Friday, September 20, 2013

I fume a bit and discuss a giveaway

When this day began I was all excited thinking "Oh boy! I'm gonna enroll in the Musical Theatre class at the College!!" Now I sit in my room in huddled annoyance, fuming at the Inexplicable College Complication. Its worse than signing up for the FBI For pity sake!! It feels like no one knows the rules because everyone contradicts each other and those who don't contradict have no idea what you're talking about. You leave there feeling a wee bit nuts.  EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I have to go through this!! Its almost not worth it to take the class!! It is soooo complicating and harassing! You run around all day being told to go here, go there, go back here, run to there, step out of line, get a signature, get back in line, get this form, fill it out, turn it in, wait in line, get another signature, get a new form. Fill it out. Talk to a Councillor. Go back and get your first form. Have another signature. AHHHHHHH!
and then finally you get home with the flippin little pink slip in your hands, a slip soooo important you had to wait ALL DAY to get it, and some well-meaning sister says "how did it go?"
"Just don't talk to me. Okay? I'm in a mood.

So then I had to browse pinterest for a bit in an effort to settle my highly agitated nerves. Never unleash me onto pinterest after a crazy day. I get all pin-ninja and upon finding a good board I'm like "I love you so I shall repin ALL of your pins!! Msahahahhahakjkkjldfjsldkjfl!!!! PINNING IS SO FUN!!


Okay, as you have probably figured I'm a bit frazzled tonight. I started school last week and school is like... well its like School. Its annoying and difficult and Algebra seems to believe its goal in life is to give me a problem say, 'Figure it out!' and laugh when the answer is 4.52 instead of Ab(h)=77cubed. Haha math. You're hilarious. Ever seen fire?
............ Fine, maybe its not that bad. But Algebra and I don't have a nice back-story and I will be quite happy to close it for a last time.I'll celebrate with Doctor Who. And than I'll have pretzels.

Now its time to get down to business.

The Real Reason I did this post was to discuss a giveaway. now a little while back I mentioned doing this giveaway, but then I had family and life and decided giveaways could wait. However, I shall now talk about it.
Basically, I'm going to be making some pins at Fan-Themed; Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural. I have some idea's on what I'll theme, and they'll probably be quite cool. Wait, wait Wait!! don't start moping that I have no pictures. I honestly and truly have not had the time to spend 3 hours making fandom pins. BUT If enough of you want me to do this giveaway I will rush off to the library tomorrow and make all the pins I wish. And you can see my master work in full when I post that night. What do you all think? Yes?

speaking of fandoms and pretzels, I've started reading The Mark of Athena. OMGOSH. I am in love with it already and I've barely begun! Annabeth is acting a bit... odd when it comes to Percy though. Or I'm just a huge Percy fan and am like "Jee wiz, when the heck do I get a chapter about the HERO?? who cares about Leo?? Wait, no I love Leo. But can't we get a little Percy?? PLEASE?? Because I'm so wired I'm probably going to pull a super-sonic late-nighter so I can finish the book and find out the devastating Sherlock Cliffhanger everyone raves about. Why do I do this to myself? Why do all my heroes have to have so much heartache? Heck, even Peter Jones left me curled up in a blanket with cocoa close by. And I've heard that just gets worse. JACK!!!!! >

Well... I think I'm done raving. So with that truly amazing post, I'm off to eat cookies with my best friend and psych myself up for the next Supernatural. Allons-y!


Howling Ghosts They Reappear/ In Mountains That are Stacked with Fear/ 
But you're a King, and I'm a Lionheart


  1. That stinks!! So sorry you had a rough day. It's hard nowadays to interact with other people without being left angry and stressed out. Too many defective people on the loose!

    Hope you feel better and offer up to God your struggles you had.

    God bless,
    hilda :)

  2. The giveaway sounds fun. I'd join in.

    Where are you at on Supernatural? You just started, didn't you? Everyone else watching it is way ahead of me.

    *Tries to whistle innocently over Peter Jones.* I shall tell you a secret. I was having a horrible time with his character till I based him, somewhat, after Percy Jackson.

    I felt the same way as you with Mark of Athena. "This is a great book, BUT I WANT MORE PERCY!!!" Do you like Annabeth in general? After this book I had mixed feelings about her. I no longer know if I like or dislike her.

    And colleges and math are evil and hard and make no sense AT ALL. You need chocolate and a fuzzy blanket.

    And I need to email you today, because I got a cool email from you that made me insanely happy 8-D

    1. Okay, I'm doing a giveaway :D :D :D

      I'm not even done with Season 2 yet, but I adore Sammy and Dean is awesome and I'm mad I've become a fan of another show that is going to emotionally destroy me. Whats my problem?

      YOU ARE EVIL! Leave Peter alone :)

      Erm.. Annabeth. I'm finishing the mark of athena and I guess I like her, but like you, WHERE IS PERCY?

  3. I miss you too! I've been busy with school and I have strict use of my internet at home, so there's limited time I can spend online, sadly. I'm alright though : ) Thanks for your concern, you've always been so sweet <3

    1. that's fine I just worried maybe something was wrong :)


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