Thursday, March 9, 2017

I have come back ... TO LIFE!


Literally the last three weeks: Life: - You want to blog? You want to write? You want to be creative? HAHA! TOO BAD! YOU'RE TOO BUSY CHASING YOURSELF TO DO ANY OF THAT!!!!

For real though.

I wanted to be a better blogger this year but these few months have been a whirlwind of craziness and I am not holding up on that effort too well. It's like the fates are against me or something. I just can't catch an easy week! Lol. The start of this year has been rocky to say the least. To say the most....

*thrashes like a slimy squid in a hot soda pop*

Yep. This has been my 2017 thus far.

2017. 2017. 2017.

I had such hopes for you. How could you betray my tiny trust?

But hey! I'm blogging now.

Despicable Me

I was supposed to be doing a Musical Link-Up but do to lovely life craziness I totally missed the whole thing. This is a little sad for me, but I am sure I'll have other chances to vent about my musicals. For now; Life Update!

1.) I am almost done with both my Piano class and my Acting class. Piano has been fun, but it's more of a crash course than anything else because we had so many snow days we had to play catch up. Even so, the teacher is great and the class has been interesting. I'd like to take it again, when I'm not so sick.

The acting class has been much more fun than I thought it would be. I hadn't done much Improv before so it was fun to get my feet wet in something I was unfamiliar with. With Improv you get to play a lot more. I can definitely see the appeal of creating characters from scratch and having almost boundless options with your character, your scene, and your whole story. It's great fun. I like scripts a little better, but Improv has it's perks. I can see myself taking it again.

2.) My clarinet was finally found at my brother's house and brought back to me. This is super exciting for me. I am totally out of shape with mouth position and playing for any length of time, but wow! It's great to have my instrument back! I plan to start playing around with melodies again, try to give some of my musical numbers more than just acapella. That should be interesting! Actually, that's why I'm taking piano. I plan to keep practicing even after my class is over. Piano helps with musicals so much! 8-) Also, Base Cleff is trippy guys. Trippy. All those low notes and high notes look the same!

As an aside I don't like being a beginner. I want to immediately know all the things and make beautiful music without doing the months of practice. Is that too much to ask? I'm impatient, guys!

3.) I officially had the worst Fat Tuesday in Fat Tuesday history. LOL. For real. My family (and myself) were so busy running around meeting each other leaving that we didn't have much time to celebrate. But we did get nice ice-cream so that was great.

4.) I got headbands from Treskie and I look freaking adorable in headbands. Just sayin'.

5.) I finished the series Pandora Hearts last month. It was absolutely brilliant. The best story I've read in a long, long time. The character development was excellent, the story was superb, the plot was layered and complex (if that's a strong enough word...) and the whole emotional pay off was excellent. I loved it. I loved it so freaking much.

Xerxes Break


I might do a blog post about Fantasy Manga/Anime in the future. Why? Because there are lots of suffering bookworms out there who can't find anything original when it comes to the fantasy genre, (and books in general) but I've found a number of good manga/anime that have captured my attention. Manga can be really beautiful. It's true. The ones I've read have been so good* that I might even see if some Japanese fantasy books are good too.

*I know there are bad ones too. Of course there are. There are good and bad manga, good and bad anime, good and bad books. That how the world goes.

6.) My Mom and some of my sisters have gone off on a nice long vacation at my brother-in-law's house. Mom is going to help with Laura's new baby, and since she only lives a couple hours from my other sister Gina, they're all just going to hang out their for some weeks. I'm happy they get to have a vacation - they haven't had a proper one in ages - but it was sad for me to stay behind. This is why I hates jobs. 8-(

7.) In the past three to six months anime/manga have hit me with so many emotions I'm slightly ashamed. Though not ashamed enough to stop. ANIME! MANGA! GOOD STORIES! AAAAAAAAAH! I will say that when Hunter x Hunter makes you want to cry you know things are getting crazy. What was that season five arc? WHAT WAS IT?

My relationship with Anime.

8.) I want to go hiking in the snow. Then I don't. Then I do. Someone should force me to go with them. *Squints at Jim* Why am I hesitant? 'Cause I know myself, that's why. A hike in the snow sounds like an adventure, but knowing me.....

Maybe I'll try out reality when I'm well. I'll have to get proper snow boots and a coat. I should also bring hot cocoas.


8.) I want to hang the Catholic Flag outside my house. Just cause.

Look how pretty it is! How cool would it be to have that flying outside your window? It would make you feel like you had your King's banner hanging above your Knightly headquarters. And let's face it. That's basically what it is!

9.) I'm going to make something DELICIOUS for desert this Sunday, because why the heck not? It's Sunday. I freaking can.

10.) I want to buy a nice dress for Easter this year. Wish me luck with that!

I am all out of things to say. I'm going to try and go back to posting regularly! I want my blog to be centered around light and happiness so I'm trying to figure out exactly how to do that. Maybe I should just do more "happy thoughts" posts. Maybe I'll even make a Happy Thoughts Day. (Every Saturday???)

I don't know. If you have feedback I'd be glad to hear it.

Peace out y'all!

Bai Bai!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


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