Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A tag to let you all know I'm not dead

Because I am not dead, not at all. I actually have a good excuse for disappearing from the blogging world. My very special friend is up visiting!!! I'm planning on doing a giant post about all the fun we have been having these past few days, but for now I'm just going to do a tag to tide you over.

Rose tagged me with the Liebster Tag! Thank you Rose!!


Acknowledge the blog that nominated you. (See above)
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The Questions

1) An anonymous someone drops a note on your front porch saying that they will fund a trip to either England, an African Safari, Prince Edward Island, or Italy.  Which do you choose?  Why?

I don't tend to trust strangers, BUT if I did choose it would be Prince Edward Island. Or Italy.

2) You're being forced to re-do your room.  What color do you paint it?

Purple. Not dark, dark purple but kind of a soft purple that looks happy and fairy-ish.

3) Do you have a particular song that you listen to often, but it never seems to get old?  If so, what is it?

Hm. It will have to be a toss-up between Demons and Its Time to Begin. I listen to both those songs all together too often. I'm kind of obsessed with Imagine Dragons on the whole. They are very addicting.

4) Would you rather be lounging in the sun on the beach reading a good book or adventuring in the waves?

I've never been sailing and the thought of it freaks me out a little, so I'll go with a good book. About a Thief. Who can steal anything. Even a queen.

You suddenly end up with two twin kittens.  One is a girl; one is a boy.  What do you name them?

Amy and Rory

You're organizing a get together with friends.  Would you choose a picnic or a movie night?

Movie Night! With popcorn, lots of popcorn. And juice!!!!!

What is your pet peeve?

having my bedroom door left open. If I am in a room, the door MUST BE CLOSED. I will wake up 3:00 in the morning, realize the door has been cracked open and get up to close it. There are few things that can make me more frustrated or twitchy then the door being left open. Especially when a certain sister ignores your urgent calls to "Shut the door on your way out!!!" and leaves the room with the door WIDE OPEN. That makes me soooooo angry.

Is there a new hobby you've been wanting to try out?

Not really. I'm not super big on hobbies. I'm trying to write a book and become an actress. That's enough for me right now.

If you could pick one instrument that you would (without any effort on your part) instantly master, which would you choose?

Guitar. I really, really want to learn guitar. If I could play guitar I would lay out on the grass in cowboy boots and a hat and strum away, feeling all western and awesome.

Would you like to be snowed inside for a week?

No, not particularly. I get stir-crazy if I have to stay in for too long. I would like some snow though. We've only had two storms all winter and only one was worth talking about. Its kind of sad.

Pick the closest book to you that you've read.  What is your favorite character in the book?

*Leans over and scans the room* The Hobbit. I see The Hobbit. My favorite character in that book will have to be Bilbo.

I will try to nominate a few people, but I don't know whose already been nominated. So.... I'll just do Five. And if you all have already been tagged, you do NOT have to do this tag, Okay? I know how hard it is to have bunches of tags dumped on you.
My questions.

Would you consider yourself a geek or a nerd?

Do you know when National Pie Day is?

What is the first thing you think when you see salt?

Do you spend most of your time inside or outside?

Range Rover or Land Rover?

Did you know they are making a sequel to The Incredibles?

Do you like Raisin cookies?

Do you own more than ten CD's?

What does it mean to have cat-like tread?

Have you read The Hunger Games?

Do you ever wear a robe?

That's all you nutters. I'm tired and I want to go to bed. I'll be back after my AMAZING visit is over to rave about all the FUN we had without you losers! Mwahahahahaha!

God Bless!


  1. That was a good read!! Awesome! And thank you Bella for nominating me. I will do it sometime this week because I told someone I would do another uplifting post. I can't wait to do your award tag. Thanks again! ❤️

    1. Oh, no rush. take your time, tags are hard.

  2. DEMONS. (Okay, that sounds weird to start a comment like that BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.) That song is aaaamazing. It's only slightly rivalled by Radioactive and Who We Are. How do they write such amazing songs?! GAH. The door problem bothers me too. Although my Certain Sister is very good at closing the door when I tell her to. But it's the walk-in-to-say-something-and-leave-without-closing-the-door that is not okay. x)


      Thank you for agreeing about the door thing. That drives me crazy!


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