!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hullo Blogger World!

Hullo Blog-niverse

  To all you bloggers surfing a about out there - Hullo! *Waves* This is my very first blog post so I may be a bit rusty - just bear with me here, and we can make it :)

 Here I go! First, an introduction -

 I am Bella, a fifteen year-old girl who is a wild and spontaneous. I come from a large family in the Sierra Mountains and I am a Traditional Roman Catholic. 
 There are many things I love to do. I love reading, I love watching watching TV shows, I love drinking tea and I love to act. My biggest dream is to become a actress and get into Musical Theater. Movies and TV shows also appeal to me, but I'm going after Musical Theater first. 

This blog will be a corner for insanity and oddities, and Random-tivity. (That isn't a word, I know.) I'm not really normal but that is okay. Normal people scare me. Eccentric and slightly crazy people are more fun anyway. So I'm proud to be crazy.  *bows* So to all you Slightly Crazies - WELCOME!

Well that was fun wasn't it? I hope you enjoyed your first peek at me! As I said it is my first post so.... a bit rusty. I hope I didn't bore you all stiff. Please come again any time you like! Now that we are all acquainted I would dearly love you to surf about my blog a bit, and remember, I serve tea! (well, *ahem* that is debatable) Thank you for sticking with me until the end. and for anyone who didn't stick around - I forgive you. *Smirk* 
Now I shall go

God Bless!

Oi, what are you.... oh you just want to comment? Then that's okay, please do! I love comments! but, um,  I sort of stalk them. 

Pile of good things

Pile of good things