Saturday, March 8, 2014

"I find them complex. Always somewhere between living and dying. Half-human as they turn to the sun. A little disgusting."

I am so glad its Saturday. It means tomorrow morning I can have coffee. lots and lots of coffee, with cookies and donuts. But mostly coffee. You learn to really miss the stuff. And chocolate. Chocolate is always a hard one. Pinterest too. I miss Pinterest. And I miss my tea at night. Though, you know, one does acquire a taste for Hot Water. There's nothing quite like it.

Lol. You can tell its the first week of Lent. 

The reason for this post is that Ivy over at Revealed in Time has tagged me with the Sunflower Award! Thank you Ivy! '


1.) Share 11 facts about yourself

2.) Answer the questions set by your nomination blogger.

3.) Nominate 11 3 bloggers

4.) Set questions for the nominated bloggers.
Eleven Facts about me.

1) I hate sharing 11 facts about me. I can never think of anything.

2) I hate springing forward. What's that about?

3) I have started making music videos again.

4) I've started the "Gallagher Girls" series. I am currently on book two and quite liking it.

5)  I've learned that it is even harder to find sister stories than it is to find brother/friendships stories

6) This makes me really want to write a sister story.

7) but I don't know when that is going to happen cause I'm experiencing writers block

8) The worst craving I get during lent are those for Hot chocolate and cookie batter.

9)  I am very glad Once Upon a Time is coming back on air tomorrow because that mid-season finale sucked.

10) I am further glad its coming back on a Sunday so I can watch it on ABC

11) I might have another TV show to watch - its about the Revolutionary War and it looks really, really good! And it has Jamie Bell in it as the main character so.... my sister Amy and I might tune into that *grin*

The Questions

1.) If you had a chance to live in one country in Europe for one year, what country would it be?

I'd want to live in Italy

2.) Do you learn from you mistakes or just tend to forget about them?
I try to learn from my mistakes.

 3.) Would you rather live in Middle-Earth, Narnia, Camelot, Panem, or Hogwarts?
Middle Earth

 4.) Vampire, werewolf or neither?

 5.) What are your favorite children's names?
Sam, Annamaria, Peter, Paul and Amy.

 6.) What do you believe was the worst time period in history?
 The French Revolution

 7.) What is the greatest achievement in society to date?
 I can't think of a lot of achievements in society today. Which is really sad by the way.

I'm suppose to name three nominees so.....


And the questions for you all are....

1) Do you like Daylight Savings Time?

2) What is one really good series which you have just discovered?

3) Are you a subtle fan-girl or more of a loud excited fangirl like me?

4) Hamburgers or Hot dogs?

5) Do you like wearing sweaters or do you prefer hoodies?

6) Do you like going out in the evening?

7) Did you ever play Truth or Dare and did you like it?

And there you are! Now I'm tired and ready to turn in. before I go, I also did a guest post over at A Wee Bit Obssessive so go check it out! That blog is pretty awesome. *grin*

God Bless!


  1. OOOH, 11 things are so hard to think up! I always sit there staring at a wall for a good while whenever I get them. :) You did a good job though, It was fun!


  2. Yah! I'm always so glad when my nominees accept the tag awards. You and your sister (Amy follows me too) are the usually the first ones on my nominees list.

    Of course Merlin is one of my favorite shows! My family finished the whole series last week! And the last episode put my family into a 24 hr. depression...I'm serious, they were not happy about how it ended. At least I own the whole series, so I can go back and rewatch them. I've already reviewed seasons 1 and 2 on my site and I'm going to try to get season 3 reviewed before the end of the month.

    1. Merlin was very sad - I was upset for days after. But my favorite season is still S5. It gave me so many feels!!!!

      oh boy! I must read those reviews

  3. Congrats on the one award! I awarded you, too!

  4. Congrats on winning the award!! ❤️ I so agree, why spring forward? We should just leave the time as it is. Ooh cool, I would love to read sister/brother books too. My first book has that.

    That would be so awesome if you wrote one too! Then i could buy one and say "I know her!" :)

    1. I'm trying to write up a plot for a sister story right now. its pretty hard, but I think I have a few ideas.

    2. You can do it! :) Just think it over how you would like it and make aure you brainstorm where you can concentrate. :) May The Holy Spirit iluminate you. ❤️

    3. Thank you for that... I will try.

    4. You are so welcome!! :) ❤️

  5. Great guest post! I left a comment there. Wow! Great job! :)


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