Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"I don't think there will be a return journey, Mr. Frodo."


Today, March 25th, is the day that The One Ring was destroyed and Sauron defeated. It also happens to be the day that the Angel Gabriel told Mary that she was to be the Mother of God. Which just goes to show you how amazing Tolkien really is. The evil of the Ring was destroyed on the same date that sin was conquered. HOW COOL IS THAT??? I am cooled out.

Anyhoosel, In honor of the Professor I spent the day reading The Lord of the Rings, and listening to the movie soundtrack and browsing LOTR videos so I could cry over them. Then I got busy and I made lembas bread, yep, actual lembas bread.  It turned out incredibly tasty and I was very pleased with my baking skills. They were better than my brownies 8-D

This is the recipe, translated into English as accurately as possible and highly effective. You know, in case anyone else wants to make it too;

6 TBSP butter or margarine, slightly softened
2 cups self-rising flour
1 TBSP granulated sugar
½ cup raisins (optional)
1 egg, well beaten
½ cup milk
4 TBSP heavy cream
Mallorn leaves

     With a pastry blender of fork, cut margarine into the flour in a mixing bowl until the mixture resembles cornmeal. Do this rapidly so the butter does not melt. Add the sugar and if desired, ½ cup of raisins. In a small bowl, beat the egg and milk together until mixed. Reserve 1 TBSP of this mixture to brush the tops of the Lembas. Add the cream and egg mixture to the flour and mix just until combined into a stiff, soft dough. Knead three or four times on a lightly floured surface. Roll dough to a ¾" thickness and cut with an oval or leaf shaped cookie cutter. Place on a lightly greased baking sheet, leaving 1" of space between Lembas. Brush the tops of the Lembas with the reserved egg-milk mixture. Bake for 12 -13 minutes in a preheated 400 degree oven.

       For safe keeping, wrap each Lembas individually in a fresh, clean Mallorn leaf. If these leaves are unavailable in your area, store the Lembas in a tightly closed container. Makes about 1 ½ dozen Lembas.
This recipe was found at the courtesy of Middle Earth Recipes! It is a fabulous sight with lots of fun Tolkien-ish food on it. So go check it out 8-)

Anyway, I figured today is as good as any to drop by and do a little TOLKEIN RAVING, so I decided to do a tag that I've been saving for a couple of weeks. Because I was tagged!!!!

Le Rules.

-Link back to the blogger who nominated you - ( MELODY! )
-Answer questions 

-Tag some of your own fellow Tolkienknights!

1. How were you first introduced to LotR/TH and was it love at first sight/read?

I grew up on Lord of the Rings, so I'm not sure when I was first introduced to it. I first read the Hobbit when I was ten or eleven and I feel in love with Bilbo. I also loved Fili and Kili (Cause Brothers.) but I also really liked Dori and Balin, since both those dwarves seem to be especially concerned with keeping their little Burglar safe. I seem to recall that Dori especially was always pulling Bilbo off some cliff or out of some tunnel.

I liked Dori for that.

2. If you could meet the actors who portray the characters in the movies, would you?

Of course I would like to meet the actors! That would be so much fun! I would prefer to meet the actors from the LOTR trilogy though, especially Sean Bean.

3. What is your favorite credit song from LotR/TH?

Into the West, at the end of the Return of the King. That song breaks me heart and makes me cry and it is beauti-ous

Grey ships pass

4. The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit - which is your favorite? *evil laugh* (And no, you don't actually have to decide. I'm merciful like that. *magnanimous smile*)

LOTR, hands down. I'm sorry guys. The Hobbit was not as good as I was hoping it would be, and that makes me sad.

5. Who is your favorite all-around character?

I hate choosing a favorite. It is a hard, hard task for me. I feel like I'm betraying the other characters and making them feel unloved when I do that. But .... the character who holds a special place in my heart is Faramir. I love Faramir. (that being said I think they are all brilliant!)

6. What is your opinion on Boromir?

 Ah, Boromir. Yes. I love him. He was noble and strong and brave. He was protective and caring and everything a big brother (and a captain) should be. He was a good man and I will always hate that he died. *I am going to do a post about him soon. stay alert.

7. How many times have you watched the movies/read the books?

*blank look* I don't remember?

I have read the books a few times, I think four or five,  but the LOTR movies I've only seen about three times. We watch them once every couple of years, so I don't have a huge number 8-) Each of the Hobbit movies I've only seen once, and I've yet to see BOFA.

8. What book is your favorite?

For the books, I really love The Two Towers. The Return of the King is beautiful and magnificent there is no denying that, but the Two Towers is my favorite book. However, my favorite movie is The Return of the King.

9. Who is your favorite female character (other than your answer to question #5)?

 I love Eowyn. So much. I like that she was brave and clever but she wasn't annoying, and I admired the fierce love she had for her country. She was cool and sweet and I am glad she found happiness.

10. Who is your favorite male character (other than your answer to question #5)?


11. Which of the movies, in your opinion, has the best ending?

The Return of the King. That ending makes me cry so hard. Good has finally triumphed. The Shire is safe and happy. Middle Earth has been pulled from destruction. Sam gets married, Faramir finds Eowyn, Aragon is made King and gets Arwen for his beautiful Queen, and Frodo is able to find peace (even though he has to travel across the sea to get it. and we all cry cause HOW COULD HE LEAVE???)  It was perfectly done and it will always be my favorite ending.

There! I tag:




That is all for now. Happy Tolkien Day all you all! I should be back soon with an explanation for my long absence.  For now though, to bed!


*slides off car*

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bothersome: causing bother; troublesome

It has been a long, bothersome week. Not for any reason in particular, just because. My acting class has been super stressful and my teacher is terrifying to a point that I can't wait for this class to be over. Which is sad, cause I love to act. I just don't like... the class. I started Camp NaNo at the beginning of this month and it has been the worst first-week-of-NaNo I've had in a really long time. I seem to be in a writing funk. So I tried to sit down and read Raven Boys and instead I started crying for some bizarre reason and gave myself a headache so I couldn't read anymore. This has been happening with all my reading material. Have you ever been so tired and emotional you just can't read? Yeah. That's been my state for weeks now. Apparently I am in a reading funk too. So then I thought - LETS TRY A DIFFERENT ANGLE!!! - and I tried to start my second Conspiracy of Thrones book. I didn't get far. I have some major WWII stuff to dig into.


Sorry guys. We had the time change so I'm tried and kind of cranky and on top of that my writing computer is inoperable because it's plug is gone and without that it has like, twenty-minutes before the battery dies. And my other computer did updates all day so I couldn't work on my music video which I had planned to finish today.

It's still doing updates.

Then I pulled out my school binder and half of my lessons plans were water-warped.

And the last of my birthday chocolate got eaten by A Wee Person who shall remain nameless.

I'm not in a good mood right now.

I am Bob

Anyway, I figured it had been a while since I posted and I should probably wave or something to tell you I am not dead.

Yep. We've got a gif for that too.

Despite my frustration I am still working on my stories. I just don't have a personal computer anymore so it's going to take me a while to get stuff done on a borrowed one. Especially since the end of the school year is coming up and I do NOT want to fall behind. Seriously. Graduation guys. I'm gonna be GRADUATING.

I know, Rory. I know.

Graduation scares me. It means growing up and getting a job and trying to pursue acting and writing (FOR REAL) and I get this anxious knot and feel sick just thinking about it.

Pray for me!!!!!!!!


Remember how I said I wanted Beta readers for my first Conspiracy of Thrones book? If you still want the book I will send it to a couple of people, but I can't give it to more than five. *sad face* I know. I'm sorry. It's just, I've been doing a lot of thinking an the thing is... I am going to try and Traditionally publish my masterpiece(s). So I need to be careful, ya' know? I don't want my story leaking out before its time. Also, I REALLY need editors. There is already one person who has volunteered to read as an editor, but if there are a few of you who just want to kind of critique it for fun, that would be great 8-) Email me!
bellawriter98 (

I have family coming up at the end of this month!! I am excited! Please pray about that cause if all goes well they might be able to move out permanently. which would be EPIC.
I am also reading an odd book by G.K. Chesterton. I keep laughing to myself while I read because it is so strange and ridiculous. And now I'm saying things like "This person is most absurd, I observe, and altogether unintelligent." I'm not kidding. I don't even think before I speak, it just happens.
But hey I'm reading! Maybe I'm getting out of my rut!


*slides off car*

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Live Long, and Prosper

I bet a lot of you have already heard about this. I don't know why it took so long for this news to come around to me, but it did. and the news made me very sad. Leonard Nimoy passed away on February 27th.

Maybe this shouldn't have upset me as much as it did, but I feel like crying or throwing shoes and I can't seem to do either because I am too sad.

one of the few times we see Spock smile

Spock was a huge part of my life growing up. My dad used to always watch Star Trek in the evenings so I spent a lot of time on the enterprise with Kirk and his crew, getting excited and a little geeky over all the planets and aliens and the adorable noisy little ship. It was essentially my first fandom. I vividly remember loving the dynamic between Spock and Kirk and Bones, but especially Spock and Kirk. (I still like this dynamic) They were funny and protective of each other and I loved watching them tease and look after each other. I loved how, even though Spock had been taught to hide his emotions sometimes you still saw them sneaking out. I could understand why he would be your best friend, because under his 'logic' he was funny and smart and kind of lippy. He was also a bit of of a rebel and I liked that about him. He and Kirk were both rebels and together they were the recipe for chaos. I LOVED that. I used to run around as Captain James T Kirk with a trustee  studfinder Tricorder and flip-phone Communicator, exploring distant planets far from home, and Spock was always at my side. He used to get me out of the worst sorts of trouble, that Spock. He was my best friend. My second in command. He made me smile when no one else could, which is a rare trait in a Vulcan. I looked forward to curling up on the couch and watching Kirk and Spock save the day. It was something I could always count on: they would always win, no matter what.

remember this

Spock and Kirk were the first friendship I cried over. I was eight years old. Spock was dying and Kirk couldn't get to him. And Spock tells Kirk that "he is and always will be his friend" and then he died. And it hurt. I was very upset. You don't kill Spock! He is a Vulcan! He can survive a little radiation.

It's kind of weird. I feel like I've lost a friend. I want to do a Star Trek marathon and where a blue Spock-like shirt and drink water out of an odd grace and do a toast to the Second-in-Command.

I feel like watching that episode where Kirk and Spock are gangster and go around talking all Mob-Boss like.

But it is Lent. So I can't.

Maybe I'll do a marathon after Easter.


I am sad.

But I have to practice some songs for Easter Mass, so I must bid you all farewell now. Thank you Spock, for all the happy, happy memories. They meant a lot to a lot of people. especially me.

*transports off ship*


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In which I let you sneak a look at my week

Stupid spammers on Blogger crack me up. So much. What makes them think we would ever pass them off as normal humans?? For real. "Your font is so fabulous truly, as is the coloring and theme of cooking, so please check out how men exercise for abs of exceptional vigor." - close-to direct quotation


I have had a mini-vacation and it is drawing to an end.

I has a sadness.

I'm trying hard not to be too depressed over this. We had a fabulous time these past seven or eight days. We took a week off from school. We listened to lots of loud music and danced to it. We were even able to feast like kings and queens or at least wealthy minion maids and feasting is always brilliant. It was especially brilliant because we figured out how to feats without CHOCOLATE.

See, it is Lent. The third week of Lent. Lent is the six weeks before Easter in which the Catholic Church prepares for Christ's Passion and Death and ultimately, His Resurrection and triumph over sin. It is a lot stricter (and longer) then Advent and normally we wouldn't do lots of feasting and such like. Lent is a time for giving up things and doing little sacrifices and trying to work on being good and holy and penitential. (which can be hard.) But last week we were on vacation so we didn't do as much sacrificing. We still did a lot of it, but we let ourselves do some feasting. Feasting without chocolate. See, my dad went out of town to visit his folks, and we decided that if he got to vacation then we should do a little bit too.

So we did. and it was fantastical.

We did things like stay up till midnight splurging on TV shows, and reading out loud and sleeping in past seven thirty. We spent a day cooking two and a half-dozen pizzas for a Vlog.  Yes, this Vlog will be posted. It still needs editing. Keep your capes on. We made a wonderful breakfast practically ever morning. Sometimes it was cinnamon rolls. Sometimes it was muffins and scrambled eggs and potatoes. Sometimes it was delicious scones. Sometimes it was donuts and coffee and bacon and eggs. And lots of donuts. Homemade.

You should be. they were spectacular

That little thing happened on Sunday. On the Sundays during Lent you don't have to fast. Sunday is a day for celebration since it is the Day our Lord rose again and should always feel hopeful.
We were able to go off the hill a couple times too. First we went off  and visited the Big Museum. that is close-ish to us. It was EPIC. We hadn't been there in like, five years, and I had forgotten how awesome it was. I am planning on going there again very soon  because it is so much fun just to run around and look at all the fabulous stuff.

Then we went off again and  did some window/secondhand shopping and got a lots of nice clothes and shoes. We finished off by going to In-N-Out Burger.

That was Chloe's birthday. It was a good Birthday. We got to have cake later and we watched Big Hero Six again. It was just as good the second time. There were still feels.

that robot is so cute....

Sometimes we would skip Lunch so that we could do some kind of fabulous and yummy snack with tea later on that night. (During Lent you can only have three meals a day and you aren't supposed to snack in between. that's why we'd skip Lunch) Then my Mommy and I would team up and make something fabulous and we'd cheer and make merry. Yesterday we skipped lunch for a Fabulous Snack and it turned out to be EPIC. My Big Bro came over and so did the Lovely Friend Jessie and all the sisters and we all had sugared-scones and pumpkin muffins - which were brilliant and sticky - and tea; two pots! and to finish it off we watched Doctor Who because Jessie the Lovely Friend has never seen it and she wanted to, so we showed her the first one with Eleven and now I believe we've got her hooked.

So Proud

I know what you're thinking. Tea and scones and Doctor Who. How British.

Today we had Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins for Lunch and listened to 1998 and cleaned. And then I wrote. I am doing Camp NaNo this month. I'm doing it with my friend Jimmy because she is fabulous that way. And I've decided to work on the Baxters.

Go me!!!

Alright losers. There is your sneak peek at my life. Sorry there are no pictures. There were supposed to be but I couldn't get any.

Dat Face Doh


*slides off car*

Pile of good things

Pile of good things