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Civil War Blog Catastro-party Day Seven

I got this in just under the wire didn't I?

DAY SEVEN: Review the movie! 

So, the last two days of my Blog Party crashed and burned.

I feel so sad! I had a fan video for Iron Man that I was going to post on Day Six but that didn't quite go as planned. I seriously hated how the video was turning out so I decided not to post it.

Then I tried to write a review. And I had a long, in depth post written out which was very detailed.

Like, it had character analysis and everything!

Then, unfortunately, I confused delete with publish and well....

No more review.

I decided this was actually an okay thing. Instead of doing a giant, serious review I think I'm just going to lay out all my favorite scenes, everything I loved, and what made me the most emotional.

For Instance...

Le Tony being a freaking broken mess and needing a hug, and maybe a health check-up. Yes? Tony?

My left arm's gone numb, is that normal?"

That scene with Bucky and the Helicopter and Steve.



Whatever you say about Civil War, that scene was gold.

Steve being a sad potato.

Bucky trying so hard to be good, and basically being one of the saddest character in the MCU.

Steve Rodgers being the most protective best friend on earth.


Yas Steve! Protect Bucky!!

Tony trying to keep everyone safe.

Tony wanting his makeshift family to stay together.

Tony being a sad potato.


 Daaaaang Steve. I love it when you throw yourself in front of Bucky like a big brother bear!!!

Bucky and Steve FTW!


Bucky is so cool. 8-D

When Bucky bought plums.

That scene was so precious. There was something very sweet about Bucky buying plums and talking in Romanian and just existing in general.

And he is all "Thank you," and smiling and stuff.

Pluuuuuuuuums!!!  (On a side note, I loved this scene, but Bucky Fans have to stop analyzing everything to death. It was cute. He bought plums. He was hungry. We don't need to get all weird and in-depth.)

Sam and Bucky being actual bros.

Steve and Bucky being actual bros.

When Tony showed up at the end, and he and Steve tried to be bros again.

Bros, bros, BROS!!!!!

Spidey being a total fanboy.

"I'm Spiderman."

Just Spidey's scenes in general. I'd actually watch a new Spidey movie because Tom Holland did such a good job with that character. He was sweet like Tobey Maguire, but he was also super smart and geeky and actually little. He was so great!

When Tony went to help Steve even though they disagreed, because Steve was his friend.

"Cap is definitely off the reservation, but he's about to need as much help as he can get."

When Steve kissed Sharon, and Sam and Bucky were the approving brothers.

I totally called it. I called it. I shipped Steve and Sharon since 'Captain.' 'Neighbor.' So, yay me!

When Ant-Man was recruited for Team Cap.

Ant-Man being a total fanboy.

"If I tear myself in half, don't come back for me." - "He's going to tear himself in half?"

"You have a metal arm? Dude, that's awesome!"

Spidey 8-)

Natasha helping Steve even though she's Team Iron Man.

Peggy's funeral. That thing hurt bad.

"We could really use a Hulk about now. Any chance?" - And Natasha being all sad and like, "No. Do you really think he'd be on our side?"

Bucky Barnes in red. Yaaaaaas.


I knew it was coming the second I saw "December 1991" at the beginning of the movie. But still! HOWARD!  (Why didn't they use Dominic Cooper??? I don't like the old guy!)

When Tony and Sam both dove for Rhodey but he crashed anyway.  *Ooooooouch.*

When Bucky tried to punch his way out of the horrible glass cage because Trigger. Words.

When Zemo triggered Bucky.

Rhodey being paralyzed and Tony helping him limp around. Such bros. <3

Also, Stan Lee's Cameo.

I really loved that Rhodey got Tony to laugh when Tony was obviously so upset.

That whole freaking last battle where Tony and Steve practically killed each other!!!!  (This was especially horrible because Tony and Steve were ready to call a truce, and actually working together, but then Zemo showed Howard and Maria's death, and things got seriously out of hand.)


"He killed my Mom."

"Do you even remember them?" "I remember all of them."

"He's my friend." - "So was I."

That letter at the end where Steve apologizes.

When Steve goes to break #TeamCap out of prison, and Tony turns a blind eye. (Cause deep down they were still bros. Broken Bros that need healing, but bros all the same.)

When Bucky chose to go back into Cryo!!!! (WE NEED TO FIX BUCKY GUYS.)

Bucky is such a sad potato.

This was such a good freaking movie!!!!

My advice to all of you?? 

GO SEE IT! Even if you already have, just go see it again! It's even better the second time!!! The conflict is intense, the sides are very evenly balanced and justified, the scenes are tight and clear, the plot is excellent, and the characters are amazing! It is a serious movie, but it is balanced with comedy and lighter scenes, and it is just really fantastic.


This is the end. This was tons of fun, and I hope the rest of you had as much of a blast as I did. Thank you to everyone who took part in my blog party! And I'm sorry I was so late finishing.  

*Swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Friday, May 20, 2016

Civil War Blog Catastro-Party - Day Five

I am so sorry my days aren't actually lining up. I had to help my brother finish moving out of his apartment, and blogging was put on the back burner. *sad face*

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys! I did say this Party would officially last till the end of May ... so if there are still people wanting to join, feel free!! You can even sneak into June if you ask very nicely 8-)

Day Five: FREE DAY!!!

Today I get to post about anything Civil War related that I want.

I decided to post to post a little bit about Tony Stark and his relationship with Steve.

Tony and Steve are basically polar opposites. Where Steve is humble and sincere, Tony is prideful and slap-dash. Where Steve tries to be open and honest with people, Tony aggressively hides all his true feelings under sarcasm and jokes. Where Steve takes things from a moral standpoint, Tony takes things at the necessity standpoint. Where Steve is old-fashion, Tony is all about improvement and change.

In fact, the only things that Tony and Steve actually agree on are:

A.) Saving and protecting people is extremely important

B.) You have to do the right thing, even when it's hard.

Even so, the characters have very different ways of going about these things.

Tony's protection is all about keeping chaos out and order in. He often confuses protection with restraint. He doesn't like people getting hurt, so he gets paranoid and over-reacts. I think if he had to he would lock people up to keep them safe, especially if he thought that was the only way to keep them safe. He will often jump to a course of action without thinking, and then regret it later. He wants to save people so badly. He wants to keep all the bad out of the world. No more death, no more war, just safety and harmony. I honestly think Tony tries too hard to protect everyone from everything.

"I see a suit of armor around the world."

Steve's protection is a little different from Tony's. Steve classifies safety and protection with freedom and loyalty. He fights so that people can be free from chains. He fights for the rights of civilians, he fights for justice and the right to choose your own fate. Where Tony sees armor, Steve sees prison bars, and I think that is their biggest difference. Steve faces everything on a very emotional, almost Christian level. (This would make sense, since we all know he at least believes in God.) His idea of safety isn't about law and restriction, it isn't even about gun power. It's about being that one voice that says "No," until hundreds of others join with you. Safety is about people feeling free and happy, safety is about knowing you have control. Steve wants to save people as much as Tony does, but Steve is more of a soldier then a saviour. He will protect people from harm, but he isn't going to violate their decisions, their beliefs, or their freedom. Where Steve pulls someone from the water, Tony would go one step father and buy a life jacket for that person to wear as long as needed. Where Steve would pull civilians from a town full of explosives, Tony would try and make them all leave for good.

"This isn't freedom. This is fear."

From the beginning, Tony and Steve didn't get along. Tony saw a man that was way too good to be true. Steve saw a man who didn't care about anything but fame. The two clashed instantly. They didn't like each other. If you've ever been around someone that is just so good it seems fake, then you have an idea of what Tony saw in Steve right at first. And if you've ever been stuck in a room with a man who thinks he is the bees knees, you know what Steve thought Tony was too. It was like trying to force day and night to co-exist when they only thing they have in common is a ball of light that hangs in their sky. Even the source of the light differs from one to the next!

I like how Tony and Steve have progressed. It took them some time, but they both realized that first impressions aren't always right impressions. Tony saw Steve take a risk and dig into SHIELD to confirm if Fury was really being upfront. He saw that Steve wasn't just a soldier blindly following orders, but a leader and a warrior, ready to color outside the lines if needed. That spark of rebellion was what made Tony see Steve in a different sort of light. He started to see the good man inside the perfect model, a man that kept getting more and more clear during the battle of New York. In like manner, the impact Colson's death had on Tony also changed what Steve thought of him too, as did his stunt with the nuclear warhead and the wormhole in space. He realized how brave Tony really was. He saw he had been wrong. Tony proved he was ready to die to save everyone. - "Big man in a suit of armor, take that away and what are you?..." - A hero. He was still a hero. Both Tony and Steve saw that at the end of the day they wanted the same thing; to protect people from harm. I think it was that battle in New York that gave them the bond that would grow as they continued to work together. The fought side by side in a battle for humanity. They had each other's backs, they put their lives on the line together, and in so doing, they gained a certain respect and admiration for each other.

"There are really only two relationship's in Tony's life in which he is willing to assume a lower status. One's with Pepper, obviously, equal footing, and the other is with Cap." - Robert Downey Jr.

I love how Marvel has built and built on Steve and Tony's friendship. In Age of Ultron, Tony's reason for creating Ultron to keep the world safe was because he saw a vision of all the avengers, his FRIENDS, dead. Dead because of him. And who is just conscious enough to ask why he didn't do more? Steve.

The Avengers died... and it was his fault. Steve died, and it was his fault. The world burned, and Captain America blamed him. The vision as a whole had a huge impact on Tony, but I think the fact that Steve was the one still awake, Steve was the one he had to watch die, says a lot about the impact Captain Rogers had had on his life. I mean, Steve is a war hero and a soldier. He is also a man willing to die to save Tony. That makes him a little like Yinsen. A lot of his traits are like Yinsen's too, now that I think about it....

Obviously Steve's opinion matters a lot to Tony, probably a lot more than Steve realizes. It's amazing that someone he was so against in The Avengers, is now someone he can't bear to lose. Steve has come to mean so much to him, that the idea of dissapointing him, of losing him, breaks him. It is a funny thing that two people who were so staunchly opposite, are now more like two sides of the same coin.

I don't want you gone.

The beauty of Tony and Steve's friendship is that it shouldn't work but it does. It also is a interesting fact that they were both very alone, yet somehow brought together through the Avengers and the need to keep people safe. The Avengers was a kind of safe haven for both of them. Steve, who was thrown into a new world he barely understood, finally had a reason for being alive, he suddenly had purpose. Tony, who had spent so much of his life alone, suddenly had people who would have his back and fight with him, and both of them needed the Avengers so badly.

I cannot express how important this brother story is. Tony, the modernist, the  man constantly pushing for the next big change, for improvement and evolution. Steve, who holds on to the old world, the old values, who thinks tradition has a very important place in society. Two men who have such clashing views, who gradually come to see each other's values and the heart behind the suit. They are so different and so similar. They are both reckless, they both hold themselves accountable for every accident that happens on their watch. They both want to help make the world a better place. They want to save people. They care so much, and they fight so hard. They will give up everything for the ones they love.

"For as long as I can remember I just wanted to do what was right."

"I just finally know what I have to do. And I know, in my heart ,that it's right."

This brings me to the issue of family, and what it means in Tony's life.

As far as I can tell, Tony is in fact, very lonely. As Yinsen said in the first Iron Man, "You are a man with everything and nothing." At the start he had no family and very few friends. He also appears to have trust issues and a serious problem opening up to people.


Let's do a quick study on Tony's relationships so far.

First, there were his parents. Tony obviously loved his Mom, but he and his Dad were not close, to say the least. He describes Howard as "Cold and distant," and apparently, Howard never even said "I love you." (I wish Marvel would explain what happened to Howard, cause that doesn't sound like the Howard that Steve knew...) He lost both parents in a devastating car accident, leaving him with a suitcase full of regret, especially because he hadn't reconciled with his dad.

After this, there were three people Tony relied on. Rhodey, Pepper and Obediah.

Obediah had him captured and tortured, and later betrayed him again. He almost got Pepper killed, and he darn near almost killed Tony as well. He lied and used Tony for years. He was his father-figure and he turned on him. He said that he hated Tony, Tony was a burden, Tony was worthless. Tony was forced to kill him.

Then we have Pepper. Pepper, who he loves more than anything else. Pepper, who has stuck with him through the thick and the thin, but now apparently is gone? They are taking a break?? WHAT? What happened??

Rhodey has been there for Tony, even when Tony didn't really deserve it. He did have a few times where he had to go behind Tony's back to do what he thought was right, like in the second Iron Man, but in the end he always ends up on his friend's side.

Finally, we have the Avengers. Tony has never had so many friends, and they were more than just friends. They were his family. He trusted all of them with his life, he built a home around them, he became the big brother they all needed. All he wanted to do was keep everyone safe, keep his family safe.  He feels responsible for them because he is the reason they are even a thing. That's why he was so desperate to keep the Avengers together in Civil War. He didn't want to lose his family, and he definitely didn't want to put his friendship with Steve at risk. They were the building blocks of the Avengers team, the brains and the glue. Without Steve the whole thing threatened to collapse.

"Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth. But I don't want you gone. We need you, Cap."

Tony wanted to fix the problem. Throughout CACW, he tried to call a truce several times, tried to get Cap to back down, tried to keep him and his friends out of prison. He seemed willing to compromise if Steve would just talk with him. And when Tony saw that he was wrong about Bucky, he sneaks out to help Steve and try, once again, to mend fences. He comes as a friend, waving a white flag.

Tony was even willing to give Bucky a chance... until he sees the horrific footage of the Winter Soldier brutally murdering his parents.

All this time Tony has thought Howard and Maria died in an accident. It is clear he has regret and grief over it, it is continually brought up through all the Iron Man films, and some of the Avenger films. Now he sees that it wasn't an accident. They were murdered. There was a reason Tony had lost them, and that reason was the Winter Soldier, standing just a few feet away. Further more, Steve had known and never said anything! All the grief, the rage, the regret, the pain, it just came blowing up inside of him. Imagine if you saw your parents killed by your friend's old war buddy?? I dare you to keep a cool head after you see your father's face bashed in and your mother choked where she sat! Tony lost control, he got emotional and he went after the target.

Steve was desperate to protect Bucky. He gets in Tony's way, and the two of them have a giant fight. They were both very emotionally vulnerable. Steve had only just got Bucky back. For him it was only a few years since Bucky and the train, and his grief, his pain, and his fear of losing his friend again, was still open and raw. Tony had just seen his parents killed in a horrible way, and his own grief and pain emerged with a vengeance. He had never really faced it, and now it suffocated him. He lashes out.

"He's my friend!"
"So Was I."

This line makes me so sad. The trailer made it look like Tony was hurt and he still wanted Steve for a friend, but Steve had turned his back on him. In reality, "So Was I" was like Tony cutting Steve off. It was a harsh past tense; "We were friends, and you stabbed me in the back!" It was harsh and vulnerable and full of anger. It wasn't regret, it wasn't Tony wanting to mend fences and Steve was too stubborn. It was Tony breaking the ties between them. It was so depressing!!! Steve Rogers, the man Tony had slowly opened up to and grown close to, the man who has put such a huge emphasis on honesty and sharing information with your friends, had lied to him. Tony felt horribly betrayed.

They fight, and the more Steve tries to stop Tony, the angrier and more hurt Tony gets. He tells Steve to stand down... but of course, he doesn't.

The fight escalates until Steve has the upper-hand and literally beats Tony into the ground,  then drives his shield in Tony's arc reactor, immobilizing him.  Steve then helps Bucky to his feet. As he turns to leave, Tony yells at him that he doesn't deserve his shield... and Steve drops it.  He carries Bucky away from danger, leaving Tony alone.

Once the dust settled, I think both Steve and Tony realized they had gone too far. Steve sends Tony and apology letter, and tells him if ever needs anything, Steve will be there for him. It doesn't fix everything, and it doesn't change that Tony still feels very hurt and betrayed, but I think it went a long way to helping Tony feel a little less lost. It was step one of building back what they had lost. It left the door open for healing and starting over, and I completely trust Marvel to fix them. They both care for each other very much. Neither of them actually wanted to fight. Both regret what happened. They are brothers, if rather broken, betrayed brothers, and I truly believe they can come back from this. Deep down, they are still friends, and that will never change. If Steve needed help, Tony would be there in an instance and vise versa. They were both idiots. They were both stupid. They were both right and wrong, and they both did things they shouldn't have.

They're friends who ended up on opposites sides of the war.

Ultimately they want the same thing. They just have very different ways of going about it.

I think Tony and Steve have a complicated and amazing relationship. I think they will eventually recover from what happened, and their friendship will emerge even stronger than before. They are meant to fight side by side, and in the end they will always end up together.

Steve and Tony are precious human being's that deserve all the happiness in the world. Pass it on.

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


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Civil War Blog Catastro-Party - I know I'm late.

My best friend had her birthday this weekend, so I went to her house and we had a sleep-over with chocolate and tea. I had no time to blog, we were having too much fun. I think that is a reasonable excuse.

DAY FOUR: Today I am supposed to pick a character from the opposing team and discuss or defend him.

Okay. I was really, really tempted to rant about Bucky for twenty minutes straight, but I decided against that, since it will turn into a "BUCKY AND STEVE" post.

I decided to discuss Steve Rogers. This was his movie and I figure it's high time I let everyone know how much I love and respect this character.

Unlike most fans, I have loved Steve since Captain America: The First Avenger. Cap didn't have that big of a fan-base in the beginning. He had fans, sure, but a lot of people just thought he was boring and too good. They preferred Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, even Loki, over Steve. I was on this tiny island with a small group of supporters, waving my flag  like, "Yaaaaaaay, Steve!"

Of course, after Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out, Cap's popularity spiked drastically, and I am sure it was because of Bucky. I watched a ton of fans suddenly fall in love with him, and I sat in my corner like, "I was here way before all you all!"

There are still plenty of people who don't like Cap, and it makes me really sad. I love everything about Steve. I love that he was the adorable scrawny kid who wanted to fight for his country. I loved that he stood up for the little guy. I love that he always tries to do the right thing, even when its hard. I love that he is a decent guy with good morals and a good heart. I love that he believes in God.

"You just don't know when to give up do you?"

I love how adorable and awkward Steve is. Even though he is this big, well-known superhero, a massive part of him is still just that kid from Brooklyn who never really knew what he was doing. He is nervous and babbly around girls. He is goofy and unsure, even around his friends. He doesn't always know what to say or how to say it, and I don't think he even knows how he got to be 'Captain America,' The world's greatest hero. He basically just ran around blowing stuff up and getting these crazy ideas, hoping they would work. The biggest reason he succeeded at everything he did was because he was so young and reckless.... he didn't think before he acted, he was just like, "This dangerous thing, let's do it!!" (I actually think this is the main reason we won WWII. There was bunch of young American boys acting crazy and taking stupid risks.)

Steve is really stubborn, which is as much something I love about him as it is something I hate about him. He has serious trouble changing his opinion, and he sticks to his beliefs no matter what people say. This can either be a really good thing, or a really bad thing. The problem is, he doesn't leave much room for compromise. Once he sets his mind to a thing, he doesn't easily back down. This means he stands his ground when you need it the most... and sometimes he won't back down, even when he should.

"For as long as I can remember I just wanted to do what was right."

Steve comes at everything from a moral stand point which is something I greatly appreciate. Where Tony usually has to work to the moral high ground, Steve starts there. Where Tony is always growing to be the best person, Steve starts at the best he can be. He was a WWII soldier, which is not only amazing, but it also means he is a fighter through and through. He is incredibly brave, strong and determined. He is the protector, and he never hesitates to put his life on the line for others. Despite the fact that he is famous and often showered with praise, Steve is humble, honest, gentle and grounded.

The only thing that is slightly bothering about Steve, is that he is so adamant about following laws and orders, but when it comes to him and what he thinks is right, he will actively step outside the law to do his thing. For example, in the Avengers Tony is hacking into SHIELD's files because he doesn't trust them and he wants to be sure they're being upfront. Steve kind of berates Tony, telling him that they have orders and should follow them, but literally fifteen minutes later he is sneaking around the SHIELD base, investigating. He is literally doing the exact same thing he just finished telling Tony not to do.

Now, most of the time this side of Steve comes out when Bucky is brought into the equation. Whenever his best friend is hurt or in danger, all of Steve's perspective and cool-headed leadership flies out the window. In the Captain America: The First Avenger, he sneaks into a highly secure HYDRA base (against all orders and conversation to do otherwise) and punches his way through security to save his best friend. Sure, he saves a couple hundred other POW's in the process, but his whole reason for flying behind enemy lines and putting himself in terrible danger was because Bucky Barnes was in trouble. At the end of the movie, after Steve thinks Bucky is dead, his temper fires up again. He is ready to take down every HYDRA soldier himself if needed, and he doesn't plan to stop until they are all either dead or captured. His normal, steady self is completely lost because HYDRA hurt Bucky, HYDRA killed Bucky, therefore HYDRA must die.


In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve is forced to work outside the law because let's face it, SHIELD was being retarded. Planes in the sky pinning down thousands of targets, set to kill? Really? Yeah, Steve. Stand up to those people!! I totally agreed with him on trying to stop all that from happening! However, once Steve realized Bucky was the Winter Soldier, he lost it. He was like, "Okay, SHIELD goes down, everything goes down, I am going to kill EVERYONE. You hurt my Bucky, no one gets to do that!!"

Once again with Bucky. I love Steve in that movie, I agree with Steve, I totally would have been there helping him every step of the way. But no one can argue that he was rather insane after he found out what happened to Bucky.

"Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky."

This brings me to Captain America: Civil War.  I honestly think that if Bucky had not been involved, Steve would have been far more willing to compromise and sign the accords. He wouldn't have liked it, he wouldn't have agreed with it, but I think he would have seen why it was necessary. His reluctance was understandable. No one wants the government telling them who they can and can't save.... especially when you are a superhero and you know you are capable of helping tons of people. It wasn't just that though. Steve didn't want to give up Bucky. If he signed the accords, the government got to decide what happened to his best friend and he couldn't let that happen. When Tony assured him Bucky would get medical and mental help instead of Prison time, Steve almost signed. Then he found out Wanda was already on house arrest because she was 'dangerous' and he flipped out again, like, "No, not Wanda!... That's it! I WILL NOT LET BUCKY BE LOCKED UP."

Steve was way more violent in Civil War. He was quicker to hit and blow things up, quicker to kill, quicker to break the law and put himself in danger. I think if Bucky had had a say in all of this before Steve landed them in a huge bowl of trouble, he might have actually landed on Tony's side. Bucky knows he is dangerous - he was in hiding because of it. At the end of the movie he even went back into Cryo willingly because he couldn't trust himself. So I think he would have agreed to a mental hospital and getting help if Steve had bothered to explain Tony's plan to him instead of dragging him out of every danger like a protective brother bear. (I love that they're bros! It makes me happy!! But Steeeeeeeve. Stahp.) This is why I was slightly more with Tony. He was a bit less wild. He was trying to keep everyone safe, and he tried (Repeatedly) to call a truce and stop the fight. It was Steve who wouldn't back down.

This in itself is actually a good quality as well. For Steve, friendship is obviously the most important thing, and that is incredible, I love that. I just think he went a bit too far.

Steve has all the qualities you would want in a friend, as well as a man. He is the sort of man I can see myself going out with. I think he is a good role model for all young men right now, especially boys entering their teen years. He can be a great influence in our society, just as Peggy can be a great influence on girls all over the world. (I might go into more detail with this in a later post. Peggy is so important.) I think it's really important that these sorts of characters exist, characters who are so good, and so decent.... it shows that there is more to life than just shallow opinions. You have to find something you are willing to die for and live for it every single stupid day. Morality is important. God is everything. A good heart in a horrible world isn't something to be ashamed of. These are all things that people need to be reminded of, and I think Steve is one of the best reminders so far. He makes mistakes, and he can be an idiot, but he is always doing what he believes to be right, and as far as his moral compass goes, he is definitely on the right path. I hope that people will see his movies and find the courage to be like him. It would do society a world of good.

Steve Rogers.

Do you adore Steve as much as I do?

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Civil War Blog Catastro-Party - Day Four - Postponed.

I'm going to do my next Blog Party post tomorrow. My best friend had her birthday this weekend, so I went to her house and we had a sleep-over with chocolate and tea. I had no time to blog, we were having too much fun. I think that is a reasonable excuse.

I'll be back tomorrow!!! There is a reason I gave myself all of May to finish. 8-)

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Civil War Blog Catastro-Party - Day Three

Day Three: Pick One supporting character from your team and talk about him.

"How was the Fun-V?"
James Rhodes // (Rhodey)

*Warning: This might turn into a "CW STIRRED UP ALL MY TONY & RHODEY FEELS"  fangirl post.

Why did I choose this particular character? Well, I've always liked Rhodey, especially when it comes to his relationship with Tony. But it has come to my attention that Rhodey get's Rhodey-hate and/or Rhodey-dislike

GUYS. Why??? What exactly is wrong with this character??

Rhodey is faithful, honest, gentle and calm. He's the sort of guy you would feel safe around, the sort that would be easy to befriend. He's a military man, which in itself is super freaking cool. He doesn't hesitate to put his life on the line to help his friends, and he is ready to defend what is right at all costs. He actually reminds me a lot of Sam (aka, The Falcon.) He has the strength of character and the ability to survive just about anything. He is basically the flip of Tony. Where Tony is spurratic, Rhodey is collected. Where Tony is irrational, Rhode is reasonable. He is a soldier, a fighter, and a friend. I like how he has progressed over the films, and I honestly wish we'd get a little more of him and his relationship with Tony than we have so far. 

I feel that we owe Rhodey a lot, because he was the only person besides Pepper who loved Tony when Tony wasn't very loveable. He was Tony's friend before Tony had his great character arc, back when he was still a playboy, a prig, and a huge brat. He was there for Tony, he believed in him, and he saw the best in him, even when Tony gave him every reason not to. He's always seen the good man behind the mask of arrogance, the potential and the heart behind all that attitude. He saw all of Tony. Not just his persona and fame, but all of him.

"You can be more, and you just don't see it." -James Rhode, IM1

I've always wondered how long Tony and Rhodey knew each other. I know they must have met at least a few years before the first Iron Man took place. I wonder if he stepped in after Howard's death, maybe as Tony's personal body guard? Whatever the length, it is clear at the start of Iron Man 1, that Tony and Rhodey are very close. Rhodey is very protective of Tony. He looks out for him and he takes a lot of heat for Tony's mistakes. He is constantly lying for him, covering for him and basically being a barrier between the law and Tony's disregard for the law. 

He is obviously comfortable around Tony. He isn't afraid to stand up to him and call him out on his bad behaviour. Of course most of the time Tony doesn't seem to care, but I think Rhodey is one of the few people whose opinion actually matters to him. He knows that at the end of the day, Rhodey has his back, so he takes the criticism lightly, knowing Rhodey isn't going anywhere. At the beginning, he sort of takes it for granted that Rhodey is always going to be there for him.

I know some fans seem to think Rhodey disregards a lot of Tony's problems and he is 'too hard' on him. They also think he takes orders over friendship. Well... I respectfully disagree.


In the first Iron Man, Rhodey spends months looking for Tony after his capture. For all he knew his best friend was dead, but he never gave up on him. Did he think Tony was crazy for shutting down the weapons manufacturing? Yes, but everyone did! That was the biggest way Tony made his money, and a ton of people relied on his weapons, including the American Government. That being said, he didn't fight Tony on the issue. He let it slide, he told Tony to rest. He probably thought he had severe trauma and needed time to see things in a better light. Once Tony chose that path, however, he didn't make him feel stupid for it. Instead he calmly tried to keep an eye on Tony and make sure he didn't do anything stupid, like flying into a hot-zone and almost getting killed. In the end, he even supported him in his decision.

For the majority of the second Iron Man, Rhodey is standing up for Tony, sticking his neck out for Tony, and defending Tony. He is also genuinely worried about his condition with the arc reactor, and he tells Tony he doesn't have to fight this all alone. He doesn't have to go up against the bad guys alone, he doesn't need to deal with the fact that he's dying alone, he doesn't need to struggle with all this crap alone. Rhodey lets Tony know he is there for him, and he can come to him. Of course, Tony brushes him off... he always does. He also brushes of Rhodey's warning that the government wants to take all his suits, and if he doesn't do something to prove himself they are going to do just that. Then, not much later, Rhodey witnesses a very drunk Tony Stark making an oaf of himself, and he gets angry. They fight, Tony acts like an immature idiot, and Rhodey takes one of his suits. He delivers it to his superior officers.

Was he wrong? I think so, yeah. But he was under a lot of pressure to stop the crazy killer who was running around with Stark's technology, and the guy he had been defending had just shown him he was in no position to act like a responsible adult. You have to think of Rhodey's position. Tony was acting out a lot in that movie. He was dying and that meant he was taking stupid risks, doing stupid things, and being even more of a twerp than usual. He wouldn't listen to his friend and he wouldn't give him any concrete way to keep him out of trouble. Rhodey delivered one suit because otherwise the government was going to crash in and take all of them, and he didn't want that. He did what he had to do, not what he wanted to do. You can tell he doesn't like the situation, he is mad at himself, he's mad at Tony, and he is just done with everything. At the end of the movie, when Rhodey's suit is hacked and he is set on Tony, he spends the entire time warning him and trying to keep him safe. Once he gets control back, you can tell he is really sorry for what he's done, and he teams up with Tony to take down the weirdo killer.

In the third Iron Man it is clear he's worried about Tony and the fact he hasn't been sleeping. Tony won't address the situation, but you can tell Rhodey knows something is very wrong. He spends that whole movie feeding Stark Intel he isn't supposed to have, covering for him, and just being there for him. Also, there is his dopey smile when he realizes Tony is alive....

In fact the only time Rhodey actually gets mad at Tony, is if Tony is putting himself in danger, or if he is being so much less than he can be. Rhodey keeps Tony in line, but not in a bad way. I honestly think Tony needs that sort of person in his life, the kind that will stick with him through thick and thin, but is willing to put him in his place and knock sense into him when needed.

I'm not sure why Rhodey would get hate. He is numbered among the avengers now. He has done his fair share of protecting and serving. He is kind, generous, and honestly one of the best people you could meet. He's a very loyal and strong character. He takes things in stride, he does the right thing, he pulls all sorts of strings to help his friends, and he is an incredible brave person. I wish we had more of him.

Rhodey was the first friend Tony ever had. He was there when his parents died, when Jarvis died. He was found him when terrorists captured him, and he brought him home. He doesn't care that Tony pokes fun at him and calls him names. He laughs at his dumb jokes, even at a Senate committee hearing.

Rhodey’s was there when Obediah betrayed Tony. He was there for him when he thought he was dying. There for him after Ultron. He stood beside him, through all his dumb mistakes, all his stupid plans, because he cares so much about his friend, and he just wants him safe, and happy... And you can bet he was there through the Pepper break-up. He is sure as heck still there after it! He has always had Tony's back, and he always will!!


Seriously, Rhodey is always there, for Tony, for Pepper, for everyone!

I think Civil War hit me hard with Rhodey feels, cause I realized he is precious and needs protecting...


That's all.

So. What do you think?

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Civil War Blog Catastro-Party Day Two!

Day Two: TAG!!!!  (Use the Tag for your team. It can be found HERE.)

When it comes right down to it, I am still #Teambros. So I am doing both tags because why not? It's my freaking Blog Party.

Team Iron Man:

1. What is your favorite Iron Man movie?

My favorite Iron Man movie is the first one. I love his character arc in that one. He's all sad and desperate to redeem himself... it make me sad for him. 

Little Twerp.

That being said, I really liked the third one too. I liked how it proved (once again) that Tony doesn't need his suits or technology to be a genius, and his electronics aren't what make him a hero. He is just as heroic, in fact even more so, without them. I also really liked how Tony was struggling with anxiety, guilt and fear in that one - again, with a solid character arc. He has a character arc in every movie! People wonder why I love this Avenger so much?? CAUSE HE IS ALWAYS GROWING AND GETTING BETTER.

2. When did you decide you loved Iron Man?

That bit in the first Iron Man movie when he is captured by the bad guys, and they tell he has to make a missile, and he says "I refuse." And he doesn't give in, even after they torture him!

3. Do you tend to agree with Iron Man's thinking/logic?

No. Tony always has the best intentions and I applaud him for that. He just wants to help people and keep everyone safe. But his thinking is often flawed. It makes me really nervous, to be honest. 

Tony Stark.

The thing is, Tony always tries to do the right thing. It just blows up in his face a lot.

4.) What is one thing about Tony that drives you insane?

His stupidity. Tony is a "My Way, No High Way," sort of guy. Even if something is dangerous and stupid, Tony is all, "I have to do this!" He is an idiot. In real life all his joking around to cover up pain would seriously drive me crazy, just because I would want to help him and he would just laugh stuff off. 

5.) Do you think you'd like Tony In real life?

Yeah, I think I would like Tony. We would have lots of differences in opinion, and I think a lot about Tony would make me a little crazy. But he's a nut, so I think I'd be his friend.

6.) Do you think you'd get along with Pepper Pots? What about Rhodey?

I'd get along with both of them. They're nice people. We could swap stories about the stupid things Tony does. It would be great.

7.) Would you like to live in Stark Tower?

I don't think so. It's a little too big and technical.

8.) Would you want to try out/own any of Iron Man's robots or fancy little gadgets?

Yeah I'd like to play with them... but robotics freak me out so I wouldn't want one to keep unless it was really simple. 

9.) What is your favorite Iron Man quote?

"I'm not crazy Pepper. I just finally know what I have to do. And I know in my heart, that its right."

"I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I created to defend them and protect them."

Aaaaaaaw, little broken man! You're awesome, you know that right? *Aggressively hugs Tony Stark*

10.) If Tony as he is now volunteered to take you to dinner and a movie, would you accept his invitation? Not a date, just a night out cause he knows you are soooooo stressed.

Ehe. Uhm. I don't know. He would have to promise me no getting drunk. I think he would make me nervous, one on one like that. If it was me and a few of my sisters, sure. If it was just me... I don't know. I would like to say "I HAD DINNER WITH TONY STARK!" But it would make me really nervous. So yeah, probably not. 

Team Captain America:

1.) What is your favorite Captain America movie?

This was a close call... they are all kind of tied in my love for them.

I think it's Captain America: The First Avenger

Pretty much everything about that movie is awesome. Steve's growth, the plot, the grumpy General, Peggy, Bucky, the Howling Comandoes... I just really love that whole movie. It's one I can watch again and again and not get tired of it. 

Steve Rogers is still just a little boy that gets excited over shields. Pass it on.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a close second. That. Movie. *DIES*

2.) When did you decide you loved Captain America?

Uhm. From the very beginning?? Duh!

"Just give me a chance."

AAAAAAAAaaaw cute little scrawny kid, you're adorable!!!

3.) Do you tend to agree with Steve's thinking/logic?

Yeah. Steve is more old-fashioned. He is decent, honest and truthful. He has good morals and he sees the world more like I see it. We both believe in God, and we both think the government is way too insane. 

"SHIELD takes the world as is, not as we wish it to be, and it's time you got with that program, Captain."

"Don't hold your breath."

4.) What is one thing about Steve that drives you insane?

Steve is really stubborn, and usually I like that about him, but in Captain America: Civil War he should have taken ten minutes and tried to compromise. Cause that was annoying.

5.) What is your favorite Steve scene?

That whole scene when he is on the bridge with Bucky in CAWS. That was the bravest, stupidest thing Steve has ever done and I love him for it.

6.)  What is something about Steve that you really admire?

His determination to stand up for what's right when no one else will, and his courage to fight when the fight seems impossible to win, or when everyone else is telling him to stand down. 

7.) Do you think you would like Steve in real life?

Absolutely. He's a bit quiet, but I think we'd get along just fine.

8.) What do you think of Steve's motorcycle, and would you want a ride on it?


9.) What was an iconic "STEVE FREAKIN' ROGERS" moment for you?

I have lots. I love the scene in CAWS when Steve is in the elevator with all those people and he totally fights them off like a boss and then leaps out a (ten? Fifteen??) story window. I love the scene in CAFA, when he saves like, 200 POW's from the creepy HYDRA base. 

Probably the most iconic moment is when scrawny little Steve jumps on the grenade to save everybody, because I think that embodies who Steve is as a person. Always thinking of others before himself. Always willing to risk his life to keep everyone safe. 

10.) If Steve asked you on a date, would you accept?


Alrighty! That's it for today!!!! Your thoughts??

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Pile of good things

Pile of good things