Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thursday already?

I'm sorry its taken me so long to get this post about, but I  have been SICK!!


Yes, ladies and Gentleman, I was attacked by a ferocious cold. I believe God must have a sense of humor; I asked him not to be sick on Christmas. So Christmas day I was as well as can be! But the moment I awoke on the day after Christmas, I was sick. 

Haha. Ha.

I've slept most of yesterday away but only after attending an early morning mass and managing not to faint. 

And yes I'm being dramatic. I'm sick, its allowed. I am feeling quite a bit better today, mind you, though still a bit light-headed and stiff. But enough about my ailment. Lets talk about Christmas.

I had a lovely Christmas, just like I always do. We started the morning off by lighting the Christ Candle, singing Joy to the world and putting baby Jesus in the manger. Then my dad brought out luscious Sausage sandwiches which we only EVER get on Christmas and we stared opening the gifts. That's when I started crying; really, I was incredibly emotional. I cried when my amazing brother got me a ...... Well, a sort of laptop thing. I cried when I got a brown-hoodie because I have been wanting one for - well a very long time. I cried when I got my Doctor Who fob watch and then I cried again when my amazing friend got me a bow tie Necklace in honour of the Eleventh Doctor. 
Look how much fun it was!!

The "Imagine Dragons" CD was a wonderful gift because they are my current favorite band and I'm quite obsessed with their songs - well most of them anyway. For some reason they hit me on a very emotional level - they're brilliant! And this CD had almost ALL my favorite songs on it, which was a big bonus.

Then we got ourselves all perty and had a went down for Christmas Morning Mass, which we sang. I was quite proud of us really, we learned an entire Mass in two weeks. Nothing like pressure to help you memorize a few songs. It actually wasn't so bad because my family learns things like that by ear, mostly, we always have been musically gifted that way. But if we couldn't learn by ear? We'd have been rather sunk. As it was the Mass was beautiful and we even got coffee and cookies afterwards which is always fun. We cam home to our wonderful Traditional Christmas Dinner, gnocchi and ham, and we had a loud Italian meal which always happens on any kind of Feast or Holiday, and many conversation were thrown about the dinner table ranging from knitting and why its ridiculous to why TV shows should not be allowed and if they were outlawed we'd  probably watch them anyway because we love to torture ourselves. 

I love those dinners. 

The whole day was just lovely and, though it may have been a very simple Christmas, It was special and happy and I think everyone had an amazing time. I'm a little sad it went by so quickly, cause its always hard to leave Christmas day behind, but at least the Christmas season itself is still going, and I'm sure to have a lovely Epiphany too! 

For those of you who don't do Epiphany, its a Feast Day 12 Days after Christmas, the Day the Wiseman found the Baby Jesus and gave Him their gifts. On Christmas everyone in my family saves one gift aside for this special day, its a sort of tradition we've had ever since my Mom had to go home unexpectedely for Christmas one year, and we saved presents to open with her when she got home. So, the traditions been going for about Twenty years.

Obviously I wasn't born when this tradition began, but I love it anyway :-)

So, how was your Christmas? Do you have any special traditions? How do you feel about the New Year?  Please, do tell all! *grin*


God bless!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse....

I can't stay long.....
Hello all! I'm sorry the post is so late but I've been very busy having a wonderful Christmas Eve and a blessed Fourth Week of Advent. I love Christmas at my home, our Christmas's are just brilliant, and this year we had an unexpected Early-Christmas celebration; We have these amazing friends up the street who are kind of like an extension to our family and a few nights ago we went and spent the evening with them. While we were there we exchanged Christmas gifts because we wouldn't be seeing each other on the big day. It was so much fun!! I got the nicest little gift from my best-y. Its a Once-Upon-A-Time bracelet with a quote by Rumpelstiltskin on it.  I was overjoyed.
Once Upon A Time Hand Stamped  All Magic comes with a Price Aluminum Cuff Bracelet
OUAT bracelt
 That started the week off rather well I thought. 

And then we got Christmas Eve, my favorite Day besides Christmas itself. First we decorate everything, and then turn on the Christmas music and clean and scrub and congress into the kitchen where we start the real fun. We start baking. As you all know, my family takes baking very seriously. On feast days, during vacation, when we want to organize an event, our first thought is to the food. That's my favorite thing about Christmas Eve, all the baking that goes on. The only down-side is that you can't really taste anything because its Advent. So you are stirring chocolate and smelling brownies and mixing cookie batter, and unable to try any of it. Still, its fun.

I was quite overwhelmed *smirk* I should be holding a rainbow. You know. La!!!!!
 Unfortunately there aren't many pictures of me because I'm the designated Family Photographer. But I got lots and lots of pictures of the festivity so you can all get a peak at what happens when Christmas Eve comes to our home.

After the baking was done we adjourned to the living room and, being the church choir, we practiced some hymns for Christmas Mass and sounded beautiful, If I do say so myself.  Then we got into our comfy pajama's, whipped up a batch of hot cider and roasted chestnuts while listening to old-time radio shows. Right at this moment I am listening to The Great Gildersleeve Christmas. He is so funny! I remember being really little and listening to The Great Gildersleeve and I wonder why radio-shows ever went out of style. There is nothing quite like them.

Now I will bid you all farewell and join my family for the remainder of the evening. If I don't get the chance to blog tomorrow, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

God Bless!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The House of Hades Book Review

Here I am with a book review! I'll make this as spoiler-free as possible, so read away it should be pretty safe. *Deep Breath* this isn't going to be easy....

! Review Time !
I hate to say it, but I was a bit disappointed with the House of Hades. I was definitely expecting more from the newest book in The Heroes of Olympus series and what I got? Well, lets just say it wasn't what I was expecting.


I have found yet another author I am unable to trust. I'm really upset too, because until this book I could recommend Rick Riordan in a heartbeat and feel completely confident that he would not let me down. Now I'm not sure anymore. Worst of all, what he did was unnecessary and uncalled for. And it all happened because of one hateful character, Nico Di Angelo.

I've never liked Nico, he's always creeped me out, I didn't trust him and I didn't want him around. But I could tolerate him. Now I can't even do that, because Rick Riordan did something unexpected and horrible. He made Nico queer. He likes another boy. Really, really likes him. That immediately turned me off and made me furious. It wasn't needed, it was just a throw-in plot twist with absolutely no link to the rest of the story and no reason to be there. We just needed somewhere to be queer, so Nico was made queer. It wasn't even realistic because Nico is from another time, the 1940's to be exact, and he wouldn't have been like that. Ever. Luckily, his feelings are one-sided but the fact that he has those feelings at all makes me sick and angry. It also drags down the book which otherwise would have been one of his better works. The rest of the characters are quite brilliant, and Percy is still one of my favorite fictional book characters. The plot-twists and interweaving of the different stories, the adventure and stakes, its all handled very well and has you biting your nails and holding your breath. He portrays friendship and family well, and his love stories are some of the best I've read. Well.... when someone doesn't go Queer on you. *scowl* I'm just.... I'm really upset the story took that turn. I mean, I read it and felt.... terrible.

Even without the 'Nico' thing, the story was rather weak. It felt kind of like The Mark of Athena. A lot happened but nothing got done. We had a lot of running and planning but it never seemed to go anywhere. We were introduced to some new characters but our immediate problem wasn't really solved. The Tartarus angle was very good and I actually had to close the book at one point and take a break because Percy and Annabeth's story was making me so nervous. The 'side-characters' (haha) stories also drew you in and made you want to read more, especially Leo's, who is my favorite character besides Percy. Leo is so.... Leo! he makes me incredibly happy and you always love to read about him. He's nerdy. He's awkward and doesn't quite fit in. He always feels like the odd-one-out and never sees how much he is needed by the rest of the team. He's just the mechanic, he does his job, that's it. he's nothing special. Or at least that what he thinks. He's something much more than a mere mechanic, there's a lot of strength in Leo. I have had the most fun reading Percy's and Leo's character ark, they've been the best. The thing is, I now have an idea of how Leo is going to end. And it makes me want to cry and scream and pelt Rick Riordan with shoes. I already want to hit him with shoes for Nico, but if he does anything to Leo....

All in all The House of Hades was not the best book I've read all winter - it isn't even the best book I've read all year. It has some brilliant moments and a few great chapters but when I finished it I felt a bit unsatisfying and let down. I think I was expecting too much out of it and therefore I didn't like it as much as I might have. For those of you who know what's coming, you may like it more. It is a good story and I did enjoy it - I did. Just be prepared for a weaker book and try not to dwell on the fact that Nico is Queer. That is the big reason I was so upset, Nico was a real shock and he kind of tainted the rest of my reading.

So that's that. I'll be back as soon as possible with a nicer
 post, but until then, I bid all of you a fond farewell.
God Bless!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Story and my Life

Wow. Can you believe its only six days until Christmas? Seriously? How did that happen? Where did November go?? I wish Advent wouldn't go by so quickly, its the waiting and preparing that are the best and we all know it.

I have a few things to say. I just finished The House of Hades, the most recent Percy Jackson book.


I may have to do a review on it. I mean, it was good and I really enjoyed reading it but..... Yeah, I'll do a review, then I can vent a bit. RICK RIORDAN!!  You are ruining my life Rick! Do you hear that? RUINING MY LIFE??

I can hear my other fandoms laughing. *Sniff* well its not funny. I take the realm of fiction very seriously and I would be nice if, every once in a while, I didn't feel like throwing shoes. That would be nice.

I wish my fictional characters would stop smirking at me too. I know they think I'm hilarious, but I'm actually really upset. I actually did throw shoes after watching an episode from a certain Fairytale show that decided to take a nasty little twist which I TOLD IT not to take.

And then House of Hades.


I'm moving on now -

We've been decorating the house for Christmas, so now we've got holly across our doorways and Christmas lights around our Nativity Scene. We're going to start baking for Christmas tomorrow, which will be epically fun because it always is. We're gonna listen to loud Christmas music, where aprons, bang cupboard doors, yell for sugar, the whole nine. But we can't taste anything. Cause ya' know.... Advent.

I wrote some more of my story today, and now I'm not entirely sure if Tyron is going to stay -The-Son-of-A-Pirate, or simply an unfortunate tag-along of the doomed pirate ship. I'm not liking Tyron much, I think I may have to kill him. well not really, just to vent off steam. I'll bring him back with the special *Backspace* button. But he is getting under my skin. I can't trust him. No one can. He's sort of a turd.

A loveable turd.

Nope, not you Rumple. Go away.
I'm rather happy too, because my NaNo group is going to continue having Writing Meetings, even without NaNo. So now I have something to push me. I'll be the first to admit, I'm rather lazy when it comes to writing, especially when its a Pick-Up-Where-You-left-Off book. I find myself getting Editor-Happy.
This story is gonna need some work, especially in the villain area. My villains are always muttering, I don't think they know how to speak at full volume. I need to go in and fix that. And Dimitri....

Dimitri just needs happiness in his life. Poor Dimitri. Here I am, complaining about all the fictional characters that are destroying my emotional life, and I've created one just like them.

Thinks little of himself

Yay. Perfect yes? *throws shoes* I think My fandoms are talking.

As a little treat my brother took me to see the new Disney movie Frozen.
I really enjoyed it! It wasn't as good as Tangled, but I'd like to own it someday. The soundtrack was quite lovely, and I liked the songs too, though for those of you who don't like Broadway you mightn't be so keen on them. The singing had more of that Chest-voice in it unlike Tangled. As far as plot and characters go, it was well done and well handled. I don't think they went quite far enough with the Ice Princess bit, but that could just be me. It felt like their could have been a bit more, ya' know? I will say the animation was beautiful. It was fun to look and the snow took your breath away. If snow looked like that in the real world I might not mind it so much.
But I'd still have to shovel. Nope, snow is snow is snow. This snow just happened to be really lovely. I second Olaf. Lets bring back Summer!!!!!!
There was this one song I want to learn and maybe sing for Singing Class - If I am able to. Its really catch-y and fun to sing, especially the refrain. Its sung by Idina Menzel, so if you don't like her voice just listen to the lyrics. Its still brilliant.

The cold never bother me anyway.
When I watched this bit in the theatre I was enthralled. It gave you a rush to say the least. I actually said aloud; Well... That escalated quickly.
So if you want a fun movie, go watch Frozen. Its worth it. And the trolls aren't even that bad.
As for the rest of my life, I'm doing pretty okay. I mean between Fictional Trauma and all that. I've finished my Christmas shopping and now I've got my gifties under the tree which makes me totally excited. Our crib for Baby Jesus is being filled with straw and the Third Candle on the Advent has been lit. Christmas is coming. The thing with the straw is actually a cool tradition. We cut out strips of colored paper, and every time you make a sacrifice or say a prayer you get to put a piece of straw into Christ's crib. Its like our gift to him. I love it.
I also love being on Christmas vacation. No more school for two, maybe three whole weeks!
I have nothing left to say and another chapter of my story to write. My characters won't leave me alone until I do. You know how characters are. So I'll see you all soon-ish and I hope you have a very happy week. I'll try to post again at Christmas. If I don't.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sneak Peek at My Writing

Because I couldn't think of anything else to title this post.

I am very happy. I think the Christmas season has really gotten into me, I haven't felt this happy and peaceful for a very long time. I love having Christmas music playing in the house, I love earning money for Christmas songs. I love curling up at night with coffee and watching the Christmas tree shine all night.

I'm going to share a bit of my newly found story with you all. I'm not going to show any snippets or anything but I'll give you the very, very rough draft of my characters.

The main characters are two brothers, Dimitri and Nightly. Dimitri is a quiet, calm character with a very black and white out-look on life. He is a loyal friend but a dangerous enemy, he is calm until angered and he is easy going until pushed too far.

Nightly is the younger brother. He is a bit of a dare-devil and is always getting himself into trouble. He's mischievous and loves to play tricks. He acts rather naïve and goofy, but if the situation calls he can be something quite fierce. He has very little faith in himself and therefore he has trouble taking control.

Peregrine (Or Perry) Is a rebel and an outcast. He is a Fey, a child of magic. He is a bit cocky and compulsive, he takes problems as they come and can be difficult to work with.

Tyrone is the son of a pirate and the descendant of thieves. He isn't easy to trust, nor is he easy to get along with. Tyrone's character is extremely complex and difficult to portray, because he isn't evil, he simply takes what is given to him. He's one of my favorites.

Annamaria is a Guardian who had was given one task, one task, and failed. Ever since then she's been cursed to travel the earth until her amends are made. Not a lot is known about her or her back story, for she is very close off and hard to talk to. You do find out that she has a reason for locking the world out and it may not be quite what you seem.

Somehow these five travelers and brought together and made to work as a sort of mis-fit team to stop an oncoming war, save a lost prince and close the Gates of a Kingdom that should have been left well enough alone.

I'm thinking this could become a trilogy because I may have too much for one book, but either way I hope I can finish what I began. Keep praying friends, I'll need it *Grin*

I should go now though, cause I have school to finish and Math doesn't do itself.  Sometimes school can be a real pain. I'm so glad I have traumatic TV shows so I can drown my problems in Fangirl Feels. Which I do way too often. Because the world of Fiction hasn't broken me enough. *sigh* the life of a fangirl is so hard.


God Bless!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A bit of Daily life.

I sense that you missed me.

Well I'm here!! and guys!!!!! I have amazing news to share with you all!!! I found a story!!!

It was a miracle! I was going through my emails from some months ago and I discovered one of my stories from my old computer just lurking there. It wasn't my NaNo story (unfortunately) but it was one of my favorites, one that I started working on last Christmas and then lost.

I started going through and reading it and I realized I have a lot to work with. I have to get rid of a few of the characters and maybe a griffin, and I have a lot of pulling and editing to do, but I think its gonna be okay. But I'm going into this book well armed and prepared, for in the editing process, anything could happen.
I hope I can write this story for real, I actually found myself smiling while reading it. I've never smiled while reading my own story. I need you all to wish me luck and pray that I don't lost my inspiration with this. Cause there is a lot of good in it and I don't want to let these characters down. Its one of the first times I actually feel like my characters mean something.

I've been a giddy, happy mood all day. Mostly because yesterday was St. Nicolas Day which is one of my favorite days in December, right there with the other 29. There is a tradition we have in our house, where the night before December 6th, everyone puts out their shoes for St. Nicolas, and the next morning you wake and he's left a couple little treats in the, Nothing extravagant, just some chocolate and maybe a small trinket of some kind. But its fun, and it starts the day of with a Christmas-y feel.

After that, the Christmas music came on, the decorations came out and the Christmas-Stuff began. We put up the tree and played with the lights for a bit, finally managing to make them shine and blink for us, and then we made pizza and had a fun show to go with it. And because this is a Feast Day, I got to have a bit of chocolate.
I love Advent. It is possibly the best four weeks ever invented. Yes, you give up a few things and make a few more sacrifices than usual, but it doesn't feel sad or depressing. You just feel this wild anticipation and hope, this warm joy that the Saviour is on His way and you are here to welcome Him. The penance is worth it when December 25th roles around. Its always worth it. Advent make me feel all inspired and happy with hope for the new year.

I need to try and keep that buzz the other nine months. It isn't always easy.

I've taken to reading Brian Jacques again, because I'm in That sort of mood, and I just finished The Angels Command Part One.

It is one of the best books I've read in a long time, I totally and completely loved it. It was sad yes, but it had its funny and brilliant moments and I really love Ben and Ned, his ever faithful dog. Brian Jacques writes the best characters. *sniffle* they are brilliant books, I would definitely recommend them. But start with The Castaways of the Flying Dutchmen. That comes first :)

Oh and another bit of new. I woke up to snow today. Lots and lots of snow. 

So much snow we almost cancelled the Day-Out we were suppose to have. Then we did cancel it. Then it was back on. Then we cancelled again. And then the clouds went away and we took off after all, in my sister FABULOUS Land Rover. That thing is a beast man. A beast.We had no problems what so ever. We spent the day window shopping, finding a few Christmas gifts and stocking-stuffers, listening to loud Christmas music while driving and having way too much fun escaping home. We even dressed up. Hats and all.We looked amazing. We got a lot of compliments too, one guy even thought we were from Paris.

Emilie de Ravin
I had a lovely day. And now its getting late and all that excitement has my rather tired.  So I have to go.

See ya later losers, I'm going to Neverland!!

No, wait, Neverland is evil.

I'm going to the TARDIS!!!!!

God Bless!

Pile of good things

Pile of good things