Friday, March 31, 2017

It's Spring!

Stoop and feel it, stop and hear it - Spring!"

Spring has finally arrived! The giant eight-foot berms have melted down to mere inches, and grass is finally peeking out from the earth. The world feels vibrant. It makes me want to adventure. So yesterday I took my backpack, my notebooks, and my books and took a walk down to the meadow in town.

Oh my gosh! The meadow was so, so alive! It was flooded with water. All the paths were streams, and little brooks ran through the grass all bubbly and happy. I could hear birds everywhere, and wind catching itself up in the sound of running water and the smell of fresh, budding air. It was like I stepped into a fantasy world. It was so freaking beautiful guys. I navigated through the water, hopping and zigzagging through dry land like a squirrel, and found a lovely tree stump on dry land, just feet away from a gently flowing stream. I perched myself on the stump, pulled out my notebook. I scribbled down ideas, I listened to the water, smelled the wind, and watched the birds. It was such a lovely time. It helped me wind down from my crazy month and just relax. I was too busy enjoying myself to take many pictures, so I think I have like, four. And a video.

Look at how pretty the Meadow looked! It's like, half glacier, half marsh.

It was a path once.....

(See the water on the left? 8-D )

Water. Water everywhere.

The further you walk out the less snow there is. It looks like winter still, but I swear there is grass out there!

Lalala, my selfies suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

It was so fun you guys. I got to rest and have some quiet time just for me. It was good to be outside. Nature helps your mind readjust and think, If God handles all this, He can definitely handle me. It helped me feel more calm, happy, and at peace. I even got some writing/plotting done, which hasn't happened in a while since I've been so busy. I think it was wonderful of God to give us such a soothing thing as nature. Our world could have been dull, but God made it interesting and beautiful. And man, it helps to be out in that beauty - and to realize you're a part of it.

Spring might be my favorite time of year. Everything is blooming and coming back to life. The air smells fresh, crisp and exciting. The wind rushes about in a great hurry, bringing all the scents and feels of Spring along with it. The trees are vibrant. Even if they aren't actually blooming yet, you can see this glow in the branches. They are brimming with life. All the little animals start coming back, the birds come home from the south - everything is so new and exciting! And right in the middle of all this new life and growth, we get our reminder of the the greatest Resurrection, the most powerful renewal of the dead. Easter Sunday, The Day Jesus Rose again from the Dead, vibrant with Glorious Life. With His new life He gave the whole world it's Spiritual Spring. He brought to life all that was dead in the world of men. With His Resurrection He poured grace into the world and made our Souls anew. He saved us from our Spiritual Graves of sin and desolation and, like well-tended seeds bursting through the earth, He showed us the sun. It is no accident that God chose this time of new life to give humanity their New, Glorious lives. It is no accident that Easter falls in the season of new hope, new chances, and new growth. God wants us to remember that, like the young buds, we have only just begun. Every year we grow anew. Every year we are given a Spring to start again. I think that's beautiful.

I love Spring.

With that said, what are your plans for this Spring season? What are your plans for Easter? I'd like to hear all about it!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


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