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Merlin Blog Party Day 1

WE'RE HERE!!!!!!!!
 I know I promised to post rules before hand, but then Easter came along and I had no time to blog. So I'll post the rules today. Also, Anna has said she may not be able to participate in the Blog Party, do to computer problems. So this is all about me! *Squeak* Please keep in mind this is the FIRST TIME I've done something like this. Be kind *grin*


Anyone can join in. Even if you don't have a blog. Just post a comment :) I will also accept guest posts from Bloggers AND non-bloggers. Simply contact me about it (

Those of you who want to join can simply link up to my blog and then post about anything you like.

I will have TAG Day

I will try to do a giveaway. I might not be able to.

Oh and that reminds me. If anyone wants to do a giveaway, please post a comment and tell me your ideas. I'd like to know what you're doing. Then  link back to me and have all the fun you want :-D

If anyone has idea's for activities and fun stuff please let me know, either in a comment or at my email. I'd like to here your thoughts.

HAVE FUN!!!! Feel free to fan-rave, post pictures, dress up, ask questions. I would like to do a Merlin Style day at some point. This will be fun :-)

 7 Days of Merlin 

My Top Three Merlin characters. (this means main characters. Not side)

I adore Merlin. He is the most heroic, honorable, loyal, true and AMAZING person in the WHOLE WORLD. I mean, he can put up with Arthur. You can't ask for more than that.
Merlin does things just for the good of doing them. He never asks to be thanked, he never asks for credit. Usually he lets Arthur take all the glory. I adore him. He's always standing up for the right thing and tries to fix the world. He's my favorite character. Honestly, I want to meet someone like Merlin. He is so very kind and so very generous. He always thinks of others before himself. 

My second best Character is Arthur. he is tied with Merlin for my favorite.... I'd make him first if he wasn't such and idiot at times.
I know a lot of people don't like Arthur because he's arrogant and, to be honest, a bit of a prat. Also because he is mean to Merlin. I'll admit, when I first met him I hated him too. He was a bully and a sot.

"Who do you think you are, the King?"
"No I'm his son. Arthur." 
But then this episode came along;
 The Poisoned chalice - Season 1 episode 4
At about this part 

I decided Arthur was totally awesome. He risked his life to save Merlin and from that point onwards, Arthur was AWESOME! He became this amazing man who strives for Justice and peace. He is a brilliant character
As the season went on he kept getting cooler, and cooler and cooler and cooler. I began to see how who could one day be the Once and Future King who would unite the land of Albion. He had a lot of potential and he was a good man at heart. He just doesn't like to admit that he cares. 

Then he meets Guinevere.

Gwen is just a servant but the impact she has on Arthur is truly amazing. She really brings out Arthur's soft side. He is so incredibly sweet when he is around her. He accepts advice from her as well as rebuke. After they get to know each other, both Arthur and Gwen grow as characters. I think their love story really works well. 

Which brings me to my next character. Gwen

Gwen was always very kind and humble. She was honest and gentle too. She makes friends with Merlin right off. The thing with Gwen is she often trips over her own words.

Gwen is just sweet. I adore her.

Then I have the Knights of the Round Table.


I mean, the Knights of Camelot are just too cool. They are more than cool; they are magnificent  In fact, They are so brilliant that they need their own day. So I shall wait till tomorrow to post about the knights. 

Okay then, those are my top three favorite Main Characters of Merlin. Who are your favorite Characters?

For the Love of Camelot!


  1. For this, are we supposed to list our favourite characters on our blogs and then link back to you, or list them here? (Sorry, I am easily confused.)

    I would be willing to guest post if you need volunteers! And anything else you might need, this sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Those GIFs of Merlin and Gwen are hilarious. Isn't rather hard to think that at the beginning of the series, Gwen was rather interested in Merlin? Weird, right!?

    #1 Merlin- because... well, he's Merlin (i.e. awesome). Witty, humble, sweet, cheerful, etc. etc.

    #2 Arthur- Okay, yeah, he gets on my nerves a bit, but he has a good heart and tries to do what's right by it. Plus, Merlin and his friendship is sooo humorous. :)

    Tied for #3- Gwaine and Percival because THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!!! :D :D :D Gwaine's hilarious, therefore, high on my list. Percival is sweet, also therefore high on my list. The other Knights are great, but... they don't strike me as much.

    Annnnnnnnddd... that about sums things up. :]

    1. Gwaine is amazing. So is percival. I have to do a post on the knights.



  3. Awesome post! I have the computer again! Yay!!! I have an idea for a giveaway! l can get a t-shirt from a craft store in the color of the winner's choice and write on it either "Merlin" {in the logo font...if possible}, "In a time of magic and a land of myth" or something else of the winner's choice and then mail it to the winner.....What do you think?? :D


    1. cooooooooool! I replied to you on your blog :D

  4. Hi Bella!

    I am SUPER late to this party, but I'll go ahead and do a few posts on my blog today and tomorrow. Merlin is one of my favorite BBC shows!!! (I'm crazy over Arthurian Legend.)


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