Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Anime Character Challenge [ Day Four & Five ]

The Character you love and everyone else hates.

Uhm. I don't really know a character in anime that get's a ton of hate. But then, I haven't been into this very long, and I usually ignore the fans anyway. They can get obnoxious. So I don't have a character that fits in with this category. 8-(

The Character you used to love, but don't anymore.

Oh. This one is really hard. Instead of doing a character I'm going to do a character arc that I hated. Because most of the time I won't go from loving to hating a character, even if they spiral. They have to do something really awful to warrant that. I tend to hate the writers, and the circumstances that put said character in that position to begin with.

For example.

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul.

*Feels awkward telling people I've watched this show. Hides in a blanket of shame.*

What is this? A crying Ghoul?

Guys. DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW. If Ghoul doesn't give you a hint of how weird/dark the story is, and how much fast-forwarding I did, than the idea of a twelve year old boy being turned into a ravenous monster definitely should. TG was one of those shows I watched on a whim because it had a good friendship story in it, and instantly regretted. I binged it as fast as possible, skipping a lot of the fight scenes and blood, and wondering why on earth this show came recommended to me. The only reason is was bearable was because I liked Hide and Kaneki's friendship. I loved Hide. And I actually liked Kaneki. He was a sweet little bookworm who didn't want to be a monster, who didn't want to hurt anybody, and who really, really didn't want to kill anyone. He wanted to be as human as possible. What can I say? I like characters like that. However, half way through season two Kaneki had a shift. He let himself slip into a seriously bad state, and joined this rebellion to help fight against Goul-Hunters. Not a bad cause, but he did some pretty messed up stuff after he joined. Do I think he had full control of himself? Maybe not. The Ghoulish nature was going wild inside of him, he was tortured and traumatized, and he had this weird girl in his head who was manipulating him. (That is a long story. 8-P ) Be that as it may, Kaneki still went down some dark paths that I didn't like at all. I felt it kind of ruined him. And that made me sad because Kaneki was obviously hurt, and forcing himself to be detached and cold. I stopped watching TG a few episodes before the finale, 'cause I just couldn't watch his character being stripped anymore. Then I found out that in the finale Kaneki's best friend had been killed. Yep. The one person who could help Kaneki heal, and the one person who got him to open up and start acting like himself again, and he went and got himself killed defending Kaneki. Hide didn't deserve that. He was a little ray of sunshine, he accepted and cared for Kaneki, even after finding out he was a monster. And if Kaneki had just talked to Hide, and hadn't avoided him so much, half of the stupid-arc-crap wouldn't have happened. It annoyed me.

"Let's go home, Hide."

The Tokyo Ghoul Anime (not manga) might be redeemable... but it all depends on how the writers handle season three, and what happens with Kaneki.  If he has a redemption arc - if he realizes he's gone too far, and tries to make amends, or be a better person - I can see it being a redeemable show. Especially if Hide comes back and their friendship is able to grow. But it would have to be handled very well.

 Do you have a character that you still like, but you don't like an arc they were forced to undergo, and-or how the writer handled their story?

God Bless!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage*


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