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It's December and we still don't have snow on the ground. Do you know how depressing that is? It's really depressing! Where are our big white winters?? I MISS MY BIG WHITE WINTERS. (I don't miss shoveling but at this point I will be willing to shovel if it meant snow.)

On a happier note, guess what today is?? TODAY IS TUESDAY OF THE SECOND WEEK OF ADVENT!!!! *Throws confetti and dances around in bare feet*

I don't know about any of you but I love Advent. It's awesomness. For those of you who don't know, Advent is the four weeks before Christmas in which Catholics prepare for the coming of Christ. We do little sacrifices and prayers to get our souls ready for Christmas and it is incredibly exciting. Advent is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. I love bring out all the Christmas music and setting out the ornaments and putting up the Nativity and and baking and singing and .... I just love everything about it!!  I do this rant on my blog every December but I can't help it. I love Christmas. And I'm super excited because we set up our tree last week. I love setting up the tree. And taking pictures of setting up the tree. And capturing all the precious memories of setting up the tree so I can hug them and squeeze them and post them and spread the cheer. CHRISTMAS. FEELS.

Setting up the Christmas Tree takes a little time but it is worth it. Even if you get a little goofy by the end. Goofiness comes with Christmas trees. That is just life. And goofiness makes happy pictures. Like ones with my sister Tiny and I being idiots together.

Setting up the tree and feeling FAbulous

We set up the tree and decorated on two different day. Why? I have no clue BECAUSE REASONS. Decorating the tree is always harder because Amy INSISTS on having blinking lights on our tree. And blinking lights are beautfiul, they are. But they are a PAIN because it takes hours just to get them to blink and not stop blinking. It tries the patience of everyone including the cats. There is always this one section that goes out too, just when you think you've won. Then you just about blow a fuse before trying to lay down and die.  

This is the epitome of smiling through gritted teeth. WHY AREN'T' THEY BLINKING?
wait.... why is it dead??? did it just die?? oh my gosh I am so mad!!!


*forces frustrated smile*

We finally got the blasted things up though and once they were all blinking and bountiful the tree looked lovely. We cheered ourselves on quite ridiculously and then I had lots of fun being silly and taking selfies in front of our masterpeice


Yep. See right there? I'm losing my mind. 

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. As part of this ridiculous and weird post I'm doing a tag. It is a cool tag.  

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3.)Tag five (or more) people.  


1.) When does the Christmas season officially 'start' in your house?

We start celebrating Christmas pretty early earn. We listen to our first Christmas Song, "Oh Holy Night" by Nat King Cole, on Thanksgiving  and from there we starting putting on Christmas music and began the small decorating around the house. By the sixth of December we are into Christmas. December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day, so for us that is the day that actually puts everyone into the CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! mood. Everyone sets out their shoes and gets candy and a little gift and it is very exciting. It makes me happy. I love it

2.) What is your earliest memory of Christmas? 

I'm not sure what my 'earliest' memory of Christmas was, but I am fairly sure it was my dad helping me up onto the counter so I could watch them roll out gnocchi for Christmas dinner. We have gnocchi every year on Christmas Day and we always bake it from scratch and then chop it up and roll out in in little balls on the table. It's a lot of fun. I remember being fascinated by all the pasta we had to make and how much flour we dumped into it and getting almost hysterical with excitement when they let me help roll them out on the table and put the special markings on them with my own special fork. I remember it vividly.

3.) What is something that is something that is iconic-ally Christmas for you or your family?

Something iconic-ally Christmas... Nat King Cole's Christmas CD Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. That CD is represents everything Christmas means to me and it is full of amazing memories. It wouldn't be Christmas without Nat King Cole.

4.) What are some of your Christmas Traditions? 

We have a bunch of Christmas Traditions. The first one is Silent Night. On Thanksgiving we put on our first Christmas song and that is Silent Night by Nat King Cole. Another one is having Gnocchi and ham for Christmas dinner. Then there is also Christmas morning breakfast. We have these FAbulous Sausage Sandwiches with rich, expensive Italian sausage and fine bread and coffee and it's FABULOUS. I love that breakfast. We only get it once a year but it's well worth the wait. Oh and we have this cool kind of tradition with our Nativity set. We don't set it all up at once. We put out the stable on the first Sunday of Advent and put in the donkey. Then on every Sunday of Advent we put in a new statue until Christmas Eve when we put in Our Lady. On Christmas Morning we put in the Baby Jesus. It gives the feeling of Christ coming into the home. We leave the Nativity for a few weeks so we still get to have the whole scene up for a bit afterward.

5.) What is one of the traditions that you want to carry on even after you're married?

I want to do Gnocchi on Christmas. I also want to do Silent Night as the first Christmas Song on Thanksgiving.

6.) What if your favorite thing when preparing for Christmas? The Baking, decorating or cleaning?

I like all of the above! I love the decorating the best probably. Baking is a lot of fun but the endless plates of cookies waiting to be frosted can get exhausting. Making the house look beautiful makes my heart feel better. It just makes everything FEEL like Christmas. It feels like your getting your home ready for Christ and I love that feeling. Decorating is also something we do right off at the beginning of Advent so I feel like it is what starts everything and it's special. So yeah, the decorating is my favorite.

7.) What is a special/unique Christmas memory?


When were were little my sister Mahri used to read us this book during Advent. It is full of Christmas letters from Santa Clause that had been sent to JRR Tolkien's four children. They had all these stories about the adventures that happened at the North Pole and there were all these pictures he had painted and sent with the letters. They were brilliant. We loved those letters. One year we wrote out letters and actually sent them out instead of sticking them on the front door like we normally did. We hoped Santa would write back to us too. And he did. That year we got a letter back from Santa Clause just like we'd seen them in the book, except these were for us. It happened for quite a few years after that. It was one of the best things that ever could have happened to us and it brought us a lot of happiness. I hope the person who wrote those letters knows that.

8.) What do you like better, giving or receiving gifts? 

I love getting pressies but giving them is better cause you get to watch people unwrap and giggle at them because you are so happy that they're happy,

9.) What are some of your favorite Christmas cartoons?

I love Mickey's Christmas Carol. I think that is my favorite Christmas cartoon over all, it has a very strong message and it's really, really well done. I also really love The Grinch that Stole Christmas, The Rise of the Guardians,(even if it's not 'technically' a Christmas cartoon) and A Charlie Brown Christmas.There is this one old cartoon that is really hard to find, next to impossible actually. It is called The First White Christmas. It is about this orphan Shepherd Boy who gets struck blind by Lightning a couple of months before Christmas. He is taken in by these three little nuns who help him and look after him while he heals. It's adorable. And sweet. And sad. And I love it.

10.) What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?

 There are so many Christmas movies so I'm just going to name my top five.

While you were Sleeping, 
It's a Wonderful Life, 
Silent Night, 
One Magic Christmas, 
Holiday Inn
(again, I know it's not technically Christmas)

11.) Do you have a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree? 

We have an artificial tree. Once upon a time my family used to get real Christmas trees but I hardly remember that. It's okay though. Our tree is incredibly lovely for being artificial and it's a lot of fun to decorate. We still have the nice pine smell in the house because we make Pine wreathes for the doors and windows with red beads and ribbons. And it's pretty.

12.) Do you have a favorite Christmas book/story? 

I love The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever." Read it. It will make you cry beautiful tears.

13.) What is your favorite Christmas song?

There are a lot of songs that I love but a personal favorite is Hayley Westenra's "Christmas Morning." It is just so Christmas-y!!! It almost gives me a homesick feeling in my stomach. All Christmas music does that to me though. I get this ache in my chest when I listen to it, like I've been away from home for far too long and have only just got back and am so happy I want to cry.

I tag: 

It's getting late so I have to go now. I hope you have a wonderful week and I'll see you soon. (hopefully) God bless!! PEACE OUT Y'ALL!

*slides off car*



  1. I love how excited you are. It makes me even more excited for Christmas, and that's saying something, because I'm stoked.

    But YES I love the Advent season and I love our Christmas tree being decorated and I love that Christmas is only 15 days away!!!!!


    1. It is such a fun book I love it so much!!

      Do you have a blog?? I wanted to tag you but I couldn't find you so I thought maybe you didn't have one....

    2. I do not have a blog, sadly ever after. But thanks for thinking of me! That makes me happy!!! :-D

  2. I'm guessing I just answer... what questions? The same ones you did? I'll presume so. :-)


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