Sunday, March 13, 2016


This is how I felt this morning. Daylight Savings Time. Yeck.

Why is Daylight Savings Time still a thing? You'd think we'd have given up on it by now. My older sister woke me up this morning, all gentle and sweet... "It's seven." And I was like, "LIES."

It won't be really seven again until November.

Why is more than half our year on earth spent in a false time frame an hour ahead of the sun?? We worked out a whole time system based on the sun moving around the earth, we took strenuous planning and set hours to a clock, we planned a time-table for the day which made sense... and then for eight months of the year we ignore that fabulous system and stick earth an hour ahead of its own sun just so... what? Farmers can farm better? Why do we all have to suffer for their work schedule? Not everyone is a farmer! If that extra hour is sooooo important, why don't the farmers get up earlier??? Teachers don't expect the whole world up by six just because they have to be! Who's stupid idea was this? Curse you Benjamen Franklin!

I stay up late. I like that extra hour!

Does anyone even like Daylight Savings Time? Does anyone even utilize that one stupid hour in the morning where you are too groggy to be clever and too grouchy to be productive?

*angry Bella noises*


A quick update!

First of all, Happy Passion Sunday! We have two weeks left until Easter. Lent is almost over. I'm shocked at how fast it flew by this year. Despite today starting off an hour ahead of schedule, the morning ended up being pretty nice. We had a lovely Sung Mass which turned my spirits toward Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Some of the lyrics in those Lenten songs are so touching. Seriously. Tears, guys. Tears.

To the cross my sins have nailed Him, yet He bleeds and dies for me.

Don't tell me those lyrics aren't beautiful.

Let's see. What have I done since February?


I went Grocery shopping by myself for the first time last week.


Grocery shopping is actually kind of fun.

I was really nervous. I had to go into Walmart which is a giant scary store full of weird people, and I had to run around and pick up stuff for the week. I hardly ever go to Walmart. I was proud of myself for being able to navigate so well.

But what the heck is with cheese being ten dollars??? It makes no sense for cheese to be that expensive! Chicken and hamburger is only like, five dollars. What makes cheese so freaking special?

Also, why aren't all the paper things on the same aisle? You've got paper plates, paper cups, paper towels, Kleenex... but toilet paper and napkins? They'd better go with the cleaning supplies!

*irritated Bella noises*

I sound insane when I shop. I carry on this running commentary with myself. I full on banter. And I laugh at my own jokes. And I berate myself.

 "Ooooh, we should get thyme.


"Where is the thyme?"


"Maybe they're out of thyme!!!"

"HAHAHAHAHA... I'm so funny!"

"You're not that funny."

"I totally am!"

"Nah, you're not."

"You're not funny!"

"That makes no sense."

"Sure it does."

"No it doesn't, you're dumb."

"Shut up."

"Aaaaaw are your feelings hurt?"

"Bellaaaaaaaaaa. You sound crazy! Stahp!"

All this as I go racing down the aisle like a derp on drugs... jumping on the cart too. Wheeeeeeeeeeee.

Too fabulous.

I'm sure people love me.

Whatever. It's Walmart. No one raises an eyebrow at the crazy person.


I've decided something. It makes me really sad when my favorite TV shows go downhill. I love being a geek. I love knowing all the funny references to all the different TV shows. I love fangirling over my OTP. I love freaking out when my bros have a moment. I love getting excited over friendships and character development and the epicness of the plot. I love vidding to my favorite characters and looking forward to Next-Week's-Episode. It's fun to be a geek! Lately, however, almost all of my shows have let me down. This makes me sad.


I've noticed a pattern with the downward spiral. The show usually starts out strong and tends to go downhill after the third of fourth season.

Take "Grimm" for example. I loved Grimm. I still like a lot about Grimm. But I didn't like the second half of season four, and I don't like season 5 much. Sherlock is good but season three was kind of all over the place. I liked parts but other stuff... just why? Supernatural has completely lost its cookies. I haven't watched that show in months because it fell so far off the rails. Its ruined. Ruined! (Do not, I repeat, do not start that show! It is not worth it.) Even Agents of SHIELD is having its issues. And that is Marvel! Actually, it seems that Marvel has a problem with TV shows. I love their movies, but when it comes to TV shows I think they get too excited. Marvel usually has an epic first season and they know that everyone expects the second season to be better, so they try too hard and end up making the show too big because everyone expects so much from them. The thing they don't realize is it doesn't have to be big. We'll watch it on a small scale as long as it's Marvel and its good. We watched Antman and Guardians of the Galaxy. We don't ask for much.

Star Lord

(I mostly like the Marvel TV shows. There is just stuff about them that annoys me. Like characters being out-of-characters, and weird stuff that's just... weird.)

For me a show is carried on characters. I can put up with a lot of crap as long as the characters are good enough. I lasted almost eleven seasons of Supernatural because Sam and Dean were awesome and I was willing to skip a ton of retarded story line with all the flaws and stupid theological inaccuracies if it meant I could see those characters be brothers and heroes. Recently, I've almost given up on Supernatural altogether because at this point even Sam and Dean aren't worth it for me to get so irritated and angry. I haven't watched it in weeks, and I only sort of follow it through tumblr gif-sets...

It would be nice to watch a TV show where I actually liked the show, not just a couple characters that I watch the show for.

Honestly, right now the only two shows I'm watching that are still really good and enjoyable as a show are The Flash and Doctor Who. (And even Doctor Who has done a couple things that bug me.) They both have good plots, good characters, good villains and a good story line that I actually like watching! *shocker*

Barry Allen can sing!

I was wary about starting the Flash because it is DC and I've tried DC shows before. They tend to be too weird and too dark. Also, I kind of felt like I was crossing to the other side. It looked funny and light though, so I ended up starting it anyway. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I liked Barry instantly. The show is pretty cheesy and dorky, so he is a big part of why it works, the moving force behind the plot. But with the Flash it isn't just "Barry Allen is good." I like the whole show. (Except for Iris. I'm not wild about Iris.)

I love Doctor Who. Season Eight was a little weak just because I didn't feel like Doctor Who to me, but Season Nine was a lot better and I'm back to really loving the show. Twelve is a wonderful Doctor, I adore him. Since this show is so special to me I get really upset when they twist it or force story lines, or annoying character changes that don't work. But overall that show is still really good and the Doctor is great fun. I don't care if I sound biased: if he ever becomes a women I won't watch Doctor Who anymore. He should always be male. Preferably white, British and male, though I'd rather have someone of a different race/culture than a woman. NO WOMAN.

A few weeks ago I found a new show called Falling Skies. I'll have to review it. It was mostly good, but lots of people died. Also, the last season was a bit of a let down. Weird things happened. Annoying things. Plot things. Out of character things. Things.

*angry Bella noises*

I never realized how upset and protective I get of characters - even when they aren't my own. It seriously upsets me when a character gets slaughtered for the sake of story line or plot or whatever. I don't mean killed off. That I can handle. I hate it when there is a character who has great potential and the writers ruin it. I hate it when a character is forced out of character or turned into something they're not. I hate it when characters are messed around with! Just let them do their thing! Don't ruin their character arc. Don't play havoc with their personality just to get some stupid drama. Don't twist who they are for the plot. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE.


I feel like I want to curl up and hide in shows that I actually like as a whole not just for the parts. Like Flashpoint and Leverage. I also want to rewatch Prison Break because brother stories and friendship stories, and brother/sister stories and adorable OTP's... lalala!!!! Oh, and Merlin. Merlin is the bestest!

I guess I'm just tired of stories not working out like I want them to. This might be incredibly ridiculous of me, but I like good endings.

This is why I have started Hawaii 5-0 I've heard good things about this show and I'm excited. It sounds good. Nice. Brothers and families, and friendships, and stuff. So far I like it. More on that soon.

I was so fed up with bad story telling that I re-read The Queen's Thief series. Now that is a series that does a good job with character development. I love those books. Eugenides!!!!! *flails* I can read each book in a day. Seriously. I devour them. Megan Turner inspires me to write! Reading her books seems to make my writing improve too. Maybe that's just me, but it seems to make me better. *shrug*

"Aaaaaaah yas. Eugenides. My wee attractive little brat of a boy..."

It is Sunday night, so I'm going to settle down with coffee and chocolate. I hope I didn't scare you off with this insanely long post. I seriously need to calm down a little bit. Also, I need to write. And watch Hawaii 5-0. My sisters won't leave me alone till I vid to it, and I can't vid until I watch....

I've got work to do. *googly eyes.*

Have a happy week! Peace Out Y'all!

Please let the next writer make Doctor Who super dorky again.

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*




    1. Daylight Savings Time sucks so bad! SO BAD. lol.

  2. Amen about Dr Who! I adore 12 but Clara's complete recklessness in Face the Raven bugged me ... if it was going to be her demise (which I'm still not over) we needed to see that right from season 8 or at least the beginning of season 9. i adore 12 so much (probably cause PCap is my fav actor but eh) I just hope he stays after moffat leaves cause I would love to see Capaldi do more comedy. For instance that bit in the christmas special when he went inside the tardis for the "First time" my goodness I laughed so hard it was so good! :D

    1. Moffat has trouble writing a story thread. He just throws stuff together and hopes we follow along... usually leaving massive plot holes in his wake. It bugs me. Also, Did I see a man regenerate into a women on Gallifrey??? *angry Bella noises* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

      I love Twelve. He's such a grouch, but underneath he is so gentle and it makes my heart ache a little.

  3. You would love Korean dramas. It's chalk full of the best best bro stories I've ever seen and cute otps and even best sis stories. And humor and drama in the perfect ratios. Watch "cheer up". It's so freakin cute and deep. And it's all about friendships.

    1. I think you just really want someone to fangirl with you. Lol. I don't know, maybe I'll try the,. 8-) They do sound interesting.

  4. Nah they just sometimes really know how to handle storytelling. It's amazing. Ahahah!! You should. :D


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