Monday, September 16, 2013

Goodbye for now.

Its hard for me to believe that its been more than a week since my amazing family surprised my mom and dad with the most epic and wonderful visit in the whole universe. I find it a bit depressing actually. the house is oddly quiet and there aren't a bunch of small children running about with stick guns or playing the princess and the witch. It's all very upsetting. So to cheer myself up I'm going to do a post on how AWESOME our family reunions are and how much fun we had, and not to sulk because its done now.

We had been talking this get-together for more than 2 years, See, I have these two sisters who are married and live far far away from us, so we only see them every two to three years give or take. So when Mom and Dad had their 33rd wedding anniversary, we decided that for their 35th, we surprise them and get all the kids together at the same time. This was an exciting notion since the whole family hadn't been together for like, a decade. Of course, for the first year and a half, the visit was something far off and yo didn't think much about it. Than August rolled around and suddenly the visit was in our immediate future. Keeping the secret wasn't so easy anymore. When Mom and Dad would say "We're gonna do so-and-so next week" You would catch yourself saying 'but the - yeah, that's sounds fine." I thought I'd go mad. In the end though, the surprise was well worth it.

so I can't rant and rave about EVERYTHING that went on during that week, because other sisters want to post too, but lets just say




Seriously, it was the PERFECT WEEK. And there was a total cuteness overload. So many wee ones!!!! 

 And let me tel you guys, having s'mores have never been more fun. You should try chocolate and marshmallows combined with 11 small children 7 and younger. Its a blast

eating delicious hot S'moes wasn't even the best of it. We hiked

and swam
and played volleyball, and went to the park and played lots of fun rambunctious games
I have the best brother-in-law ever :)

We danced and danced, and danced and danced. 

Thank you Dan, for teaching me. You are epicness! And dancing is soooo much fun :D

and erm, we had way too much fun with food.


We also got family pictures taken. This was the best of all of it really. The last family picture we got is a bit rubbish, not only was it taken 9 years ago, but all the people near the bottom have their chins cut off. Which sucks. Anyway, the guy that took our pictures was brilliant. He was so nice and flexible and I really liked him. He got pictures of each family, than just the grand kids, and than a group shot. As a final we even got a picture of my Mom and Dad, which is amazing since I can't remember the last time they had a picture professionally. It was loads of fun.

Also, I have the best brother-in-law's ever. Look what they would do!

They are the best ever!! And want to know the crowning moment? One of my sisters was going to leave Friday morning, three days before the other, and her husband is so epic he let her stay a whole day more, even though he still had to work on Monday. one word?


We all ran and hugged him cause he was that amazing. *Sigh*

All in all we had a magical week, God was very good to us. Of course, I wish it had been a magical two weeks, but at least it happened right? I wish it hadn't gone by so fast, and I wish hello's didn't always have to have a goodbye after them. saying goodbye is no fun.

Yeah well, endings still suck. I hate saying goodbye, its is really, really hard. I was able to keep myself together through the hugging and the waving and the 'Bye!! Bye!! We'll miss you!" but the day after everyone left I went about feeling depressed and empty. and then it hit me. THEY'RE GONE!! :'(

Soo.... that's why I didn't post for so long. I was having way too much fun with my awesome family to bother with blogging. But now I hope to be around more often. And now I must go, because I have spent waaay too much time on my computer as I had far too many pictures to choose from.

Good- No. See you soon!!


  1. I'm so glad you had such a great family reunion! How many children are in your family all together? I know you have a quite a few sisters; is it all girls?

    To answer your question, I love Merlin! I've already bought the first three seasons! Gwaine is definitely my favorite character, followed by Gwen and I love Arthur and Merlin's relationship. I love how the show is funny and lighthearted one moment and then serious and heartbreaking the next.

    1. I have 9 sisters and one brother so there is 11 in my family. With Mom and Dad there is 13. AND I have 9 nieces and two nephews. Big family's are the best :)

      Oh, I am sooo glad you like Merlin :D I still love that show, even though it was sad. Merlin and Arthur have one of the best friendships EVER, and I love the Arthur/Gwen romance, its adorable :) As for Gwaine.... I had a little troube with him, because in the book he was WAY different. I don't think it was a good thing to make him a drunk. That made me mad. Gwaine was suppose to be the best knight of all of them, but Lancelot has sort of become that character, and I did NOT like that. Gwaine wasn't how he's portrait in the show. That being said, I did end up liking him - he reminds me of Flynn. If it had been ANY OTHER KNIGHT I would have been okay with the change. As it was... you don't mess around with Gwaine the Green Knight! >:(

      Feel free to message me whenever you feel the need to fangirl and rave about Merlin trauma :D

  2. I think your family is the coolest. I don't know why. Maybe because it is so big and packed full of cute little kids...or because you all love cooking so much and never seem to go, "Oh bother, I must cook an army of food." Either way, I like you all already and I only know five of you.

    1. Aw, that is so sweet :) People are weird about food aren't they? My family is like "Bad situation? MAKE FOOD! feeling depressed? MAKE FOOD! Want to have a good time? MAKE FOOD!!!!!" LOL. We are very Italian.

  3. What a beautiful reunion! Sounds like it was fun! :)

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