Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tag + Soldier

So Jack over at However Improbable tagged me with the Writing Process Blog Tour! She didn't list any rules so I am just going to do as she did and start talking about my book and do the tag!!! (Pst: On the topic of books and tags pop over to 'Till the End of the Line and read all about our new Space book!!)

1.) What am I working on?

I have several ideas I am juggling right now but at the moment but the book I am focusing on is the Sequel to my book Splintered Courage, which is called Broken Trust.
2.) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Um, I'm not entirely sure. I suppose the style is very different than most, and so is the style and how I present the story, almost like its in second person. Unlike most fantasies that seem to feature a boy and a girl falling in love, mine is very much centered on friendships and how far loyalty can go, and how to regain trust once it is lost.

3.) Why do I write what I do?
Oh, lots of reasons. I love fantasy and there is something very exciting about being able to tell stories happening in a different world. Also, being able to write friendships has always been something I've wanted to do. (This is why most of my other story ideas our friendship-based, not romantic.)

4.) How does my Writing Process work?I've only been a Real Writer for like, five months, so bare with me here.

I lay sprawled out on my bed, or in a ball on the couch, or outside on the lawn and stare at my blank page, chewing a pencil or staring at my keys, wondering how to start. Then, if its a bad day, I will write for about twenty minutes, on and off, stop for a break, come back, write a bit longer, scroll through pinterest, write, watch youtube videos, attempt to write.... do pinterest some more... stare.... Then slam the computer closed and cry.

if its a good day I can write for a few hours with hardly a break and get lots done. I just need water. and apples cause writing makes me really hungry.

Somehow through all of this I present a story.


Well that was a short tag wasn't it? I was expecting this long, long ordeal but it was nice and short. Because I love all of you I am gonna let you hear current favorite song! This is what I've been listening to for the past week because it helps inspire me with my boys. (I might randomly do this every now and then. Hope you don't mind.)

I'll get it if you need it

I'll search if you don't see it

you're thirsty I'll be rain

you get hurt I'll take your pain

I know you don't believe it

but I said it and I still mean it

when you heard what I told you

when you get worried I'll be your soldier.


I'm going to watch Julie and Julia now, and have cake cause it's my Mommy's birthday and cake is a must on birthdays. Be back soonish - hopefully with an ALL MY FEELS Prison Break post. (Which I am working on, by the way.) PEACE OUT YA' LOSERS!

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Ugh! Why do I fix everything I touch??"

Hiiiii blooooggggeeeeeeerrrrssss!!!!!!!

Okay yes, I've been a little out of it for the past few days. You will have to forgive me. My life is kinda boring. Kinda. And I've been without the internetz for the past few days because I went camping! That's right! Camping! You know, Tents and bonfires and s'mores and the beautiful rustic open doors where you wake up at five in the morning, smelling like campfire smoke and pine!


I hardly remember the last time I was able to camp. I think I was seven. Maybe eight. It's been a very long time and it was nice to be able to do it again, even just for a couple days. My big brother took me, a couple of my sisters and my two little nieces and we spent the weekend as barbarians with forks. It was awesome! I was a little freaked out at first because, I don't know, I was afraid it would be stressful or something because.... My big brother, well, he is my biggie bro and I wuv him but he was in college or married for most of my childhood so it wasn't until the last couple years when he moved out here that I've started to know him. So I was a little nervous, to say the least. But I had no need to worry. My brother is very nice and very relaxed and he just goes with the flow and if water spills, it spills! No big deal. I haven't felt that free of tension in a really long time. We went bike riding and swimming and hiking and at one point we went out and got these MASSIVE ice cream cones for lunch. I mean Massive. I ordered a single and I got this ice cream cone the size of a planet.

Okay, maybe not the size of a planet but it was really, really big. I've never seen such ice cream. I couldn't finish it. 



By the end of it I felt a bit tourist-like to be honest, but it was a lot of fun and I am really glad I went. 

Its good to be home though. With my sisters and my stories and my Pinterest. 

I really, really need to write. I've been having a bad writing ditch these past few weeks. I have ideas, I have plots, I have whole SCENES in my head, then I sit down to write and its just....

I have bits and pieces of Broken Trust written down, random scenes here and there scattered about in 7,000 words with no connection. I write, I walk away, I write, I take a snack, I stare at the screen, I roll over on my bed and close my eyes and try not to think. I write a little again. 

I don't get much done. 

I want to try and start properly next week. Pray for me :) 

That's all! Its late and I'm tired and characters are calling for me to come to bed. PEACE OUT Y'ALL!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

In Which I attempt to make a good post

I watched this gif for like, five minutes before I realized it was on a loop. 


I've started  my second book a few days ago. I've had some trouble getting started and actually focusing but for the record I think I am making at least some headway with it. Both books have actual titles now. Titles I spent long hours thinking up because my books are so brilliant I can't just settle with something like "Gate" or the "The Rising." Like... Lame! 

hehe. I'm just kidding. 

But I did think up some good titles. Book One is going to be called Splintered Courage and Book Two is to be called Broken Trust. I am hoping to have Broken Trust done before school starts and edited before November so I can start on my NaNo book, which is going to be a Best Friend story because everyone knows we need more of those. I am actually really excited about that story, even though it freaks me out and makes me want to quite and run away screaming. 

I think that is a writers thing. I should get used to it. 

Seriously though. Its like ever since I've started writing again characters keep jumping me and demanding asking that I tell their stupid story, that making camp in my bedroom and eyeing me the whole time I write. 

That is very disconcerting, by the way. I mean, I like being inspired but - for real! I feel like Charlie from Numb3rs.

Numb3rs is a pretty good show actually. Its relaxing and enjoyable and its not addicting, or hahaha-taking-over-your-life like Prison Break or Supernatural or Merlin. I think its fun and the brothers are really likable and cute and its a nice, easy show that's just fun. 

That doesn't mean Prison Break and Merlin aren't worth the watch though. :) 

OH AND CROSSING LINES!!! I really, really like that show! I need season two!!! Season one was not enough and it ended on a cliff-hanger...ish episode. Which was awful! What show only puts ten episodes in their season? Who does that?? How do they expect us to be good with just TEN? 

I'm having Crossing Lines issues. 

On the upside Doctor Who is returning on August Fifteenth. 

Upside number two: I have a new, fun book plot!! I'm hoping to reveal in a few days on my other blog, Till the end of the line.  I'll remind you again when its actually up but just be sure and keep your eyes open. You'll be glad to read about it, I promise!!

Now I need to attempt some more writing and drive myself crazy. Peace out y'all!!!!!

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

"They Hadn't always been best friends...."

I'm doing a review today. 

This review is on a book that has yet to be published, but it in the process of being edited FOR publishing. The writer very kindly let me read through her first draft with her to help with the editing, and when I asked her if I could review it she said sure, so that is what I'm going to do. I think it deserves a review

Brothers in Arms. 
By Jack Lewis Baillot

It is World War II Germany. Japhet Buchanan and Franz Kampell have been friends since childhood, but now everything they've ever known is coming crashing down around them, and they find themselves being forced to choose their country and each other. 

I am coming right up to the point with this. Brothers in Arms is one of the best books I've read all year. In fact its one of the best book I've read - ever. And that is saying a lot, I'm a picky reader. Because I was helping edit I had a first-draft version, so it was a little rough, but I was genuinely shocked by how good it was for the unpolished product. It was well paced and well balanced and I think, with work it is going to be a brilliant book and a brilliant story. 

There was something very special about this book, something that separates from almost everything else. First off, the style. Unlike some historical fiction it doesn't feel modern. It is very 1940's centered, and I loved feeling like I was apart of that time frame. It was refreshing, especially after the less impressive historical fiction I've been trying to read. It was actually a war book, not.... having a war for the romance. It is a bit darker than I am used to. There is a section near the middle which is bleak and desperate and awful and if it had been handled any differently I don't know if I could have gotten through it. But the way it was written it wasn't completely without hope. I think that was the saving grace. It wasn't depressing. I think there is a fine line between dark and depressing and the Author did a very good job not crossing that line. I'm not sure how many could manage pulling off something like this but she did, and she did it well. I picked it up and I read it straight through in two days. I haven't found a book like that in weeks. Months even. I think I was in the perfect mood for it too, and that was a plus. I got ridiculously fangirly over it and have been on a high with it ever since. And I can tell you the two main reasons: Franz and Japhet. 


Franz and Japhet have one of the best friendships ever written on paper. I am not even kidding. They were like the Steve and Bucky of the book world. They grew up together. They were as thick as thieves, partly because they were both the only boys in a family of sisters, and it was nice to finally have a boy around to play with. They did everything together, whether it was playing pranks on their sisters or hiking through the meadows or making rope swings. They were incredibly close and they do their best to keep each other safe. I loved them almost immediately and as the book went on I just loved them more and more. They gave me so many feels. Painful, terrible feels but also happy, fuzzy feels that made me squeeze my eyes shut and grin like and idiot because they are just so sweet and protective of each other. 

It felt like nothing could come between them.

When the war came everything changed. Everything they had ever known became uncertain from day to day. Japhet found himself the outcast and saw hate wherever he went, because even though he was a baptized Christian he was also a Jew, and Jews had no place in Germany. Japhet was hated for what he was and Franz was hated because he was friends with him.

When tragedy strikes the boys right at their home, they decide they have to do what they should have done in the first place. They have to leave Germany. Franz and Japhet go under cover in Berlin and try to pick up as much information as possible in order to their families out of the country safely. But its hard, being in the center of so much hate, and as the war screams on it gets harder for them to keep up their spirits, and they begin to drift apart.  

And then Japhet finds out his best friend in the whole world has joined the Nazis, and from that point on their stories go in two very separate directions. Japhet joins the Resistance and Franz is left on his own with the Nazis and you don't see how anything could ever be alright again. Its all gone wrong, everything, and their is too much pain and hurt and nothing can ever make this better, ever. Then the story reaches its peak and its so dark and so painful and everything is this whirlwind and you wish the boys would just freakin find each other and TALK to each other and figure things out because they need each other, and they can't make it on their own. And Franz, who only joined the Nazis to get information and help his family, begins to lose himself and he is so broken and awful and Japhet is miles away, dying inside and so lonely and tired and.....


Okay this is where I vent. I fell in LOVE with these boys. They were both so different yet so alike and they both were trying to do that right thing and be brave and they just got lost and it felt like the whole world was against them, telling them a German and a Jew couldn't be friends, telling them they couldn't make it out, not together. And it was so painful to watch them fall to pieces and all I wanted to do was slam doors and shout STEIN! Because he was an incredibly AWFUL Nazi who needed to die! 

The whole ending though, it was absolutely stunning. At first it just hurts because something happens, and it is so awful and terrible that it feels like nothing is ever going to be okay again. But then the friendship story climaxes at the same time as the plot and it was just.....


I would highly recommend being stalkers and lurking about until you find out its been published, then buy it and dive into it and let your emotions be destroyed and put back together by a Nazi and a Jew and one of the best friendships EVER!

Tomorrow or the next day I'm posting about a fuzzy bug robot. Stay tuned!

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Pile of good things

Pile of good things