Saturday, July 16, 2016

I found some new things. Now I must share.

Thing One:

I binged on Avatar: The Last Airbender last week.


I'm almost finished with Season Three. And I'm a total fan. I'm not even ashamed.

There are five basic stages to becoming a fan of this show.

Stage One: Hmmm. This is kind of fun. But really dopey too.
Stage Two: Sokka is so funny!!!! And Katar is super cool. And Aang is really cute! And tough! These characters make me very happy. I think I even like Toph!
Stage Three: AAAAAAAAAH. What?? Why the cliffhangers??? I hate villains!! WHO NEEDS SLEEP? Sleep is for the weak!!
Stage Five: WATER. EARTH. FIRE. AIR. *sings along to the theme*

This show is actually quite good. Is it dopey? Yes. Is it silly? Yes. Don't get me wrong. Avatar: TLA is definitely a kids show. It can be really silly and ridiculous. The animation is horrible. But if you are looking for comic relief, goofy story-telling, good characters, and a fun, interesting premises, Avatar is a good show to watch. The episodes are only like, fifteen to twenty minutes long, so it's really easy to binge on them.  Plus, there is some surprisingly good character development that goes on. (Zuuuuukoooooo)

Thing Two:

I'm sure you have all heard about Hamilton by now. It seems like it's the biggest thing since Les Miserables. I've held a lot of prejudice against this musical because A.) It's Rap and B.) It's the Founding Fathers. I have a problem with the Founding Fathers being turned black, especially George Washington. This isn't racism. This is historical fact. They were white. I also have a problem with the Founding Father's singing rap. And dancing to the rap. It seems a little ... disrespectful? However, I finally decided to give it a go. I shouldn't judge something until I know more about it, right? I sat down with a couple of my sisters and listened to the whole thing.

A Rap Musical

I didn't hate it.

But I don't know if I liked it. The music is very catchy. It's easy to sing along to, even the first time around, and after you listen to it once, you have all these lines from different songs that play in your head. The characters were fine. George Washington as a character was fine. I liked a lot of his lines, and how he put Hamilton in his place. He was fairly close to historically accurate, at least as close as you can get with a modern twist and rap involved. The story itself was also fairly accurate... again, as accurate as you can be with rap.

There were some songs I really liked. There were some lines that were pretty cool. For instance, there is one point where Hamilton says "I am just like my country, I'm young scrappy and hungry, and I'm not throwing away my shot!" I like that line a lot. It stuck with me fast.

I don't think I like the rap angle. The rhythm wasn't bad, the lyrics weren't bad, the characters and songs weren't bad. It was a decent sort of musical to listen to and I think if it had been anything but the Founding Father's, I would have been like - "Yaaay, Hamilton!" As it is I'm more like - "Hmmmm. Hamilton." I did enjoy listening to it. If you can get past the rap (which I'm not wild about anyway) the modern language, the mis-representation of the Founding Father's, and the fact that Hamilton is not that great of a person, it is fun. Aside from some awkward duologue/scenes, and language, it's also pretty clean. Sometimes you hear something and you're like "Well, that was inappropriate." But I don't think you actually see anything dirty. Maybe I'll even watch it at some point, but it will be a bit before I try that. I've seen gifs, and I don't like the dancing, or how the actors portray some things. (Did Washington just high-five Hamilton? What? ... What are they doing, the twist? No. Why?? Uh oh. Here's comes the swagger... no. Please.... Uhm, what is with Philip? Perve.) I think I will probably listen to it again, mostly because it's annoying to only know a handful of lyrics; but also because it is very catchy and it makes you want to listen to it more than once. I still maintain it was a bad call to turn historical men black just to show the America dream of everyone being equal. It's like turning Fredrick Douglas white. I don't think blacks would be very happy about that.

Thing Three:

I did find another musical though, and this one I really like. It's called The Light on the Piazza. It's about an Italian boy falling in love with a cute American tourist. It's super sweet. It has a good message about love being difficult but worth fighting for, and how important family is. It shows that everyone has flaws and you should never underestimate people just because they're different. The music is beautiful and the singers are amazing. Oh, and you get to hear Matthew Morrison sing in Italian!! What could be better?

Clara and Fabrizzio

As usual, I listened to the Original Cast first and it is pretty fabulous. Kelly O'hara has a beautiful voice. Her notes makes me happy. When she and Matthew Morrison sing together lovely things happen. They blend so well! Their love is precious. It's simple and innocent, and even though they fall for each other fast it doesn't seem silly. They get to know each other and their relationships develops in a gentle, natural way. I really liked how their love story saved other people's love also. It's like they inspired their families to not give up on marriage and that was a nice touch. And I love that after Clara meets Fabrizio she gets instructed in Catholicism, cause that makes the Catholic in me squeal. The Light on the Piazza is something all musical geeks should listen to it. It's beautiful, clean, classical, it sends a good message.... the only thing wrong with it is that in the first Act there is a kiss that goes a little too far. Like, it could become a scene if someone didn't walk in. Completely unnecessary. But other than that, it is fantastic!!!

Thing Four: 

I'm almost done with the Inkworld trilogy. That series is goooood. 8-D I think my favorite book will probably be Inkspell, but Inkdeath has been really well done too. I'm sort of afraid to finish it. I'm afraid of the ending.


The Last Thing: 

Before I sign off, I have a sort of announcement. My idea of Writers Camp seems to have attracted a lot of people. If I can get at least five other writers to officially sign on with this idea, I'm going to make it happen. It will probably start the first week in August sometime. I'm not sure how long it will last. Maybe a couple weeks? We can be super flexible with time and activities.  Basically, we're just going to take time and explore different writing styles and ideas, share some of our favorite authors and stories, discuss things that no one writes about even though they SHOULD be written about, and share ideas with motivation, the importance of writing, and how to get inspiration. There is plenty of time to juggle ideas, as well as which topics are Very Important and should be covered.

If you think Writers Camp is for you, leave a comment and tell me if you're officially in! Feel free to share this idea with other writers you know. The more the merrier.

Peace out y'all!!! God Bless!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Should Writers Camp be a Thing?

I have some things I want to talk to all ye all about, but since it is sort of late tonight, I decided just to cover an Important Thing right now.  Hopefully I'll do a longer post tomorrow! 8-)
You know how I know I'm a writer? 

We recently watched Goosbumps. I liked it, it was funny, but there was this one bit at the end where the Writer has to write a whole book in on night in order to save the day. At first this didn't seem too preposterous. One night might be a reasonable amount of time.

Then suddenly he had to write the whole book on a typewriter in like, an hour.

Let me remind you. This is a movie about a writer making character so real that they climb out of the book the second it opens. But I wasn't bothered by this idea. I wasn't even bothered by the idea that his daughter (SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!) Was in fact fictional. (END SPOILER!) My big thing was that the Write wrote a whole book in 60 minutes or less. On a typerwriter! And he wasn't typing quickly either. Not possible guys! Not possible!!!

Jess (my cute sister-in-law) was found this incredibly funny. She kept teasing me about it for the rest of the night.

"Monsters on the streets is okay, but a book in an hour isn't?"

This is how I know I am a writer. This is how I know.

However, writing has been hard lately. Really hard. For this reason, I have decided to pitch Writers Camp!

A couple blog posts ago, I mentioned Writers Camp, and a lot of people seemed to be interested. If I were to really do such a camp, what exactly would you all like it to be about? I have started writing up some rules and ideas, but I am open to suggestions. How long should it go on? Who will join? What are some themes we should explore? What are some good things to do? Any thoughts?

Depending on how big this actually gets, I might host the actual Camp on my side blog. It just depends on how much everyone wants to do.

So, writers!; Want to write?

Give me your feedback! If we want to make this a thing, let's make it a THING!!!!! 8-D

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Monday, July 4, 2016

Hippy-Happy Fourth!

Today is the Fourth!!!



This is the first Fourth of July which I am going to be spending away from home.

This was something I didn't really think about. And it's been a kind of weird month. You know those weird months where things aren't and they really should be.

My emotions this week be like; πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜žπŸ˜ πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜’πŸ˜„πŸ˜’πŸ˜–πŸ˜΄πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸ˜–πŸ˜ƒ

I did spend the weekend with my family, which was wonderful.  It was Treskie's birthday on the 2nd, so obviously I couldn't miss that!! We had cake and watched Jurassic World and had a ground old time with the whole gift-giving festivities. (She got lots of lovely things. Like a miniature Il Volo CD necklace. AAAAAAH!) Then, on Sunday a bunch of us went up to a little local beach in town that not many people visit because it takes so long to get deep. Seriously folks. You have to walk out like, a quarter of a mile to get neck deep. What the Freak??? 8-( The other beaches aren't that shallow, but those other beaches were *ehem* crowded.

Because the beach was so shallow, it was a little marshy near the shore. I was sad. We all sat on the sand and stared at the water, wondering if it was worth the walk to swim. Some of us (the ones not feeling slightly sick) decided it was. It took a bit, but finally I and a few of my sisters decided to brave our  way through the mushy water to the thigh-deep water where the water cleared up properly. Once we got to clear water it wasn't bad at all. It was refreshing. It was just a long, long walk to swimming depth. But it was so worth it! The water was beautiful! We stayed out for a good fourty-five minutes or so, playing and swimming and enjoying summer sounds and smells, then we gently coasted back in, slid onto the beach and dried off. We went home and had food and drinks and a musical (MARY POPPINS!!!) To finish off the day, Tiny and I stayed with my Great Friend Jim and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events. That movie is weird. I enjoy it, but it is so freaking weird. I hadn't seen it in years and I was like, "Yeah, this is definitely unfortunate."  (The books were even stranger. I ought to finish them some time.)


If they make a Magician's Nephew they TOTALLY Have to cast Jim Carry as Uncle Andrew!

Enough said.

I am so rambly right now. Lol.

What about the Fourth, you ask?? Well, today I spent the day at B&N with my fabulous sisters. I got a beautiful coloring book/journal and the first season of the Flash because Barry. We swung by Hobby Lobby and got some fun nick-knacks which was lovely. I even got a nice little plaque that has "Friends." with the definition underneath. I love things like that! 8-D Then we had some Fro-Yo and Tiny and I went back towards Jess & Joe's house.

Joe's planning a fabulous BBQ. We're gonna party! Which probably means food and drinks, patriotic music, and then a patriotic movie movie to finish off the day.

We party so hard!

The Fourth of July always makes me really emotional. It is a reminder that America actually has an amazing history, and amazing potential.  I think we should all take this moment to remember America is not a bad country, it just has some bad citizens. America does not have a bad government, it just has bad rulers. America is not a bad place to call home, it just has some very bad people living here.

Remember what America has gone through. Remember our history, our heritage. Remember the soldiers who died so we could be free, the soldiers who still sacrifice everything so we are kept safe. Remember all the wars, the blood and the fight. Remember what America cost, and remember how hard we had to work to earn it. Remember America is not, in itself, evil. It has only had some evil years.

America is a good place to call home. We have made terrible mistakes and choices, that can't be denied. But America, as a country, is not bad. I am proud to be American. I am hurt by how the Rulers are disrespecting her by their ignorance and idiocy.

America is about hope. I don't think America is finished. I think with a little faith, a whole lot of prayer, and a some great perseverance, America could stand tall again. I love America, and I am proud of our heroes who have served her through the years. She is a great country and she deserves so much better.

I found this song today. It is so beautiful. I cried.

She's been through the Fire Before
And I believe She can take a whole lot more.

Isn't that beautiful??? The whole poem really got to me. It reminded me how much I loved my country. Pray for America. We are Once Nation, Under God. So long as that remains we can not fail. Pray for America and remember that you can love the country and hate what the rulers have done.


Never lose your love for our incredible country! You can lose your love for the sovereigns, but never your love for the land.


Dear Beloved God in Heaven Please give us a president that loves this country and everything it stands for. Please give us a president who respects you as the one true God. Please give us a president who will, with your help, restore this nation to its former glory, the way you created her. Please help us to respect what you have given to us and not take anything for granted ever again. Please God weaken the evil and strengthen the good both without and within. May our eyes be opened. We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord, and Also His Holy Mother. We ask this in the Name of Peter, His Faithful Apostle and The First Pope, and in the name of all Christ's loyal followers who have gone before us into heaven, and stand on His right hand side. Amen.


With God, all things are possible.

Happy Fourth, Fellow Americans. Our Country truly is a beautiful thing!!!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Pile of good things

Pile of good things