Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hate is such a strong word

I find that I am in a bit of a blogging rut. There's nothing much happening and therefore nothing to say. I open my lab top and.... nothing. Nothing at all to talk about. Which means I ramble about little things of meager importance, give all you lovely followers a little wave and hope to do better the next day. And I never do. I feel that my posts are becoming something like this
It is seriously annoying, but it does give me a reasonable excuse as to why my posts have been so strange and random lately. Nothing happens to me ever. 

I am now officially more than half-way through my song challenge. That means I have to do something a little more difficult. A song I used to love and now hate. 

This is really difficult for me because I don't tend to  love and then hate. I'll hate a song and the love it but I don't usually love a song and then hate it. Usually if I hate a song I've never liked it in the first place. I spent all day trying to think up a song that I used to like but now I don't. I paced. I tapped. I racked my brains. Nothing
I couldn't think of anything. I did try. I really, really did. I was about to blow rules to the win and post any song I darn well pleased when, out of the blue, I thought of one!
Of course!! A song I used to like but now hate!! how could it be anything else? I was overjoyed and hurried to share my hatred with world. Here it is

The Wizard and I

Now, as far as Wicked goes, I don't think its a terrible musical. I do enjoy listening to it on occasion, but I usually skip about a third of the songs - and I have to be in the right mood. Otherwise I go all hunter;  KILL THE WITCH!!!! This is one of the songs I always skip. I used to listen it often, even sing along but now I press skip before the first note can sound. I can't stand it. 

Whew!! that's out of the way. I can go to bed happy with no more obnoxious melodies running about in my head. 

Well, for lack of a better ending... Goodbye y'all, I'm going to curl and and watch Jason Bourne beat the bad guys! I'll see you all tomorrow!  Cheers :-)

God Bless!

Cause when you're with the wizard, no one thinks you're strange/ No father is not proud of you/no sister acts ashamed, and all of Oz has to love you/ when with the wizard you're acclaimed....


  1. I'm sorry you're at such a lack for inspiration : ( I need to get season 4 of Merlin so we can fangirl some more; I need need more Gwaine right now anyway!

    1. Omgosh I know! I wish you were on the 4th season of Merlin too! have you looked for them on youtube? They are there - I could send you the link if you want :-)

    2. I can try, but because of our internet usage it would require me to get up very early in the morning or using the internet at school.


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