Saturday, November 28, 2015


No but really. It's been way too long.

I am so bad about blogging. It's terrible. I'm not even worthy to be called a blogger. Like... I hope one day to be a blogger.
So here I am, trying to blog. Have patience with me.

How was your Thanksgiving? Our was lovely. My house always gets loud and kind of crazy on the Holidays. We set up the dining room with China and special folded napkins and we made sure all the settings had these special name-tags, because that's always fun. And we had three-times as many settings as normal because it's Thanksgiving.,As a final touch we hung up a "Happy Thanksgiving!" sign above the table.And we made traditional turkey and stuffing, and we pulled out the drinks with special Apple Cider for the younger girls. Dinner was really when the fun began. We had one of those giant family dinners where everyone waves their hands and shouts to make themselves heard and there are like, five conversations going at once. And then someone goes "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and the whole table starts saying "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and everyone gets a little quieter for like, five seconds, and then up goes the volume again, and within minutes the table is just as loud as before, until another sister waves her hands and says "SHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

We'd give the Hogwarts dinner hall a run for its money.

After dinner, Mahri made a fabulous cake for desert, and we all had coffee and watched Holiday Inn. Just like we do every year. (If you haven't watched that, I highly recommend it. Bing Crosby sings the best version of White Christmas.) While we ate desert, we listened to our first Christmas song of the year; O, Holy Night By Nat King Cole. Then we watched the version Josh Groban did 2007. I love that version because the year it was performed, everyone was really pushing the whole "Happy Holidays" crap. All the songs on the radio were those fluffy, feel-good songs (Like Frost the Snowman) and those are fine usually, but when you hear nothing about Christ, or any of the other classic Christmas music, and everyone is trying to take God out of your CATHOLIC HOLIDAY, and make it politically correct, you start to hate those songs. Frosty was not a happy, jolly soul! He melted!! *angry Bella noises*  But then, just when you were fed up with everything and you wanted to smash the radio in half and hit the people who said "Happy Holidays" with those annoying smiles... THEN, Josh Groban stepped up and performed O, Holy Night. I remember we were Christmas shopping and it came on it Walmart, and we all just stopped for a minute. And I remember getting all thrilled, cause it was a shock to hear a song like that in a store. And Mom was like, "I think this is the first real Christmas song I've heard in public all year."

Then, when we checked out, we said "Merry Christmas," and the Checker smiled really big and said, "Merry Christmas!" back. It was a beautiful night. Josh Groban kind of saved Christmas that year.

How was your Thanksgiving? Do you have any nice traditions? What are they?

I want to blog again soon, but I don't want to load you with an information dump, so I think I will go for the night. Happy (late) Thanksgiving! Peace out y'all!!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage.*


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