Saturday, January 31, 2015



This weekend I an on a mini-vacation. My bestest friend went out of town and asked me to look after their house, so I've been sleeping over at her place.

I brought my sister, because sisters always make things better.

WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN! Last night we made this FAbulous coffees with their Fabulous coffee maker and we had chocolate and stayed up past midnight doing whatever we want. Like writing. And shouting. And listening to loud music. And watching Flashpoint and having a Grimm marathon. BECAUSE. GRIMM. - on this note, Grimm is making me very fangirly right now. I keep screaming and yelping and shouting and grinning. I love Season 3. It is so good. I love how interesting the characters are. I love the stories. I love the plots. I love the friendships. I love Monroe. I love Rosalee and Juliette. I even love strange little Woo. And I really, really love Nick. NICK IS A BADAPPLE.

Me watching Grimm

I. Slept. In. Past eight!!!! And then I made scones and had breakfast in my pajamas.


It is just soooooo much fun to do whatever you want.

I need more weekends like this.

Guys, I really hate editing so I've taken a BREAK.

I'm vacation! Don't judge me!


Tomorrow I am going to post the Rules for my Lord of the Rings Blog party. NOTICE!!!!! You can participate even if you don't have a blog! You can guest post on mine. I know right? Shocking! You can write it out via email, or write it out over on END OF THE LINE and I will publish it (or it's link!) here. Just write me and tell me what you want to do, I WILL MAKE IT WORK. bellawriter98 ( )

Okay, I'm gonna go now.  *waves* Blog party soon! spread the word! PEACE OUT LOSERS!!!

*slides off car*


Thursday, January 29, 2015

LOTR and a bunch of writing stuff

We finished our Lord of the Rings Marathon last night.

I feel all hollow inside. Hollow and tired. I suppose this is only to be expected when you cry for four hours straight and don't get to bed until after midnight.

Lord of the Rings is so brilliant. I love everything about it. It is beautiful and terrible and happy and sad and epic and devastating all at the same time, and I always take away something new. I can't wait for my blog party when I can dump my feels on you. (And trust me. There will be FEELS)

For now I'm going to just talk about Splintered Courage.

Guys, I have a lot of work to do. I love writing stories and I always have. It isn't hard for me to write books, I can do it fairly fast. It's the editing that kills me. I always shirk away from it. It freaks me out and usually when I re-open stories I freak out and decide they are awful. With Splintered Courage I re-opened it and at first all I wanted to do was cry. There was so much about it that was just wrong. I had plot jumps. It didn't flow very well. You don't know much backstory of any of the characters. (Well, I do, but the reader wouldn't.) I did too much telling and not enough showing and my whole beginning needed to be torn apart and all the paragraphs summarizing past events had to be broken down into chapters.

It was kind of overwhelming. I closed the document and pretended it didn't exist. I lost the motivation to work on Broken Trust, which is why it is still only half done.

A few days ago I opened my document again. I got up the courage and I started editing. I went back and started Chapter one earlier on in the storyline. This means I get to work on Dimitri and Nightly and the Rebellion and the whole incident with Liam.


It's really weird working on stories after you've let them rest for a bit. I've started noticing a lot of stuff about my writing that freaks me out. I have the same fears with acting as I do with writing. I don't want to be flat. FLAT IS NOT GOOD. I want to bring my characters to life, and I feel like I'm not doing them justice. So I'm taking my time with the editing process and its going to take some time. This means that, while I am still working on The Baxters, they are going to take a little longer to write out then I originally thought.

I know I have a couple people reading my books. I am still looking for other beta readers also. If I get five or more volunteers I will look into publishers and marketing.



Can you do acting and writing??? Is that too crazy???

I'm getting tired and this post is really random.

Spread the word about my LOTR Blog party! It's starts Monday! I will post the Rules on Sunday!!


*slides off car*


Wednesday, January 28, 2015




It is January the 28th. It is early afternoon and the sky is in a horrifically foul mood. I think it is sulking over the lack of snow its been able to scrape up after all these months. It is acting a bit immature I think. I'm sulking for the same reasons but I'm not wearing grey and thundering about, doing nothing. Besides its cold. It needs to let the sun out. I'M COLD.





Shawn and Gus

It will start next week and will last five days. It is open to anyone and everyone, unless you are one of the Uruk-hi or a servant of the Dark Tower. This shouldn't be a problem... unless some of you have some very interesting secrets. *squints*

What brings this on??? I'll tell you. It's because we are doing an LOTR Marathon this week.


It's been about.... four years since we last watched these movies. I was thirteen the last time we watched it. I know right?? Four years is way too long to wait! No one should wait that long. I nagged my sisters relentlessly until the finally released how obscene a four year wait really is, and agreed to do a marathon.

I love marathons!! Especially Lord of the Rings Marathon. We take three whole nights to stay up until midnight and drink coffee and eat brownies and basically make merry. 

Lord of the Rings is a big deal in my family. The Blog Party is gonna be fun. You should join 8-)


I've been trying to take time to read again. (hahahhahha) This means I haven't been doing as much writing as I'd like. But I did open Splintered Courage and I am now editing it. I didn't realize how much I missed those boys until I started working on them again.

I've also started actually writing on The Baxters.


Okay guys, I am still looking for Beta readers. I think I have two. If anyone else wants to read A Conspiracy of Thrones, I am still open to sending it out to people. Just leave a lovely little comment.

Okay guys. I have fabulous things to do and fabulous music to listen to, so I will have to bid you all a fond farewell.


*sides off car*

Friday, January 23, 2015

Introducing the Baxters



Yes, it's true. I finished A Conspiracy of Thrones just a few days ago and I am looking for beta readers!

*Cue panic attack*

I figure if I can get four or five people to look at my book for me then maybe I can get some feedback, do some editing and try actually publishing the thing.

Did I just say that? Publishing??


*clears throat* anywaaaaaaaaaaaay. If there is anyone who would like to be my beta reader I would be so very, VERY grateful. It would mean a lot to me. Just leave a nice friendly comment. I love comments. 8-)



So today I'm going to introduce The Baxters.

The Baxters are very special to me. I have always wanted to write a story about family. It's been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. When I was ten I had several short stories about a great big family with a bunch of kids and I used to tell them to my sisters every night. They were fun stories. Lately, however, my need for a family story has gotten almost unquenchable. (HENCE RAVEN BOYS!) A few months ago I started writing up an outline for this family story I really, really wanted to write. It started out pretty simple but over time it has developed an actual plot. It is a little complicating but I'll try to be as clear as possible.

The story is set in our time frame in our world. Bri Baxter is a seventeen year old girl who lives with her three brothers in a great big house left to her family by some great aunt or an uncle or foster parent of a cousin's niece once removed... no one quite remembers how. The Baxters aren't a huge family but there are always a lot of people running around the house, because Mrs. Baxter let's a bunch of kids take her home as a place of refuge. Refuge is often needed among their kind.

The Baxters aren't a normal family. They are what some people would call Gifted, and others Cursed, and all would call dangerous. Among their kind they are simply called Elite. They Elite are a group of extremely talented humans who have the ability to do things no one else can. They are born with more brain capacity then the average human so they are able to 'bend' certain laws of physics and matter to their will. Some call it magic. Some call it sorcery. The truth is, it is neither but almost a combination of both. The Elite can channel certain levels of energy that are already in the air that normal humans simply can't process. They can make and break things of matter. They can shape waves.

There are many different types of Elite, each with different skill types. Different Elites channel into different energy readings and their brain responds differently as such. Because of this, the Elite have been separated into several different groups or Rodzina. The Rodzina act as a big Family. They are very loyal to each other and tend to have each others backs whenever it is really necessary. Most of them do this anyway. Some of the more dangerous ones act more like big city mobs. You stick together you STAY LOYAL or you get cut. 

Yeah. There are a couple extremists out there. 

The Rodzina are not close-knit at all times. It is just something you belong to, like a race or a heritage. You honor that and you respect it and everyone goes home happy. The Rodzina try to hide in the shadows, posing as normal humans to the outside world. Most of them don't mind the hiding - they prefer to not be well known. Some of the higher ones though, they are rebels. Always have been. They don't like hiding and they never have. They crave to come out into the open. 

The Baxters belong to a simple Rodzina. Their Rodzina all keep to themselves and are very peaceful and quiet, They're mostly healers and things of that sort and its easy for them to keep a low profile. 

There are six actual Baxters. Maggie Baxter, otherwise known as "The Missus" and her husband Damion Baxter (known as Damion) Then There is Sam Baxter who is twenty-four, Nick Baxter who is twenty, Bri Baxter who is Seventeen and Charlie Baxter who is twelve. There is also a Matt. Matt is an interesting story. I love Matt. Matt is nineteen and adorable and I love him. He is a Shifter. He is super cool. 

They all live in this big house, and Mrs. Baxter has a lot of room so she'll let the neighborhood kids come in and sleep whenever they need to. She takes anyone without a home, people who have been rejected by a Rodzina or who have just been accepted into one, or people who don't quite qualify as 'Elite' but should. Like R.E. Charlie's best friend. 

R.E. is... He is just.... He's kind of a dork. But he's a lovable dork. 

Then we have Jessica. Jessica is not a Baxter. But she is the reason there is a story. Jessisca is hit by the Baxter's car one night, and she is knocked unconscious. And when she wakes up there are patches of her memory just missing. whole weeks and months of her life. Certain names and faces. As if someone went through her brain and gently plucked just the things he didn't want her to know anymore. The Baxters help her find out who she is. And that is when the story really begins.

I realized how long this post was. I further realize I haven't really given you a plot, but I introduced my story, so think of this as the sneak preview. You'll be getting more probably. Maybe pictures. Maybe snippets. It depends on how fast I can get this thing plotted.

Who wants to be my beta readers????


*slides off car*


Friday, January 16, 2015

Looking back

I've been thinking a lot about last year. 2014. The rollercoaster of months that screamed together into one long blur of color and wild insanity. It was.... something else, and that's an understatement. I didn't do a New Year's Post this year because I literally had no idea how to approach my feelings on last year. Still, it's been on my mind what with it being the month of January and having my Birthday and Epiphany and everything. And I scribbled something out on paper and I decided I could share it with you, if nothing else, to share with you what my 2014 was like. Because.... Sometimes bad things happen. Really bad things. And sometimes good things happen. And sometimes there are little pockets of perfection and sometimes nothing works and you want to throw an appalling tantrum like you're back to being two and not getting your own way. (Yeeeees. This feeling overcomes be pretty often.) Life is complicated. And stupid. And wonderful. And so, so frustrating.

What it comes down to is this. I wrote a song that kind of sums up everything that happened last year. (I know. So original, right?) I don't know exactly how it flows yet. I don't know if it will ever be a finished or revised. I just know what it means to me. And I hope you like it. Take not that it isn't actually finished yet. It's a working progress.

It happened So Fast
Like a montage on the silver screen
WE stood on the end, then it was the beginning
And we held our breath, and we let it go
And we did it again. 
And again. 

It was a blurr of color, the past
it was a taste of wild insanity 
and words we can't take back. 
And when it was over and all the dust settled
All that was left was screaming silence


Because it started out so right
And it ended up so wrong
Everything was working, then everything fell apart
And we all we had were good intentions so how did it go so bad? 
With all our best intentions, we carved the word sad

Dead Calm. Have you ever heard dead calm?
It's that quiet that only comes after a break. 
And we broke! How we broke!
The Calm was overwhelming
The words unspoken left us drowning
And when all sound was finished
And the anger was left raw
Were were left with one emotion
Dead calm.

Maybe bridge?

Some things have been mended too many times
some things are beyond fixing, their cracks go to deep

but if the walls could come down and let the light in 
maybe we would have a chance
just a little chance
if you'd let me in.
Just let me in. 
One more time.
Can we just try one more time?


(Ending Verse?)

Just a little chance
if you'd let me in.
Just let me in. 
One more time.
Would it be so hard, to try one more time
Wouldn't it be worth it....
wouldn't it be worth it?

I'm still working on lyrics and I have a verse I'm trying to add in but this is what I have so far. So.... What do you think? Do you think its good? Great? Wonderful? You likey??? WELL?? DO YA?? 


Guys I am sooooo tired right now. I have to get off and read or something. Before I do though, I have a question. How many of you actually want copies of my books, and how would you feel about an auction? THIS SCARES ME TO ASK! REALLY SCARES ME! But if I know people like it enough maybe I can try marketing/publishing. THAT SCARES ME TO SAY TOO. 


This post is falling apart. 

I should go. 

I will hopefully post a new snippet tomorrow. 

I hope you liked my lyrics. 


*slides off car*


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy Odin's Day

So I'm seventeen now. 

Stiles Stilinski. AKA The-only-reason-I-watch-Teen-Wolf

I was going to do a blog post on Monday - My Birthday. A big epic one with lots of pictures. 

As you can see that didn't make it off my bucket list.


It was a good birthday though. I spent it NOT doing writing, but listening to music and jotting down answers to American Government and bashing socialism into the ground. 


Btw, I really like Taylor's new CD. Just sayin.

I finished school pretty early and My Lovely Friend Sammie B. came over for the night. We had  this lovely ham dinner which was yummy and had tasty potatoes in it. Then we had coffee and cake and tea and I opened pressies. I got this epic Gladiator book from my Dear friend Jimmy (which I am so essited about!!!) and I got lots of nice chocolate and epic little coffees (AND FLAVORINGS!!) and I got these adorable tights that look like something you'd find on Amy Pond. All blue and soft and Doctor Who-y.

They're Doctor Who tights okay? 

I'm wearing them now

I love them. 

Then I watched Maze Runner for the third time. It's just as brilliant as always. I love that movie. So much. I mean.... Thomas 8-) The thing still hurts of course. It hurts a lot. OH AND NOW I HAVE TONS OF NEWT FEELS TOO I WAS NOT A HAPPY PERSON.

We played this weird game. You had to do things like sit on shoes and talk about yourself in the third person and play pick a boo with people who called you by name. 

It was a good birthday.


I'm taking an Acting For the Camera class. 

One minute I'm like....


The next minute I'm like...


The Acting Teacher is a little intense. And she kind of freaks me out. but I love acting and the Community College is the only place in town that I can act so I have to take her with the acting. She's a very nice person. She is just kind of an ACTING MUST BE YOUR LIFE teacher. And she doesn't give you much breathing room. You either SWIM or you SINK and there is no in between. Acting is big and intense. You had better want it, dang it!!!! YOU BLEED OR YOU LEAVE.

Yes I used this gif just for Newt. Don't judge me.

I've also been making epic videos in my new video maker and feeling excited cause you can sharpen it and brighten it and slash it and change its color and add dialogue at several points and add granite and dust and scratchy lines so it looks like an old movie and it looks SO. PERTY. I have to be careful how much time I spend on it cause I'm just SNIP - ADD VIDEO - SNIP - BRIGHTEN VIDEO....


I opened up Splintered Courage again and I am EDITING. (laughs crazily) I'm finishing Broken Turst also, and I have one chapter left in the Conspiracy of Thrones. It should be finished by the end of the week. I know of some people who want to read it and I'm thinking of maybe doing an auction? I don't know, I will have to see. Maybe I should try sending my books into publishers too cause I've been told they're good. Just as soon as I finish twelfth grade and past this terrifying acting class and read the six or eight books lying neglected at the bottom of my bed....


I've started Watching Flashpoint.









he needs more explanation points. 


This show is so good on so many levels. You cry a lot but usually its not a BAD crying. The team is just so brave and kind and wonderful and what they do is so amazing and emotional you can't help but cry. It's about this... SRU Unit which is a handpicked team of elite cops that are different from any other SWAT team out there. They take on situations that have reached their peak and go in with the incentive to 'Connect. Respect. Protect." They want to help the people who are in trouble, and that includes the prosecutor. They want to talk down the Prosecutor, not kill him. They don't go lethal until absolutely necessary. They're awesome. Sometimes the stories can be really sad. Sometimes they can be really painful. But they always end hopeful. There are only a couple that are legitimately depressing, and with those you have to watch the next one to feel better. But most of the time it just gives you hope and emotional crying. It's really good. And its really clean. Super clean. The worst they get is this one kissing scene that is kind of long, but nothing happens. Its squeaky clean.










I love Flashpoint. As you can see.

See this post? this is why I should post more than once a week. I'm just like "HI!!! *DUMPS A BUNCH OF RANDOMNESS ON YOU* BYEEEEE!

I have a book to read and tea to drink and a cold to sooth. I also have to watch SHIELD later.

Shield.... *headdesk* Yeah that is stressing me out. So is Grimm. And I'm mad at Doctor Who. And Supernatural. (THAT SHOW IS SO DUMB) And The-One-I-Only-Watch-For-Stiles is on hiatus.

 Remind me not to watch so many shows at once. It can't be good for me.

But whatever I love them.

Watch Flashpoint.


*slides off car*


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"I've got the baby here," Imogene barked at the Wise Men. "Don touch him! I named him Jesus.”

HAPPY EPIPHANY PEASANTS! *waves emphatically*

In case there is anyone who doesn't know what Epiphany I'm gonna do a brief little talk on it. (If you do know just skip this bit)

Epiphany is the day that The Three Wiseman found the Christ Child with Mary and Joseph and brought Him gifts. We have a tradition in my family, where we put on present aside on Christmas Morning to save them for the Epiphany. That way we have The Twelve Days of Christmas and there is still something under the tree and its still feels magical.

Then on the Epiphany the Wisemen leave us all a little present under the tree.


I love the Ephipahny.

I now have an amazing Make-up Kit and a the first half of the Attolia Series. (EUGENIDES!!!!)

I've been trying to finish my book I was working on during NaNoWriMo. It has been a pain. I can't get my last chapter to work and it is irking me. I am IRKED. So ... I'm giving it a small break and writing up my plans for the Baxter Family. This story does not have a name yet, but I do have a rough plot and I am very excited. It is a family story and there's lots of brothers and sisters and its fun. They make me happy. I love them. I am going to post about them soon but it's too late tonight. I just wanted you all to know that I am still alive and .... yeah. Just a hi.

Oh, and one more thing. I'm also taking an Acting For Camera class.


I'm a little freaked. But its fun.

I have to do a scene on film. A scene with someone I don't know.


That's it.

I'm tired. I have to go to bed. PEACE OUT Y'ALL.

*slides off car*


Pile of good things

Pile of good things