Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'If giants come this way...' "Feel free to blast them" 'What about annoying tourists?' "No."

Hey guys, this post is gonna be pretty quick. I just don't have much to say *shrug*

First Off,
 I went to my first acting/musical class on Monday.  We only have eight people in the group, and usually you have to have 12 or the class is cancelled, but hopefully, we'll still be able to make it go. I really we can, because it sounds like it would be a whole lot of fun. We'll be able to sing duets, play out scenes from musical, mess around with songs, work on theatrical numbers and presence on stage... everything an actress like me needs. It also sounds like its going to be a pretty go-with-the-flow, play-by-ear, have fun type class. This is what I've been looking for! Something fun and musical. So yeah, I really hope it ends up going. Please. *crosses fingers*

I finished The Mark of Athena today and just about had a heart attack. I set the book down all calm, went about my life like I wasn't scarred, acted normal. Then it hit. And suddenly I was emotionally freaked. First I was like

Then I was like


I made Myself breathe. *relax, relax...* BREATHE!
I can't breathe, I'm DYING! DYING!! Did you not just read what happened to Annabeth? What Percy Did?? this is not okay! This is never gonna be okay!!
So then when I had to munch on chocolate and wish I didn't have so many depressing stories in my life. Even my book are getting hard. Why am I drawn to heartbreak? Why can't I find something that doesn't make you want to cry? Or scream? Or want to flail and run into a wall? WHERE IS THE HOUSE OF HADES????

 I took my almost-three year old niece out yesterday and we collected and cracked several bowls of pine nuts. Its been a very long time since I've actually spent ours with shells between my fingernails, so when I woke up this morning I had this strange tingling. In my fingers. You know that funny feeling you get when you've been breaking nuts all day? It feels prickly and tender. Kind of like when you take to the monkey bars after months of winter. Only its pine nuts and finger tips. But it was worth it, because today Sammy -my niece- knows how to crack nuts between her teeth.  "look auntie Bella! look what I can do!!" I watched her crack that nut, and even with my tender fingers I was pleased. I'm the best aunt ever :)

Also, I am currently making fandom pictures for my pins and should have pictures by the end of the week. Don't judge me. I've been busy with Algebra and tests and the basics of professional public speaking. I haven't had a LOT of time for fandom pins. BUT I WILL FINISH THEM! And soon!

Okay.... I'm sort of have no news left. And we are watching a highly amusing Leverage and laughing at Elliot's violent cooking. So now, I will say goodnight and have a good time with my favorite thief team. Stay tuned, I'll be back!!

God Bless!


  1. I had a heads up about Mark of Athena - dumb spoilers. But even then I was in shock. Just...why? Like Trumpkin, "Haven't we suffered enough?" No wait..."Haven't enough of us died already?" Too much emotional trauma. And I'm not an emotional person. I go, "Eh, it'll all work in the end." Then BBC happened. And I'm an author, so I can pick up on things in books, which show how they are headed. And I picked up on things in Mark of Athena and Son of Neptune and now I have a very bad feeling about Percy. I try not to think too much about it, because I might have a mental break down and I don't have a lot of mental left.
    Even less thanks to one of your sisters and a new TV show...

    At least you have less to wait for House of Hades. I've been waiting a year...maybe longer. It seems like I've been getting my heart broken forever with no cure.

    Okay, I will try and get on a different subject now.

    Abgerbra is evil. End of story

    Your neice sounds SOOO cute!!!!

    I hope your acting class works out. That would be tragic if it didn't! I will pray it goes through.

    1. I feel the same way!! Are you referring to a certain show with amazing brothers and traumatic finales? Cause yeah, that show is gonna take any sanity BBC left behind and laugh maniacally as there eyes turn black. And then I shall head desk many times and go nuts, dreading Matt's regeneration and waiting for Sherlock 3. If you come out we need to spend many nights with cocoa and scones and talk about fandoms 8-)

    2. Oh no! (I was referring to that show.) And I've been so busy having my heart broken over the certain amazing brothers and them dying that I forgot 11 is leaving. There, a new round of crushed emotions.
      I finally saw the Tuesday Supernatural and now I get the Wednesday picture at the top of your post. It is a sad picture because Sam looks so happy...and then. ACK! now I am sad again...

    3. We are so stupid. We're like FIND FANDOM! LOVE FANDOM! CRY OVER FANDOM! DO IT AGAIN!

      Oh I know!! I'm actually not on S3 yet, I just happened to see 2 episodes from it one night because I couldn't sleep and my sisters welcomed me out. I felt SO BAD for Sam. His life without Dean was terrible and when he asks for his brother back I cried.


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