Monday, November 2, 2015

What Happened on Halloween

I had a whole post written up, then I accidentally deleted it. It was sad. *bangs keyboard*

Starting over!!!!!

For our family Halloween isn't just about the monsters and candy. Halloween is actually a Holy Day in the Church, the Eve before All Souls Day, when we honor all the triumphant in heaven. Because of this, my family has always done more of a Catholic slant to the Holiday. When I was growing up I would pick my favorite martyr or saint and I would dress like him/her for Halloween. All of my sisters did the same thing, it was this cool tradition that started with the big kids and just went on down the line. We a long time we were known in the neighborhood as "The Saints." Now, the past few years we've had a little bit of a costume update. We've started to dress up in other things besides Saints, like fictional characters, for example.

I don't think Halloween should be as creepy or dark as it is today. but I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with little kids dressing up, even if their costume is some kind of monster, like ghost or a vampire or something. It's just a costume and it's fun for the kids to feel dangerous or scary. This doesn't apply to just kids, I think it applies to everyone who dresses up, even adults. The only time I don't like the whole 'monster' thing is when the costume get's too creepy. I hate it when there is too much blood or too much horror in the costume. I don't mind if you want to be scary or whatever. Just don't go way overboard and get really creepy and horrible. There is no need to make a costume so twisted that it's no longer fun.

So, do you wan to hear about our Halloween??

Here are the costumes.

 We were all sorts of things. We had a Steampunk Witch, a Daredevil, a Jack the Skeleton, a Twilight a tiger, a Batgirl, a Tintin, a Sort-Of-Indiana Jones, a Eowyn, a Merida, a Tintin, a Devil, oh and then there was me. Ten points to anyone who can guess who I was.

OOOOh pumpkins!!! (we had like, twelve of these suckers. They were fabulous. Tiny, Kat and I did one together that said GRIMM. It looked so good 8-D )

aren't they so fun??? 

This child who was a freakin' adorable tiger. 

 Some of me....unfortunately all the singles of me were taken before I put my hair up and had make-up on... but you get the idea.

 Do you know me yet?

How about now?

I'm not sure what that face is, but I think it's "I am so done with the world.

I like this picture, and it looks good in black and white so it had to be. I loved my costume so very much. I still have it out. I think I am going to keep it handy so I can wear it whenever I feel the need.

Can you guess yet???

Okay, I'll tell you. I was Sydney Carton. (Didn't see that coming, right?) And I got really into it. I even carried around a bottle and gave myself some scruff. And then when we were trick-or-treating or certain sister dared me to quote "It is a far, far, better thing I do than I have ever done..." at one of the houses. So I did. I stood there and I quoted Carton, and I was all brave.... AND THEY DIDN'T GET IT. I was so mad.

Beside this serious dissapointment, trick-or-treating was fun. We danced. We sang. We howled. We did random sections from musicals. We yelled happy Halloween. We talked and got loud because no one cared. We acted crazy and it was fun.

Halloween, Halloween!

After trick-or-treating we crashed out the house and watched Halloween movies/cartoons while munching on this delicious Carmel Corn. Kat makes the best Carmel Corn I have ever tasted. It is warm and sticky, and it has just as many peanuts as popcorn, and when it is cooking you can see the Carmel melting in and bubbling delightfully, and you can just tell it is going to be epic. There is nothing like that Carmel Corn. Nothing.

We watched things like The Halloween that Almost wasn't (Super corny, but fun) and Sleepy Hollow with Bing Crosby narrating, and Disney Halloween Cartoons that are short and goofy but well worth the watch.

*Speaking of Sleepy Hollow, The night before Halloween Tiny and I watched a version of that with Johnny Depp as Icabod. It was pretty good. It was kind of disturbing. Really disturbing actually. But I enjoyed it.

Sleepy Hollow

When Johnny Depp is normal he is kind of cute.... so Icabod was kind of cute, and he was awkward and sweet and I liked him a lot. I really appreciated the fact that he reacted like a normal person when it came to blood, creepy dark forests, weird bridges, and ghosts. He freaked out when he saw the Headless Horseman, just like any normal person would. But he pulled himself together and made himself be brave. He went into the horrible forest and he dug up graves and he chased down leads, and he stood up to the Horseman, even though he was obviously scared and nervous to do it.

"You don't understand!"

The only thing I would warn is that there is a lot of blood, it is pretty creepy, and there is one part that is kind of a scene. You don't see much cause it is so fast, and at first you don't realize what it is, then the lady cuts her hand, and you realize the guy on top of her isn't dead... and it's over. It's very awkward. 

I just realized how long this blog post is. I should go now. I have NaNo to do. But I will blog again tomorrow. MUSICALS!

How was your Halloween??? Did you have an epic costume? Do you have any traditions?


*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. Sydney! Awesome costume! Although I initially guessed you were the Phantom because in that first picture, the coat looked like the Phantom's cloak! Then the subsequent pictures corrected that notion. :-) Did you make the costume yourself or buy the pieces and assemble it?

    1. I sort of found a bunch of clothes and pieced it together. But it looks good doesn't it? :D I loved my Sydney outfit so much.


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