Sunday, July 16, 2017

Spazz Update

I promised y'all an update, so I am here to up the date.

It has been a crazy 2017 so far. And I have felt like Stitch for most of it. I've barely had time to take a breather. So much has been going on, it's insane. One minute I'm up past midnight visit with my cousin, and the next minute I'm at a CIVIL WAR RE-ENACTMENT having the time of my freaking life.

We went to the Reenactment at the end of June and it was so much fun though. I have to thank my dear friend Jim for dragging me along. I joined her, my sister Kat, and our friend Eric for some of the best days of the summer. Yes, it was 107 one of the days, and  yes I was hot and tired and afraid of bug bites, but the experience was still a blast. I enjoyed it immensely. We were able to go into the Union and Confederate camps and talk with the different soldiers. While in reality I am very glad the Union one, since that's why we have The United States, during the Reenactment I found myself voting for the Confederates more often than not. (Actually, I understand both sides of that bitter war. Most people think it was just about slavery, but it was about so much more. State rights, and citizens rights, and government rights, and the fight for America's ideals. Most Confederates were fighting for the very beliefs the Founding Fathers set down in writing during the Revolutionary War.) ANYWAY. We made friends on the Confederate side while exploring the camps, and during one of the battles I caught glimpse of this spirited soldier in a green shirt that was full of attitude. I really wanted him to survive that battle. He was so in the game, full of insults for the enemy, and plenty of lip. (Like saying "SHOOT THE ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE YOUR SISTER!!! I'm pretty sure that was him.) He was shot down during the third battle and I was like, "No, little green man! Don't die!" I actually shouted really loud too. "You in the green shirt! DON'T GIVE UP!" He died at the fence though. I was into it to, I guess, cause I was like, "YOU'RE MEMORY WILL LIVE ON! YOU WON'T BE FORGOTTEN!" I was a little extreme. But hey, it was so much freaking fun.

Unfortunately I was having so much fun I didn't have much time for pictures, but here are a few.

Old-Time Singers!

 I was like, "Those microphones are not quite historically accurate." lol

Such Canons. Wow Explosions.

When the Canons went off my whole body shook. It was exhilarating.

Guys, the Confederate Flag was cool.

Aaaaand the Union flag. AMERICA!


When the Confederates charged the Union,  it was actually kind of scary.

If it hadn't been 106 outside I might have actually dressed up. 8-P


I was such a nerd on this trip, lol. I even bought a fife and a tiny canon from where of their historical shops. They had all sorts of cool odds and ends in there, like wax and a candle for envelopes, old fans, bonnets, and handbooks on guns at that time. It was interesting to just poke around and look at all their stuff. I had to leave quickly so as not to buy too much. We bought a peppermint stick as a ceremonial. By the end of the second day, most of the Reenactment people knew us. They thought we were great for sticking through the heat. They'd wave and grin because we were so into it. I think it made their day. We hung around tents, talked to soldiers, asked lots of questions... I think they were happy to have people so thrilled about history.

I can't go into detail because there was so much we did... like the camping, and driving an hour to find a place to swim at the end of the first day. Or trying to find wood in 100+ degree weather so we could have s'mores.

After this great experience, I'd love to go to a Revolutionary War reenactment somehow. That would be so epic!

Anywhere, there's a fun adventure update. I hope I'll see all you again real soon, as long as no big life events happen between now and then. God Bless!


*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


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