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Amy Pond

I am finally ready to sneak out of my Sulking Corner and do a blog post. Yes, I said Sulking Corner. I have been sulking and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm having Post-vacation depression. Serious Post-vacation depression. So its been hard for me to blog about Jack's visit without moping. But now I am ready. *Snaps neck*

Here's the thing. In the weeks before Jack came out my whole family was really, really nervous. As in, "WHAT IF SHE HATES US???" Ridiculously nervous. This was a friend coming to see us. What was there to be nervous about?? Me, I was fine. I was just super excited. I would randomly burst into song, or jump and down and giggle, or rush about crying "TEN DAYS TILL JACK GETS HERE!" and altogether freaking out, but in a good way. We had bunches of stuff planned and, surprisingly, we got 90% of it done. (We never did watch Final Season....)

What is the best way to describe Jack's visit?

Jeremy Renner
It was one of the best two weeks I can remember. There was absolutely NOTHING to be nervous about. Cause, Jack, she fit right in. She was NORMAL!!! We could seriously talk about anything, from our favorite TV shows, to how hard it is riding a bicycle with a skirt (It can be a real pain. Trust me) It was so much fun to talk to someone who was like us! The first day we tried not to be too weird: we wouldn't want to freak anyone out - but by the second or third day we were comfortable enough to be as weird and eccentric as always. and it was awesome. Cause SHE JOINED RIGHT IN!!! It was like finding a long lost sister. I'm not kidding.

There was so much we wanted to get done while Jack was here, watching all of five seasons of Leverage, at the top of the list. That's 72 episodes over .... fifteen days?

We watched lots of Leverage.
We also managed to watch Kate & Leopold, Fourth-Two, Three Amigos, Italian Job and two Tim Hawkins concerts. It was awesome.
We also did a bunch of simple little things, like go out to Coffee or Jamba Juice (LOTS OF THIS!) walk on the pier, going off the hill to look at bookstores and window-shopping at some of the shops around town. There was also a good deal of hiking and walking, and shoving-in-a-playful-way -and-running-off--before-getting-shoved-back.
Window shopping was loads of fun. There was this really cool shop full of all sorts of .... Everything, from wooden treasure chests to some of the most amazing Kaleidoscope in the world. At first I just thought it was a type of pendant - it looked like a necklace, but it wasn't. It was a teeny-tiny Kaleidoscope!!! These things were smaller on than my pinkie finger. AND THEN I LOOKED THROUGH THEM AND THEY STILL WORKED! My nerd came out. I've always thought of myself as more of a geek, but there is a touch of nerd in there. And kaleidoscopes the size of a baby's pinkie, that you can actually look through and see fireworks - those bring out all the nerd in me. I was squealing and getting all excited, and the lady was so nice, cause she let you touch and hold everything, and it was just so much fun.
We also spent a good deal of time lounging in the sun with books. And lounging on couches with books. And sitting at the table with books. And curling up in blankets with books. Because nothing says time well spent like reading in company.

One of the days we out to the meadow and spent the day laying the grass, talking and reading and singing and randomly remarking on fandom-related trivia. We discussed our favorite books and our annoyance with popular reading material. We drew and wrote. And we all took turns petting and admiring the famous Jawn. He was so adorable! I love him so much more now. I hope he enjoyed himself while he was here - even though we couldn't have too many cookies.
Isn't he the most adorable thing ever??
I think the day in the meadow was one of my favorites. It was just so fun and relaxing to lay about doing nothing. Well... if nothing is the proper term. We exchanged embarrassing stories about the stupid things we did as kids, the dangerous games we would make up, and how playing Red-Rover was about life and death when we did it. Then I finally worked up the courage to boop Jack's nose. And she booped me back.

And I swear that was the best part of the visit. 
In honor of our geekiness we decided to order our Jamba Juice and coffee under a false name. Luckily, wherever we went, different people were serving us, so we could do it more than once. I did it THREE TIMES! I ordered under Gwen for coffee and then the first time we did Jamba Juice I ordered as Amy Pond. The second time I did Jess. 
Amy Pond

Its ridiculous how much fun it is, giving a false name. It made me feel so excited and fangirly beause (In case you didn't notice) we had all agreed to use fandom names. Just to make it more interesting.You could tell my sister and I were on the same wave length, though, because the day I ordered as Jess she ordered as Jo. I was like "Great. We're both dead. Our ghosts are haunting Jamba Juice."  After Jamba Juice we went out to the park and had a semi-picnic and listened to music.

We wanted to make sure Jack got a look at Mahri and Amy's cabin, so the day we had coffee we crashed over at their house and stayed a few hours to munch on muffins and scones.  We even got Sammi to come along that time. That made me very happy.
Then we went home, listened to Psych the Musical (And sang along) and talked. And had quote-offs. And obsessed over fandoms. And shared the hate we have for one exceptionally annoying fictional character. Then we started preparing dinner; Now you know how accepted Jack had become. She was helping clean potatoes and chop onions and sprinkle spices. We had a festive dinner with loud conversation and hand waving. We scrubbed dishes and sang.  And we booped  noses. and we punched each others shoulders. And we shouted out movies quotes. And we PARTIED LIKE ITS EIGHTEEEENNN-EIGHTY-EIGHT!!!
SAMMI! And Chloe! And Toink!

And We watched more Leverage!!!!

 See a pattern here? *Grin*
All in all it was an AMAZING sixteen days. Jack fit right into the family and having her around was like meeting a sister you never knew you had. Seriously. I mean, in those last few days even little Sammi Toink was calling Jack her big sister. How cute is that?!!
"This is Jackie.  My Jackie. She's my big sister."
The last evening Jack was here were getting the End-of-vacation mood swings, and we were all a bit melancholy. We tried to keep the mood light - we went down to the beach with coffees and talked and had tons of fun.... but it was still bitter-sweet. We kept trying to think up ways to keep her. "You don't HAVE to go. We could kidnap you. Or you could sleep in too late on accident." Jack was warming to the ideas, adding a few of her own. "I could pretend to be sick. I could say you wouldn't let me go and I was forced to stay against my will." It was a feeble attempt to soften the oncoming end, but we did our best.
Basically no one wanted Jack to go. We didn't want that last day to end. We stayed up past midnight trying to keep Jack's time from running out on us, savoring our last evening with her and trying not to remember that we'd have to get up before the sun and say goodbye.

But as long as we stayed up the sun wouldn't be held back, and all too soon we'd have drop her off at the airport. and it was super depressing and sad. And I think I might have cried a bit on the way home.

So..... Yeah. Jack's visit was the best thing that's happened since our family reunion. And it was hard when it was over. But all good things come to an end and.... well.... No. No, I'm just very sad.

And I don't know how to end this post.

So I'll end it with a hug. Jack? This one is just for you.
God Bless!


  1. Awwwwww how beautiful!! Sounds like you all had a fantastic time! Very good! ❤️

    1. We did have a great time! I wish it could have lasted longer. *sigh*

  2. Fun! I think it would be awesome to meet you...and your whole family : ) Oh, I love your new profile pic!

  3. To answer your question about The Vampire Diaries, basically, if you enjoy Supernatural, then you will probably like The Vampire Diaries. It takes a few episodes to get into and there is adult content in some (not all) episodes. The characters are amazing though! By the time you get to season 3, characters you hated in season 1 are heroes! And Stefan and Damon Salvatore really have an amazing brotherly relationship, probably similar to the Dean and Sam Winchester. Oh, and don't get me started on the Mikaelson family (the Originals)! So, I think you would like it a lot, but just be wary of certain content, which now that I've re watched several of the seasons, isn't that bad.

    1. Oh. okay ;) I'll see if i can get a sister to watch it with me. I've heard its really sad... is it?

    2. Cool : ) My suggestion, make sure it's an older sister and don't let the younger ones see certain episodes (because Katherine might bite them!!!). Yeah, much of The Vampire Diaries deals with loss of friends and family. It also deals with guilty pasts, redemption and atonement. There are still some episodes that I cry through, especially the ones that deal with the loss of family.

  4. "You shot the invisible man. We both shot up, why didn't you."
    I've been DYING to learn the My Little Butterfly song. I was humming it at work the other day. I would have danced it to, but I don't know the dance.
    And I've been doing the King Tut song too.

    I need a Doctor hug, thank you. (I've been back three weeks and I'm still sulking. Something will happen to remind me of all of you and I'll pout. My brothers have got used to it, and my random, "My friends like....") I love calling all of you my friends. (I HAVE REAL FRIENDS!)

    I felt like I fit right in. I felt all welcome and wanted and loved and it was SOOO Much fun and I miss you all tons!!! WE have to do it again soon

    1. Disneyland Jack. DISNEYLAND!! :)

      I'm still sulking too. I've been very moody and sad and Ikeep looking up and saying, "I miss Jack. Where is Jack?" I feel like Sammi-Toink after you left. "I cant find myJackie.."

      we need to chat soon.


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