Monday, October 21, 2013

Happiness is music

Hey guys! This is gonna have to be a really fast post cause I've got a lot of stuff to do tonight and an amazing book to finish. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

A song that I listen to when I am happy.

Long Live

This is my ultimate 'go-to' song when I feel happy and full of life. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling everywhere, especially the bit where it goes "I had the time of my life - With You!!" I love that part so much! It makes me get all choked up and emotional so that I cry and I grin like an idiot 

This is one of my favorite songs ever because it reminds me of friendship. It describes a quest, a journey. And I love that about it. Its not just a song, its a story and that is the best type of music for me. I love songs that tell a story, they are so beautiful and wonderful and full of character. they make me want to write. Which is upsetting because at the moment I have such a case of writers block that I've basically built myself into a fenced field. The kind with barbwire. I'm a wee bit frustrated with myself and my writing. I keep telling myself I'm done, WALK AWAY. But  I can't seem to let this one story go. It needs to be finished or I'll go nuts. I tell people I'm not an author, and I'm not. I'm an eccentric writer who thinks she can leave a story unattended and not be haunted by it. HAHA. yeah. That's not happening. Your character will never give you peace again. Ever. 

On a happier note, I've finally finished the second season of Once Upon a Time and have started the third. I'm on a bit of a fangirl buzz and have decided that when I have the time and stamina I'm going to do a review. But for now I'm just going to say that Neal Cassity is AMAZING!

This guy is awesome. I love him to bits and pieces, he is just so down to earth and honest. He's got a lot of character and charm and a really interesting back story. We need more of him.Lots more. *WRITERS!!*

That's all for now folks! Tune in next time to learn what I listen to when Sad! It should be epic *grin*

God Bless!


  1. I love that song so much. I started listening to it while I was writing the Haphazard books, and it kind of became my theme song for them. It makes me happy and sad at the same time, and mixed emotions are the best kind to have while writing.

    Once Upon A Time is next up after I finish Supernatural, which should be soon. I don't know if I will like season one much, but the next ones look SOOO good! I can't wait to get to those. lIke the Peter Pan ones and the Alice in Wonderland ones.

    1. long live is the bestest song isn't it :)

      Season 1 is pretty good but Season 2 is definitely better, characters, plots, story archs- they're just better. Plus we have a lot of Rumpelstiltskin and Belle. I love that. Ermmmmm... about Peter Pan... he's not who you think. He's just... not. I'm not sure what you mean by the Alice In Wonderland ones, but I'm hoping you mean Jefferson. Cause he is amazing and we need more of him.

      Where are you on Supernatural?




  3. Yeah, that might be my favorite Taylor Swift song. It's awesome. And it usually makes me cry.
    Don't give up on your writing. You have a flare for storytelling and you should keep at it. :) Even if you *are* having writers block. Maybe try doing a different story for a while. That helps me sometimes.

    I really want to watch OUAT. And I will. Once I get caught up on some other TV shows. :)

    1. it makes me cry too :')

      You should definitely watch OUAT, its amazing! Think about it. Supernatural - 8 seasons. Psych - Seven seasons. OUAT - two seasons. Need I say more?

  4. That's what one of your sisters said when she posted a One Direction song on her site : ) The people in my gifs are Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes from the Vampire Diaries. They're both vampires in a very tortuous love relationship, but they're sooo romantic! It's for Halloween, but the layout itself looks to springy, so I might get a different one.

  5. Oh and I loved the ending of season 3 of Merlin! Arthur <3 Gwen, Gwaine, the beginning of the round table, Gwaine, ordinary men becoming knights, Gwaine, and then Morgana's screams at the end when her sister was killed was just chilling! Great great season! I just wish there was more Lancelot...Oh, the guy who plays Percival looks (I kid you not) just like my younger brother! I mean, it's scary how much they look a like.


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