Monday, February 1, 2016

We did a thing and it was fun.

I've realized something about my new home. I've realized that if you live fourty-five minutes away from the nearest snow-covered peak, you are stuck with lots of buildings and no snow.

This is distressing to me because where my folks live, they are finally getting dumped with snow after several years of dry, depressing winters. My sisters are making snowmen men and snow-angels and running around in deep snow-drifts and I'm stuck here. In the city. With no snow. 

I miss snow guys. Never thought I'd say it. But I do. 


That's why it was so exciting to wake up yesterday morning and see that the world outside had been covered in white! 

There were real, honest, fluffy white flakes of frozen, frost-covered rain drops falling from the sky! It was so exciting! Gooooodbye green grass! *dances everywhere.* 

Mai two little nieces, Chloe and Sammi, they really wanted to go out and play. Unfortunately, I have no snow-clothes. I have this fuzzy brown jacket that looks like a feminine version of Ten's trench coat, but that is as close to a coat as I have. My only boots are dress boots, so not good for snow. But Chloe and Toink wanted to go so badly I couldn't disappoint them. I'm too much of a softy I guess. I told them to get on their snow stuff, I put on some gloves and a scarf for extra warmth, I pulled my FemTen jacket on, and outside we went! 

The whole world looks nicer when there is snow everywhere. I don't know why, but I feel safer when there is snow all around me.

We didn't do anything normal of course, like make a snowman. Mai little nieces wanted to go to the park. It was snowing and it was cold, but they really wanted to go to the park. It was a *thing.* And when they look at you with those big eyes full of hope, how can you say no? So we walked down the street in the cold and the wind and the snow, and we went to the park and we played on the slippery, wet, cold slides, and we had a grand ol' time. It was fabulous.


Such fun. Wow Snow.

Yay slides!!! Fun! (I slid down a snow-covered slide guys! It was like a canon of cotton. It just spat me out - woooooooooooosh!) And look! My bangs are everywhere!here!

*Why is my jaw go crooked when I laugh?? It's weird!

We're cold. It's cold. This is fun. 

Because nothing says snow day like a slippery slide.

We found a teeter-totter. I played on this too. I just didn't take any selfies. Selfies on a teeter totter seemed like a bad idea.

When we finally headed home our hands were numb and our feet were freezing. We practically ran back to the house, and as soon as we were inside I put water on to boil. The three of us had tea and watched My Little Pony and let our poor, wet bodies thaw. It was nice. (I am almost positive I am the only aunt who has tea time with an eight and a five year old. And they actually like it!)

There you go. My own winter-wonderland adventure. That's all I got, but I hope it was fun. I'm gonna introduce some book characters soon. Stay tuned!


*Swings around cape and leaps off stage*




    We got some more here too. It isn't sticky though. It's just cold and there and can't be made into anything. It would be nice for sledding, but refuse to even think about sledding in a fun way right now. So I am just telling everyone it is cold and miserable snow. Because I can't have fun in it and I'm a grouch about it. So they can't have fun either 8-P


    1. Well when you can't sled or play, snow is pretty pointless. Maybe that is why adults hate it so much. *Hands you a sympathy blanket* Get warm!

  2. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    you are the best nanny ever what on earth.

    THIS POST IS SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN. You are adorable when your bangs are everywhere, just sayin'.

    And yeah, such snow. It has been snowing for like.... a really long time here. I don't know how many hours but we have like at least a foot and it's still going strong. IT IS BASICALLY COLD. AND SNOWY. Come to my house so we can make snowmen and go sledding and stuff. And bring Toink and Chloe because they are so cute I can't even.

    I like these posts. Do more of them. :-D

    1. I'm the suuuuuuuuuuper Nanny. Lol. It was a lot of fun.

      My bangs are getting out of hand, but I'm too afraid to trim that without help.

      Come to MAI house. I have cookies.

  3. Ah, snow.....

    The bane of my existence of desires.

    I adore it. We live where it NEVER comes. Well, it does... But people to the north? Get tonnes.. To the south? Get tonnes. FIVE MILES AWAY FROM US? Get tonnes.

    It's annoying.

    *smiles* You look like your're having fun though. I miss snow..... We've gotten basically nothing.

    ....selfies on a teeter-totter sound like a terrific way for something to go spectacularly wrong...

    1. I'm sorry! I know how hard it is to not get snow. *sad face* Here, I'll send you a virtual hug...

      *SENDS HUG*

      But Imagine: I pose with phone. I go up on Teeter Totter....

      I nearly die with phone.

    2. Yeahhhh..... See - that last scene? You with a telephone atop a teetter-totter? For whatever, reason that ending was about what I envisioned.... Can't for the life of me imagine why. *smiles*

      I will take the hug though.... I miss snow..... Snow is nice. Snow is our friend..... Snow betrays us! Snow is my preciousssss.....

  4. You are a pretty fabulous nanny. ;) The pictures are tres,tres cute!
    I miss you guys!!

  5. YAY for snow! Your snapshots look like they could be on a family Christmas card--they're good pictures! I love the sheer joy on everyone's faces.

    My area rarely gets snow, so when even a flurry comes, it's a cause for celebration! Although it's kinda ridiculous the way 1/2 an inch of snow means everyone cancels work and gets off the road and freaks out to some degree...then again, we're just not used to anything more than a flurry. :-)

    A Tardis hat and a feminine version of 10's coat? Sounds like you hit the park in style! (At least it looks like a Tardis hat to me.) Seriously, that hat is cool.

    Kids have a way of being so cute and innocent, you can't refuse a harmless request. :-)

    1. We has no snow now. It was short-lived. 8-(

      It is a TARDIS hat! One of my sisters made it for me a couple Christmases ago.


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