Thursday, October 10, 2013

Go to sleep little creep, close your big bloodshot eyes, Go to sleep, little creep, or your teddy bear will die...

Today I'm suppose to do a song that makes me go to sleep. Okay, CONFESSION!!! Listening to a song doesn't make me go to sleep. That tends to keep me awake until the wee hours of the morning. If I need music at night I'll turn on soft, nature-like sounds. Or I listen to the Once Upon a Time soundtrack because it is beautiful, especially the Beauty-&-The-Beast bits. I love that.

Because I have no Sleeping-Song to share with you I'll give you one of my favorite Once Upon a Time Themes.

Rumpelstiltskin&Belle// True Loves Kiss
Isn't that so pretty? It makes me feel super happy but melancholy at the same time. I love it :)

Well, I've got to go now. I promise promise PROMISE you'll get a proper post either tomorrow or Saturday. That reminds me, My giveaway is on its LAST DAY. Because this post is so late I'm going to cut you all a little slack and give you Friday to enter. Saturday morning the giveaway is over and I'll announce the winner ASAP.

God Bless :)

Carry on My Wayward Son/ They'll be peace when you are done/ Lay your weary head to rest/ Don't you cry no more


  1. "Go to sleep, little creep..." ROTFLOL!! Oh my, that is hilarious! Good one! **high five

    Cool, i'm the same way! I have the sound of rain in my tiny ipod I think it's called shuffle? Not sure. Ayway, it sounds soothing and wonderful!

  2. Your title....I didn't know anyone else knew that song


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