Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm just resting and thinking and humming to myself; hmhmhmhmhm

I think Thursday's are my least favorite day of the week. Especially when ones been hungry since after breakfast and can't find anything with which to sustain oneself. I've been walking in and out of the kitchen all day, opening cupboards and peering in shelves then restlessly moving away, only to return and re-open the refrigerator. This is done a few times, as if food will magically appear for you. But finally you let out a resigned sigh as you realize your refrigerator is NOT magical and never will be. So then you mutter to yourself, close the door, chew on your lip and open the nearest cupboard only to find they aren't magical either. Most depressing. So you drift your way outside start hunting for pine nuts. 

I'm very ready for dinner

To distract myself I decided to post my Day-Three-Song-Challenge song. This is a song that makes you happy. I've chosen "Breathless" by Shayne Ward. It is so sweet! :)

I only Hope That I'll one Day deserve What you Give Me
But All I can Do is Try. Every day of my life...

Isn't that the most beautiful song You've ever heard? it makes me feel so happy inside, especially the bit in the middle when he says "I still can't believe that you're mine...." that is the such a brilliant line. :)

Okay, before I toddle off I want to apologize for the shortness of my posts lately. truth is, Nothing much is going on for me. Just school. And who wants to blog about school? And when I'm not doing school I'm acting or writing out scenes for my play. Or sporadically obsessing over random TV shows. And when I'm not doing that I'm having sudden freak out moods due to Fictional Trauma. People ask me what I do all day and I'm like....

Oh you know.... Study. Blog. Pin. Sleep.  The Usual boring stuff. Nothing at all weird.

Little they know right?  
I have so much more fun than all you peasants. I have fandoms

Now I will go. GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You leave me breathless/You're everything good in my life/ You leave me breathless/ I still can't believe that you're mine/ You just walked out of one of my dreams/ So beautiful you're leaving me/ Breathless


  1. LoL Oh I like that song too. School is totally out rated!!! I hope you can post your play on youtube when you get through with it.

  2. I had not heard this song before, but I just listened to it and it is sweet.

  3. Oooh, I thought you meant "breathless" by The Corrs. ;)

  4. I love this song. I love the way he compares life to fairytales, storybooks, and all the great things like that. Good choice! :)

  5. You leeeeave me breeeaaaathlleessssssss......... *cough*

    But yes, thursdays are quite stupid.

    And emotional trauma due to fictional shows is very real.

    And what DO you do all day!?


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