Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Christmas Poem

The Christmas Lights that Shine Year Long.

They sparkle and glisten upon their branches, these lights of Christmas joy
Hung upon strings they flicker, on that day the Word was conceived.
In many ways we are like those lights hung upon the tree
But in others we are different, contrasting and the same.
For we are lights meant shine no matter what the season
Some lights never change. They are pure, above all certain and fine. 
These lights glow white without fail or flaw, and they never cease to illuminate,
 Be it in shadow, sleet or snow.

These lights are held up, a sight to behold. 
And everyone who sees them knows
That they are certain of sure of their path
and they stick to their road.
These are the lights all people search for, to be led safely home.
These are those beacons that first were lit, that darkness would never be complete

There are also those lights that were lit after, 
The ones of all colors and size
These lights are unique in the glow that they give
and each is needed to make the tree just right. 

Some of these colors lights are steady. They never seem to flicker. 
For they  strive to be like the original lights, that burn without fault or error.

But some of these thus colored lights, are weaker than the others. 
They know not their strength, nor wonder. 
They hesitate and struggle. They shine for a while and go out. 
They flicker and blink and sputter.
Their fire will perhaps never amount. 

These lights, however, seem the best of all.
And all are drawn near to them to admire their glow.
They are counted as the most important, ones you can nay miss
For these lights, that work so hard,
Are something different to be sure.

They are an example, of every single soul that has ever fallen from grace
The souls that lose again and again, but rise to test their fate
These souls are counted as the ones you must always save

They have fears and doubts. They do not always trust.
They cannot see the other lights, so worry claws them up.
They light up and go dark. They flicker out then hide.
The don't seem to realize why everyone considers them the prize.
But if they only saw How beautiful they are
How every time they go dark, they breath to light a spark
If they only saw what their viewers see
The stars that won't give up!
If they saw all these things;
Perhaps they'd see all the hope and cheer
That their failings and risings do bring. 

This is a poem that came to me other day while we were decorating the Christmas tree. It is kind of strange and  a little lose since this is just the first draft, but for some reason I really love the imagery it brings to your mind.

Life is like a string of Christmas lights. Each colored light resembles human soul and the pure white lights are the angels of heaven.

We are all lights on a giant Christmas tree, bringing beauty to the whole house.

Some of us are solid colored lights that aren't quite sure of their destination but stand their ground and fight for what they want. With these lights you are never sure what you will get, only that you will be surprised. These are the lights that dare to stand out, but somehow remain strong and sure in their uniqueness. They're not afraid to be themselves, even if they are different from everyone else.

There are also lights that hardly shine at all. They don't seem worthy to be placed on the Christmas tree, but they are there anyway to link the other lights together, These lights are hard to enjoy since they hardly seem to have spark of their own, but instead leach off the other lights. Some would call them pointless. Others, who are more kind, would say that they were necessary, and they might shine again if only someone would take the time to fiddle around with them. But it takes a very special person to cut time out of their day for these seemingly hopeless bulbs.

Then there are the lights that blink. These are the lights who always feel nervous or hesitant. They have anxieties and fears. They are never quite know what they are doing, and they're not sure about anything. They know where they're going but they worry about how to get there and how long it will take. They are frustration lights, but somehow they are the most interesting. The stumble and flicker, but they always come back. For some reason it is ten times more satisfying when the lights go out only to come back again.

White lights are constant and sure. They do not belong in the same category as the colored lights, for they were built before any of them. They were made to shine out, to contrast the colored lights and bring out their beauty. The white lights are meant to make the colored lights better, to illuminate their hues.  These lights don not change or falter. These are the lights the skies are adored with, the lights that shine even when there is no tree to hang on; for they don't rely on the physical, only the spiritual.


Maybe this is kind of a weird post. But I am of the opinion that everything about Christmas can be seen as a symbol of God and His creatures. There is something beautiful about each soul symbolizing a light on the tree of God's plan, each creature being an extra ornament. Every single thing is needed to make the tree complete. Even the blank spaces are needed, the spaces of emptiness to show how bright everything else truly is. The prickly branches that stick out between the decorations, the lights that flash on and off, the bright the dim, the colorful, the dark. Every single thing is needed to complete the spectacle. And ever single creature walking about on this green earth is needed to complete God's plan. Isn't that a comforting thought?

I thought it was.

Christmas is practically here. I hope to write another poem, and maybe a short story before it arrives.Until then!

Peace Out Y'all!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage* 


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oh, yeah I'm supposed to blog here....

Apologies in advance if this post feels a little random. I'm tired and sick.

Yesterday wass the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. In the Catholic Church, this is the Day the Mary, Mother of God and Queen of Heaven, was conceived in the womb of her mother, free of Original sin.

"Hail, full of Grace, The Lord is with thee!"

We've started the second week of Advent. I explain Advent every year, so I think most people know what it is at this point. Advent is just the four weeks before Christmas during which Catholics prepare for Christ's coming by doing extra prayer and sacrifice.  I love Advent. For me, that is the start of the Christmas season. On the First Sunday of Advent, Mom pulls out the Nativity set, but she only put's in one statue; the lamb. And every Sunday for the rest of Advent, we put another statue into the Nativity scene. On Christmas Eve we put in Mary, and on Christmas Morning we bring out the Christ Child and set Him in the manger. It is fabulous. 

I seems I ought to give you a quick life-update. I am a terrible blogger, so every time I blog I end up dumping a ton of information on you. This time I will just try and stick with the important stuff. 'Kay? :)

I spent all morning cleaning. I stayed the night with my brother so I could help at with Chloe and Sammi, and I thought we could clean the house nice and pretty for Dad.... and it took for freaking ever. It's a good thing Tiny decided to stay the night with me, otherwise I never would have finished. Even as it was, we were working for something like three hours. Haha. Fun.

After that, I tried to write. But I didn't. Okay, I was supposed to do NaNo last month, but unfortunately that didn't work. I think NaNo puts too much pressure on me to write, and I end up making mistakes, and my stories don't turn out right because I force too much stuff down on paper. I think NaNo can be helpful. I think it really depends on my mood, the story I'm working on, and the amount of planning or world-building the story requires. All my new stories require a lot of world building, so I just need more than thirty days to get the story down on paper. I'm turning into one of those 500-words-a-day writers. I want to attempt a romance story this year. I've actually had an idea for one for a long time, I'm just worried to write it out. Romances usually end up being weird... and I think it would be hard to write, since I've never you know, been in love.

this gif.

Honestly, I haven't been doing as much writing as I should. I think I am too anxious to write. In like, a month, I am going to move in with my brother so I can nanny my two adorable nieces. I am kind of freaking out! I am excited, but scared, if you know what I mean. I mean, once I leave I will earn money and I can pay for dance classes and acting classes, and figure out the whole acting thing that I really want to pursue, but I am so scared! I'm really scared to learn dance. Dance teachers have a reputation of being terrifying. And I met one once. She was like, IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE PAIN. DON'T PLAY.

This sounds pretty intense for beginning dance!

But on the other hand, if I really want to pursue Theatre - which I do - I have to know dance. So I'm at least gonna try. I have to try. My plan is to start off with beginning ballet and work my way up from there. Because ballet is the foundation of all dance!

I feel bad. This post was going to be really long and amazing, but I'm really tired and my head hurts. It's time I head off to bed, but I hope you all enjoyed hearing from me. I'll post again when I'm a little more awake and my energy levels are better.

Peace out y'all!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Pile of good things

Pile of good things