Friday, November 6, 2015

[Dream-Cast!] AVM Blog Party -- Day Ten

I 'm glad I extended this to November 7th. LOL.

Day Ten: FREE DAY!!!

I thought I would do something fun today and recast one of my favorite musicals with the actors of today. This is like my "If it came back to Broadway..." cast.

I went with The Secret Garden, because that musical really needs to get back on Broadway. I would see it so fast! AND FREAKIN' FILM IT. (why is nothing ever filmed???)

Archibald Craven: James Barbour.

I edited this picture. The original is in the link.

James Barbour would be an excellent Archibald. He's an amazing actor/singer and he knows how to balance emotion and power with his voice. I think he would bring a nice depth to Archie while keeping that gentle sadness that the character needs. It would be fun to see him in the role and I know I wouldn't be disappointed.

Neville Craven: Tam Mutu.

Tam Mutu played Javert in 2013, and from what I saw he is an incredible singer and actor. He also is lighter than most Broadway performers right now. (There is a pattern here. It isn't just females. Almost everyone on Broadway is just a little... much.) I really like his voice and I think it would go well with James Barbour's. 

Lily Craven: Kelli O'hara

Kelli O'hara is one of the few females on Broadway who is always light and gentle when she sings. Most singers get a little too emotional or excited, and I think a lot of them focus too much on the power behind the note rather than just singing it and making it beautiful. (Not to say the other singers aren't talented. I just prefer the softer sound, like Sarah Brightman, Rebecca Luker or Haley Westenra.) I think Kelli would be a beautiful Lilly. I would love to hear her sing "How Could I Ever Know?" Especially if she sang it with James Barbour. I have a feelings their voices would really blend well together.

Dickon: Sawyer Nunes

Yes, this is George from Finding Neverland. He is adorable and I love him. He would make a fabulous Dickon. It just needs to happen, okay? (By the way, I want to watch Finding Neverland so bad! WHY DON'T I HAVE MONEY? WHY??) 

 Colin Craven: Aidan Gemme

This little boy is also from Finding Neverland. Can you tell I really like that musical? Aidan plays Peter. He is sweet and gentle and I think he is an amazing little actor. He makes me cry. (It's a very sad musical.)

Last but not least is the star of the show. Mary Lennox: Lara Wollington

This one was so hard for me! The rest weren't too bad, but I haven't heard many young singers lately. And who can you possibly compare with Daisy Eagan? She was the best Mary ever! However, I do like Lara Wollington, and as far as I know she is still on Broadway. She was Matilda in 2013. I heard one of the songs called "Quiet," She did a really good job.  Sometimes she gets too loud, but I think she would be a good Mary as long as she stayed light. She is adorable too.

I don't know who to cast for Martha. I wanted to do Sammantha Barks, but I think she is too old for the part now. Maybe she could pull of being sixteen... if so I would like her in that role. Otherwise I have no idea. Martha has more 'belt' to her character, which I don't mind, I mean the Original Martha had some belt in her voice but she had a softer kind of belt. My problem is that a lot of lower singers now are just kind of obnoxious. You can belt without being obnoxious! Look at Madam Defarge! She is great! That women knew how to belt, but she also knew not to do too much.

I have no idea who I would cast for Mrs. Medlock, or Rose either. But I cast the biggest people and I think that is all that really matters. In a few years this cast won't be a likely hood anymore, but if it were to come back in the next two years or so, I bet it would still work.

"Mary Lennox, for as long as you will have us, we are yours. 
And this is your home. And this, my dear, sweet child, is your garden!" 

Why isn't this on DVD or VHS somewhere?? Look at this cast! Just look at it!!

What musical would you like to "Dream-Cast" with the actors of today? Who are some of your favorite stars on Broadway right now? Have you heard any of the ones I talked about?

This is the end of my Musical Blog party. *sad face* I would like to thank anyone and everyone who took time to read my posts and participate in this party. I know it was in an awkward time. I will probably do another one sometime in the Spring... if y'all feel like it :) Hopefully more people will be able to join then. Again, I'm sorry if you missed out, and if you really want to you can still post away until the end of this month. It's not a big deal to me.

If you really like my blog parties and I can open other ones too - like one for the MCU, or one for TV shows, one for books... I will have to play around with the idea.

I am still renovating my blog. I think this is closer to what I want but I will play around with it a bit more. I like the musical notes behind it...

UNTIL NEXT TIME! Peace out y'all!

*swings around cape and leaps off sage*



  1. Love this dream cast! I wonder, though, if Martha's singer could get away with some belting, considering that her character is supposed to be the friendly, open, honest type.
    This has been such a fun musical party! I've enjoyed your posts--and thanks again for letting me guest post!

    1. Oh, Martha should definitely belt! I think it should be a more gentle sort of belt, but definitely a belt. That is why I had trouble finding someone for her. I don't like the sound of most of those louder, lower females on Broadway. (Like Elphaba, for example.) I don't mind belting, especially if it's done well, it's just hard to find singers that don't go overboard with it. I think Madam Defarge has an amazing voice. I also like Sammantha Barks, and she does some belting. I just think, like with everyone else on Broadway, people get too carried away with power an it takes away from the quality of the voice. You can belt without being obnoxious.

      I hope that wasn't too ranty. :)

  2. If you play the ghostie in the mirror we'd come and watch you, Berra. And I'd bring you 12 roses with spikies...but then Sammy would take the spikies off so you could hold them. Clara would even bring a handkerchief and cry when you sang, like all girls are supposed to do.

    So play the ghostie in the mirror....or...picture...please

    Your friends, John, Sammy, and Clara

    1. SAMMY! You should come over and listen to The Ghost in the Mirror with me!! Bring Jack and Clara and John. You can sing the male parts for me. :)

      Thanks for dropping by, I miss you.

  3. See, I said the comment was from all three of us. I actually wrote it, but I was nice and said it was from them...just to be nice

  4. I love this party! I'm still going to do it if thats ok?

    1. Yeah, that's fine, I kind of extended it to the end of the month anyway. Just link it back to me :) And if you have time, tell me when you post, cause I want to read them!!

  5. You made me want to watch this, or listen to it again

    1. lol. Well, I think there is a version of it on youtube...


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