Saturday, February 13, 2016

My sister and I are Calvin and Hobbes In Real Life.

So, Tiny is my younger sister. She is also my best friend. I know how cheesy that sounds, but it's true. 

Tiny and I have been best friends since forever. I actually can't remember a time when we weren't playing together, laughing together, cleaning together. We barely ever fought, and when we did the fights didn't last long. Usually one of us would go stomping out, slamming the door, and then about ten minutes later we'd find each other again. One of Us would crawl onto the bed next to the Other and whisper, "Are we friends again?" Then The Other would poke the One and there would be a tickle war, and the silly fight was over. I think the longest we were every angry with each other was a day. And we didn't like that at all.

All of my best memories were made with Tiny. We are only a year and a half apart, so we did everything together; from climbing on roofs to hiding in the bushes looking for fairy land, to creating a world full of bubbles, to figuring out how to make cookies without butter, milk, baking soda or sugar... yeah that happened. Ice cream,  flour-water, and oil are good substitutes right? Right??? Wrong.

We've been each other's crutch through the bad times, as well as partners-in-crime through the good times. We helped each other grow up in this mad, ridiculous world, slowly realize that growing older meant leaving some things behind, but it also meant adding to your pile. We faced some hard times together, and that is a big reason we are so close. We helped each other muddle through every day and find something to laugh at, even if that something was beads, and blanket tents. 

We used to read Calvin and Hobbes together when we were growing up. A couple years ago, we decided that we are,  in fact, Calvin and Hobbes. Hint; I am Hobbes. She is Calvin. And she agrees. 

We decided this little fact when we checked out a Calvin and Hobbes book and read this particular comic strip. We got to the part about Hobbes wearing a smock, and I was like, "We are totally Calvin and Hobbes," and she was like, "Yeah, you're Hobbes."

Since Tiny was up to visit for the week, I decided to do a Calvin & Hobbes V.S. Tiny & Bella post. 


This comic strip feels the most relatable. It's kind of ridiculous how relatable it is. 


The best part is, Tiny did have clay once, and I was like "DO WE GET TO WEAR GLOVES? How about cool outfits?? Ooooh can I use a cool little knife?? Can we lay out sheets and stuff? Pleeeeeeeease? I won't work with clay unless I get gloves and sheets!"

And she was like, "BELLA. STAHP."

Almost everything about Calvin and Hobbes reminds me of me and my sister. But since I can't post all  the comics, I shall post my favourites. :-)

Seriously, this is us every time we tried to be any sort of creepy thing. Every time we tried to freak each other out. Any time we played together, trying to be serious.

Mhm. This too.

Every morning. Unless it's Christmas morning.

I'm Hobbes, remember.

We can sit and do nothing for hours and it's not boring.


Whenever I'm reading, writing, blogging, vidding, or pinterest-ing... basically any time I'm not paying attention to Tiny.


I have actually done this.


Laughing over nothing.

*gasping laughter* "Why are we laughing??" - "I don't know!" *laughter continues*

This picture. Yas.

This is how we take pictures. For real.
Just an average snow day.....

If at first you don't succeed...

We dance together and we are all over the place. (At least, I am. Tiny is better.)

We kind of dance on sync.....

Tiny's hair is so fabulous.

Sometimes I give Tiny a giant tackle hug and she freaks out 'cause I just about plow her over. *This especially pertains to when she came home after six weeks. I was so esited to see her!


We played outside all the time, even if it was just balancing on felled tree branches or fences and walking across them over and over again. We had a lot of our best conversations on those walks.


We run at each other and have tickle fights. This can happen any time of the day really, but usually it happens at 9:00 PM. We will not restrain ourselves from screaming, crawling over couches, or jumping across beds to get away. And we will not draw the line at using Jess as a human shield. (Yup. That happened. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN ON TUESDAY!)


*The best part was that Jess actually complied and actively took part in being my human shield.

Reason #101 my Sister-in-Law-to-be is better than yours.

We are basically a small gang and it's pretty awesome.

When it would rain (which wasn't very often) we jump in pools without rain boots.

Yay, rain!

Food Books and adventure = awesome summer afternoon.


Oh, you were trying to be cool?


I relate to this picture.

I know...

Just an average winter evening...


I don't know why this was so much fun, but it was. There is something about sitting up against the fire until your back is on fire, then running to the couch and flinging yourself on it, as the temperature suddenly changes. It hurts for a second, but then suddenly it is cool and prickly, and your back tingles all over, and it is so exhilarating you have to do it over and over again.

Snow also meant sledding, and sledding meant racing, and racing meant we were being chased by bad guys with giant swords, or staffs, or something equally dangerous... and everything was about to get real serious.

Yay snow!

If this next picture was chess, it would be totally applicable. I don't like playing chess with Tiny. She is too competitive.

But... my Queen....Tiny...


We're so much like them!

 Many of our snowball fights started this way....


Basically our whole relationship.

Beeeeeeeest friiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeends.

Tiny and I are inseparable, on both school yard and battlefield. She is the greatest friend a person could ask for, and even though she can be cantankerous, deep down she is just a big marshmallow and I love her.

And there you have it.


Peace out y'all!!!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. THIS WAS SO CUTE AGHHHH. You just gave me all the sisterly/best friend feels. :D

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  2. I love Calvin and Hobbes.....

    Out of curiosity though, who is the voice of reason most often?

    1. The voice of reason? It kind of depends on the day. I am the more calm one of the group. Tiny tends to be the one getting us into trouble - hence her being Calvin. I'm more, "Let's talk this out," and she is more, "Let's just throw punches and yell." I think I tend to be more the voice of reason, but sometimes I am a nervous wreck, and then Tiny has to tell me how things *really* are. We balance each other out, I think.

    2. That works out.

      I am definitely Hobbes of any group - completely willing and able to get into as much trouble as anyone else, but I'll more often follow, and will usually at least have advice for staying OUT of trouble.

  3. Sisters being best friends isn't cheesy! And my sisters and brothers and I are all best friends (there are five of us.)

    "Cleaning together"...yes! Love it!

    Love the dancing videos/gifs! Did you make gifs from home movies? Because that's just cool.

    I loved reading about your friendship and adventures with your sister! It made me smile--thanks for sharing!

    1. I did make the dancing gifs, but it wasn't from an old home movie. It was just something that was caught on film. 8-)

      I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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