Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Solar Eclipse

Oh, pale is the moon!
Oh bright is the sun!
Oh, how magnificent,
These masters of the sky!
But alas I say,
Oh, how melancholic they are!
Always passing, like ghosts in the night
Forever watching, as the other takes flight,
Though they love each other
They cannot touch
Though they share the same sky
They cannot even brush.
Not for a second at all
For as soon as the moon rises, the sun must fall!

They balance the world and keep the tranquility
These masters of nature, like a King and a Queen
But such a sad couple, these patriarchs are,
That cannot hold hands
That cannot embrace....
What might weep to think on it.

For the sun shines so bright so the moon may live,
And the moon takes her vigil so the sun may rest
And each love the other, as no mortal man knows,
But each must watch his spouse,
From the other side of the world 

But stay a moment friends! Not all is sad today
Today we had a miracle, one rarely seen.
The universe granted it's flickering lights
A rare and precious gift,
The God in heaven granted His children,
A present most jubilant!
A phenomenon of nature, created in the sky
A precious, singular episode, in the morning light.
The sun came across the sun and sat at his side,
At last the patriarchs of balance path's had aligned.

And they danced together, in the noon day sky
For as long as the heavens would allow
A beautiful dance, a slow dance,
To brilliant to be seen by the unshielded eye.

The moon got so close to her mate,
He nought could be seen, not by the earth or sea,
Until at last it came time for the moon to bid farewell.

The two shared a soft embrace, hard to understand
 And the moon promised the sun 
That she would come again
For God in His goodness set up the skies
To make possible such meetings
Not once, not twice, but many  times,
would the sovereigns entwine. 

It might take many years, days and days of yearning,
But in the end, the sun and moon,
Will always cross, will always come together 
For just as a mate cannot stay long from her man
Just a Shepherd can't stay long from His lamb,
And Just as God can't stay long from us,
The Sun and the moon cannot long,
Stay apart. -
Written by Isabella DeLallo 8/21/2017

This is a poem I wrote after witnessing the Solar Eclipse yesterday.  It was supposed to be posted last night, but... Ya' know how that goes. It was completed last night anyway. :-) It could use some editing but otherwise I think it's okay.  (Hopefully.)

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*



  1. I really like your writing style, Bella! That was very purdy. 😘

    1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! Fanks! Two comments in a row! Wow! That's a quite the feat I think 8-)


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