Monday, July 31, 2017

Nature Walk and some (okay?) pictures!

I went on a lovely nature walk yesterday. Summer is glorious, and the day seemed to call to me to adventure. 

I took my bike and went down the the meadow for a snack and a walk. Guys! I'm so happy I went. Everything was alive with bird song and rustling leaves, the smell of pine, and the feeling of summer at it's climax. It was so gorgeous! I attempted to take a few pictures. I know they're not that great but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway.

I can not capture light. I need a better camera 8-( 

For some reason my camera wouldn't focus on the thistles, which was sad. Trust me when I say they were lovely, swaying in the wind.

 I see trees of greeeeeeen. (see that one in the middle? It looks like the fire fairies 
have made a home among it's branches!)

 I loved how these flowers looked against the others. It reminded of of flame in winter. Unfortunately my stupid camera wouldn't pick up the contrast that well. 8-(

 And from the harshness of winter and the beating of rainstorms, 
comes a staggering, tiny speck of beauty.

 This picture just seemed aethstetically pleasing.... 8-D

 And the stars came down from heaven to make a comely flowerbed on earth...

 *sigh* the world is so pretty.

 I was trying to get a picture of the bluebells, but dang it, my camera suuuucks!

 Summer, summer, in the golden afternoooooon!

LALALALLA I still can't take good selfies ....

I really like the starflowers. What can I say.

So, there are the best of my pictures. I hope you liked them, and that they gave you a glimpse of the gorgeous landscape God gave me to grow up in. God is good y'all, and His world is full of His staggering, breathtaking beauty.

Stay safe and stay free.
Don't let trials chain you down 
 Don't be weighted with fear so you drown
When the world seems to be crazy, step outside and see
The waterfalls are bigger
than the tears in your heart
the stars are brighter than your shattered parts
the world is better than sorrow paints it
there is still such beauty
in those hidden, unlikely places

-Still beautiful, Bella DeLallo                                      

God Bless! Remember to look for the good in this world, and think of the glory in the next.

*swings around cape and jumps off stage*



  1. That poem is lovely!!! 😍

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures! I could imagine myself in that meadow! It looks like a beautiful place to have a picnic in (or a perfect landscape to paint. :-) )

    Oh, wow, you wrote that poem?!?! That's amazing. I am in awe of those comparison/contrast lines: "The waterfalls are bigger than the tears in your heart/The stars are brighter than your shattered parts." Great job!!

    1. OH MY GOSH, CHRISTINE, THAT IS SO SWEET AND WONDERFUL, YOU MADE ME SMILE LIKE A DORK WHEN I READ THAT!!!! Yes, it is my poem. I quite like those contrasts myself. 8-D Maybe I'll write it into a little song of some sort eventually. Who knows?

      I plan to start sharing more of my poems/lyrics. I think it will help me gain confidence!

      AGAIN, THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND WORDS!!! It's always nice to have an encouraging comment.

      Oh, and Thanks for thinking my pictures were good!! That's great to hear!

  3. Replies
    1. I like it when people like my stuff. Lol. Thanks!


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