Thursday, November 24, 2016

"I've Got Plenty to be Thankful For. "

Hey Guys! Since It's Thanksgiving, I thought I'd do a quick tag. Feel free to steal it from me! I officially tag Christine Eyre, Amanda, and Tiny.



What are you most Thankful for?

My amazing family, especially my Mommy who has become my Real-Life hero, especially this past year.  

What is your main source of Happiness?

Discovering new Musicals and revisiting old ones. I have become very interested in soundtracks and symphonies lately, since my pursuit in writing music and lyrics has become a huge passion of mine. It's always been something I was interested in, but I am finally chasing it down. 

What are some dreams and goals to Aim for

Completing my Fantasy Trilogy, and successfully writing at least the script and lyrics for my first musical. I also have a hope of actually performing on stage this year!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! 

Who is a Neighbor you are especially grateful for, or have recently found friendship with?

First, my sister Tiny who puts of with my GUSHING over musical after musical after musical. And also she watches Anime with me, which is a bonus. Second, my best friend Jack who doesn't mind me crashing at her house and eating her food all the time. Third, the Librarian Gavin who has become like a big brother to me, and is always super encouraging with my dreams. Also, my best friend Sammi Bender who is fan-freaking-tastic. AND ALL THE GUYS AT FRONTSIGHT WHO MADE MY GUN CLASSES EPIC.

What are some acts of Kindness you will always remember or treasure?

My Singing Teacher Mr. Williams telling me my voice was beautiful, a gift from God. Tom Nott and Dennis MCcarthy, FS Instructors who took the time to make sure I was okay when I was super emotional on the Line. (WHICH WAS SO STUPID. I WAS HAVING FUN. BEING A GIRL SOMETIMES SUCKS) 

What are some Special Thanksgiving Memories or Traditions?

Well, we always listen to our First Christmas Song on Thanksgiving, which is Oh Holy Night, by Nat King Cole. That is a very special memory for me, and thus Thanksgiving always feel like the first, unofficial start of the Christmas season. My awesome brother in law, Dan, visited for the first time at Thanksgiving. (And we had a terrible Thanksgiving play. *shudders* ) I especially like our Tradition of watching Holiday Inn on Thanksgiving, because that is one of my favorite Holiday Movies, and it makes me super emotional. It also the only version of I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, that I actually like. LOL.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope you all make new memories, and I sincerely hope that we all have new wonderful things to be grateful for. Many Happy Memories to all!

*swings around cape and leaps off stage.*


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  1. Thanks for tagging me! (I love tags and memes!) And I loved reading your tag answers. Moms are often real-life superheroes. :-)

    Ooh, nice that you're pursuing writing music! We could always use more good music and musicals.

    Hope your writing goes well! And I hope you get to perform on stage--that's awesome!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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