Friday, September 23, 2016

Bring me thunder, bring me lightning, bring me all things that are frightening! Bring me monsters, I'll enjoy them, bring me phantoms I'll destroy them! BRING ME GIANTS!

You know how sometimes you hear music and it's nice and exciting and it makes you feel better? And then sometimes you hear music and it gets into your soul, and makes you feel stronger, and braver, and all freaking inspired? I love music like that.

James Barbour has a CD called "Bring Me Giants," which is one of the most epic, awe-inspiring masterpieces I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. It makes me feel like I can take on the world. RAWR! BRING ME GIANTS!! I AM DAVID!!! YAAAAAAAAAS!!!

This CD is incredible. It inspires me to write music. It really inspires my musicals, which is both exciting and stressful. 'Cause here is the thing. I really love writing lyrics and I really love writing musicals. But okay, I'm relying on my Middle-School-Music memory and that is hard. Also, how do you write music when you don't play multiple instruments or have immense understanding of music theory?? Let me tell you, there is nothing quite like having inspiration for music and lyrics and epic orchestras, and sitting there like, I DON'T KNOW MUSIC LIKE THAT! It's sad!

Oh, on top of that I'm trying to compose music using a Piano App on my phone.

You don't know the struggle unless you've tried this yourself.

Why are phones screens so small? For real. I sit there like, Plink- no - Plunk, Piiiing?... - that's not right - Pling, Plaaaiiiing - AHA! *furious scribbles cords A4 and D4 on sheet of paper* Right. PLOOOOooong. Pleeeeng. PLOOOOOooooooNK.... no - Pleeeeeeeeeeeenk.

The struggle is real. For once my fingers are too big! I can only play one note at a time.

What I really need is one of those big electrical piano keyboards. The ones that are all portable and stuff. And you can Plug In other instruments.

yamaha-keyboards-in-Melbourne.jpg (400×300)
Like dis.


It's hard wanting to write music and hitting walls because you're not a musical genius. It's hard wanting to act and not being able to because you can't drive yet. It's hard to be artistic and have to work. 8-P I want to write, I want to act, I want to take music theory, I want to use my talents to spread some good, even if it's small. I really want to start practicing my clarinet again because I think that would help with making music. I would have done this already, but my sadly it's in storage and I haven't been able to dig it out of the garage yet. 8-(

With all of these dreams stretched out before me, I come to a big decision. If you could all pray for me it would be very helpful, because I'm really nervous about it.

I've decided to step out of my nanny job.

This was a hard decision for me, one that I've been considering it for some time. You know how sometimes you do something and it's just not quite a fit? Well, that's what happened. I love both my nieces tons and will miss them a lot, but I can feel that this isn't where I'm supposed to be. Joe and Jess have been very good to me and I've had a good sort of year... but I do think it's time for a change. There is so much I'm not able to do here. Joe's house is in this cul-de-sac thing, and all connections to town are off the freeway, which I hate. There is nowhere I can go within walking or riding distance. I still don't have my license. *growls* I've also been missing Mass a lot due to conflicting schedules and work hours and such, and that has been hard. There is also a lot of stuff I need to figure out and I think this is for the best. I've been praying a lot about this decision, and if some of you could pray for me as well I would be very grateful. 8-D I hope to come back here soon, since it has more opportunities for actors, but before I can do that I need to give myself a little room to breathe, take a step back, and say, What do you want, Bella?

I mean, I know I want to act - and I even found a good Community Theatre group down here, which I'd like to join as soon as possible. I want to audition for their Spring Show which is The Secret Garden. If I like it, I can think about moving back into this town, but doing so on my terms, and in the places I want to be.

Anyway, please pray about my dreams, please pray that I can pursue my acting, even if it's in a small way, and please pray that these changes are right. 8-)

I'm working on another blog post, so you should be hearing from me soon. I hope you all have a good weekend!

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Writers Camp [ Day Thirteen ] Be inspired!

Day Thirteen: Be Inspired! Why do you write? What keeps you writing? What motivates your work? What helps you to pursue your incredible, brilliant dream even when it seems too much of a challenge to deal with? What inspires you, fellow writers?

I started writing because I loved to tell stories, and I obviously still love doing that. I think stories help people cope with their own issues. I think  stories give people hope for surviving the worst, seeing better days, and knowing that life is worth living despite the bad. What keeps me writing? Well, it seems to me that there are less and less good, wholesome books on the shelves today. I used to be able to bring home stacks of books from the library. Now I'm lucky to find three good ones. I used to be able to check out a brand new book and be excited. Now I look at a new book and worry that the writers will betray my tiny trust and cater to society's stupid standards, shoving "Politically Correct" characters down my throat and ruining the book because they won't let the story breathe. I want to be that write that bookworms like me can always trust be to be clean, morale, and have good story telling. Maybe this is presumptuous of me, but I want to do something to help the poor, suffering shelves in libraries around the world.

What motivates me? Bookworms need good, strong books to devour. I feel bad for my fellow readers. I want girls (and boys) to be able to find a good series and know it's going to be good all the way through, and trust the writer the way I trust Diana Wynn Jones and Jean Birdsall. I want to be that writers for the poor, starving bookworm that needs something besides the popular, modern, stale crap being sold today. It's sad to only find one decent book in every five. What the heck?? When did our world become so illiterate?

What helps me pursue my dreams? I try to remember everything I want to show others, everything I want to remind them of and tell them about. I think about the stories I want to tel and how just one character on a page can change someone's world for the better, if handled properly. I talk to other writers, I read lots of books, and I focus on creating stories that will help individual be better, see the world better, and live through hardship better. I focus on how much fiction helped me when I had rough times, and remind myself that that is what I want to do for others.

What inspires me? Lots of things! I read a lot, and that helps fuel my imagination. I watch lots of different TV shows, which is also a big help when it comes to story telling and helping you think outside the box. I like listening to music. It's amazing what a few lyrics can plant in your brain, and how they can help you develop your book. I like taking walks in the forest, especially in long skirts with my hair down. Holla! I am a medieval female woodland character of some kind! Fear me! 8-D One of the biggest things that inspires me though, is that God gave me talent. Even if it's a small bit of talent, I know I can write pretty well. I know I should respect that talent and do something with it, help people in some way. I want to do that as much as I can. I think it's important, so important. If you can write, you should write! And write good stories!

My Camp is over... but I had a question. A lot of you were very excited about this. I would love to stay in contact with some of you writers to help me stay on the right track. Would any of you consider joining a group blog or something of the sort, and maybe meeting up every month or so to just chat? It could help all of us. We could even set up a chat room or something, if the blog is not a good idea. But I think maybe talking to other writers once every four to six weeks could help all of us stay motivated, especially when we're down. What do you think? Would you guys like some kind of blog/chat room we could meet up in?

THANK ALL OF YOU WHO PARTICIPATED IN MY WRITERS CAMP! THIS WAS REALLY FUN! I hope we can do something like this again soon! It's great talking to other writers. (and I have been reading posts, I just haven't had time to comment!) Keep moving forward, and if you are ever discouraged remember that it took Tolkien fourteen years and many revisions to complete The Lord of The Rings. You have time!


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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Writers Camp [ Day Twelve ] Conquering Writer's Block.

Day Twelve: Conquering Writer's Block.

Writer's Block is the biggest pain a writer can face. Your creativity runs dry. Your characters get themselves into a bad predicament and you can't figure a way out. You can't figure out how to make something to work no matter how many times you try editing. Sometimes your pen just won't flow, and the words just won't come. It sucks.

Here are ten effective ways to help you when you're struggling with Writer's Block.

1.) Make a playlist for your book.

Play-lists are incredibly helpful for me. I usually have at least fifteen songs, each one pertaining in some way to my characters and plot. It can really help fuel inspiration.

2.) Make a Pinterest board. 

Pinterest can be very distracting for a Writer. I know that first hand. But it can be really helpful to have a {interest board for your story. If you can scroll through it, sometimes it can help you get your inspiration back.

3.) Watch/read something that will inspire you to write. 

Reading good books and watching good shows can do wonders for your writers block. When I'm in a bad place with writing I do lots of reading and watch shows that I know will inspire me to write. Since I mostly write fantasy, I usually read lots of Tolkien, some C.S. Lewis, Diana Wynn Jones, and some Jessica Day George. I'll also watch BBC Merlin, Inkheart, Narnia.... Actually, Avatar. The Last Airbender really helped inspire my writing too. Depending on what your writing, read stories and watch shows that reflect your ideas. Like, reading Heist Society helped inspire Juliette Walgrey.  So did watching Psych. Read and watch things that will help you get new, fresh ideas for your story.

4.) Look up writing prompts.

Writing prompts are a lot of fun to look through, and they might be able to get those creative juices flowing again. See if you can use some of their ideas/themes to fuel a chapter or two. Even if you just write a few short scenes that have nothing to do with your characters, you may come back to your story with fresh ideas, better prepared to continue.

5.) Talk the scene out to yourself in your head. 

Talk the plot through in your head as well. This helps me a ton. If you say things out loud to yourself, it can sometimes help you figure out the problem.

6.) Talk to other Writers.

We writers need to band together. If your stuck in your story, talk to other writers. Ask for advice, or even just vent to them for a bit. That can put you in a much better place for writing. Plus, your fellow writers might be able to give you ideas and help get through your Writer's Block.

7.) If you like to draw, doodle a bit. 

Sometimes being creative in other ways can help you be creative with your writing as well.

8.) Take a walk/bike ride.

Writers can often stay indoors for too long. If you have bad Writer's Block, go out for a long walk/ride and let yourself be calm. Stop stressing about your story. Don't worry, things will work out. It will come to you!

9.) Follow blogs for writers. 

Be in contact with other writers. Some writers have Tumblrs, and while I'm not a huge fan of tumblr, some post pretty great gifs and pictures that can help light up your inspiration.

10.) Work on something else!

This is important. Sometimes you just need to take a break from your story for a bit. There's no shame in that. Try working on other stuff for a bit.

Sometimes your Writer's Block is so bad you'll just have to punch through it ... which means you write until you figure out how to continue your story.

What are some things you do when you have Writer's Block?

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Writer's Camp [ Day Eleven ] Would You Rather/What Now

Day Eleven: Would You Rather/What If

Today we are going to send one of your characters on an adventure! Take a character from one of your stories and give us a brief summary of who he is. Then answer the questions below. This game will help you think like your character, making choices he would make as apposed to ones you would. It might help you understand and know your character better too. Plus, it's fun. 8-D

Juliette Walgrey. Private Detective. AOA.

1.) Would You Rather Be Hot or Cold?

I like being warm. When I'm cold I wrap up in a big blankets and drink tea.

2.) Would you rather work at night or during the day? 

I like evenings. They make me feel calm and creative.

3.) Someone knocks on your door. What now?

Uhm, I army-crawl to the window and peak out to make sure it's not someone I don't want to see.

4.) Would you rather go without food or water for a day?

I guess food, because you can survive longer without that. But I'd rather not be without either.

5.) Someone tells you your life is a lie. What now?

I wouldn't believe them unless they could prove it. If they proved my life was a lie, I'd probably panic and have a meltdown.

6.) Would you rather be settled or have the open road?

Oh, I like being settled. It's good to have a place called home. 8-D

7.) Would you rather loose sight or hearing? 

WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT??? I think... maybe... sight. Just because I love music so much.

8.)  Would you rather have a dog or cat?

A dog, obviously!

9.) How do you respond to betrayal, pain, loss?

I get sad. Like, I'll get angry, but it's the sad-angry which means if I try to tell you off I'll probably cry, and I'll feel achy and empty....  Yeah.

10.) Do you like music?

OH YES! Especially classical musical. Though there are some pop singers I like too.

11.) Do you like reading?

Absolutely. I read at least one book a week, usually.

12.) Would you Rather face a lion or a bear?

A bear. A brown bear.

13.) What is something that scares you?

Not being able to help the people I care about, or failing the people I care about. I'm also scared of spiders, wasps, and creep dark forests.

14.) Would you rather be in a crowd or alone?

It depends on my mood, but I tend to wander off on my own a lot.

15.) You're family is threatened. What now?

I plan to take down the people threatening my family and bring them to justice. I'd probably enlist help from people I trusted.

16.) Do you put a lot of importance on family? (Answer honestly.)

Yeah. Family is really important to me. And not just blood, but like, friends too.

17.) Do you believe in God/heaven/angels, or something of the like?

Yep! I'm Catholic.

18.) Would you rather have coffee or tea?

Coffee in the morning, Tea at night.

19.) Would you rather take a long walk in the forest, or a bike ride down a parkway?

I like riding my bike a lot. But I like riding it on the back roads, just me, no one else.

20.) Do you like snow?

Yeah, but I don't like lots of it for long periods of time.

21.) Do you like rain?

I love rainstorms, I don't like it when it's just drizzly and grey.

22.) What is your favorite thing to do?

Read, write, and listen to music.

23.) Would you rather spend the day indoors or outdoors?


24. Do you like summer days?

Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, so yes, summer days are great!

25.) If there was one person you would drop everything for in their time of need, who would it be?

I need to pick just one? There's lots of people I'd run to if they needed me. Zoe, Martin, my Mom and Dad, my sisters, my cousins.... there's too many to just pick one.

So. What do you think? Peace out y'all!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Writers Camp [ Day Ten ] Sample Time!

I'm still behind. What can I say? This week has been something of a dark well of doom. I totally failed my driving test. Parallel parking is the stupidest thing ever invented.

Stupid parallel parking. Why is it even a thing?

Today you get to sample some of my writing! I know I've shared some stuff before, but today I will share some lyrics from one of my new musicals, as well as the first page of the Juliette Private Detective; AOA book.  8-) Please enjoy!!

LYRICS FROM THE MUSICAL I'M WRITING!!! This isn't the one about the world turning grey. I don't have a name for that one yet, nor many actual melodies. I want to call it Colored in Love but I'm not sure about that name. Anyway! Here are lyrics from my Fan-Musical, the musical I'm writing in honor of one of my favorite books. I'm not ready to share the name of it yet. But Hopefully one I'm done I can plan some sort of Concept Fan-Cast of some kind. I dunno. Thoughts! Anyway, these next lines are taken from one of the love songs. I quite like it. It's called Curious.

What is this feeling / curious
What is this? Curious.
For a moment was there something?
For a moment could I almost...?
It's builds inside me / curious.
It wants to build / how curious
Concern... for me...

For a moment did my heart just run?
For a moment did I just...?
Running through me / this feeling.
Something trying / to break into me...
strangely disturbing and strong
Strangely disturbing, it almost won!
What is this curiously in me?
What is this curiosity beyond my reach?


Onward!! Here's a little sneak peek at my detective book!

Juliette, Private Detective AOA. 

Juliette was her name. Juliette Veronica Walgrey. Though usually she just went by Juliette, and sometimes just plain "J" which is what her brother called her. She was an even 5-2 1/2, and rather on odd sight to behold. She preferred skirts to pants, and had thick auburn hair which she kept tightly french braided whenever she worked a case. On the window of her flat was a sign that read "Juliette Walgrey. AOA." Among other things she liked to call herself a consulting detective, or Private Detective. She was the last one you'd expect.
   Juliette's office was small. It was downstairs from a restaurant and it wasn't even properly hers. It was borrowed. But for a girl so curious, she did pretty well for herself, and quite a few people knew in in the little City. She made lovely coffee at Revive. Even Tonia, the coffee shop owner said so, and she wasn't big on giving compliments. At this time, however, Juliette wasn't at her part-time, four hours-a-day job. She was standing over a dead body and feeling grumpy about it.
   Now, most days Juliette didn't mind being called in to inspect. It usually meant a paycheck. Yay! This morning, unfortunately, the call came at four thirty A.M., and Juliette thought, as she stood there with her lukewarm cappuccino, that murders should wait until at least six. Seven was better. She felt very out of sorts, and most of her mind was still back at home in her bed. She was wearing knee boots even though it was June because she hadn't been able to find her sandals by the light of the moon, nor matching socks either. She felt like a potato this morning. A grouchy potato. 
  She felt someone coming up behind her and turned. It was Deputy Rogner with a small brown bag and a cup of coffee. "Oh," he said. "I didn't you you already had coffee. I thought you might like something to eat." He held out the bag. Juliette took it gladly, and then, because her coffee was practically cold anyway, she took the coffee off his hands too. "Thanks, Ace! Much appreciated." She cured her hands around the warm cup and felt slightly better. She took a sip. Aaaaah. now she could focus on the task at her. She turned her attention back to the unfortunate victim.
   The man in question was a certain Political Science teacher by the name of William Smass. He was slouched in the chair behind his desk with a nasty bruise on his temple. The police had yet to locate the murder weapon, but it seemed the culprit had been looking for something. The office was torn apart as if in a frenzy. Poor man. A simple teacher caught in a burglary. Though, what could you steal from a teacher's office? Grades? Actually, that wasn't a bad thought. Juliette smiled. Some students might do any number of things to pass a class.  

Snippets from my book Cyril. This is a story about

Killian and his son live in the Kingdom is Farathon, where a terrible Queen by the name of Nelana has set out for ultimate conquest. Four years ago she invaded the Isle of Solvina and captured the powerful and mythical creatures, the Kiera. Now one has escaped. Nevina roots out a Killian as a man who is skilled with these magnificent beasts, one some might call a tamer. When Killian refuses to help, she captures his son and poi his heart poisons his heart, declaring unless he agrees to do her will, he will loose his son forever. Killian is forced to obey, and he and Cyril start a journey that will change the fate of their country - for good, or ill.


Killian heard the carriage before he saw it. He was carving at the time. His hands moved up and down the rough wood, rubbing away all the slivers with careful ease. He didn't move too quickly but he there was a restlessness in his work. Carving had always taken longer than most things, but every year he got older it seemed to get harder. He pulled back another layer of wood with his tool and leaned in close. Just a little smack –  Killian heard the wheels creak and the heavy sound of boots coming at the door, one after the other. He gently blew the shavings away from his jewelry box and placed it off to the side with his other creations. He stood and as he did a loud and demanding knock echoed on the door. He brushed his hands on his apron but didn't even bother with his hair. He knew trying to tidy it would only make it worse. With any luck the grey lurking behind his ears would help hide the dust.
The knock came again. Killian grabbed the nob and yanked the door open. A man stood on the other side, tall and thin, with a ridiculous feathered hat and high black boots which rose above his knees. He looked at Killian and was silent. He waited but Killian didn't invite him in.
“Can I help you with something?” The older man asked, when the staring could continue no longer. He knew the look his visitor wore. It was one he was used to.
“I'm sorry," The Visitor said. He was indeed very pale. “Am I right to assume you are Killian Steindaer, former accountant of the Kingdom?”
“No, I am not. What is this about?”
The Visitor didn’t seem to acknowledge his negative answer. “Sir, you must leave your house at once, and in haste. There is not time to delay.”
“What?” Killian’s eyes narrowed. “Who are you?”
“It doesn’t matter. Your life is in danger, sir.”
“In danger from whom?”
The stranger’s eyes studied the hat in hand. “She’s coming for you. ”
“You must have me mistaken for someone else.” Killian tried to close the door but it hit  The Visitor’s palm. “Please sir. I know who you are. She can’t find you here.”
“I’m a carpenter. I have no wealth, no station. I’m no one.”
“Perhaps not now, but you were someone once. Please. You don’t have much time.”
“I’m not who you think I am.”
“Killian Steindaer, former Scola and enemy of the Queen. You went into hiding five years ago. You can’t hide any longer, Sir. She is coming for you even now.”
“Why would you warn me of this?” Killian asked. “How do you know of her plans, and if you do, how can I trust you?
“You don’t know, unfortunately,” said Visitor. “However, this is your best chance. She’s coming with a request and she won’t accept no for an answer.”
Killian weighed the options quickly. He had hoped he was safe from discovery now, but it seemed that maybe he was wrong. On the other hand, this could be some dirty lie or trick, something to lure him into the open. Though, for what purpose?
“You wouldn’t be lying to me would you?”
“I rarely lie,” answered the Visitor.
“That is good. Bad things will often happen to people who lie to me.”
“I wouldn’t lie about this.”
Killian observed the strange visitor on his doorstep and realized he had no choice but to trust him. If the Queen was truly coming here he could not be found. He wouldn’t be used as her pawn, whatever game she was playing.
“Very well,” He said certainly so he couldn’t change his mind. “I’ll do as you ask.” The Visitor relaxed. “Thank you,” he said fervently. “And sir? if you have family in the area, I would get them out too. You don’t want her to have any leverage.”
“Of course. I’ll be sure of it. Thank you.” The Visitor tried to smile, turned, and started to walk.
“What is your name, friend?” Killian called after him. “In case I ever have the need of repaying this service?”
“I am but a humble servant.” Here the visitor bowed, so low his feathers almost touched his shoes.
Killian found himself smiling slightly. “Very well. Thank you, humble one. Maybe we’ll meet again one day.”

“I hope so,” said the Visitor.

SO? What think you??

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


Pile of good things

Pile of good things