Saturday, November 29, 2014

I. Freakin. WON.



I WON!!!! I WON!!! I WON NANO!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! 


*slides off of car*

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Pro's and Con's of being a NaNo Writer

PRO: NaNo-ing forces you to write even if you don't feel like it, something everyone needs every now and then.

CON: You have to write for a long time every day and it's really, really hard.

PRO: You get to hide in your room all day and not be social and drink tea and wrap yourself in blankets because you're writing and you deserve it.

CON: My room is really really cold.

PRO: You get to crawl into bed and wear cool gloves while you write.

CON: The room is still really really cold.

PRO: You can yell at people when they open the door and then giggle about it

CON: You get super cranky.

PRO: You can threaten to write people you don't like into your book if they don't behave.

CON: this doesn't always work. Sometimes they just get mad at you

PRO: You get to write to your hearts content. All you have to do is say "IT'S NANO!" and your family will back off. (at least mine will)

CON: You start becoming editor-happy and have to force yourself not to hit backspace. Like EVER. And that is really, really hard. I hate my inner editor.

PRO: You get to spend a whole month creating and exploring characters

CON: My characters.......

PRO: You get those exciting moments where you just know that you have GOT this and you re going to finish and you're going to win and it's AWESOME.

CON: These moments of buzz don't last long.

PRO: This is November and everything smells good and it's just the right time of year to be inspired.

CON: Inspiration can be hard to come by. pretty soon your mind starts short-circuiting.


CON: You stay up way longer than you should. Tip guys. Don't write and be on totally obsesed with a Fandom at the same time. It isn't good for you're blood pressure.


PRO: You get to tell people you are doing NaNo and watch their eyes get wide with horror and awe. "Wow!  Is it.... hard?"

"Nope. not all." *smirk*

CON: You Realize you have ten days left and you are on the finishing stretch and have no inspiration and you start panicking because you need 50,0000 words at the end of the month!

This is about the time you start to lose your already addled mind.


PRO: You take a breath and try to remember this is just a writing boost for you and it doesn't matter if you don't finish. Just have fun. FUN!

CON: It's hard to remember that when you know you only have ten days left to reach your count.

PRO: You have hundreds of writing buddies doing this with you. You're not alone, you have help and support. YOU CAN DO THIS!

CON: Having Writers block. In NaNoWriMo.



PRO; It's Nano. And as awful as NaNo is amazing. and wonderful. and challenging. and exciting. You get to meet other writers. you get to write a whole novel and it's freaking EPIC.


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Friday, November 14, 2014

NaNo Blog Party: Day the Third

Lalala Weekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend!!! Don't you love weekends?? I know, they are so awesome!! Too bad you only get one a week. you should have two or three. One work day six blank days. Doesn't that sound like a good plan? Yeah, I thought so too.

Why am I not president yet?

Today is the last day of my fun little NaNo party and it is a day you can do basically anything on. You can post snippets or quotes. You can talk about inspirations or your general writing experience. You can post pictures or Book covers or do interviews: basically you can do anything, anything at all! I'm going to post a few quotes from my book, ones that are my special favorites. It should be fun.

Also, I do have another Blog which I share with my space adventurer. It ... uhm... We tend to forget about the Dear Little Thing so we don't have much on it yet. But I'm going to try to be better about posting on it and reminding you all to check it out. Jim and I will probably post over there at least before the end of the Month... at least I will. So stay alert 8-)


  "Reapers don't exist, wise guy.”
“Maybe not,” said Sean, “but that's what this sounds like.”
“Since when are you a Reper expert?”

“Since I've read every Grimm fairytale that's ever existed.”

 “You're still on the mend you know,” said Sean.
“I'll be fine,” Alex promised. “You worry too much.”
“I know,” said Sean

 “I'm ready to go now. That is if you and the wall are finished bonding.”

"This is real. I wonder if that means there's a chance for Santa Clause."

"I'm older than you." 
"Only by 36 minutes." 

 “Orange juice,” he said happily. “We have orange juice!”  

 “It builds character. It isn't like my face has much going for it anyway.”
 “How about your lip?” 
“That builds character too,”

Last but not least the bit I've written as of right now. 

 “I don't know.” he said finally. I'm just not sure."
“I do. I think... I know it sounds crazy but I think I am.
"Sure." Sean lifted the book and held it out in front of him so that the pages were open toward Alex.   


So it ends.

ONE LAST THING!! Today pick one word that best sums up your Main character, your side character and your antagonist. (Separately of course. Not one word for all three.)

Alex: Funny

Sean: Sweet

Death: Resilient.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

NaNo Blog Party: Day the Second

Today we are going to introduce book characters, And we get to do it with a tag! Lalalalalala!

1.) Who is your main character? 

My Main character is Alex Gregory.

2.) What is your character's age and what is his point in the story?

Alex is sixteen years old. He is the hero of the story and he is meant to stop the Tempest and save the world from a second world war. 

3.) What does your character look like? 

He is kind of shorter, but not excessively so. He has light, sandy-blond hair and a nice smile and he has dark eyes. He's athletic and charming and just an all-around good looking kid. He's the type of boy who would be dubbed as a heart breaker when he gets older. 

Alex J. Gregory.

He is a little more blond than that picture, but it is very close

4.) What are some of your characters best qualities?

Alex is a very good friend. He will always be there for you, no matter what. He's brave and clever and and the nicest kind of nerd. He's funny and he tries to break the ice in any situation, no matter how bad it is. He likes to tease, and a little bit of that comes from him being a big brother. He especially likes making people laugh, which is another reason for the teasing.

5.) What are some of your characters worse qualities?

He doesn't like admitting he isn't okay and it generally takes a good deal of poking to make him talk about something that is really bothering him. Usually if he's under a lot of emotional strain or stress he tends to just get loud and angry and difficult to be around. He wants to protect those he loves which isn't a bad thing, but sometimes that means he pushes them out and that isn't the greatest thing in the world. He keeps a lot of problems bottled up in side of him and tends to get snappy when he has to face them. He doesn't like facing his problems. 

6.) What is one thing you don't like about your character? 

He's stubborn and idiotic. Okay?

7.) What is one thing about your character that you especially admire? 

He doesn't let people push him around and he stands up against what's evil. He has a very high idea of what is right and wrong, and he makes hard decisions and I'm proud of him for it. He doesn't get scared very often, and even if he does when it comes down to it, he will stand up to his fears. 

8.) Who is/are your side characters? (this can include the villains - antagonists- whatever)

I have two MAIN side characters. One is Sean. Sean is Alex's best friend and he is basically the second main character. he even gets chapters told from his view point and everything. The other main character is... well Death. Yes, Death is a side character. But he is more of a third-character type. He isn't really a villain. He is an antagonist. And to be honest, I kind of like him.

Sean Patrick Kellerman

I have no picture for Death. My Apologies. I looked around but I couldn't find anyone that would fit him. All I know is that he's not this guy:

Death likes milkshakes. don't judge

9.) What is your side character(s) age and what is/are his point in the story?

Sean is sixteen and he is older by Alex by exactly 36 minutes. (It's true. Sean was born at 11:25 on Saturday night and Alex was born 12:01 on Sunday morning.) He is Alex's main anchor in the story and becomes a great part in how the war is stopped and the Tempests destroyed.

10.) What does your side character(s) look like? 

Sean is pretty short, He's shorter than Alex which he finds beastly unfair since he is older than him. He is kind of scrawny and small. He has brown hair that sticks up in strange place and light brown eyes that sometimes look green if he looks up just right. He has an odd face (some would call it ugly, but it really isn't) but when he smiles everything about him changes so he's just adorable. He gets cuter the longer you know him. 

Death can take many shapes but in my story he is most seen as a young boy with dark black hair. He is dressed all in black. 

11.) What are some of your character's best qualities?

Sean is a sweetheart. He is never going through something so bad that he doesn't have time to take care of other people. He worries about everyone and is always trying to help with anything he can. He's soft spoken and quiet but if you get him with someone he really knows he opens up a little more.

Death is Death. He is kind of cynical shares bitter humor with the world.

12.) What are some of your character's worse qualities?

Sean is usually pretty solid and he tends to take things head-on. He goes with the flow and tries not to make trouble. Sometimes though, he can be reckless and if he is pushed to hard he has a terrible temper and it's harder for him to get back once he loses control. He is always trying to see the best in everyone and sometimes he is almost too kind. He'll take a lot of beatings from a lot of people before he fights back.

The fact that Death keeps popping up and won't leave Alex alone, THAT is really annoying.

13.) What is one thing you don't like about your character(s)? 

He's... I guess... he doesn't think very well of himself and that makes me sad. 


14.) What is one thing about your character(s) that you especially admire? 

Sean is very, very sweet and very quiet. Some people are silly and mistake his quiet for cowardice, but that isn't the case at all. Sean is very brave. He is a lot braver than most people would give him credit for, and he is strong in ways that Alex couldn't be. He has more of a inner strength. That isn't to say Alex doesn't - he does. But Sean has it in a different way.

Death knows how to be a good loser. and he isn't really evil. He's just death. He has a job to do and he wants to get it done. 

15.) What are your characters relationships to each other? 

Death is after Alex. Alex was supposed to die and it is Death's job to make sure his check comes do. He has to track down Alex and take him, not because he wants to or because he is evil but just because he this is what he does and he has to make sure the rules of the world our obeyed. Alex being alive causes all sorts of problems and he has to be taken care of.

Sean is determined not to let Alex die on his watch. 

This is a problem for Death. 

Death isn't a huge, big character. He does come in and out of the story but he is certainly more on the outskirts of the story.

As for Sean and Alex... Well, they have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They grew up three houses apart and for a long time they were the only two families on the entire street. So of course they bonded. Alex is the only person who has stuck with Sean all this time and Sean is very grateful to him for it. They're incredibly close and quite inseparable.

Brothers Quote

So ends Day Two!!!  I hope you all enjoyed it! And hey, I'm just going to throw this out there... if any of you still want to do this blog party but for some reason you couldn't make it on these three days - DON'T SWEAT IT! So long as it is November feel free to do the Posts at any time!! Just credit me when you do them. *winks* Before I go, I have one more song to share with you. Skip a minute in. It takes a while to start up. 


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NaNo Blog Party: Day the First


Hi guys! Today is Day One of the three-day NaNo-blog party. Today we are going to start with introducing your world. You start off with a plot and the main sketch of it all. Tell us the time-frame of your book, where it is set (a fantasy world, a fictional world, a separate planet, or an Alternate Universe.... whatever) what kind of creatures/people liver there and what inspired your world. You can pretty much embellish on this topic as much as you like; you can go into detail and share history and locations and exact dates and times - you can do as much or as little as you want! Just have fun. That is my only rule. Have fun.

Pinkie Pie

I've already told you my plot once, but I'll do it again just to cover all my base.

It is the year before WWII and Alex Gregory is a sixteen year old boy living in an America. On the sixth of November he has an accident and he was supposed to die in the hospital room. But he doesn't. He wakes up. And that is when everything changes. Soon Alex realizes just how serious his 'being alive' really is. He wasn't supposed to survive. Now the balance of the world has tipped and Death demands his life. Literally. Death is coming for him. And no one ever escapes Death, not really. It is a hunt. But as Alex runs from his nightmares and, with help from his friend Sean, tries to piece together the puzzle of his fate, the War that was once so far off starts it's break through the border.This is no ordinary War. Alex is about to find out that this War is not just between men. It is a War that stretches back into the dawn of time with beings far greater than humanity. And he is the only one who can stop it. 

My story is set on Earth, but no Earth as we know  it. This is almost like a parallel Earth. Call it an AU Earth if you want. Everything on this earth is almost exactly like ours, except in this world Demigods are real. The War that is about to happen is based very roughly on the WWII of our world.

Okay, they aren't so much demigods but they are the next closest thing. My creatures are called The Thrones and they were created at the very beginning of the world shortly after the battle of Angels when the bad Angels fell. The Thrones were created in order to protect and guard the virtue in the world God was creating. They were each given power over virtue in the same way humans are given power over music, writing or dance. They were charged with guarding the virtue, especially the virtue in children. Some of the Thrones violated their powers. They were corrupted by the Devils and his followers. Their corruption poisoned the Virtues they were supposed to protect and created Vice. These Thrones became known as the Tempest. Every Throne has it's Tempest. Love has Hate. Peace has Rage, also known as War. Charity has Spite.

The Thrones and the Tempest only have power in so much as the humans yield it. This means that in times of war or revolution or great sin, the Tempest are more powerful than the Thrones.

The Thrones and the Tempest have their own Kingdom in much the same way Demigods would.

Basis of a Throne

Most humans don't know Thrones and Tempests exist. Most of the old stories about them have become just that; stories. They're legends and fairy tales. They're not real. There aren't many that even remember anything about them. But there are a few, a very, very few who still remember the ancient times and the history of those years. There are those who remember when The Thrones and Tempest taught together during the Fall of Rome.These men are called the Ancients .

Like in Greek mythology, every time the Tempests rise to power there has to be a hero, someone who stands out from all the rest, who defeat them and send them back where they belong. That is how it is has always been. So the Ancients starts a revolt, or a resistance against the upcoming war and several of them set out to find the one person who can be there hero against the Tempests.

That is how Alex figures into everything.

So that is my general set up for my story. I still have a LOT of world building to do and I'm still playing around with ideas, so this some of this could change as my story progresses.



*Clears throat*

The song that inspired me to write this story .... well there were several, but I'll do the one that inspired me to write Alex and Sean.

When I first heard this song I fell in love with the lyrics and I got this idea for these best friends that went up against Death himself and somehow ended up winning. I love the refrain and I think it fits the essence of my story pretty well.

Tomorrow there is going to be a tag and an introduction of characters. Stay tuned! Peace out Y'all!!

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Peasants + Flares

I am super proud of myself right now. I was behind 4,000 words in NaNo as of yesterday morning.

By yesterday night I had caught up to 13,740. 



On Friday the Amazing Sammie The Friend kidnapped me and kept me for a night at her house. I think she knows I'm a tad stressed. Heh. She wouldn't let me do anything. She basically ordered me to relax and not do anything and she wouldn't let me worry. She's good about that. It's why I love her. She's one of the few people who helps me not worry about the world and all it's cousins. She has a very blunt way of saying things so that you laugh at yourself and feel a lot better once you're done talking with her. We had  home made Mushroom pizza and watched Dean be a Dog and had tea and it was brilliant. 

Best friends are brilliant. 

After the weekend I woke up feeling better about the universe and the planet earth in general. I was able to do some more writing and practically gave myself a heart attack when I realized I'd caught up. Finally. I'm actually writing and blogging at the same time here. While listening to music. And giving my sister advice on how to set up our newest music video. 

Skills. I has them. 

Recently my sister let me listen to the song called Flares. It's by The Script.Yeah. I might love it a little bit. A lot. And I may or may not have cried during the refrain. It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and the lyrics are amazing. I have christened it my song. I don't know. It just reminds me of ...everything. I feel like I can relate to it on a very deep level. (That sounded cheesy but oh well, my blog right?) I've been listening to it a ton since I started NaNo because it reminds me of my characters and it helps me write beautiful words. I just love it. 

Did you see the flares in the Sky, were you Blinded by the Light
Did you feel the smoke in your eyes, did ya? Did ya?

I love every aspect of this song. I love how the piano comes in softly and brings the melody with it and how it supports the lyrics and gives you the feeling of standing on a road, looking up and seeing all this light and beauty and somehow finding hope, even when hope is scarce. I find it incredibly inspiring and it is the perfect lyric material for my story. It gets my creativity flowing. 

My book. Ah yes. Okay guys. I'm planning a Nano blog party that will start on Nov. 12 and lasts through Nov. 14. (That's Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week.) I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in participating. You don't have to be actually doing Nano, just as long as you are working on a book this month you could qualify. Please comment and tell, because I would totally love a fabulous SHOW OFF YOUR BOOK thing. I'll probably do one anyway, just for me. But if there are any of you out there who would like to help or participate, just pop me a comment and we'll see what works best. The more the merrier!!



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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4th

I am the queen of Better-late-than-never

as you can see it is NOT November 1st which was the first day of NaNoWriMo and the day I was going to post about my book. But it is still the beginning of November and I decided I'm going to share my plot with you anyway.

My NaNo story is going to be the first of a Trilogy. I am still playing around with names but right now my working title for said Trilogy is The Conspiracy of Thrones. I'm not sure what I'm naming Book One at the moment. I've stuck a few different titles on it but none of them seem to work so right now I'm just calling it Book One - Death.

On November 6th, 1940 Alex Gregory was meant to die.

On November 7th, 1940 Alex Gregory woke up. He witness a morning he never should have seen.

Okay so... Plot!!!!

This story takes place in an AU world which is almost exactly like ours except in this world creatures like the Demigods are actually real. It is the year before WWII and Alex Gregory is a sixteen year-old boy living in an America. On the sixth of November he has an accident and he was supposed to die in the hospital room. But he doesn't. He wakes up. And that is when everything changes. Soon Alex realizes just how serious his 'being alive' really is. He wasn't supposed to survive. Now the balance of the world has tipped and Death demands his life. Literally. Death is coming for him. And no one ever escapes Death, not really. It is a hunt. But as Alex runs from his nightmares and, with help from his friend Sean, tries to piece together the puzzle of his fate, the War that was once so far off starts it's break through the border.This is no ordinary War. Alex is about to find out that this War is not just between men. It is a War that stretches back into the dawn of time with beings far greater than humanity. And he is the only one who can stop it. 

Time for applause you guys!

I'm not sure if that plot was very clear or not. Basically it is the year before the bombing at Pearl Harbor and no one is quite sure which way the war is going to go. This story is based VERY ROUGHLY on WWII. It is like a parallel WWII but it isn't going to be exactly the same. I'm just basing my events on some of the things that happened. My world isn't exactly Earth either. It is like earth if Earth had demigods and beings of great power and Death looks like a little boy with grey eyes.

The Thrones are Ancient Beings who were created at the Dawn of Time to protect the Virtue in the World. They were supposed to be the guardians of goodness and each one was given a certain element which they were supposed to protect.

Some of the Thrones abused their gifts. These Thrones poisoned the Virtue and turned it into Vice. These Thrones gained control of evil, each one holding the reigns of a certain Vice. This means that each Virtue has it's opposite Vice. There are Six main Virtues. Hope. Courage. Love. Love. Humility. Faith. And then there are Six main Vice. Pride. Fear. Spite. Rage. Despair. Deceit.

Destruction is the Throne who defied the Creator and tried to take the world for his own and tear it down to make it something it wasn't. Destruction is the beginning of Vice.

The Creator is not a Throne. He is greater than any Throne or Power and he is far greater than Man. He is the beginning of all things.

In my world not everyone believes in the Thrones. Most people don't even remember they exist. They belong in fairytales or on paper with the rest of that evil. but there are still some who remember the Thrones. They remember the first fight at the beginning of the world  and how he was beaten for centuries until finally he was able to rise up with the WWI and was barely stopped. And now he is rising again, and it hasn't been nearly long enough. Destruction is strong. They will need a hero to stop him. They will search the whole world for that one special person. 

And they will find him. 

 Sooooooooooo yeah. I'm rambling now. Be kind. I'm tired and it's late and I did too much school today. I've also done too much write because I missed had a bad first day of NaNo and day two was just... not. So I've been catching up. 


I should wind this post up before I start babbling again but before I go I'm going to share a picture of me in all my Halloween Epicness

I was an amazing Bucky. 

Just look at that arm. It is so cool. And it was so much fun to wear. And I loved it. I stalked about glaring at people and saying "But I knew him" all sad like. But mostly I just stood in the center of the room looking up from under my bangs and being menacing. 

it was fun to be menacing. 

Halloween is just fun. I like Halloween. I like helping the little girls dress up and I like that for one night in the year you can be as weird as you want and no one is going to think twice. You could be groceries as a penguin in a snow coat and no one would care. I like carving pumpkins and smelling caramel corn and okay, what other day of the year can you get so much free candy just by knocking on someones door and saying a fancy little kids rhyme? 

And then of course there are the corny cartoons and The Night on Bald Mountain which is a must and staying up too late and keeping your costume on as long as possible Because Halloween.

Halloween is fun!! I mean sure it has it's down points but It's fun. 

You know what else is fun? Falling-Back. I thought it was super late but then I realized it wasn't and I felt super happy because Fall-Back means this won't be an Almost-Wednesday post and that is nice. 

Real quick, is anyone interested in doing a NaNo Blog party at the half-way point? does that sound like fun? 


*slides off car*


Pile of good things

Pile of good things