Saturday, August 26, 2017

Let's Be Brave

I have decided to be very, very brave and share a little bit about the musical I have been working on since January of last year. That's a long time folks. I think if I start blogging about it, I might actually finish it before January of this year. At least a first draft. 

Let's Be BraveI first got the idea for Let's Be Brave when I listened to the "Weight of Us," waaaaaaay back in August of 2016. I loved the line, "Time has come, let us be brave." I thought that was very inspiring and in the back of my mind a seed was planted. I have this thing with bravery. I think if you just have courage, you can get through anything. So, when my mind presented me with a title and a bare idea of a young girl who decides to be brave in times of hardship, I grasped at it. I began to plot, to diagram, to write.  

What is Let's Be Brave? It is a musical about children from broken families/broken homes, who find each other and through their friendships, are able to find courage amidst  suffering. They start a "Let's Be Brave" Club.

My musical so far focuses on five/six different children. 1.) Violet, Emily, Jamie(?) Tonia, May, and Charlie.

Each character suffers from some kind of abuse, grief, low self-esteem, anxiety, hardship, or suffering. The premise of the story is that when you are faced with tribulation, you mustn't give into it, but instead rise above your bad situation. Whatever happens, you must learn to soldier on.  I am still in the rough draft of this musical, and character may change or shift as time goes on. But I thought it was best to get this out there once and for all, because this post has been sitting in my drafts since the beginning of July and that's sad.

I have an unhealthy fear of people stealing my ideas, so I'm not sure how much I will post about this musical at first. But you will get updates! I plan to start sharing more about all the musicals I'm working on - including the Howl one - and maybe even starting a Youtube channel for them.


And guys, I promise there is an Evan Hansen review coming soon. I'm sorry it's taking so long. I can't seem to find time to blog.

God Bless everyone! Hope to talk again soon!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


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  1. Wow, I'm late to this post. Ahem.

    You have an awesome premise! (Which I think I've mentioned before. :-) ) And I love that these kids find strength and courage through platonic friendships. So many stories these days treat romantic love like the only kind, when in reality, familial love and friendships actually come first!

    About people stealing your ideas...I used to be afraid of the same thing. I think you can avoid problems by posting information so general that even if someone does steal it, they won't know the details--or, conversely, details that that maybe aren't pivotal to the story line. So that if someone steals the idea, they'll be missing information and won't actually have the whole thing to pass off as theirs, y'know? I've also read that from a legal standpoint, whatever you write belongs to you as the creator. However, if you register a copyright for your work, you can seek legal help if you find someone has stolen your work. *nerd/professor-ish side appears* :-)

    Also, I'm looking forward to your Dear Evan Hansen post whenever you have time to get it up!


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