Saturday, February 28, 2015

"Dude! That's Twice!!"

I got tagged with the Liebster Award by two different people.

I am not going to do Twenty-Two Random facts about myself. Just putting that out there right now. Eleven is quite enough.


Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

Answer the eleven question that the blogger gives you

Give eleven random facts about yourself

Nominate eleven other bloggers and let them know

Make eleven questions for them to answer
Bloggers that nominated me are Jackie-face and Treskie-face.
Okay. I'm doing the eleven facts first. Shut up. I'm obeying all the rules.
1.) I love making music videos for my fandoms
2.) I am actually trying to be a writer this year. I don't know if I'm doing a great job but I am trying and that is a good start.
3.) I got a ton of fabulous make up for Christmas. I only had it a couple months and from one day to the next it disappeared.  It was sad. I had a sad.
4.) I prefer warm fuzzy blankets to robes
5.) I have a fascination with Gladiators
6.) My favorite pass time is vidding. I love vidding.
7.) My Favorite pass-time Other then vidding is reading and writing. I'm not a highly active person.
8.) I feel like I should be active more so I take my sister to the park a lot and run around with them.
9.) I love swinging on swings and singing the Winnie the Pooh song. Complete with the feet motions.
10.) I love Taylor Swift's new CD 1989. It is good. There are a few swears but it is good.
11.) I have fabulous pajama's with red and blue bubbles on them.  
Jack's Questions:
1. Have you ever listened to the Snoopy vs. The Red Baron songs?

Hehe. Yes.

 2. What's tatters?

The word? If its the word than it means bits of cloth or clothing all torn and ragged. If it is Sam Gamgee's Taters, then it is Potatoes. 8-D

 3. What would be your opening lines to your Great American Novel?

"Never in all his life had he seen an elephant so huge standing in a house so small."

I don't even know.

 4. Are you over Tadashi yet?

So much sad

 5. How well can you crash a plane?

I've never tried to crash a plane as I am a bit addicted to my life but if I had to I would probably do it about as well as Tin-Tin.

 6. What color are the socks you're wearing right now?

*Peers at toes* Boring black socks. Very boring.

 7. What is the one thing you always carry with you and why?

An apple or chocolate granola bar because I am always hungry.

 8. Are you six foot something with a scary nose?
No. I am a tiny Hobbit child with a small cute little nose and un-intimidating features. It's annoying.

 9. What's the stupidest thing you ever done which inflicted pain on yourself?
This is a really weird question. Okay I got something. I used to play Mercy with my sisters. THAT GAME IS STUPID.

 10. Do foods which don't go bad scare you?

yes. They are inhuman.

Are you trying to poison me?

 11. How well do you get along with cockroaches?
 We aren't on speaking terms since the incident with the moon.
Treskie's Questions

 1.) Will you join me in my quest to destroy all the things?

 *shuffles feet.* ALL the things?? Surely you can't mean ALL the things. That is a bit much... I will surely destroy some of the things. Certainly the most vexing things.
2.) Wizards or witches?

Wizards. Witches terrify me.

3.) Are sweet dreams made of these or are you one to disagree?

Ha! I don't DREAM.

just kidding. Of course I dream. Strange have been my dreams of late...

4.) Have you ever heard of Ninjago? (Apparently it's lego. I have yet to see it.)

Due to my friend Hannah I have heard of it. It doesn't much appeal to me though.

5.) Do you collect sporks?


6.) What were your favorite toys as a kid? 

7.) If you had a choice, would you hang out with Frodo or Merry?
I think I would hang out more with Merry. Merry is a younger sort of hobbit and he seems more carefree and ridiculous. Frodo was always a bit more serious about life ,even in the Shire before the Ring changed his world. I love the hobbit and he would be my dear friend but I think I would hang out more with Merry.

8.) In your opinion are ticks worse than spiders?

Yes. Ticks get in under your skin and suck your blood like tiny vampire bugs and I hate them.

9.) Sherlock meets Shawn Spencer, what is the first thing he would deduct?

Shawn Spencer. Insecure, Neurotic. Egotistical. Has serious commitment issues and problems with authority. Liar. Cheater. Rebel. Hates change and facing big problems. Immature and erratic. Illogical. Walks heavily on left leg in an attempt to look cool. Has daddy issues. Is violently in love with strange blond cop. Very clever and stupid at the same time.

10.) Can you list the fifty states? 
Bad lip reading

 *taps microphone*
Alabama, and Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, and more. Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana Iowa, only 36 more to go! Next New Hampshire and New Jersey, now way down Mexico, there's New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, now let's see, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee. Texas and there's Utah, Vermont, I'm almost through! Virginia and there's Washington and West Virginia, too! Could Wisconsin be the last state or is it 49? No, Wyoming is the last state of the fifty states that rhyme. *DUM DE DE DUUUUUUUUM*

11.) What is your opinion on blue inked pens? Yea or nay?
YEA. SO MUCH YEA. I love blue pens! But isn't it infuriating when you're doing school and have used a blue pen for half your test and get up for one freaking second to get lunch and come back and its gone and suddenly black ink pens are the only pens that have ever existed in the history of the planet?? That drives me nuts. 
YAY! Time to play tag. I hate playing tag. I don't know who has been tagged yet, so if you were already tagged you don't have to do this.
.... That is only Five. How many am I supposed to tag?? Eleven. Eleven of you suckers.
Sorry my brain is too dead to think of six more people. You're all on your own.
Do you like Mint?
Have you ever been on a motor boat?
Do you like Cinnamon in your Cocoa?
Have you seen The Court Jester?
Do you write?
Firefox, Chrome, or the Big e?
Do you read comic books?
Do you like Ice skating?
Do you like strawberries and scones?
Fantasy or Action Adventure?
Movies or TV shows?
BISH BASH BOSH DONE!!!!!!!! Goodnight. It's late. I'm tired. Have fun with my tag!
Peace out y'all!!!!
*slides off car*

Thursday, February 26, 2015

In which I host an Interview!

I'm only here for a quick minute. I'm going to interview a friend of mine, Evy, who is a writer like me and has a brilliant book about tombs and adventurers that she is working on. I have to say I am very excited about this book. I started it yesterday and it is a lot of fun!! It's really light and an easy read and it kind of reminds me of Tin-Tin or something similar to that. I would highly recommend you go check out said friend's blog. HERE and find out all you can about it. It would be very worth it. I swears. Go do it.

You've been commanded by Tom Hiddleston

I now welcome Evy Cartyr to the scene!!! *Pulls up chair* Thank you for joining me today Evy! Get comfortable, its time for your interrogation.

When did you first get the idea for your book?
I believe I first got the idea when I watched Indiana Jones and Johnny Quest. I fell in love with wild adventure stories, a love which grew when I read The Cooper Kids and saw The Mummy. I wanted to write my own adventure story, which turned into the Adventure into the Unknown series.
What kind of book is it?

Trouble in the Tomb, as well as the other books in the series, are kid's adventure books.

What time-frame/world is your book set in?
The time frame is...modern. Now? I mean, it is set in the 2000's. And it is set in our world.

Who are your main characters and how old are they?

I have three main characters. Nate and Jessie are the two real main ones though. They are brother and sister, and Nate is 19 and Jessie 13. The other main one is Jeremy, Nate's best friend. He is 25.
Which character is your favorite?

That is hard. I shouldn't answer this probably, for fear of angering the others, and I do love them all...but I am especially attached to Nate. He has always been a favorite.

How is this book different from other books you've written?

It focuses on siblings.

How is it similar?

 It has a lot dangerous adventures.

Would you say your book was a comedy? And Adventure? A drama?
An adventure, with humor in it.

Is it more of a romance story or a friendships story?

Friendships. It has a small romance through it, but it is more friendships.

How big of a book is it?

191 pages. So...average maybe?

Are there super evil/snarky/cynical villains in it?

Not really evil, more snarky I guess. He is going to be the archenemy kind of villain.

Are there super epic/funny/wonderful heroes in it?

 I certainly hope so. (I think Nate is pretty epic and wonderful, but again, I hold a special spot in my heart for him.)

Is it a heavy read? A light read?

Light. I believe it is light.

What is something about this book that you would especially like to share?

I'm not sure about this one. Maybe...I hope those who read it will enjoy it! How is that?

 Thank you again, Evy Cartyr, for taking time to talk to me today. As for the rest of you, You can find out more about Trouble in the Tomb and all of Evy's work by visiting her blog, Wonderful Things. Go my minions!!!!


*slides off car*

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


What A Freaking Long Weekend.

But good long, not bad long.

On Saturday my Big Bro took me and all of my little sisters (and the nieces) For a fun day out and an epic slumber-party afterward. That means I spent my entire Saturday with my brother and Jess (A lovely Friend) running around doing all sorts of nifty activities and getting unstressed. We started off at the Discovery Museum and chilled there for two hours or so, making tiny robots and crawling through 'mine' tunnels (which were really small) and climbing a magnificent giant cloud.

Driving down was actually a lot of fun. It is a fair distance from our house to the Discovery Kingdom but my Big Bro put on music (HE LIKES TAYLOR SWIFT) and we all sang very loudly and jazzed out with arms flailing, so it wasn't as boring as it could have been.

 You searched the world for something else to make you feel like what we had, and in the end in wonderland, we both went MAD.

*Draws in breath dramatically* 


Le me crammed in the backseat with wee ones as we head off on our adventure. 

There was a cool table where you could make adorable robots and that was very intriguing. I had FUN with those fabulous things. I attempted an angry Dalek eating a Silence but I only had squares to work so it didn't turn out right. It was fun to try though.

Le me attempting to create DALEK

There were these horrible mind games that you couldn't resist playing. Games like pulling apart two metal hearts that were linked together, or making a square out of several irregular blocks or Jumping Pegs. That one was was STUPID. 

RULES: Pegs can only move forward
Pegs can only move one space at a time or jump over one peg at a time. 

THIS GAME MADE MY BRAIN HURT. There are four black pegs on the left and four white pegs on the white with a empty hole in the middle separating them.  You have to get all the black over onto the white's side and visa versa. Yeah. I spent like half on hour on this stupid game.

After About the fifteenth time going through the instructions and trying to move the pegs to their proper places I was like


I FINALLY ended up getting the annoying horrid little things across, but it took help from the Lovely Friend and it was very complicated. I don't want to spoil anyone who might try this retarded game, but I will say it doesn't work like you think it should.

There were stupid bubble pictures

And a fabulous wooden horse that I played cowgirl on.

I am a Shadow Rider, Disfigured beyond imagination, searching 
the world for her stolen heart.

The Cloud was the best.

Apparently The Shadow Rider got into the clouds. The hunt for her
 heart has gotten desperate

After the epicness of the Museum my Big Bro and the Lovely friend went out to the fabulous Frozen Yogurt and had an amazing lunch.

Then we went and shot arrows for and hour at this epic archery place. That was brilliant. Sometimes I even hit the PAPER. And it was the yellow bit too, not the boring blue spots. And I got to bring home my Target with all my holes in it.

Then I went and had my nails professionally done.

That was Soooooo weird. I've never had nails professionally done so I didn't know what to expect. It took a really long time. And I had to soak my hands in warm water and then dry them and then I had lotion put on them and then my nails were filed and pointed perfectly and then I put them in water again and then I had this gel put all over my fingers and then I had coat ONE of clear, greyish polish and then the actual color and then another coat of clear finish.

The lotion bit was a shock. the Guy doing my hands poured all this lotion on his hands, rubbed them together and then took my hands in his and rubbed the lotion in, going up almost to my elbow.

I didn't like that bit. I did like how my fingers looked though. All fun and bright and purple.

After the nail adventure we went to my Big Bros house for pizza and a movie. We watched Big Hero Six.

Fury Baaaaaaby
Oh my gosh, that movie was SO. FREAKING. CUTE. Little Baymax was super adorable and sweet and I was ashamed at how attached I got to him. He reminded me a bit of Wall-E. I love how he was with Hero. Hero was a cute and adorable too. I like cute adorable cartoon characters 8-D I also like all the Nerdy friends. Nerds that team up to save the world are freaking awesome. And hilarious. And incredibly fun. Just sayin.

I really enjoyed this movie. The characters were fun and interesting, Baymax was cute the Nerds were all cool and nerdy and the plot was really solid, even intense. I had unexpected Feels. Yep. Feeeels. Has anyone else noticed how emotional cartoons have been getting? What's with that? They never used to be emotional, at least not usually. Now cartoons will even KILL people sometimes.

Right. Random observation.

I have to go now! Videos to make! Lives to save! books to edit! Pizzas to devour!

What do you think of my new blog layout?????



*slides off car*


Saturday, February 14, 2015

"No more countin' dollars, we'll be countin' stars...."

This Dalek reminds me of Souffle Girl. *shrug*

Happy Valentines Day my followers! I know it is getting late in the afternoon but I hope you have all had a great holiday and I hope you continue to have a great evening and night.

I know Valentines Day is mostly for those people with romance in their lives and so forth, but I think it can also be used to show appreciation to anyone you love and want to spend time with, even if its just a dear friend. So I would like to use today as an excuse to say a special thank you to all of my followers, especially those of you who are still taking the time to comment on my blog. It mean's a lot to me 8-) I've made a lot of friends through blogger and I would like to wish all of them a Happy Valentine's Day and a very, very happy weekend, especially those who helped me so much with my writing these past few months *waves at Jack*


I'd like to further extend my thank you too all the people who volunteered to read my books!!! Really, that is so kind of you, and I will be posting an update on that soon.

Now that all THAT silly business is out of the way....


Valentine's Day is practically the only time of year when you can get away with a Pink and Red wardrobe, which means I absolutely HAD to do that. And I ended up looking very colorful and I had tons of fun. I created a new outfit too, one I quite like. I'll probably be wearing it now, whether it is Valentine's Day or not. And Imma gonna show it off a bit here. Enjoy!!

le me looking brooding and colorful

le me's beautiful Amy Pond tights. (I really love these tights. 
They are so comfy and light and they make me feel like I'm a timetraveller. I use
any excuse I can to wear them.)

Le me looking vaguely into open space. (bonus points if you can
say what the big black crooked thing behind me is.)

Le me pondering the wonders of the sky and wishing there was a little snow in it.  
Imagine how beautiful the red would have looked against white!
It would have been so perty!

Le me having way too much fun with fancy picmonkey doodles. I love how fabulous
 and Greeting-Card-ish this looks. EDITING PICTURES IS SO MUCH FUN 

One last thing. My sister and I made an epic Valentines Day Video to our favorites Ships! It was a loooot of fun (and a little stressful) and I thought I might as well share it with you. Tis the season! ... wait. wrong holiday. Anyhow! Le epic (hopefully) video!

Peace out y'all! *waves frantically*

Happy Valentines Day!!!

*slides off car*


Monday, February 9, 2015

LOTR Blog Party Day Five - FREE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Remember that fabulous stuff I was supposed to publish on Saturday? Well here it is fellows! And I thank you kindly for being so patient with me 8-)

Le Me as Random Rohrrim Maid

Le me Loves her Fabulous Rohirrim Dress

Le me as can be extra sassy in her Fabulous Rohirrim Dress.

 it was so much fun hanging out among the trees in le fabulous dress
Le me could twirl and it would spin out epically.
I loved le fabulous dress. .
Le me getting wet in the snowy lands of Rohan and giggling about it because it is SO Fabulous  
 It was very cold.

See Le me's Epic Dress and shirt? see Le epic belt? See how fabulous I am?

Le me as the Fabulous Elf-Lady.

Le me posing against tree and wishing she had a jacket.

Le me thinks the sky is beyond fabulous.

Le me REALLY LOVES epic Eleven sword.

Le me is having SO MUCH FUN with epic, fabulous sword. HACK DOWN ALL THE TREES!!

Le me had to take fabulous sword into the Elven Kingdom.
It required walking down the Public street in epic Elven costume with epic sword
I got lots of odd looks from bewildered, normal people 
It was so much fun.


Le Me loves, loves, loves being an adorable hobbit-child. Look at Le epic, cute braids. Le me looks ten.

 Le me had the grandest time as a hobbit. I got to eat food and wear capes
I also got to look little and not be scolded
Le me got to eat apples.
 Le me had a faaaaaaabulous time.

Le me having a grand old time in fabulous cape. This cape be FABULOUS.

Le me has epic, brilliant Sting. Le me loooooooooooves epic beautiful Sting. Le me must hunt down orcs now. And chop off many head.



*slides off car*

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Apparently I have terrible luck with Blog Parties. Yesterday I had something really, really fun and fabulous planned out but before I could do my fun and fabulous thing we got a freak wind storm and the electricity in the neighborhood got knocked out. So I had no internetz. And no way to blog.  Which was upsetting.

So today I was going to do the REALLY fun, fabulous thing and then blog about all the fun I had, but unfortunately this type of fun requires going outside and dancing around in fun clothing.... And guess what? It is dumping rain. DUMPING. Like, Dumping, dumping, like Zeus has buckets and buckets of water and is letting lose his fury on our poor little town.


It's windy too. And horribly cold. And horribly wet. So... now I can't do my fabulous post.

I am so upset. I really wanted to do this fabulous post. I was so excited to show how fabulous I was.

I thought about doing the fabulous thing in-doors but it just wouldn't be the same and I want this to be epic. I've put a lot of work into this, I want it done right. So, you know what? I hosted this blog party and made it possible, so I'm going to bend the rules a little bit. I'm going to do my fabulous post on MONDAY

It had to be done

I wont do any posting between now and then, that way I will still have a row of LOTR posts one right after the other and I wont break my pattern.

I shall go now. I thank you for your patience. See you on Monday! Peace out y'all!


*slides off car*


This post is late. I know its late. I am really upset that it is late. But I really had no control over it. My stupid electricity was knocked out yesterday so I couldn't get to my interenet.


Anyway, I decided it is better late than never, so I'm just going to do my last Post today. Cause I do what I want. Boom!
Angelique has Guest Posted on End of the Line! Check it out she did something fabulous 8-)

Stay tuned for news from me! I WILL POST TODAY!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


GUEST POSTING ON "TILL THE END OF THE LINE" Go look at it, cause its fabulous!

LOTR Blog Party Day Four - Favorite Character - Guest Post

GO Minions go! and remember you too can guest post if you so desire. just email me!

LOTR Blog Party Day Four - Favourite Character

Today I get to choose my favourite character and tell you about him.

You can pick more than one. I have decided to do the couple different characters I am going to talk about today. two of them are the ones who hold a very special place in my heart.

Faramir, Captain of Gondor.

I loved Faramir from his first introduction in the book, as well as his first introduction in the movie. When I was watching The Two Towers, I had almost finished the book so I saw Faramir and knew exactly what to expect. HE WAS FARAMIR CAPTAIN OF GONDOR AND THERE ARE NO TRAVELERS HERE, JUST SERVANTS OF THE DARK TOWER. I clapped for him as needed and then settled down to eek out over his existence.

“Here was one with an air of high nobility such as Aragorn at times revealed..."

First off, I think Peter Jackson cast Faramir perfectly. I love him in the books but I also love him in the film adaptation, something that most people will hit me with pillows (or rocks) for. *hides behind my epic shield* DON'T KILL ME! Faramir struck me as an incredibly sad and broken character. He is half out of his mind with grief. He has just lost his brother and Osgiliath, the City Boromir had only just recaptured, is under attack and they are losing. He sees Gondor failing and he has no where to turn for comfort so he is forced to lock his feelings deep down inside and he is sick with the weight of it. When he meets the Hobbits and realizes what they are carrying he sees relief. The Ring could be used for good and finally Men would have the advantage over Mordor. Unlike his brother though, Faramir sees in time what the Ring is and that it is unable to accomplish anything but evil and he lets Frodo and Sam go at the risk of his own life.

For those who think Peter Jackson ruined Faramir.

I love So much about Faramir. He is such a sad character. He has a father who seemingly hates him. He has a kingdom that is falling apart with no help from it's Steward. He is sensitive and empathetic and is very aware of the grief and pain at large in the world and it effects him horribly. He tries to help others who are suffering and he is very kind to people, even those he isn't sure about and will give them the benefit of the doubt. I love how kind he is and I love his deep humility. He get's down on one knee to talk to Sam so that they will be on eye level. He praises Pippin for giving his service to Gondor and gives him confidence. He comforts Eowyn when she needs it most. He is there for his people when no one else is and he stands when anyone else would run. He doesn't let the evil of Mordor cloud his heart or his judgment.

Boromir would not have brought the Ring. He would have reached
out his hand to this thing and taking it, he would have fallen.

HE IS AN INCREDIBLY GOOD SON. His father is an awful, terrible person but Faramir never speaks out against him and he never ever talks with disrespect or anger. Instead he tries to please him and do his will. He does his very best and better and still Denethor will not be proud, but he keeps going anyway. He loses his brother and instead of giving up altogether he tries to do the work of two sons. He give his people hope and strength and the will to fight. He struggles to be enough for himself and for Gondor and for his selfish, arrogant father who will not see what a stunning, brave son he has. He isn't corrupted by the ring. He is tempted but he fights the temptation and overcomes it. He is one of the very few people who is able to have that kind of resilience and it stuns me that someone under such an emotional burden anyway was still able to say no to those whispers of power.

  "So this is the answer to all the riddles! The One Ring that was thought to be have perished from the world ... A pretty stroke of Fortune. A chance for Faramir Captain of Gondor to show his Quality! Ha!" He stood up very tall and stern and his grey eyes glistened.
..... "Alas for Boromir. It was too sore a trial.'" 

He was a captain that men would follow, that he would follow, even under the shadow of the black wings.”

He is so gentle. He is quieter than Boromir was, and was more in love with stories and song than battles and glory. He loves reading and writing and studying and finds comfort and peace in books and learning, especially when it was ancient lore and stories of elves and enchantments.

     "It once belonged to a young boy of the city. A very foolish one who wasted many hours slaying dragons instead of attending to his studies." - Farimir (The Return of the King)

He is different from the other men in Tolkien's books. He is a little like Aragorn with a quiet sense of duty and what is right. He keeps his own counsel but he isn't afraid to take other people's advice and he will actually listen and consider what you say, which is something that is very rare in people. He has a gentle, sensitive soul and is always trying to ease everyone else's suffering. Even when he is grieving and burdened with the sorrow of Boromir's loss he takes care of everyone. And there is never anyone to take care of him. He always ends up alone. That is why it is so wonderful when he meets Eowyn. He finally has someone he can be happy with and he deserves that.

I love Faramir.  He is my hero. If there was one character from Middle Earth I could meet I would pick him.

I also really love Merry. Merry is cheerful and adorable and sweet and he has such a good heart. He protects and looks after Pippin and he goes along with Frodo and the fellowship even though the Quest for the Ring is dangerous and he could end up dead. He doesn't even hesitate. He hurts me because all he wants to do is help, and he always ends up being left behind. He has to watch everyone he cares about go riding off into danger and he can't do anything to help or make things better. He thinks that he is just a silly hobbit and he can't do much of anything. He couldn't even keep Pippin safe properly and that was the one thing that he was supposed to do. Look after Pip! It hurts me that he doesn't see himself as the hero he is.


I wanted to talk about Boromir too, but I realized there is too much I want to say about him so I'm going to the wise thing and wait and do a post just for him because it makes me sad how much hate/dislike he gets.

That is my vent. Tomorrow is our last day losers!!!!!


*slides off car*

Pile of good things

Pile of good things