Friday, March 14, 2014

Its the little things

Because it's Lent we try not to watch too many movies and TV shows. In fact we kind of go off them cold turkey. So during this Lent we though that it might be fun to listen to Musicals during the week instead of having our evening movie. It seemed like a grand plan. Now, lately I have had a fierce craving for muffins. Hot, moist Poppy-seed Muffins. They were all I could think about. So I got all 'in the mood' and decided that the night we listened to "Secret Garden" I would make those muffins and we would feast! Of course that would mean skipping Lunch, but it would be worth it. I NEEDED Muffins. I proposed my plan to the family. My sisters (wonderful people that they are) were very good sports and went hungry for the muffins I'd be making that night. They all did it. For me. This meant my muffins had be the stuff of LEGEND!

Now. If you remember I have a past with baking. I don't. Its not that I don't like to - I do! baking, cooking, anything to do with food is good!! but my baking expeditions never work out. Which meant I was super nervous about these muffins. They needed to just right. They couldn't burn. they couldn't fall flat. they couldn't taste like biscuits. They couldn't turn out like those poor abused cookies I had once tried to serve. They needed to be proper muffins that melted in your mouth. Nothing else would satisfy my craving. The whole time I was stirring and sifting I anxiously wondered if skipping lunch would be worth it. I would hate to have given up my lunch for nothing. I stirred. I sifted. I dropped little spoonfuls into the muffin pans. I slipped them into the oven.
 They were perfect. I was so, so happy! They were all a muffin should be: Firm but not crumbly, moist but not too doughy or soft. Perfect. It was doubly amazing because I had a very narrow escape with them. I stuck them in for an hour. That is what the recipe said to do. I was feeling all efficient and hopeful when a sister's voice from the kitchen called out, "BELLA!!!! GET OUT HERE AND CHECK YOU'RE MUFFINS!!" Out I rushed, fully expecting to find charcoal in a cup and thinking to myself in a panic, "its only been thirty minutes!!" But see, I had made a recipe for bread. Muffins only need half an hour to cook. I was informed this by a helpful older sister as I slid into the kitchen. Funny how she didn't mention it sooner seeing as she was the one who had given me the recipe!! How was I suppose to know it was bread? I whipped the oven door open and.....
Look at them!!! They look like the type of muffins that you would see displayed in a cook book!! They were amazing!!!

Quickly I piled two plates high with golden, poppy-seed goodness and, feeling quite happy with the world, carried my prize into the living room. They were warmly welcomed. We brought out the CD player. We stuck in "Secret Garden." We let the feasting began.
I am pleased to say, the muffins tasted as luscious as they looked. That has never happened for me before! Nothing I make tastes that lovely! I was so happy! They only thing needed to complete the evening was tea. Since I have given up tea I contented myself with boiling water. It wasn't quite fulfilling, but the muffins made up for the lack of British flair in my evening.

Oh hot water, how I love you!

It ended by a really fun night, even though there were a couple moments when conversation interrupted our long-awaited musical. But I suppose that's to be expected when one is having a feast. We did lots of singing, especially when the music crescendo-ed and many characters began singing at once. Don't you love those moments?

There. I just really wanted to share that all with you. It was so much fun and I want to do it again before Lent is over. I know I'm gonna try those muffins again at least. Maybe for breakfast this time. Ooooh! How yummy would that be! I would have to get up pretty early though. Hmmmmm. Is it worth it?

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(many thanks to my sister Tiny who helped make this video the awesomness it is)

God Bless!


  1. Oh my....those muffins looks absolutely wonderful! O.O I'm happy they turned out for you!! that would be annoying if it ended in a major fail. *nod*

    Another musical I'd never heard of! Secret Garden, eh? No kidding... :) I'll have to give it a listen one of these days.....along with Little Woman, Tale of Two Cities, etc. Hah! I'll to spend a few evenings listening to them. But....oh my, goodness....I freakin' love this song!! O.O What is it about musicals that I love so much?? Awww....this brings back memories of listening to books on tape when I was younger. I would clean the kitchen with my sister while listening to our Secret Garden dramatized tape. It was lovely. It had background noises and all. I loved it so much. Anyway...I need to listen to this music. *nod*

    P.S. You already know what I think of your video. <3

  2. Secret Garden is a beautiful musical, I love it. it ends happily too :)

    I am quite pleased with that video, it turned out really well

  3. Oh yum. Can I have one? Please? Pretty please? (See I have very nice manners.) They look SO delicious, good stuff!! I don't have an awesome history in the kitchen either, actually, er *cough cough* I've burnt things. My famousness comes with forgetting the baking powder, or doubling it so that it tastes like we're eating cake of salt. EW. But those muffins definitely look totally delicious.

    1. They were delicious, I was very happy. Inlove baking when it turns out nicely!!!

  4. I didn't know that either about the muffins baking for 30 minutes. So sweet of your sister for helping you... But whe should have told you about the time sooner hehehe. Maybe she forgot. Like my mom says, you just needed the practice. They look so delicious!! ❤️ So happy you had a fun time and that your muffins turned out perfect! :)

    1. I was glad too.... I really should have known about the thirty minute thing. I don't know how I spaced on it.


    I loved that "LILLY'S EYES" picture. lol.

  6. Oh my goodness those muffins look absolutely amazing! im actually quite hungry right now so they really look uber great. oh, and congrats for saving them after half an hour - well done to your sister!

    also, im a new reader from (:

    1. well thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy reading here :)


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