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I think this sums up my relationship with my sister Tiny quite well. (actually its me with a lot of my sisters....)

I'm the happy elf that kisses the angry one 

That was seriously random.

I really the weekends. First you get Friday. And I like Friday. They are very, very nice for me. My mom and dad both go out and do things (shopping, work, etc.) so I get a whole morning to myself. I can turn on music as loud as I want and act dramatically with it. I can write my heart out, while humming to Phantom or bake or yell or dance around the kitchen with a broom or work on music videos. Basically I can do whatever I want. I can work on my short Christmas story which I am planning to Publish on my blog on Christmas Eve. I can do some acting and play around with characters for my stories. I can have ME time.

I just really love Fridays.

Today isn't Friday though. Today is Saturday. I like Saturdays too. Saturdays are the days I get to be lazy and doing nothing for hours because SATURDAY. Today we did so more decorating for the house. We had some decorating done but the house must be BEAUTIFUL for Midnight Mass. Did I tell you about that? Oh well, I'll tell you again in case I didn't. WE GET MIDNIGHT MASS HERE! it is going to be fAbulous. That is why we are still decorating. On Monday I'm gonna get pines and beads and deck the halls and all that stuff. Our home will be a castle.

In the words of North, THIS WILL BE EPIC

When the windows are all finished and coloured in magnificently, I will do a quick post and show off the lovely work of my sisters. Until then you will just have to hold your breath in anticipation.

Decorating really is the greatest thing of the advent season. I FREAKIN LOVE CHRISTMAS.


I promised someone I would post a snippet from my NaNo story. the story that still isn't finished yet. I try to keep my promises, so today I'm going to give you a little snippet. I hope you enjoy it. This is kind of from of the beginning of the book. It's when Sean and Alex are figuring out what exactly has been haunting Alex ever since he got back from the hospital and his Near-Death experience. Enjoy 8-)

  “Okay.” Sean scooted closer to Alex and crossed his legs like he was still in kindergarten class “Tell me what then.”
     “Its going to sound crazy,” said Alex.
“Okay.” said Sean.
    “No, I mean really, really crazy, like you might throw me in a mental hospital, lock me up and burn the key, just for good measure.”
     “Fine.” Sean raised his eyebrows at Alex and pursed his lips so he looked all the world like a small child listening to a lecture he didn't much fancy. “Tell me.”
    Alex rubbed his hands together and locked knuckles. Where to start? “It all started that night, the night after the sledding accident,” he said. “At first I was having nightmares. Or, not nightmares exactly. I wasn't scared. It was more like I was impatient or on edge. It wasn't nice or calm, or anything like that. They were just dreams, you know? I mean... I guess they were kind of disturbing, and I certainly didn't like them or anything, but I was never scared. I was never scared until I woke up.” 
     He stopped, realizing he wasn't explaining very well and tried again. “Anyway, these nightmares, dreams, whatever they were, in them I would see this.... boy. I thought it was a boy. I could see him but he couldn't see me. He seemed to be looking for me. He wanted me to go away with him.” Alex looked at his hands, clenching his knuckles tighter together. “I thought I was just dreaming,” he said. “The first few days, I thought I was just having this weird, reoccurring dream. But then it got worse.” He stopped again. This was too crazy. Saying it out loud sounded even more crazy.
    “Yes?” Sean hadn't moved. He was giving his full attention to Alex and nothing in his face was teasing or amused. He was listening.
    “I started to see him during the day.” said Alex. “And he didn't look like a boy anymore, not a proper boy. He looked like a ghost. And he wouldn't leave me alone. No matter where I couldn't get away from him. He would just pop up here and there, and always he was looking for me. I know how crazy that sounds, but he was looking for me, and I mean specifically me. And then yesterday....” he hesitated and his knuckles turned white. “Yesterday he saw me.”
    “The boy.”
    “Yes.” Alex looked at Sean expecting to see disbelief or maybe polite concern but Sean was looking off into the distance, thinking. “This has been happening since the hospital?”
Sean looked at Alex and cold went up his spine. “What?”
    “It's probably nothing,” said Sean.
    “It's something,” said Alex, “tell me.”
    “Alex, you died. You're heart stopped. I mean, they even, they even called your time of death. And  then you just.... you just woke up.” Sean's eyes misted over and his eyes dropped to the floor boards. “The Doctor's said it was some kind of miracle.” he said, “And I was so happy to see you alive that I just... I didn't...” he shook his head.
    “What are you saying?” asked Alex. “Did you see something? You did didn't you, you saw something! Sean, what did you see? Sean?”
    “That boy,” said Sean quietly. “The boy in your dreams. What did he look like?”
    “I, uhm... he had dark hair, grey eyes, he was about my age and all dressed in black – I don't know, he looked like a boy!” He watched Sean and the cold in his spine got worse. “Why do you ask?”
    “He was there in the hospital room when you woke up.” said Sean. “I thought I'd imagined him, he was gone so fast. It was like he just.... I dunno, flickered in and out. But it was really quick.”
    “You're sure you saw him?”
    “Yes. I mean, I think so. Now, now I think so.”
    Alex chewed on his lip. “What do you think it means?” He asked.
    “I don't know.” Sean admitted. “But if it's the same boy....” He trailed off. “Alex, does he say anything to you? Anything at all?”
    “No. He doesn't say anything. He just stands there.” Alex thought for a second and then added, “But when I see him it does feel like he's calling to me. Not with words though, with, I don't know, some kind of energy maybe. And he's pale. He's really pale and he feels cold, like there's a constant draft around him wherever he goes. I know, I'm crazy right?” Sean shook his head.
    “When did you first see him?” he asked.
    “I...” When had he first seen him? Alex knew it had been after the sledding accident but he wasn't sure exactly when it had all begun. “I think it started in the hospital,” he said finally. “I remember, a little, I think he was there. I don't know, it's all jumbled up!”
    Sean was thinking. He leaned his hands on the dresser and looked at himself in the mirror as if his reflection would tell him what his mind couldn't.
    “It almost sounds like...” He stopped and shook his head. “No.”
    “What?” asked Alex.
    “Reapers.” said Sean. It sounded more like a question than an answer.
    “Reapers?” Alex frowned at his friend. “Like, reaper, reapers? Like the guys who collect you after your death?” Sean nodded. “Yeah,” said Alex, “Except Reapers don't exist, wise guy.”
    “Maybe not,” said Sean, “but that's what this sounds like.”
    “Since when are you a Reaper expert?”
    “Since I've read every Grimm fairytale that's ever existed.” said Sean.
    “Grimm. Right.” Alex rolled his eyes and let himself fall back onto the bed so he was looking up at the ceiling. “What else do you supposed is onto me? Maybe fairies?”
     “This is serious Alex.”
    “Yep. I got that.”
    Sean looked down at him.“What?” Alex asked. He shrugged and looked away. Alex sighed and pushed himself up onto his elbows. “Sean, nightmares and phantom boys I can get, but reapers? That's all fake stuff.”
    “Maybe.” Sean didn't sound so sure. Alex bit his lip. “Even if reapers were real,” he said, “Why would one be after me? What did I do?”
    “Reapers don't go after living people,” said Alex. “They go after the dead.” Sean gave Alex a queer look and Alex felt something knot in his chest. “What, you think I'm dead?” He sat up so he was eye level with his friend. “Sean. I am not dead.”
    “No, I know that.”
    “So why would reapers be after me? I mean, Sean, reapers don't even exist! This doesn't make any sense.”
    “I know.” Sean stood up and the bed creaked painfully as his weight left it. “Forget it. It was just a thought.”
    Alex felt bad about his attitude and tried to change his tone. “It's just...Reapers?” he said, talking to Sean's turned back. “You know how crazy that sounds.”
    “I know.” he answered. “Why won't you stop talking about it?”
    Alex shrugged. He couldn't bring himself to admit how nervous he actually was at the idea of a reaper being on his back. He changed his tactics. “Why would you even think any of this?” he asked.
    “Forget it,” said Sean, but Alex couldn't forget it. For all of his words the fact that something like a Reaper might actually be after him made him feel uneasy, and despite his criticism, a small part of him believed that it could be true. There had certainly been something off about the boy in black. And after all the strange things that had been happening with him, was a reaper really so crazy after all?
    “What if we went to the library?” asked Alex. “Maybe did some research?”
    “On reapers?” a small grin played on the corner of Sean's mouth and Alex frowned back, irritated. “Or anything,” he said.
    “We could, but my parents are coming home soon.”
    “We could drop them a note.” said Alex.
    “Dinner is supposed to be early tonight. They have that dance or whatever, remember?”
    “We don't need to stay forever.” said Alex, “Just long enough to pick up a few books. Sean. When have they ever been home on time? They're not even eating with us, remember? They're eating at the party.” Alex smiled, tilting his head. “Just for a bit?”
    Sean looked at the clock on his wall. “Okay.” he said. “That should be okay. But how do we get there? We don't have a car and neither of us could drive even if we did. And we can't walk. Its way too cold outside for a walk.”
    “We could bundle up real well.” said Alex.
    “Come on, it's not like we've never biked to the library before.”
    “I know. But Alex, you're not … you're not all strong yet. And we left our bikes in the garage last time you were here.”
    “Oh. You haven't stacked the wood yet have you?” Sean didn't have to answer. Alex knew that they had. “Great. That's great. I hate it when you do that!”
    “I know.”
    “Why does this always happen to us?” asked Alex. “Every year, like clockwork. You'd think we'd learn.” Sean smiled. They never learned.
    “I guess that means plan B.” said Alex.
    “No, Alex, I don't think we should.”
   “We'll be fast,” said Alex. “I promise we'll be fast. We'll be back before you're parents get home, I promise.” He tilted his head at Sean. “We have to work this out,” he said. “You know that.”
    “I know.” Sean picked up his jacket from the chair's back and slung it over his shoulders. “Let's just hurry, okay?”

Posting snippets makes me nervous.
I should go. We're going to watch a Christmas movie and drink tea. PEACE OUT Y'ALL!

*slides off car*



    1. You are so funny! I can send you the book when it's done if you want

    2. Yes PLEASE send me the book. Ask Treskie for my email. :-)

    3. LOL! I will do that! You are so sweet. I think I love you.


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