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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Heavens angels sing! Gifts of gold we bring! For our new King! And peace shall come to everyone!


It's December 25th and I am so, so happy!!!

This was going to be up earlier but life happened. Hopefully its not After-Christmas for any of you.

God is very good to us. We always have good Christmases. Even if the weeks before aren't so great Christmas Day itself is always very happy and successful. We're lucky that way.

We had Midnight Mass in our house. We got everything decorated all perty and we sang all the main prayers and it was incredibly beautiful. It was the perfect beginning for Christmas Day. At 5:30 in the morning little children came running into my room, whispering excitedly that is was CHRISTMAS and I had to GET UP!

I was up till 1:30 and got up at FIVE THIRTY you guys.

I really love my little sisters.

After I'd had ten cups of coffee or so I felt ready to have fun. By this time the rest of the family was getting up to. (everyone stayed the night of Christmas Eve so practically the whole family was there in the morning. It was brilliant!!) We lit the Christ Candle on the Advent wreath and sang Joy to the World Just like we always do. Then we randomly sang happy birthday to Jesus. Something we've never done before. I won't lie. It was a little weird. I liked it it was just kind of weird. Cause HAPPY BIIIIIIIRTHDAAAAAAY DEAR JESUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS! I don't know. It seemed a little weird. But It is His Birthday after all.

Parker - Leverage

After welcoming the Christ-Child into the world we all went into the living room and sat around the stockings while my dad passed around delicious buns stuffed with sausage. They were delicious.

I had another cup of coffee.

Then we got down to opening up the Pressies.


I got all this epic GEEK STUFF!! It was SO FUN!!!!! Mahri got me this lovely TARDIS hat and I got these cool charms that you can hang on your purse or key chains (if you have key chains) and I got Season One of Doctor Who (Courtesy of my friend Jimmy) and I got this cool Arthur Pendragon Necklace (Courtesy of Anna) and this EPIC little TARDIS and Screwdriver and I got two Taylor Swift CD's and a music book to go with them! And I got The King of Attolia!! And Guys I freaking got a Video. Editing. Programme!


 Le me with Taylor Stuff.

Le fabulous TARDIS hat. Hand-made by my fabulous sister Mahri

 Le Epic DVD's: Supernatural, Doctor who, BUCKY!! Winter Soldier)

Le me hugging Epic DVD's tightly, cause they are miIIIIne

Le me with OTP shirt (shipping anything. Anywhere. Anytime.)
I will wear this with honour. 

We had Gnocci and Ham and drank lovely drinks and ate lovely eats and altogether had a very relaxing and blessed day. We finished off by watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 which had been a gift to Chloe. That. Hurt.


But enough of sadness. I'm going to post something for you today, something I promised. A CHRISTMAS STORY!!! *drum roll*

This is my first 'short story'

It's rough.

Very rough.

It needs a ton of work.

But I tried my best.

And I promised.

So here you go.

Be Kind.


 She was a fine Lassie with wild red hair and a soft, quiet laugh and a smile that made her look the picture of true innocence. She was a sight to behold and she was beheld above all by the young drummer boy dressed in blue with a feather in his hat and a red vest around his shoulders.
Ah he did fancy the lassie. She was so very lovely. She was like a delicate fire flower blowing in the breeze of a new spring morning. There was no single one who caught his sight quite like she did.
Early in the morning he would come by her house, drumming the steady beat into his drum and singing a good morning to the world. The lass would lean out the window and;
“Good morning lass.” said he.
“Good morning drummer boy.” said she.
Down would swing his hat and out would swing his little tin cup and drop, a strand of the lassies fair hair would drop into it.
“much obliged.” would say he. She would close the latch on the window and on would go the hat on his head and off he would trip, humming and drumming and calling “good morning!” into the frost air.
The lassie would lean against the closed window. And smile.
It was late December and the air was close to freezing. The drummer boy was up for his early rounds before the sun came up, whistling and drumming on his drum.
“good morning to all! Good morning to all!”
Out leaned the Lassie, her hair washing down like a waterfall. “Good morning, drummer boy!”
“'morning Lassie.”
“Would you mind very much if I asked you a question, drummer boy?”
“I would answer you anything, Lassie.”
The window swung shut and the door came open. The Lassie stepped onto the cobblestones.
When she went back in again, the Drummer Boy had gone over all queer and had to sit down to steady his nerves. To think the Lassie would ask him such a thing! Dinner with her family! After all this time... He tapped and anticipative tune on his drum and as the last notes rang out he smiled. Over his shoulder went the merry drum on off he went, whistling gaily to himself.
Tomorrow night!
It so happened that as the next evening fell the wind grew cold and still and the stars were choked by the thick coatings of clouds threatening the soon-coming storm. He pulled on his vest and scarf and swung his little drum into a pack which he placed over his shoulder. He would have to hurry to get to the Lassie on time.

   The air was as cold as ever out the doors. The wind picked up and howled in anguish, a terrifying noise to behold. The Drummer boy tucked up his collar and bared his head against the weather. It was an eerie night. He hummed to himself.
The music was taken by the wind and lingered for a minute over a group of young shepherds heading home. They were brothers, these shepherds. They were all good to each other, all but the youngest one who would complain about the cold without stop. He was an idiotic, pain of a child and all the older boys had had just about enough of him.

   They were headed home now, talking and laughing and enjoying one another's company. Behind them the Little Shepherd lagged behind. He was angry with his brothers. They had been perfectly brutal to him lately and he thought they deserved some sort of comeuppance. An idea came into his head and he slowed his pace more and more gradually until his brothers dropped out of sight altogether. Then he ducked down behind a tall mound of grass and went still. He would hide for a bit. Give them a scare. When he came home he would have the story for his parents of how his brothers had left him on the hill.
The sun had set and it started to snow. One minute the skies were clear but for a few flurries and the next minute the wind was ripping through the air and the snow was coming down in a shocking state of whir. It spun about The Drummer's eyes without remorse, practically blinding him. He stopped abruptly and shook feathers out of his vision. He had lost the road somewhere. Behind him there was clear cut white and ahead of him it was the same, though with biting wind roaring straight at you instead of against you. The Drummer could feel his nerves beginning to prickle. Had he lost his way? What would he do? He had no lint or lighter, and he couldn't have used either even if he had, for the wind would have snatched it away for its own, leaving him empty-handed.
He couldn't turn around. He knew that would only confuse his direction more. There was only one way to go. Straight ahead. He planted his feet in front of him and started moving forward.

    The Little Shepherd was still lying in the grass when he heard the sound. It was strange and sweet beautiful and without a doubt the most terrifying thing he had ever heard. It was singing. Far over the hill their were voices singing, seemingly hundreds of them. The Voices swelled and sent a tremor through his body and a he had an overwhelming feeling that was too much of everything to understand. He lay there, as still as stone, until the feeling passed him by and the world started moving again. Thing were quiet but he was so unsettled that he decided now was the time to start heading home. He had been gone long enough. With an acute sense of unease he started off on his way.
That was when it started snowing.

    The Drummer's hands were freezing in his pockets. He couldn't see more than two feet in front of him. He wasn't sure what way he was travelling any longer. He was afraid he had lost his sense of direction entirely and could be heading just about anywhere. One thing was for certain. He had to get out of this cold. He would die if he didn't.
    He stumbled on blindly through the white blur. His eyes were fogging over. He'd never felt so cold in all of his life. The flakes piled up around his feet, threatening to bury his footsteps. They wanted to swallow him up.
How queer a thing love is, that even being so far from him she could still feel his struggle. It would seem impossible. But such is the bond of lovers, for in that moment the Lassie started awake in her bed, heart hammering.

She flung open the cabin door and stepped into the snow. Again the sound came, farther off but still there. Out she went. She must go to him.

   Her Drummer was in danger.

   He was dying. And he was alone.

   The world is a different place at night and it is beyond horrifying in the wilds of a hungry storm. The Lassie called her drummer's name but her voice was picked up and flung away viciously and the wind cackled wickedly at her. She shouted back at it, but what did her protests mean to it? She cursed the wind for it's crulty and the snow for its cold and she cursed herself for asking her Drummer out in weather like this. Now he was in trouble, or maybe far worse.  

She must find him. She must.

   The Drummer had never felt so terribly cold. He nothing more than to lie down and sleep. It took everything in him not to give into this longing. If he slept he wouldn't survive the night. He must put one foot in front of the other. Keep going. That was the way.

    He slammed suddenly against something straight in front of him and staggered back. He steadied himself and walked forward slowly, his hands stretched in front. The tips of his fingers scraped bare board. He moved them along the wood and found a door fitting, and then pushed it open. He slid in quickly and shut the door behind him. He found himself in a small stable house. The animals stared at him with disinterest and he waved a friendly hand.
“Hallo friends. Do you mind if I bunk with you here? Nah, I hoped you wouldn't.” He smiled and patted one of the horses kindly. He pulled up a sack and stacked it against the hay. He curled up and tried to make himself as comfortable as he could. He would likely be stuck here for the night, so might as well make the best of it. He was warming up now. He pulled his pack off his shoulder and took the drum from it. He began to play.

Thrum, thrum, thrum. Thrum-thre-thrum-thrum.

   Softly did the drum play. Loudly did the wind howl. Swiftly did the music fly.
It flew down and found a young Shepherd hobbled along in the snow. He was sorely regretting his decision to stay behind his brothers. He could no longer see his path and he had never felt such piercing ice in his blood. He was having trouble ignoring the snow which was falling about him. He couldn't see. He couldn't hear and the wind bit through his skin without mercy. He pulled his vest close about him and struggled on. His only hope was to walk out the storm. But his eyes were heavy. It would be so easy to just close his eyes and let the darkness take over. Tears pricked at his lids. If only he had gone with his brothers. He wondered if anyone had noticed he was gone yet. What could they do even if they had? They couldn't come and find him. Not in this. He would die here, and it would be his own fault. He folded his vest tighter about him and squeezed his eyes shut and started a prayer but the words caught in his throat. His tears weld up and slid down his cheeks. The wind moaned a lonely tune in the silence of the night.


Thrum, thrum, thrum. Thrum-thre-thrum-thrum.

   His eyes came open. The notes came again. They were soft and almost lost in the wind but they were there. He found the strength to stand. He followed the sound. He followed the sound of the drums.
There were others trying to find their way in this weather. A women sitting upon a donkey, and a man leading the beast and his wife. They were going downhill and had been for several minutes. The were looking for the stable which promised them shelter. They knew it had to be close. The Innkeeper had showed them the right direction not long before now. That was before the snow had started though and know it was hard to see anything now. The Husband knew she could not have the Child in this cold and storm.
   The wind howled but then another sound came. It was the sound of drums. He raised his head to them. They were coming from not too far away. Just a little to the South instead of the North. There was nothing else to try. He followed the drums.

   The music didn't stop there though, oh no. it went on. On and on the Drummer boy played and somehow the music reached a Lassie, lying down, nearly frozen in the snow. She raised her head. Tears stained her face and she hardly had strength to walk. But she heard Drums. And if she heard drums, then Perhaps …. Just perhaps....She forced herself to stand.


She could hear him! Her drummer boy! She could hear him playing! She tried desperately to catch the notes but the wind kept catching them up, He was alive though, somewhere. She could here him. Where was he?

   “Drummer! Drummer!” She screamed out his name. But no one answered her call. There was nothing but drums, drums, drums. She could feel the beat pulling through her. She only had to follow it. Follow the drums. Follow the drums!
Still in the night the Drummer Boy played. Swift went his fingers against the smooth wood. Soft now, now building, now almost inaudible, now growing into a crescendo. His drums were something out of a fairytale. It called to all the travellers lost in the snow that night. It called to the villagers, going home late from their work. It called to the Shepherds sent by angels and to the one brother lost alone in the cold. It reached the husband and wife struggling to their stable and the Lassie, alone in the frosty winter night. They all raised their heads. They all heard the sound. They all followed the music.


   Enchantingly did the music float in the travellers hearts. It was leading them all home.

   The drums vibrated with such ferocity in the Lassie's chest that she thought she might die from the cause of it. Now she saw something too. A stable. Lit up as if hung with stars. There was singing. Angels were singing to the Drummer drums. The snow did not blow so here, but fell soflty as if caught in it's own time, captivated by the musics magic. Standing there in the stable were shepherds and their sheep, a many villagers who'd lost their way in the storm. It was practically full to bursting there were so many gathered here.

   And she saw him. He was sitting in the stable, playing his drum ever so delicately. Sitting at his knee was a lovely lady, behind her a young man and in her arms was a Child. As she watched He extended his arms to the Drummer. The Drummer took him into his arms and the instrument fell from his hands. Yet somehow the music carried on. It grew louder and louder. The Drummer held the child, his eyes bright. He held the Child so gently. So gently. The Lassie ran to him. He saw her and smiled, opening up his arms so she could hold him in hers, crying her thanks that she'd found him alive. The music played on and on and the Drummer's music floated up to heaven. The whole world rung with the Drummer music.

And the Drummer cried.

Now my fingers are getting cold and I want to curl up in my PJ's and fluff TARDIS hat and sleep. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a very Merry New Year!! GOD BLESS!!!! PEACE OUT Y'ALL!!!!

*slides off car*


Saturday, December 20, 2014



I think this sums up my relationship with my sister Tiny quite well. (actually its me with a lot of my sisters....)

I'm the happy elf that kisses the angry one 

That was seriously random.

I really the weekends. First you get Friday. And I like Friday. They are very, very nice for me. My mom and dad both go out and do things (shopping, work, etc.) so I get a whole morning to myself. I can turn on music as loud as I want and act dramatically with it. I can write my heart out, while humming to Phantom or bake or yell or dance around the kitchen with a broom or work on music videos. Basically I can do whatever I want. I can work on my short Christmas story which I am planning to Publish on my blog on Christmas Eve. I can do some acting and play around with characters for my stories. I can have ME time.

I just really love Fridays.

Today isn't Friday though. Today is Saturday. I like Saturdays too. Saturdays are the days I get to be lazy and doing nothing for hours because SATURDAY. Today we did so more decorating for the house. We had some decorating done but the house must be BEAUTIFUL for Midnight Mass. Did I tell you about that? Oh well, I'll tell you again in case I didn't. WE GET MIDNIGHT MASS HERE! it is going to be fAbulous. That is why we are still decorating. On Monday I'm gonna get pines and beads and deck the halls and all that stuff. Our home will be a castle.

In the words of North, THIS WILL BE EPIC

When the windows are all finished and coloured in magnificently, I will do a quick post and show off the lovely work of my sisters. Until then you will just have to hold your breath in anticipation.

Decorating really is the greatest thing of the advent season. I FREAKIN LOVE CHRISTMAS.


I promised someone I would post a snippet from my NaNo story. the story that still isn't finished yet. I try to keep my promises, so today I'm going to give you a little snippet. I hope you enjoy it. This is kind of from of the beginning of the book. It's when Sean and Alex are figuring out what exactly has been haunting Alex ever since he got back from the hospital and his Near-Death experience. Enjoy 8-)

  “Okay.” Sean scooted closer to Alex and crossed his legs like he was still in kindergarten class “Tell me what then.”
     “Its going to sound crazy,” said Alex.
“Okay.” said Sean.
    “No, I mean really, really crazy, like you might throw me in a mental hospital, lock me up and burn the key, just for good measure.”
     “Fine.” Sean raised his eyebrows at Alex and pursed his lips so he looked all the world like a small child listening to a lecture he didn't much fancy. “Tell me.”
    Alex rubbed his hands together and locked knuckles. Where to start? “It all started that night, the night after the sledding accident,” he said. “At first I was having nightmares. Or, not nightmares exactly. I wasn't scared. It was more like I was impatient or on edge. It wasn't nice or calm, or anything like that. They were just dreams, you know? I mean... I guess they were kind of disturbing, and I certainly didn't like them or anything, but I was never scared. I was never scared until I woke up.” 
     He stopped, realizing he wasn't explaining very well and tried again. “Anyway, these nightmares, dreams, whatever they were, in them I would see this.... boy. I thought it was a boy. I could see him but he couldn't see me. He seemed to be looking for me. He wanted me to go away with him.” Alex looked at his hands, clenching his knuckles tighter together. “I thought I was just dreaming,” he said. “The first few days, I thought I was just having this weird, reoccurring dream. But then it got worse.” He stopped again. This was too crazy. Saying it out loud sounded even more crazy.
    “Yes?” Sean hadn't moved. He was giving his full attention to Alex and nothing in his face was teasing or amused. He was listening.
    “I started to see him during the day.” said Alex. “And he didn't look like a boy anymore, not a proper boy. He looked like a ghost. And he wouldn't leave me alone. No matter where I couldn't get away from him. He would just pop up here and there, and always he was looking for me. I know how crazy that sounds, but he was looking for me, and I mean specifically me. And then yesterday....” he hesitated and his knuckles turned white. “Yesterday he saw me.”
    “The boy.”
    “Yes.” Alex looked at Sean expecting to see disbelief or maybe polite concern but Sean was looking off into the distance, thinking. “This has been happening since the hospital?”
Sean looked at Alex and cold went up his spine. “What?”
    “It's probably nothing,” said Sean.
    “It's something,” said Alex, “tell me.”
    “Alex, you died. You're heart stopped. I mean, they even, they even called your time of death. And  then you just.... you just woke up.” Sean's eyes misted over and his eyes dropped to the floor boards. “The Doctor's said it was some kind of miracle.” he said, “And I was so happy to see you alive that I just... I didn't...” he shook his head.
    “What are you saying?” asked Alex. “Did you see something? You did didn't you, you saw something! Sean, what did you see? Sean?”
    “That boy,” said Sean quietly. “The boy in your dreams. What did he look like?”
    “I, uhm... he had dark hair, grey eyes, he was about my age and all dressed in black – I don't know, he looked like a boy!” He watched Sean and the cold in his spine got worse. “Why do you ask?”
    “He was there in the hospital room when you woke up.” said Sean. “I thought I'd imagined him, he was gone so fast. It was like he just.... I dunno, flickered in and out. But it was really quick.”
    “You're sure you saw him?”
    “Yes. I mean, I think so. Now, now I think so.”
    Alex chewed on his lip. “What do you think it means?” He asked.
    “I don't know.” Sean admitted. “But if it's the same boy....” He trailed off. “Alex, does he say anything to you? Anything at all?”
    “No. He doesn't say anything. He just stands there.” Alex thought for a second and then added, “But when I see him it does feel like he's calling to me. Not with words though, with, I don't know, some kind of energy maybe. And he's pale. He's really pale and he feels cold, like there's a constant draft around him wherever he goes. I know, I'm crazy right?” Sean shook his head.
    “When did you first see him?” he asked.
    “I...” When had he first seen him? Alex knew it had been after the sledding accident but he wasn't sure exactly when it had all begun. “I think it started in the hospital,” he said finally. “I remember, a little, I think he was there. I don't know, it's all jumbled up!”
    Sean was thinking. He leaned his hands on the dresser and looked at himself in the mirror as if his reflection would tell him what his mind couldn't.
    “It almost sounds like...” He stopped and shook his head. “No.”
    “What?” asked Alex.
    “Reapers.” said Sean. It sounded more like a question than an answer.
    “Reapers?” Alex frowned at his friend. “Like, reaper, reapers? Like the guys who collect you after your death?” Sean nodded. “Yeah,” said Alex, “Except Reapers don't exist, wise guy.”
    “Maybe not,” said Sean, “but that's what this sounds like.”
    “Since when are you a Reaper expert?”
    “Since I've read every Grimm fairytale that's ever existed.” said Sean.
    “Grimm. Right.” Alex rolled his eyes and let himself fall back onto the bed so he was looking up at the ceiling. “What else do you supposed is onto me? Maybe fairies?”
     “This is serious Alex.”
    “Yep. I got that.”
    Sean looked down at him.“What?” Alex asked. He shrugged and looked away. Alex sighed and pushed himself up onto his elbows. “Sean, nightmares and phantom boys I can get, but reapers? That's all fake stuff.”
    “Maybe.” Sean didn't sound so sure. Alex bit his lip. “Even if reapers were real,” he said, “Why would one be after me? What did I do?”
    “Reapers don't go after living people,” said Alex. “They go after the dead.” Sean gave Alex a queer look and Alex felt something knot in his chest. “What, you think I'm dead?” He sat up so he was eye level with his friend. “Sean. I am not dead.”
    “No, I know that.”
    “So why would reapers be after me? I mean, Sean, reapers don't even exist! This doesn't make any sense.”
    “I know.” Sean stood up and the bed creaked painfully as his weight left it. “Forget it. It was just a thought.”
    Alex felt bad about his attitude and tried to change his tone. “It's just...Reapers?” he said, talking to Sean's turned back. “You know how crazy that sounds.”
    “I know.” he answered. “Why won't you stop talking about it?”
    Alex shrugged. He couldn't bring himself to admit how nervous he actually was at the idea of a reaper being on his back. He changed his tactics. “Why would you even think any of this?” he asked.
    “Forget it,” said Sean, but Alex couldn't forget it. For all of his words the fact that something like a Reaper might actually be after him made him feel uneasy, and despite his criticism, a small part of him believed that it could be true. There had certainly been something off about the boy in black. And after all the strange things that had been happening with him, was a reaper really so crazy after all?
    “What if we went to the library?” asked Alex. “Maybe did some research?”
    “On reapers?” a small grin played on the corner of Sean's mouth and Alex frowned back, irritated. “Or anything,” he said.
    “We could, but my parents are coming home soon.”
    “We could drop them a note.” said Alex.
    “Dinner is supposed to be early tonight. They have that dance or whatever, remember?”
    “We don't need to stay forever.” said Alex, “Just long enough to pick up a few books. Sean. When have they ever been home on time? They're not even eating with us, remember? They're eating at the party.” Alex smiled, tilting his head. “Just for a bit?”
    Sean looked at the clock on his wall. “Okay.” he said. “That should be okay. But how do we get there? We don't have a car and neither of us could drive even if we did. And we can't walk. Its way too cold outside for a walk.”
    “We could bundle up real well.” said Alex.
    “Come on, it's not like we've never biked to the library before.”
    “I know. But Alex, you're not … you're not all strong yet. And we left our bikes in the garage last time you were here.”
    “Oh. You haven't stacked the wood yet have you?” Sean didn't have to answer. Alex knew that they had. “Great. That's great. I hate it when you do that!”
    “I know.”
    “Why does this always happen to us?” asked Alex. “Every year, like clockwork. You'd think we'd learn.” Sean smiled. They never learned.
    “I guess that means plan B.” said Alex.
    “No, Alex, I don't think we should.”
   “We'll be fast,” said Alex. “I promise we'll be fast. We'll be back before you're parents get home, I promise.” He tilted his head at Sean. “We have to work this out,” he said. “You know that.”
    “I know.” Sean picked up his jacket from the chair's back and slung it over his shoulders. “Let's just hurry, okay?”

Posting snippets makes me nervous.
I should go. We're going to watch a Christmas movie and drink tea. PEACE OUT Y'ALL!

*slides off car*

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It's December and we still don't have snow on the ground. Do you know how depressing that is? It's really depressing! Where are our big white winters?? I MISS MY BIG WHITE WINTERS. (I don't miss shoveling but at this point I will be willing to shovel if it meant snow.)

On a happier note, guess what today is?? TODAY IS TUESDAY OF THE SECOND WEEK OF ADVENT!!!! *Throws confetti and dances around in bare feet*

I don't know about any of you but I love Advent. It's awesomness. For those of you who don't know, Advent is the four weeks before Christmas in which Catholics prepare for the coming of Christ. We do little sacrifices and prayers to get our souls ready for Christmas and it is incredibly exciting. Advent is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. I love bring out all the Christmas music and setting out the ornaments and putting up the Nativity and and baking and singing and .... I just love everything about it!!  I do this rant on my blog every December but I can't help it. I love Christmas. And I'm super excited because we set up our tree last week. I love setting up the tree. And taking pictures of setting up the tree. And capturing all the precious memories of setting up the tree so I can hug them and squeeze them and post them and spread the cheer. CHRISTMAS. FEELS.

Setting up the Christmas Tree takes a little time but it is worth it. Even if you get a little goofy by the end. Goofiness comes with Christmas trees. That is just life. And goofiness makes happy pictures. Like ones with my sister Tiny and I being idiots together.

Setting up the tree and feeling FAbulous

We set up the tree and decorated on two different day. Why? I have no clue BECAUSE REASONS. Decorating the tree is always harder because Amy INSISTS on having blinking lights on our tree. And blinking lights are beautfiul, they are. But they are a PAIN because it takes hours just to get them to blink and not stop blinking. It tries the patience of everyone including the cats. There is always this one section that goes out too, just when you think you've won. Then you just about blow a fuse before trying to lay down and die.  

This is the epitome of smiling through gritted teeth. WHY AREN'T' THEY BLINKING?
wait.... why is it dead??? did it just die?? oh my gosh I am so mad!!!


*forces frustrated smile*

We finally got the blasted things up though and once they were all blinking and bountiful the tree looked lovely. We cheered ourselves on quite ridiculously and then I had lots of fun being silly and taking selfies in front of our masterpeice


Yep. See right there? I'm losing my mind. 

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. As part of this ridiculous and weird post I'm doing a tag. It is a cool tag.  

1.) Link back to the person who tagged you

2.) Answer the Questions

3.)Tag five (or more) people.  


1.) When does the Christmas season officially 'start' in your house?

We start celebrating Christmas pretty early earn. We listen to our first Christmas Song, "Oh Holy Night" by Nat King Cole, on Thanksgiving  and from there we starting putting on Christmas music and began the small decorating around the house. By the sixth of December we are into Christmas. December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day, so for us that is the day that actually puts everyone into the CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! mood. Everyone sets out their shoes and gets candy and a little gift and it is very exciting. It makes me happy. I love it

2.) What is your earliest memory of Christmas? 

I'm not sure what my 'earliest' memory of Christmas was, but I am fairly sure it was my dad helping me up onto the counter so I could watch them roll out gnocchi for Christmas dinner. We have gnocchi every year on Christmas Day and we always bake it from scratch and then chop it up and roll out in in little balls on the table. It's a lot of fun. I remember being fascinated by all the pasta we had to make and how much flour we dumped into it and getting almost hysterical with excitement when they let me help roll them out on the table and put the special markings on them with my own special fork. I remember it vividly.

3.) What is something that is something that is iconic-ally Christmas for you or your family?

Something iconic-ally Christmas... Nat King Cole's Christmas CD Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. That CD is represents everything Christmas means to me and it is full of amazing memories. It wouldn't be Christmas without Nat King Cole.

4.) What are some of your Christmas Traditions? 

We have a bunch of Christmas Traditions. The first one is Silent Night. On Thanksgiving we put on our first Christmas song and that is Silent Night by Nat King Cole. Another one is having Gnocchi and ham for Christmas dinner. Then there is also Christmas morning breakfast. We have these FAbulous Sausage Sandwiches with rich, expensive Italian sausage and fine bread and coffee and it's FABULOUS. I love that breakfast. We only get it once a year but it's well worth the wait. Oh and we have this cool kind of tradition with our Nativity set. We don't set it all up at once. We put out the stable on the first Sunday of Advent and put in the donkey. Then on every Sunday of Advent we put in a new statue until Christmas Eve when we put in Our Lady. On Christmas Morning we put in the Baby Jesus. It gives the feeling of Christ coming into the home. We leave the Nativity for a few weeks so we still get to have the whole scene up for a bit afterward.

5.) What is one of the traditions that you want to carry on even after you're married?

I want to do Gnocchi on Christmas. I also want to do Silent Night as the first Christmas Song on Thanksgiving.

6.) What if your favorite thing when preparing for Christmas? The Baking, decorating or cleaning?

I like all of the above! I love the decorating the best probably. Baking is a lot of fun but the endless plates of cookies waiting to be frosted can get exhausting. Making the house look beautiful makes my heart feel better. It just makes everything FEEL like Christmas. It feels like your getting your home ready for Christ and I love that feeling. Decorating is also something we do right off at the beginning of Advent so I feel like it is what starts everything and it's special. So yeah, the decorating is my favorite.

7.) What is a special/unique Christmas memory?


When were were little my sister Mahri used to read us this book during Advent. It is full of Christmas letters from Santa Clause that had been sent to JRR Tolkien's four children. They had all these stories about the adventures that happened at the North Pole and there were all these pictures he had painted and sent with the letters. They were brilliant. We loved those letters. One year we wrote out letters and actually sent them out instead of sticking them on the front door like we normally did. We hoped Santa would write back to us too. And he did. That year we got a letter back from Santa Clause just like we'd seen them in the book, except these were for us. It happened for quite a few years after that. It was one of the best things that ever could have happened to us and it brought us a lot of happiness. I hope the person who wrote those letters knows that.

8.) What do you like better, giving or receiving gifts? 

I love getting pressies but giving them is better cause you get to watch people unwrap and giggle at them because you are so happy that they're happy,

9.) What are some of your favorite Christmas cartoons?

I love Mickey's Christmas Carol. I think that is my favorite Christmas cartoon over all, it has a very strong message and it's really, really well done. I also really love The Grinch that Stole Christmas, The Rise of the Guardians,(even if it's not 'technically' a Christmas cartoon) and A Charlie Brown Christmas.There is this one old cartoon that is really hard to find, next to impossible actually. It is called The First White Christmas. It is about this orphan Shepherd Boy who gets struck blind by Lightning a couple of months before Christmas. He is taken in by these three little nuns who help him and look after him while he heals. It's adorable. And sweet. And sad. And I love it.

10.) What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?

 There are so many Christmas movies so I'm just going to name my top five.

While you were Sleeping, 
It's a Wonderful Life, 
Silent Night, 
One Magic Christmas, 
Holiday Inn
(again, I know it's not technically Christmas)

11.) Do you have a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree? 

We have an artificial tree. Once upon a time my family used to get real Christmas trees but I hardly remember that. It's okay though. Our tree is incredibly lovely for being artificial and it's a lot of fun to decorate. We still have the nice pine smell in the house because we make Pine wreathes for the doors and windows with red beads and ribbons. And it's pretty.

12.) Do you have a favorite Christmas book/story? 

I love The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever." Read it. It will make you cry beautiful tears.

13.) What is your favorite Christmas song?

There are a lot of songs that I love but a personal favorite is Hayley Westenra's "Christmas Morning." It is just so Christmas-y!!! It almost gives me a homesick feeling in my stomach. All Christmas music does that to me though. I get this ache in my chest when I listen to it, like I've been away from home for far too long and have only just got back and am so happy I want to cry.

I tag: 

It's getting late so I have to go now. I hope you have a wonderful week and I'll see you soon. (hopefully) God bless!! PEACE OUT Y'ALL!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

December Eight

Happy Immaculate Conception y'all!

Hail, Full of Grace

For those of you who don't know what the Immaculate Conception is, it is the day the Catholics celebrate in commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary being conceived without Original sin. It is an amazing feast day and I love it tons and it makes me very, very happy. It gives December a very hopeful feeling and is a fitting beginning to the month of Christmas. I couldn't let it slip by without mentioning it, so ta-da!!!!! HAPPY IMMACULATE CONCEPTION!!!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more, because more is coming. Peace out y'all!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

I. Freakin. WON.



I WON!!!! I WON!!! I WON NANO!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! 


*slides off of car*

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Pro's and Con's of being a NaNo Writer

PRO: NaNo-ing forces you to write even if you don't feel like it, something everyone needs every now and then.

CON: You have to write for a long time every day and it's really, really hard.

PRO: You get to hide in your room all day and not be social and drink tea and wrap yourself in blankets because you're writing and you deserve it.

CON: My room is really really cold.

PRO: You get to crawl into bed and wear cool gloves while you write.

CON: The room is still really really cold.

PRO: You can yell at people when they open the door and then giggle about it

CON: You get super cranky.

PRO: You can threaten to write people you don't like into your book if they don't behave.

CON: this doesn't always work. Sometimes they just get mad at you

PRO: You get to write to your hearts content. All you have to do is say "IT'S NANO!" and your family will back off. (at least mine will)

CON: You start becoming editor-happy and have to force yourself not to hit backspace. Like EVER. And that is really, really hard. I hate my inner editor.

PRO: You get to spend a whole month creating and exploring characters

CON: My characters.......

PRO: You get those exciting moments where you just know that you have GOT this and you re going to finish and you're going to win and it's AWESOME.

CON: These moments of buzz don't last long.

PRO: This is November and everything smells good and it's just the right time of year to be inspired.

CON: Inspiration can be hard to come by. pretty soon your mind starts short-circuiting.


CON: You stay up way longer than you should. Tip guys. Don't write and be on totally obsesed with a Fandom at the same time. It isn't good for you're blood pressure.


PRO: You get to tell people you are doing NaNo and watch their eyes get wide with horror and awe. "Wow!  Is it.... hard?"

"Nope. not all." *smirk*

CON: You Realize you have ten days left and you are on the finishing stretch and have no inspiration and you start panicking because you need 50,0000 words at the end of the month!

This is about the time you start to lose your already addled mind.


PRO: You take a breath and try to remember this is just a writing boost for you and it doesn't matter if you don't finish. Just have fun. FUN!

CON: It's hard to remember that when you know you only have ten days left to reach your count.

PRO: You have hundreds of writing buddies doing this with you. You're not alone, you have help and support. YOU CAN DO THIS!

CON: Having Writers block. In NaNoWriMo.



PRO; It's Nano. And as awful as NaNo is amazing. and wonderful. and challenging. and exciting. You get to meet other writers. you get to write a whole novel and it's freaking EPIC.


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Friday, November 14, 2014

NaNo Blog Party: Day the Third

Lalala Weekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend!!! Don't you love weekends?? I know, they are so awesome!! Too bad you only get one a week. you should have two or three. One work day six blank days. Doesn't that sound like a good plan? Yeah, I thought so too.

Why am I not president yet?

Today is the last day of my fun little NaNo party and it is a day you can do basically anything on. You can post snippets or quotes. You can talk about inspirations or your general writing experience. You can post pictures or Book covers or do interviews: basically you can do anything, anything at all! I'm going to post a few quotes from my book, ones that are my special favorites. It should be fun.

Also, I do have another Blog which I share with my space adventurer. It ... uhm... We tend to forget about the Dear Little Thing so we don't have much on it yet. But I'm going to try to be better about posting on it and reminding you all to check it out. Jim and I will probably post over there at least before the end of the Month... at least I will. So stay alert 8-)


  "Reapers don't exist, wise guy.”
“Maybe not,” said Sean, “but that's what this sounds like.”
“Since when are you a Reper expert?”

“Since I've read every Grimm fairytale that's ever existed.”

 “You're still on the mend you know,” said Sean.
“I'll be fine,” Alex promised. “You worry too much.”
“I know,” said Sean

 “I'm ready to go now. That is if you and the wall are finished bonding.”

"This is real. I wonder if that means there's a chance for Santa Clause."

"I'm older than you." 
"Only by 36 minutes." 

 “Orange juice,” he said happily. “We have orange juice!”  

 “It builds character. It isn't like my face has much going for it anyway.”
 “How about your lip?” 
“That builds character too,”

Last but not least the bit I've written as of right now. 

 “I don't know.” he said finally. I'm just not sure."
“I do. I think... I know it sounds crazy but I think I am.
"Sure." Sean lifted the book and held it out in front of him so that the pages were open toward Alex.   


So it ends.

ONE LAST THING!! Today pick one word that best sums up your Main character, your side character and your antagonist. (Separately of course. Not one word for all three.)

Alex: Funny

Sean: Sweet

Death: Resilient.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

NaNo Blog Party: Day the Second

Today we are going to introduce book characters, And we get to do it with a tag! Lalalalalala!

1.) Who is your main character? 

My Main character is Alex Gregory.

2.) What is your character's age and what is his point in the story?

Alex is sixteen years old. He is the hero of the story and he is meant to stop the Tempest and save the world from a second world war. 

3.) What does your character look like? 

He is kind of shorter, but not excessively so. He has light, sandy-blond hair and a nice smile and he has dark eyes. He's athletic and charming and just an all-around good looking kid. He's the type of boy who would be dubbed as a heart breaker when he gets older. 

Alex J. Gregory.

He is a little more blond than that picture, but it is very close

4.) What are some of your characters best qualities?

Alex is a very good friend. He will always be there for you, no matter what. He's brave and clever and and the nicest kind of nerd. He's funny and he tries to break the ice in any situation, no matter how bad it is. He likes to tease, and a little bit of that comes from him being a big brother. He especially likes making people laugh, which is another reason for the teasing.

5.) What are some of your characters worse qualities?

He doesn't like admitting he isn't okay and it generally takes a good deal of poking to make him talk about something that is really bothering him. Usually if he's under a lot of emotional strain or stress he tends to just get loud and angry and difficult to be around. He wants to protect those he loves which isn't a bad thing, but sometimes that means he pushes them out and that isn't the greatest thing in the world. He keeps a lot of problems bottled up in side of him and tends to get snappy when he has to face them. He doesn't like facing his problems. 

6.) What is one thing you don't like about your character? 

He's stubborn and idiotic. Okay?

7.) What is one thing about your character that you especially admire? 

He doesn't let people push him around and he stands up against what's evil. He has a very high idea of what is right and wrong, and he makes hard decisions and I'm proud of him for it. He doesn't get scared very often, and even if he does when it comes down to it, he will stand up to his fears. 

8.) Who is/are your side characters? (this can include the villains - antagonists- whatever)

I have two MAIN side characters. One is Sean. Sean is Alex's best friend and he is basically the second main character. he even gets chapters told from his view point and everything. The other main character is... well Death. Yes, Death is a side character. But he is more of a third-character type. He isn't really a villain. He is an antagonist. And to be honest, I kind of like him.

Sean Patrick Kellerman

I have no picture for Death. My Apologies. I looked around but I couldn't find anyone that would fit him. All I know is that he's not this guy:

Death likes milkshakes. don't judge

9.) What is your side character(s) age and what is/are his point in the story?

Sean is sixteen and he is older by Alex by exactly 36 minutes. (It's true. Sean was born at 11:25 on Saturday night and Alex was born 12:01 on Sunday morning.) He is Alex's main anchor in the story and becomes a great part in how the war is stopped and the Tempests destroyed.

10.) What does your side character(s) look like? 

Sean is pretty short, He's shorter than Alex which he finds beastly unfair since he is older than him. He is kind of scrawny and small. He has brown hair that sticks up in strange place and light brown eyes that sometimes look green if he looks up just right. He has an odd face (some would call it ugly, but it really isn't) but when he smiles everything about him changes so he's just adorable. He gets cuter the longer you know him. 

Death can take many shapes but in my story he is most seen as a young boy with dark black hair. He is dressed all in black. 

11.) What are some of your character's best qualities?

Sean is a sweetheart. He is never going through something so bad that he doesn't have time to take care of other people. He worries about everyone and is always trying to help with anything he can. He's soft spoken and quiet but if you get him with someone he really knows he opens up a little more.

Death is Death. He is kind of cynical shares bitter humor with the world.

12.) What are some of your character's worse qualities?

Sean is usually pretty solid and he tends to take things head-on. He goes with the flow and tries not to make trouble. Sometimes though, he can be reckless and if he is pushed to hard he has a terrible temper and it's harder for him to get back once he loses control. He is always trying to see the best in everyone and sometimes he is almost too kind. He'll take a lot of beatings from a lot of people before he fights back.

The fact that Death keeps popping up and won't leave Alex alone, THAT is really annoying.

13.) What is one thing you don't like about your character(s)? 

He's... I guess... he doesn't think very well of himself and that makes me sad. 


14.) What is one thing about your character(s) that you especially admire? 

Sean is very, very sweet and very quiet. Some people are silly and mistake his quiet for cowardice, but that isn't the case at all. Sean is very brave. He is a lot braver than most people would give him credit for, and he is strong in ways that Alex couldn't be. He has more of a inner strength. That isn't to say Alex doesn't - he does. But Sean has it in a different way.

Death knows how to be a good loser. and he isn't really evil. He's just death. He has a job to do and he wants to get it done. 

15.) What are your characters relationships to each other? 

Death is after Alex. Alex was supposed to die and it is Death's job to make sure his check comes do. He has to track down Alex and take him, not because he wants to or because he is evil but just because he this is what he does and he has to make sure the rules of the world our obeyed. Alex being alive causes all sorts of problems and he has to be taken care of.

Sean is determined not to let Alex die on his watch. 

This is a problem for Death. 

Death isn't a huge, big character. He does come in and out of the story but he is certainly more on the outskirts of the story.

As for Sean and Alex... Well, they have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They grew up three houses apart and for a long time they were the only two families on the entire street. So of course they bonded. Alex is the only person who has stuck with Sean all this time and Sean is very grateful to him for it. They're incredibly close and quite inseparable.

Brothers Quote

So ends Day Two!!!  I hope you all enjoyed it! And hey, I'm just going to throw this out there... if any of you still want to do this blog party but for some reason you couldn't make it on these three days - DON'T SWEAT IT! So long as it is November feel free to do the Posts at any time!! Just credit me when you do them. *winks* Before I go, I have one more song to share with you. Skip a minute in. It takes a while to start up. 


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Pile of good things

Pile of good things